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Jan 17, 2013

Musa thinks shooting at his home was a hit!

The nation was still recovering from the massacre of four gang affiliates, when it was stunned by another escalation of violence; the shooting at the King’s Park house of the former Prime Minister, Said Musa,  on Tuesday night. Musa’s house was hit by bullets, as was his wife’s vehicle parked in the yard. The attacked occurred when the Musa’s were retiring for the night. Crime personnel found six expended shells on the street outside his fence, and there are reports that following the shooting, a car was spotted speeding off on Princess Margaret Drive. The former PM had received threats last December and today he provided an update on the attack and also his thoughts on a motive. Here’s Duane Moody with that story.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Former Prime Minister Said Musa took a break from the solidarity session to update the media. He says that the Police have been investigating the threats and found that the calls came from payphones in Belize City and Ladyville. But Musa doesn’t believe there is a link between the threats and the attack. He says it was a hit.


Said Musa

Said Musa, Former Prime Minister

“I must tell you my gut feeling is that those threats in December are just coincidental to what happened yesterday. I don’t believe; this is only my belief. I don’t believe the two things are linked at all. Because the threats stopped; the threats stopped around the Christmas and didn’t revive and yesterday was the fifteenth when this incident took place was the night of the fifteenth of January. So I’m not necessarily linking it up but I thought I owed it to the public to at least inform that that did take place too but I don’t think we should necessarily draw the conclusion that the two things are related. I really don’t think it was extortion. I think it was a hit.”


But while Musa is convinced it was a hit, he still can’t figure out what was the motive. But he certainly doesn’t discount that the hit was a message coming out of the present climate and especially in the wake of the brutal murders last week.


Said Musa

“I believe the whole climate we’re in right now, especially following what took place at the corner of Dean and Plues last Tuesday, or Monday, with the cold-blooded slaying of these four people in their beds, in their rooms. I believe that has sent a chilling effect on the whole political climate in this country – political, social and economic climate in this country. It has affected our culture so traumatically that we can expect this kind of reaction happening and I would not divorce that from—I talking the general climate now—from what happened to me at my home.”


But what exactly is the message being sent and why to Musa?


Said Musa

“They figure if they send it to me as the former Prime Minister it will get back to all of us to understand, to the whole political class if you like, in this country that listen, you all might think that you can control the situation here, but we can decide when and where and who to hit when we want.”


Duane Moody for News Five.


Former Prime Minister Said Musa told us that he now has twenty-four hour Police protection at his home. He says that he has not had an opportunity to speak to Prime Minister Dean Barrow since the attack.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Musa thinks shooting at his home was a hit!”

  1. Storm says:

    No, if it was a hit, the shooters would have entered the home, and his family would be trying to buy a burial plot today. More likely it was an escalation of the threat, underscoring that they are serious. I’m pretty sure he knows exactly what transaction is involved, he just doesn’t want to say.

  2. CannotBelieve says:

    While I have the utmost faith in my former PM and I do genuinely like the man especially his talking skills this is a major, serious accusation to levy on the present situation. .I do not disbelieve that it was a hit but if what he is saying is true then Belize beware because in Mexico they have killed off politicians with brazeneness that is unheard of. So good Belize if our past PM is right welcome to Mexico. Forget the ICJ and all that crap about us being Guatelamans. We are now Mexicans…Bienvenidos..I hope that is spelled corrctly…

  3. Belizean says:

    Give back all deh money weh u thief fah di people. Dah you and all politicians di milk we, we done poor!

  4. Buju says:

    I feel for the guy because every man’s job is to protect his family!

    Where i think he is looking symphaty is where he is trying to get political mileage out of this! Indeed the crime situation is bad but it is fixable.

    If everyone would have shut up and leave that cleansing of those murderers we would have instilled fear in the few and things would have gotten back to normal!

  5. blackberry says:

    While I in no way condone the actions of the attack, I do however do not agree with the taking three policeman from their regular eight hour shift to protect this man who I believe has committed treason on the nation of Belize.

  6. Al says:

    I cannot believe that the current PM have not even called Musa to say boo, how selfish. I have always said that these politicians do not realize that they live in the same criminal environment that they are allowing to grow and one day it will come home to them. Where there is no law the lawless will rule, this is what is taking place now.

    Musa needs to put up security cameras so he can get a 360*of his house. I cant understand how he can separate those threats from the shooting, they are the actions to back up those calls. Belize is fast approaching the climate that exists in Mexico. This country is too small for this level of crime to grow bigger. Now Barrow will sleep with the enemy even more, he will avoid angering the gangs in fear of his own life. The only hope is in the good citizens rising up and saying we have had it no longer will we be the prisoners while the criminals live free. Take a stand.

  7. Ixchel Pop says:

    The former PM knows who wants him- simple as that! I don’t see why we have to provide protection when he and his buddy has millions in Montevideo etc. If it is the Mexicans then there is no escape the cartel has penetrated Belize, they have killed big politicians and even presidents there. The writing is on the wall.

  8. not again says:

    @blackberry. All over the world presidents and former presidents get police protection. Why not in Belize? The real story is not so. If they want money they will say money NOT paper. They want a paper. Any stupid person will know what is going on. If money they want they had to tell him how much and where to take it. In a way I understand not much information is going out because of the investigation. If they wanted him dead he would be dead. @Rod where are you?

  9. Buju says:

    @ ROD

    I am patiently waiting to hear your comments lol

  10. alley cat says:

    I don’t think this is politically related, and if it comes out that it is not politically motivated then he probably needs to reimburse the government/public for the cost of security. These guys have taken enough, not a penny more, please…

  11. Virgosungal says:

    While i absolutely respect those who have served our country at our highest post, I do not feel that we as a people receive any time of justice, consideration or respect- from any level of government- whether from those in power or those on the opposition. We have been dealing with the waves of crime that have escalated for more than a year and in recent months- serious crime waves have had a grip on Belize City and surrounding areas. The slap in the face by our government by disregarding the shreds of safety that remain- sending known gang members into Belmopan and Cayo areas as a relocation is resounding! It seems that only when it comes close to home for our politicians is there any kind of movement, or action taken- even if only to protect themselves. It is so sad that none of us commoners are offered “security” while others in positions of power feel the need to surround themselves with it. What happened to the support that we deserve? Where is our sense of security? Guess those of us do are no-bodies dont need it or deserve it….Humm….the thought is chilling!

  12. RG Belizean says:

    LMFAO!!! Rod is no where to be found because…They almost killed his/her beloved PUP PM…Let’s see if he/she will blame this on the “useless incompetent GOB” as he/she likes to put it!!!

  13. Rob says:

    I’m back and this incompetent government is to blame. We, people of belize, need to get rid of our PM.

  14. KNOCK KNOCK says:


  15. KeyGirl says:

    I’m under the assumption that Belize Government doesn’t have some type of armed protection for their former Prime Ministers …If not then that is ridiculous !!! Belize wants to imitate USA but won’t make any changes to better their own Beautiful country ….. Belize need to make some changes big time …. Get it together … a good amount of people are scared to death to open their mouths and speak if they see something when it comes to the crimes & violence .. because the police authorities aren’t doing one !@$$$$$$ to protect the people…… Then for the News media to say in this very article that the Belize Nation is still recovering from the deaths of those gang affiliates … Now that’s ridiculous !!! It’s not like those 4 people were law abiding citizens of Belize …The circumstances of their death is indeed terrible …However the fact remains that is 4 less Gang members off the face of the earth .. 4 less gang members Belizean police authorities have to worry about ..Yes it’s a homicide .. do a thorough Job in investigating their deaths .. Try watching the ” The First 48 ” to learn crime solving tips …… Wake up Belize ….

  16. Nikos says:

    I think that Mr. Musa needs to stop talking about the case to the media. Hopefully the police can find something and charge the culprit.

  17. Retired CEO says:

    Sounds like a deal gone bad? or perhaps someone wants to get and old score settled. If you plant limes you can’t expect to harvest apples. Reciprocity, you reap what you sow.

  18. dat just gud fu dem says:

    its not good to take bad things to make jokes, (because crime can affect us at any time, t has become like the Devil) but it seems that he is finally sleeping in his wedded house now…. just an observation……

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