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Jan 16, 2013

House of former Prime Minister, Said Musa, riddled with bullets

2012 was a record year for murders with one hundred and forty-five reported and the New Year has started with another record for murders. It is a new era in Belize; one when personal security cannot be taken for granted. That point was forcibly driven home when bullets riddled the home of former Prime Minister Said Musa before midnight on Tuesday when the former prime minister and his wife, Joan were about to retire for the night. Musa who has been in public life for forty years,ten as prime minister, is known to be comfortable without security but this morning all that changed following the shooting at his residence. Duane Moody was on the scene early this morning as Police personnel processed the scene.


Duane Moody, Reporting

This morning, E Street in the King’s Park Area in front of the home of former Prime Minister Said Musa was filled with CIB and Scenes of Crime personnel assisted by uniformed officers. The Scenes of Crime personnel conducted their examination while CIB officers canvassed for information. According to neighbors, at just after eleven p.m. shots rang out, but nobody thought anything of it really, figuring it was either the sound of firecrackers or somebody firing a gun into the air in the area. But it wasn’t. In fact, those bullets were fired at the home of Musa. Musa says he heard the shots, got up and looked out the window but saw nothing. So he figured the gunshots came from some distance away. It was not until morning that he realized the worst.


Said Musa

Said Musa, Former Prime Minister

“This morning I got up shortly before six o’clock to go to the gym and when I got downstairs, I noticed the main door had a hole in it. And I looked down and I saw a piece of metal, like a slug and when I examined it more closely, I realized that the door was shot through. I came outside and I noticed then that my wife’s vehicle—the Santa Fe Hyundai—the rear passenger side window had been shattered also by a bullet it seems. I drove then to the Princess, without disturbing my wife or anyone else and spoke to two police officers who were stationed at the Princess and reported what I observed. As a result of what they told me, I returned home and called nine-one-one and inform the police. the police responded promptly and carried out their investigation. They have discovered I am told at least five or six expended shells outside of the fence on the E Street side of the yard and that’s what happened.”


But why would anybody shoot at the home of the former Prime Minister? According to a visibly shaken Musa, both he and his wife had received death threats in mid-December.


Said Musa

“It is a fact that phone calls were made threatening at my wife’s work place—at BCVI—threatening to harm or kill both herself and myself. There were four or five calls—at least two to BCVI and subsequently some to my law firm at Musa and Balderamos business number. This was like two weeks before Christmas. The police were alerted to this and the police are investigating that, but so far have not been able to come up to any leads.”


Marion Ali, Love TV

“Did those threats come sir with any reason?”


Said Musa

“This is it. No reason, just threats. Tell the man give us the paper otherwise I wah kill Musa and ih wife.”


Jules Vasquez, Channel 7

“But it indicates lawyering-type activities?


Said Musa

“No, no. I wouldn’t say that. I am told that paper on the street means money, cash. That as far as the extortion side of the threat went, but the real threat was to kill.”


Musa says that the threats were bizarre, but he had discounted it because while the threats were received in mid-December nothing had happened. But with the danger now real to him, he has accepted an offer of Police protection for himself and his family.


Said Musa

“I am very distraught about the whole thing. It saddens me that throughout the time that I was prime minister of Belize, as you know, I never cared too much about my personal security; I had no bodyguards around me. I moved freely around this country. And even after I demitted office, I continued to enjoy this lifestyle of driving my own vehicle to work and living my life in a peaceful manner—not feeling threatened by anyone, any Belizean for that matter. It really saddens me that we have come to this past today in our country where it has reached home to me now.”


Duane Moody for News Five.


Residents in the area told News Five that shortly after the shots were fired a grey car was seen speeding off on Princess Margaret Drive. We understand that after the threats were received in mid-December members of the Musa family took them seriously enough to begin taking precautions in the past month, including varying their daily routines. It is the first time in recent memory that any politician has been the target of a direct and focused violent attack. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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35 Responses for “House of former Prime Minister, Said Musa, riddled with bullets”

  1. Dshield says:

    Look like some deal gaan SOUR!

  2. Joe says:

    as much as i dislike the guy for what he did to our country.
    People, violence is the wrong way.

  3. roska says:

    The Mayas predicted it…. hahaha..

    But truly we have enterred a new era….. where those indirectly responsible for the alarming crime rate and mass poverty in our country will now be feeling some of its effects….

    Many millions $$$ that should have gone into poverty alleviation social projects ended in the pockets of the “millionaires” (as Johnny himself pointed out) during Musa’s time…… Many killers walked free thanks to the loopholes in our judiciary system allowed to exist by the corrupt lawyers that governed our country……and still do… now under the present GOB…

    An eye openner Mr. Barrow….. keep treating gangsters/killers as dignataries and very sooon you shall realize these people cannot be trusted…..unless you plan to keep providing them with free cash for generations to come!!!

  4. poor Belize says:

    What did he do now?

  5. Al says:

    This is what things comes to when politicians allow criminals to co-exist with honest citezens under protecton. I have always said Barrow has no idea what kind of environment he has fostered. The crminals seems to be winning the battle. I dare Barrow and Finnegan to stop paying the gangs and see what will happen,they too will be shot up. This is very sad times in Belize, Marshall law needs to be put in effect for a while.

  6. Buju says:

    While i would never condone violence and no one deserves to be hurt.

    I believe this is not an isolated random act of violence that is being made to believe.

    I could think about 20 million reasons why someone would want to harm this gentleman but i personal belief is this sounds like a Land deal gone bad.

    We all know what type of person Mr. Musa is. Remember he is the same one that fired his own supporters from the Belize Times Press and had absolutely no remorse or regret about leaving longtime employees unemployed!

    Tell me what you guys think.

  7. melinda says:

    We gone to @$$ now. Them black man who no want work are getting out of hand.

  8. Conspiracy Theorist says:

    Its no land deal gone bad. Methinks it has to do with nasty politricks like someone connected to someone who desperately wants that person to get back into the PUP and may be employing intimidating tactics against those perceived to be in control of the PUP. Just saying that this is a possible angle….

  9. BMNJ says:

    God is not prejudice, but neither are the devils!

  10. alley cat says:

    This is one of the few times I want to hear Rod’s perspective on this. I Musa knows exactly who did it…

  11. Diane says:

    I am saddened by the act of violence against a man, who has lead this country and its citizens through a time of peace, he may not have done perfect things, but, think of what Belize was? And what Belize has become? Can you compare and contrast ten years ago to current? Think people? Think?

  12. Gee says:

    @ Melinda its not only the Black man talk bout u culture too I hope n pray that one day u stop be races u fool

  13. busha says:

    Melinda… you are an @$$

  14. oscar965 says:

    only lazy people no get jobs…lazy people want a cushy office job..they no want to sweat..they just want easy money…its the gimme mentality. Not all of our society is like that but a lot is….So its not about black or spanish being lazy ..its just that we have people who work and those who don’t and just like to ask, beg and rob….and to Musa…well he will reap exactly what he has sown!!! Karma!!!

  15. deedee says:

    Melinda is what you call a TROLL…puts up ignorant post just to ignite bs.

  16. Storm says:

    The major economic destruction of the Jewel began under his leadership, so there are at least 100,000 young Belizeans with a motive against Musa [and don't forget Ralph!]; those people are the young Belizeans who will live and work their entire lives paying for money borrowed by Musa and squandered or stolen under the government he led. They are effectively enslaved by what he did.

    Hard times are ahead for us — either the good people will take up their torches and pitchforks and regain control of the country, or the crooked politicians and gangsters will strengthen the tyranny they have already begun.

  17. Bear says:

    My hunch is it could be a message from some of his Middle Eastern associates. When you walk a crooked mile, though, anything is possible.

  18. Think-About-It says:

    You guys can’t be listening to yourselves! An elected representative and former prime minister was shot at and all you can say is nonsense about “reap what you sow”? Storm I’m especially surprised at you! If politicians do bad in office, then in a civilized society the penalty is to be VOTED OUT. That’s what happened in 2008, so get over it and get civilized. I for one do not agree with the policies of the current government and PM, and consider them (him) to be incompetent and petty and even corrupt, but I would certainly NOT wish any violence to him or any minister or rep under any circumstances, period.

    Storm, those that were supposed enslaved by the former government were in actuality enslaved and continue to be enslaved by themselves when they chose to sell their vote for a blut note or a promise of favors. Think about that!

  19. melinda says:

    Am black too, but i dont mind speaking the truth about my ethnic brothers and sisters. I looked at the people who wanted to riot and kill after the four slayings. all the women who threatended to kill and main, who promised to bring back Ghost from the dead, what color were they? It is a section of the black community in the city which is promoting gangsterism, all those mothers. Of course not all of us black people like to steal and kill, but the majority of those that do so are black. You can jump high or jump low, its the bloody truth.

  20. Nikos says:

    One of the reasons Belize will not advance as a nation because educated persons like yourselves fail to analyse problems and cooperate with each other for a solution. Whatever your personal feelings are of Mr. Musa, the problem here is a crisis in crime that threatens all of our personal security. Belize should be governed by the rule of law not the fear of criminals who are negotiated with as if they are members of civil society. Corruption is endemic on this Barrow government, forcing the poor and marginalized to react thru crime. Mr. Barrow came to office by employing fear and violence, and this has no spiraled out of control. Despite your beliefs Mr. Musa is a law abiding Belizean and should be able to live in a society where he does not have to fear for his personal security. Similarly his wife and family are inn

  21. b.Jones says:

    Listen people….People who commit random act of violence againou will not first warn you/threaten you and your wife at your various work place. This is a personal act so please stop the crappp about random crime against Belizeans. Musa said in his own words that they call his wife work and his work place, which he did report to the police. He needs to satisfy who needs to be satisfied.

    Please ignore the racist comments. Who makes racist comments are individuals who were raised with and taught to hate from a young age, so your comments will not change them today. They can only and will only change when they come upon a profound experience with the same race they hate, which will then cause them to question his/her belife. Please dont waist your time

  22. Louisville, Ky. says:

    @ Storm, could not have said it better myself. Don’t always agree with you but, this time you are on point partner.

    Personally, I abhor violence, simply because it begets even more violence.
    BUT……it seems to me; the proverbial chickens have come home to roost. Therefore,if all those crooked Politicians (PUDP) want to deceive themselves into thinking that they are imuned and can insulate and isolate themselves from the violence that has ravaged regular folk, they are even “schtupider” than I thought.
    We here in cyber land don’t know what ‘paper’ the caller was talking about but, Said himself fully well know. So, My advice to Musa : Run dehn pipple money my boy, putting your loved ones at risk noh wort it.

  23. ceo says:

    Weh Rod de tude?

    More seriously, if the PM plan to keep control of the country this is the time to step up to bat. The country has been in a social tail spin for the last 2 decades. Both sides of the political isle have been in control of the country since this socila decay started and none have made any real positive difference.

    Next election don’t fall for bribes. Just think! Most of the things the politicians do for you around election time are things they should be doing for the country all year. Think about the future of the country before you cast your next vote. After the political dust settles which ever one gets in keep pressure on them to do the job they promissed to do.

  24. Retired CEO says:

    Sadly so crime and criminal activities know no boundaries. It is not racisist, prejudiced, or isolated. Anyone and everyone is vulnerable its just a matter of time. Despite all the security measures crime can strike at any time. Perhaps at this time politicians, ministers and many significant others will now come to realized this. First the murders, choppings and knifings in the neighborhood, then it slowly finds itself to other affluent communities and individuals In my humble opinion some rather drastic measures will need to be taken eg: marshal law, or some temporary military excercise that could last indefinitely until the situation is brought under control, or simple get all the guns and ammo out of the hands of the criminal elements in the society. Ofcourse, this is not an easy task and many will be affected by this kinda action. Nevertheless, something got to happen in order to bring the jewel back to civility/law and order.

  25. Rum Drum says:

    I am patiently waiting for Rod’s comment on this story.

  26. David Blank says:

    Al, Barrow knows fully well what he is doing. He studied at that piss-hole called the Norman Manley Law School. He knows fully well how things run in REMA, Rose Town, and Tivoli. He knows about Dudus, Jah-T, and Jim Brown. I have said this for a long time. Finnegan, Barrow, Boots, and Faber are building Garrison Constituencies on the South Side. Google it and check it out for yourself.

    Like in Jamaica, he has lost control of his goons. I predicted they will enter the political arena and start shooting at supporters of any opposition. That is why he is Belize’s worst PM. He will be responsible for the introduction of the gun into politics in Belize. God help us. I hope the Americans indict him for criminal conspiracy. As for Musa, I hope they take him with them too!!

    What Melinda says is true. I am black too but look at the photos every night on the internet. We can’t get our !@#$ together. Sad! People may hate to hear it but it’s true. If u break down the crime figures by ethnicity the sad reality will be right there in your face. The Hydes , Finnegans, and the Barrows peddle this bs that people are holding us down. We need to take responsibility for our actions and the actions of our children. Belize City south side is the weak link in the chain called Belize. Sadly, it’s the truth.

  27. ree says:

    this too will pass like wah lee breeze

  28. concern-#2 says:

    I have traveled to many places in this world and, have found out that the “Black” race are the most hated. I tried to research and find out why this is so? But, the only answer is maybe we are the real children of “God”. Remember, Jesus suffered tremendously while here on earth they even crucified him and, nailed him to a cross. I would like all these haters to read the “Willie Lynch” letters if you can get a copy, then maybe you will have a better understanding of the black race. All the horrific things that were done to us, the pain and suffering we went through and we are still here on earth. Maybe this why they hate us we are a strong race, research have found that the human race began with us think about that.

  29. Storm says:

    @Think-About-It, I’m glad you agree that Musa [and I'll throw in Barrow's GOB to be even-handed] effectively enslaved the nation by using the nation’s credit to get access to money to misappropriate, and which working Belizeans now must repay. [Unemployed Belizeans also suffer, of course, because the country has been bankrupted and there simply isn't money to do those things that a government legitimately should and must do].

    But the ones on whom the yoke of slavery falls hardest didn’t vote for it, as you callously claim. The ones who will pay for it their entire lives weren’t old enough to vote when Musa took office, or weren’t even born yet. The Musa regime’s financial crimes will effect Belizean babies far into the future.

    Lots of tyrants are voted into office, and I firmly support the God-given right of people to rebel and destroy the chains of tyranny no matter how they came into being. We are God’s creatures, our rights come from the Creator, and no leader on Earth has rights greater than those. [I don't know of a better statement of the rights of man to live free, AND TO TAKE UP ARMS TO VINDICATE FREEDOM, than America's Declaration of Independence -- worth a read for Belizeans today.]

    You concede that Musa was elected by fraud — buying votes, and I’ll add giving citizenship to aliens at the last minute to secure his election. Do YOU consider those practices to be legitimate? IF YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE, WOULD YOU DEFEND THOSE PRACTICES, OR LIBERTY?

    I say it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. As Patrick Henry said [yes, I admire the American Revolution and have studied it for years], “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

  30. Think-About-It says:

    @storm, I did not concede anything, nor condone anything. What I am saying is that in civilized democracies politicians are voted out of power if they govern poorly, not shot at! If we didn’t have fair elections in Belize then perhaps you could take to your arms and destroy your country. In the meantime, I think voters need to take their responsibility seriously and there’s nothing callous about THAT! I’m sure it wasn’t Belizean babies who went and shot at Musa’s house, but maybe you know some different ones from the ones I’ve seen.

    Musa and Ralph lost the damn election five years ago…stop beating a dead horse and start holding the current government accountable, along with the voters who sold their votes IN 2012 and are now crying. And don’t go shooting at them….vote them out when the time comes.

  31. Eye in the Sky says:

    Belize: Discover How To Be

  32. Eye in the Sky says:

    Sounds like a political publicity stunt.

  33. Kidding Me? says:

    Very well said Storm! With absolutely no REAL “checks and balance” system in our government, politicians like Musa, Fonseca, Barrow… list goes on….have had free reign to rob and pillage since our independence. Some Of You Good folks Have No idea The magnitude Of deception of or politicians (you have that luxur) or some might be on the payroll yourselves. History shows undoubtedly that the path we are headed down was inevitable. This is only the beginning. I’m Malcolm X…Absolutely. .. TAKE UP ARMS MY BELIZEAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND TAKE BACK YOUR FREEDOM. I’m not violent not Have I ever condoned it but this is an exception. .. voting? With the options you have (PUP, UDP, NIP any P you want) does nothing to hold them accountable. God forgive me for writing this but somebody need to be SHOT… put fear in whoever aspire to run for office.

    The award for funnies comment goes to “Musa is a law abiding citizen”. CLULESS.

  34. rasbunny says:


  35. Rascare says:

    Putting politics aside, since most politicians are there for self-preservation; they all go into politics to chase and steal the dollar.

    Mr. Musa is now feeling what so many Belizeans feel on a daily basis. They are in fear for their lives. So many families lose their loved ones and those in charge do not care and are the culprits of crimes and violence.

    Whether or not we condone violence, things will happen to people because of their own actions. What comes around goes around. All the money that was stolen from innocent people to fund Musa’s second family, etc. are crimes against society.

    Do I feel sorry for Musa, HELL NO! Even God punish us when we do wrong so his time is drawing near. Ignorance, he should have seen this coming. He should be very afraid because whoever is after him will do the deed. Payback time and no bodyguard can save Musa. Be very afraid Mr. Musa, that is what they want you to do.

    As for those talking about the Black race, don’t be ignorant. Crimes happen in all races and not because someone is not saying something that means they are not thinking evil. Some of the very people that are working, are not truly workers they work for the government and do nothing. So who is really milking the system? The guy on the street that ask for money (can’t find work because the politicians friends and family has taken over the jobs) or the person that goes to work and do nothing yet steal goods and money from the job and later run to the States when they find them out.

    Wake up people, massacres will happen when the scale is not balanced and there is not a darn thing that anyone can do. You will win some and lose some but fight for your rights my people, get those parasites out of office that doesn’t belong there.


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