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Jan 16, 2013

Nurses protest against Health C.E.O., Peter Allen

On January tenth, C.E.O. in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Peter Allen was caught in an altercation with a veteran nurse in Belmopan, and today he was again the center of controversy involving nurses. A group of nurses gathered on the University of Belize Campus in protest after they claimed that Allen arbitrarily cancelled both nursing courses that should have started on Monday. They say that Allen cancelled their classes because of the rejection of one particular student by UB. The nurses took their grievance to the president of the Nurses Association who then met with Allen. The C.E.O. claims that he only suggested that classes be postponed until next semester and not cancelled altogether. Allen cited financial constraints to justify the postponement but since then he has spoken to the Minister of Health and the Financial Secretary and the classes have been reinstated.


Dr. Peter Allen, C.E.O., Ministry of Health

“We are always in agreement with our nursing staff. Let me tell you what the challenge was. For several years, we found that our nurses have been understaffed and especially in the specialized nursing areas. So we been working on designing a course for operating room technicians and I think many people would know them as scrub nurses in the operating room. And for nurse anesthetists who help out with the medical gases in the operating rooms. And we have been working with the University of Belize to provide these courses and hopefully in the future we are going to be able to provide them on an ongoing basis. Now the cost of providing these courses for U.B., it is come to a bit under a million dollars. But with the help of the Ministry of Finance and with the support of our nurses, we were able to get those funds deposited to U.B. and arrange the courses. Now the courses were scheduled to start on Monday. But what we noted were that there were a few challenges that hadn’t been fully dealt with yet. One was some issues about study leaves, establishments, appointments; that the ministry of public service had already said that they will help us with. But the principal one is that when we take forty nurses out of the system—bear in mind that we are already short of nurses in the country—it places quite a strain on the services that we offer. And we hadn’t yet been able to recruit a replacement forty nurses and find the funds to pay an additional forty staff as well as pay the study leave for the nurses who are going to take the course nor the nurse anesthetists program and the operating room technician.”


Allen also claimed that filling the forty spaces vacated by nurses going on study leave would be a great challenge

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “Nurses protest against Health C.E.O., Peter Allen”

  1. M says:

    This is the same man who promised Dr. Yacab financial assistance with his studies to become an oncologist and theN days before he was to leave he took it back!

  2. not again says:

    Send Peter Allen to Cuba. There he will learn to get along with co workers. You could see he has something against the nurse he is a bully. And racist. Very bad for Belize.

  3. Storm says:

    I don’t know if he is racist, but I know the Ministry of Health is poorly led, and it fails every day in its life-and-death responsibility. We all know there are incompetent butchers in our operating rooms, yet not a single one of them has been removed, although many patients have died or been maimed.

    His lack of interest in the physical health of Belizeans denounces him.

  4. 2013 says:

    and we still have an Englishman running the natives, look at his smirk. charge him for resposibilty in the deaths of all those babies in Orange Walk. I heard they paid the Doctor the balance of her contract and sent her to enjoy the beach in Nicaragua.

  5. Mel says:

    Just because the man is a doctor does not automatically make him the best person to be CEO or minister of health. The ministry of health needs to be ” revised” to better manage the health care system and to make the necessary changes required to cater for the Belize people.

  6. David Jenkins says:

    It is my opinion that the C.E.O. is being attacked for his skin color, and the attackers are being unreasonable, read the following quote again, and then tell me how to accomplish the following:

    ” But the principal one is that when we take forty nurses out of the system — bear in mind that we are already short of nurses in the country — it places quite a strain on the services that we offer. And we hadn’t yet been able to recruit a replacement forty nurses and find the funds to pay an additional forty staff as well as pay the study leave for the nurses who are going to take the course nor the nurse anesthetists program and the operating room technician.”

  7. ceo says:

    Nurses training directly affects the medical situation and this is the classes they will cancil? Especially with the increase violence on the streets we need nurses to heal the sick and save lives faster then we can train them.

    How can it be a good idea to cancell / postpone (or whatever…) their classes. Who the heck is this guy? Does he have a brain? One bad decision after the next!

  8. Louisville, Ky. says:

    I think Pete gave a reasonable explanation as to why the Nursing course at UB had a hiccup. Now if he has some ISSUES with some other members of staff, then that’s another matter.
    But man, please don’t bring race into this because I’ve known Pete ever since he’s been living in the Jewel and he never came across as racist. I know he man personally and, by the way, I am Black and Black conscious… go figure!

  9. Ixchel Pop says:

    The CEO( non native Belizean) has been plying politics for a long time. The clueless Minister has allowed this Importation to lead the Ministry- when in fact, he is unable to provide true leadership. The entire MOH is disillusioned, many arbitrary decision are being made with the heavy hands of political favortitsm. When will it end oh lord?

  10. Storm says:

    I don’t attack Allen “for his skin color,” and I don’t believe most others do. We attack him because the health system for which he is CEO is not only a national disgrace, it is hazardous to the health of the patients, and he lies and denies, but never takes action to save lives. He is supposed to be the professional in charge, and he is failing. We can’t expect much from the Minister, because he is simply a political hack unqualified for his portfolio. This ruckus about Allen’s back-and-forth on training is minor compared to the unnecessary dangers that lurk everyday in the hospitals. Is any word of this comment wrong or unfair?

  11. speak the struth says:

    Peter Allen is a political operative, his last interview was to say that it was the PUP representative making up the stories of dead babies and butchered mothers in Orange Walk Hospital, but the corpses are they . how can this be fabricated. he covers wireman at any cost, but the dead bodies are piling up.

  12. s says:

    then why start a course and promise the nurses financial help and then complain that finance to replace the nurses on study leave is a constraint. Its all disorganize!!!!! look at all angles before starting such a course.

  13. GoBelize! says:

    Louisville, Ky: You definitely don’t know Pete as well as you think you do. I’d like to see you leave Kentucky and visit the hospital or clinic here when you are need. Let’s hope the needle doesn’t break in your arm; or that the painkillers don’t feel like placebo; or that doctor that is seeing you can’t understand you because he don’t talk English; or that you can’t get your patient file when something goes terrible wrong because ‘Pete’ has instructed them not to release the record of what was done to you. Seriously, I hope you or one of your family members still in Belize don’t need to visit a Belizean government facility, because it won’t be 50/50 that you can survive and walk out , but more like 80 you won’t and 20 you will.

  14. fey says:

    the courses were planned since 2011. should have began jan 2012 then aug 2012. they had ample time to gather their resources. In fact ub has been paid in full . The programs were well on their way until the incident with the nurse that did not meet ub’s requirement. The nurse< being One of minister Marins cronies and campaigners up north; when told that her name did not appear on the list immediately sought minister Marin in his office in Belmopan. ub was contacted by the minist, who insisted in having the nurse accepted. her admittance was denied and it was then that it was either or. as immature as it may sound it is reality. IF someone would have told me I would have never believed for I've always held my ministers and CEO's in high esteem. So Louiseville, Ky maybe you are there because of your close ties with CEO Allen. Maybe its our tax money that have you living there. who knows?

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