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Jan 16, 2013

February U.D.P. convention: Faber versus Vega for Deputy Party Leader

Patrick Faber

The U.D.P. National Convention is scheduled for February, and in the past months much attention has been focused on the royal fight for deputy Party Leader. The incumbent, Gaspar Vega, is no lightweight, at least in terms of money and power. The challenger, current Chairman of the UDP Patrick Faber is considered a formidable opponent and powerful in his own right. Both Vega and Faber have been crisscrossing the country meeting with convention delegates. Faber is known to have the support of former prime minister and party Leader, Manuel Esquivel and other notables in his party and Vega says he can count on the support of the current Prime Minister. News Five Faber and he told us that he wants to be deputy party leader, because quite simply, he feels he is the better man for the job.


Patrick Faber, U.D.P. Chairman

Gaspar Vega

“I believe that I can certainly do a better job at being the deputy party leader of our party. And as we aim to move this party into a new era—one that would see it among other parties in this country be a history breaker—to be a third term party in government, we require stronger leadership; we require that a leader understands the challenges that are there and we don’t just believe in maintaining things as a status quo. My opponent is no senior to me in the House of Representatives. My opponent certainly does not have anything over me in terms of that report card that is giving in terms of how we manage our ministries. And so that while there is a clear age difference, I don’t think that plays a role at all nor does the color of my skin; nor does the location of my home. Where I was born or raise, it does not mean a thing to me nor do I believe it means a thing to the people of this country. What matters is what is in your heart and what is your record as a leader. If you look at record, it is not to dismiss anything that my opponent has done, but it is just to say that I believe that I have a better record and can do a better job.”


The convention takes place in Vega’s backyard up north in Corozal Town at the San Andres Stadium on February seventeenth.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “February U.D.P. convention: Faber versus Vega for Deputy Party Leader”

  1. David Blank says:

    Well, well, well. The educated @$$ vs the village idiot. Faber shamelessly plays the race card and shows his insecurities by making reference to the colour of his skin and his home address. Why am I not surprised? Classical Belize City UDP politics.
    I will go on to predict that if Faber wins this thing, the UDP will be wiped out outside of Belize City. It’s the classical sense of entitlement Belize City politicians have carried over the years since colonial days.
    The best thing for the country will be the day a rural candidate is PM. George Price, Esquivel, Musa and Barrow. All from the city; George, no one can touch. Esquivel, not bad, at least his first term. Musa and Barrow. Well, hell awaits them. Hopefully, they will spend all the money they stole cause where they are going, it’s so hot, it will all burn up. LOL!

  2. b.bones says:

    What was the outcome for the story where Farber’s brother crashing a Govt vehicle. From the reports it was during the weekend, not work related, beer all over the place, no drivers license & and license plates were removed (a clear sign of attempted deception). Was he fired, fined, forced to buy back the vehicle or was nothing done due to his affiliation ?

    It’s bad enough that his brother has a job in his own ministry, but if Farber cant be trustsed to do the right thing by disciplining his brother on an obvious & publicly reported even, how can the people of Belize / UDP supportes trust him with the country or in a leadership roll ?

  3. melinda says:

    I certainly do not support this pompous man. He is a wife-beater and an arrogant snob. From the way he talk you can see how full of himself he is . If he wins i will withdraw from the UDP. I rather be a PUP than be lead by a fool like Faber. Am totally serious.

  4. Buju says:

    Patrick Faber is a political wussy.

    The minute things does not go in his favor he begins to act like a “salad”

    I know Hon. Faber is educated but being educated and being smart and totally different things. Anyway you slice it in my opinion this will spell trouble for the UDP!

    If Faber wins well the UDP are finished for true and if Vega wins then Faber will start bringing out the dirty laundry of his political colleagues!

  5. poor Belize says:

    I would respect Mr Vega quite a lot more than Faber…Faber is ego driven. He is quite
    young and hasn’t learned to control himself.

  6. Luis says:

    I am a PUP but i certainly think that Mr. Vega will do a great job in terms of managing the country. living in Trial Farm, Orange walk, I’ve seen how Mr. Vega has work hand in hand with the people.

  7. b.Jones says:

    If Farber wins all his family members will get a vehicle, not only his brother. And if they don’t have a drivers license they will be given one.

    If Vega wins all farm land & Gov’t land on the cayes will go to his family bc they are not normal lazy r@$$ Belizeans.

  8. orangewalkenio says:

    we need new blood….a new party….new ideas….absolutely no old politician in it…..not even advising…

  9. Jo says:

    @ luis…dude…Vega does not help people; Vega maintains people!! there is a difference!!! the man has a ton of money and he uses it to his own advantage. He has done nothing for the people of trial farm…where is the public library?? where is the permanent youth groups?? where is the public computer lab?? that is helping people my friend; compare trial farm’s park with Queen Elizabeth park!! it is truly a disgrace that he is the deputy prime minister and trial farm park looks like that!!!! oh and btw…both are disgraceful candidates for DPM!!! :/

  10. rustic says:

    to Luis, you are not a PUP, a PUP in orange walk will never endorse gapi, he is a dunce. How much more rose wood will he allow to be burnt.

  11. melinda says:

    Faber says that in the House, Vega has no seniority over him. Well, Vega’s desk is labelled “Deputy Prime Minister” and Faber’s desk marks” Minister of Ed” No seniority? The man outranks you, Chino!!

  12. tanz says:

    Ohh Hell Ya’all Need To Stop Complain & Dnt Worry Abou Politics.If U Have A Nice Job & Government Doesnt Feed Well U Should Be Worrying. U are Here Complaining & Those Piliticians Are There Happy Not Worrying Abou Nothing. GIVERNMENT is Not Here To Maintain No one. Uggh Typical Foolish Uneducated Belizeans.

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