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Jan 11, 2013

Was there a botched surgery at Western Regional?

A family from Billy White Village in the Cayo District is up in arms tonight following an incident at the Western Regional Hospital. Gomercido Pop and his common-law-wife, Josephat Choc, are the happy parents of baby boy Gregorio Casteliano Pop. Choc was admitted to the hospital last Thursday with labor pains and the baby boy was delivered through a caesarian section on Friday. But the surgery was not without complications. Pop alleges that Choc’s stomach was severely damaged during the surgery by Doctor Renato Howe causing her to hemorrhage. If that wasn’t bad enough, Choc’s tubes were also tied without her consent. It was not until today, a week later, that Choc was discharged, but she is still in pain. News Five spoke to Pop who says that they are concerned that his wife’s condition will worsen.


Gomercido Pop

Gomercido Pop, Claims Negligence at Western Regional

“We came in Thursday and the doctor Howe, keep her inside and Friday evening they claim that she was bleeding a lot and they keep asking for a tie-off. First, we were saying that the lady did not accept to the doctor that she wants a tie-off and later when my lady was in the theatre; the helper for the doctor came out and told me that she was bleeding and they start blood on her. What caused the bleeding and what caused the mistake that the doctor went in and do that’s why we passing this make people see and we don’t want this to happen to anybody.”


Duane Moody

“I understand that during the process of this surgery, her stomach was cut. Tell us about that.”


Gomercido Pop

“Yes, the doctor first never said that he had done a mistake. Ih take like two days to say that they did a mistake. When they do the surgery, they are complaining that the guts and wound stick together. But when we went for the ultrasound, six months pregnancy, the ultrasound never showed that. Ih never had a complain that she had pain in her belly and things. They cut her straight down and it gut the guts as well. They cut it slanted down and they cut it like completely half and then pull it back together and stick it back. We are not completely satisfied of that.  At first, she was not stooling because the doctor said ih make a mistake that he cut cuts.”


Duane Moody

“Is that going to pose as a problem later on?”


Gomercido Pop

“That’s why we want to do this because we need to know what is the future. What they can, how to resolve it or investigation how that can be done and everything.”


According to Pop, the hospital has assumed cost for all the medical services that Choc received including the surgery and other tests. We asked the hospital to comment on the allegations, but up until news time they had not. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “Was there a botched surgery at Western Regional?”

  1. Storm says:

    Will our useless Pablo Marin and Peter Allen do anything about this situation? Not according to the track record of neglect they have established with the scandal at the Northern Regional Slaughterhouse.

    If they won’t resign, maybe PM Barrow will have the decency to fire them.

    The health care system in the Jewel is actually a mortal danger to the patients. Beyond the botched surgery, doing a tubal ligation without consent is the serious crime of wounding, at least.

    Maybe our new ComPol Whylie will investigate, like police do under more civilized governments.

  2. nicholasa says:

    Peter Allen does not care about the health system, he is too busy victimizing the women at the ministry of health. This man is a sick, vicious and vindictive colonialist who has a problem with women who are smart and capable of working professionally. The irate nurse who had an unfortunate encounter with him this week is not the only one aggrieved by this man, he has affected many women and families…some have had to resort to legal action because the public service ministry has failed all those who seek recourse through the proper channels. All political appointees seem impotent in addressing the abuse of this man who claims personal favor by the prime minister and his wife. The worst part is that he deceives the public with his hypocrisy when he appears with his fake angelic voice on the media. Jenny Lovell should do an assessment of all women suffering traumatic stress by the vindictiveness of this man…It seems that the women have to resort to violence to get some relief..This is what happens when the system fails us,,WE HAVE TO TAKE MATTERS INTO OUR OWN HANDS. POWER TO THE WOMEN IN THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND WE SHOULD ALL RALLY IN SUPPORT OF NURSE PASCASIO IF HE TRIES TO FIRE HER!!!!!

  3. Seletar says:

    @Storm, I agree with every word. I don’t think the Minister of Health could run a fried chicken cart, let alone the nation’s health system.

    PEOPLE ARE BEING BUTCHERED IN OUR HOSPITALS, AND MARIN JUST HIDES! He doesn’t want to do his job, he doesn’t know HOW to do his job, he hasn’t done his job, so why is he still there?

    PM Barrow, every mistake this fool makes reflects terribly on YOU and your decision to appoint him. HE HAS FAILED, SO FACE THE TRUTH AND PUT A COMPETENT PERSON INTO THIS LIFE-AND-DEATH POSITION.

  4. Maria Marshall says:

    Shame how medical staff in our hospitals can get away with sloppy surgery and maternity care.
    Would political leaders and their families be patients in these hospitals?
    No I no tink so.

  5. mg says:

    A similar case happen to my wife. lets make sure this supposed doctor aren’t veterinaries! One of of the doctors you will see always in front of computer. doesn’t even like to answer the patient questions. Please fire them and give the chance to someone else.

  6. GoBelize! says:

    Butchery, corruption in the pharmaceutical tender process, victimization of hardworking Ministry of Health persons, corruption in unsanctioned contracts……why is this Englishman still a CEO? PM, when will you move him? He is breaking up an entire Ministry, system and people. If it is about politics well then……this man is bluer than a PUP and redder than a UDP. He is a traitor!

  7. check it out says:

    Maybe instead of scratching and cussing nurses, Mr Allen should man up and say why our public hospitals are filled with Cuban and Nicaraguan doctors, while Belizean doctors are being fired and retired on a montly basis. they control these foreign doctors easily, they feel indepted to the authorities for the job they are given so they brown nose, but they are incompetent, and this is the result of that incompetence, people dying and being butchered, where is the Nicaraguan doctor from Orange Walk?

  8. GoBelize! says:

    “Check it out”, you neva know? Nicaraguan docta cut out! she gone back da Nicaragua! Allen and Pablo cover up fi she, still no give one a di victim dem i patient file and allow this criminal docta fi go! In fac! In case you neva know, she da one a di same 3 docta whe medical association medi fight wid Dr. Gough and Pablo n Allen because dem get den license fi practice da Belize ova night! Fi dem interview me do ina Spanish!! Yes!! Channel 5, unu fo check out the BMDA minutes of meeting pan fi dem page. Y di de!

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