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Jan 10, 2013

Families react at the result of post mortems

Earlier we told you that police were back at the scene of the murder of four George Street murders. Autopsies were conducted today on the bodies of the four   massacred sometime on Monday night at their apartments at the corner of Dean and Plues Streets. The George Street affiliates had a horrific death; they were stabbed multiple times and their throats were slashed in similar fashion.  It is early in the investigation and there are still no clear leads or a motive for the mass murders of Keino Quallo, Albert “Long John” Fuentes, Anthony Perez and Leonard “Ghost” Meyers. But with results in hand, the grieving families have their own theories of who murdered the men.  News Five’s Duane Moody reports.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Since Tuesday, Dean and Plues Streets were barricaded and security officers stationed in the area continue to monitor the neighborhood. It’s day two after the discovery of four George Street gang members at an apartment building. Relatives of the murdered men gathered at the morgue during the day; where armed officers are guarding the mortuary.

Albert “Long John” Fuentes

The autopsy on the bodies of the slaughtered men is being conducted by Doctor Hugh Sanchez, since Pathologist, Doctor Mario Estradabran, is not available. This evening the mother of Albert “Long John” Fuentes said her son died from Asphyxia, transaction of the trachea and cut wounds.


Voice of: Mother of Albert Fuentes

“When I get there, I saw the slit on his throat, the slit on his face. When dehn finish with the post mortem, I couldn’t stand the sight of the scar and I ask the undertaker, weh happen. He say that he is gonna try his best to cover it up because it was really deep—dehn just dig it in on his face. It was a horrible sight. I believe they were drugged too and I asked the doctor and he told me that he believed the same thing. So why didn’t he give me a response to what I asked him. He said that he believes that they inhaled something.”


Duane Moody

“Did they take any tests of blood?”


Voice of: Mother of Albert Fuentes

“He didn’t come back to me with no results about that and I did state that to him; that I believe that they were drugged.”


Duane Moody

“I understand that they are saying that the time of death was actually closer to eight o’clock in the morning as opposed to late the night.”


Voice of: Mother of Albert Fuentes

“I don’t believe that. My belief, everything happened like minutes to three or something like that.”


Voice of: Marlon Yorke, Stepfather of Albert Fuentes

“They put the time of death as nine a.m. That’s when mostly all of the commotion was going on; that’s when the bodies were getting taken to the hospital; nien a.m. that can’t be the time of death.”


Leonard "Ghost" Meyers

The autopsy on the bodies started as early as five-thirty a.m. with forty year old Keino Quallo being the first to go under the knife of Dr. Sanchez.  Meyers was next.  Welch told us that her son was stabbed and his throat slashed.


Elizabeth Welch, Mother of Leonard “Ghost” Meyers

“I went on the scene and I went to see my son and they neva want I go in. I just see my son yesterday and the condition weh my son mi deh ina, nobody can’t kill Leonard Meyers soh. If dah three man, dah four man, somebody else wah dead and he wah dead along with them. So everybody wah know dah who kill he. My son sustain injuries to his throat. I neva see the whole of his body—from the head to here. Throat slit and ih get stab up ina his chest. They can’t kill Leonard Meyers soh man. The amount ah blood and hard blood on ih face I can’t see good. I just see one cut wound. When dehn done clean ahn up, we wah see the other injuries weh dehn have.”


Elizabeth Welch

Like the other residents in the community, Welch and her family believe that the murder was carried out by the police.


Elizabeth Welch

“I reached at work six o’clock in the morning and I get the news about a little bit after eight. When I get the news, the first thing fly up ina my mind, I done know that dah GSU force dehn kill my son.  The only one that I know that my son Ghost wah let ina the building; the only somebody dehn let ina di building dah GSU and the policeman dehn; nobody else. When anybody come and knock dah the door, identify unuself. Police! Open the door. And usually my son crack the window fi see dah who first and the window still crack up to right now. So dah only dehn could come in deh and kill dehn. And if dah mi any stranger, mi balli noh; if dah mi stranger come dah that door, ih mi wah be wah hell of a sight because dehn mi wah go down. Dehn can’t kill four man soh.”


She also has her theory as to how her son was murdered and says that she will get justice; like a ghost in the night.


Elizabeth Welch

“In my opinion weh di almighty father show me, they handcuff ahn, dehn tie up ih mouth and then dehn do weh dehn want do with ahn because of the position weh dehn find my son ina, I know my son was handcuffed. So no Minister of Defence or nobody can’t tell me dah noh dehn kill my son—the four guys dah di place. Weh I wah know now is if dehn inject dehn bwai some kinda something. Dehn must inject dehn bwai. But I wah find out yo noh.  In my view of point, there is no drug in this. Dehn just slay dehn bwai because they have a case against the GSU next month and dehn noh want nobody talk. I noh wah shed no tears yoh know brethren. None, none, none, I noh wah shed none because all must safe to do what I want to do.  Yo see that same foot weh dehn walk pan and gone dah that boutique and kill dehn bwai? Yo wah see how long dehn got dem deh fi stand up pan fi goh kill anybody else. It seems to me we noh got no justice fi get from the system. We wah seek fi we own justice. Miss Elizabeth Welch wah seek ih own justice fi ih son, Leonard Meyers.”


The emotions of the families are still raw in the wake of the mass murders; they are convinced of who is responsible. Meanwhile, police continue their investigations into the massacre of the George Street four. Duane Moody for News Five.


Funeral arrangements are still being finalized for the four men.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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17 Responses for “Families react at the result of post mortems”

  1. Rod says:

    Worse pm and gov. In the history of this nation.

  2. Bear says:

    There are loads of murders just like this in Mexico, every day. It’s almost like a Zeta trademark.

    I wonder if the Zeta facing trial up in Corozal could shed any light on this incident? Why was he in the Jewel with his arsenal a couple months back?

  3. kaslov says:

    u know rod i’ve read a lot of ur posts on this site and ALL u eva do da blame dih gov’t fih everything….dih wedda man cudda forecast sunshine one day and den ih go rain da same deh and u woulda blame dih govt…now i nuh dih defend deh caz i believe deh dih do fool too but stop dih point fingers and do something about it…be the miracle…make a difference…all u dih do da continue this negative atmosphere we have in our country…u dih feed it energy…so yeh bredda or sista jus change da attitude and stop mek everything political g caz its not all on them…we as a nation haffi mek da step fwd fih change dih direction our country is goin in…respect

  4. Pablo says:

    The dead will not come to life.
    It is time for our security forces to start working smart. And when we blame the Gov’t it is not for what was done wrong. But for what they are not doing to remedy the situation. See, it has been long awaited to see a difference in the City. Nothing changes. Nothing at all. in spanish there is a saying… “Cria cuervos y te sacaran los ojos”… same thing is happening at the city. Our Tax money is going to this same gangsters… who gives it to them, the Government… yet… the government still has the crime problem to solve/remedy…

    Let us pray the children surrounding areas where crimes have been visible are doing good.

    God Bless…

  5. anti viral says:

    ROD is a dead PUP that all he wants is for the PUP to win elections and when the same things happen you will not see or hear anything of him as he will maybe be driving for a minister or in an office or at home just collecting every payday without working. That is ROD. To him the only solution to this problem is for the PUP to take over as GOB

  6. OriginalWoman says:

    Well said, kaslov!!!

  7. Sandy says:

    What are the odds that da camera nuh the work/record as weh them seh fi mek them could see who went in????what are the odds????then if anybody pay close attention to Vidal interview when patrick ask him if they are going to use the camera to solve this horrific murder his response was and i quote ” we wont use the cameras thats not how we operate we will use your intelligence” by the next day you hear camera nuh the work????as an outsider looking in i could see where they could have killed one or two of the guys but all four at once and they nuh get no kinda injury back??? that just sound funny!!!!!! things just not adding up.. those cameras work fi their convenience….i know of a guy that robbed someone just a couple months ago and they caught him why? because of those same cameras….IT JUST LEAVES A LOT OF ???? MARKS RIP….ANTHONY PEREZ AKA BUJU AKA HEADS

  8. Run says:

    I agree with kaslov. Rod this site is to give your opinion and not stupid blames because we are not in politic times. As far as I know Mr. Musa and companies were not saints. This is a time to reflect and try to find what we are doing wrong as a nation.

  9. Tashy says:

    Who give a !@#$. These people were bad people. I don’t care hope they die. You reap what you sow. There less @##$# to worry about. Now let’s move on to the rest. This is what is in lots of people mind. On to the next. All of you who know your evil, start saving money so your family can bury you.

  10. concern citizen says:

    it’s a big shame on the prime minister and finnegan that they can’t control their constituencies.. because all them do is give the people money to vote and meet with the gangs.. what example do they show.. vote dean and michael again.. how long are they the area representatives what have they done.. belizeans open your eyes…

  11. Seletar says:

    1. I’d like to hear something from the real autopsy reports, not just from Mrs. Welch. She is understandably emotionally upset, and I’m not sure where she earned her medical degree. I suspect she may have misunderstood whatever she heard about time of death.

    2. It takes a while — often weeks — for blood to be analyzed for the presence of drugs, poisons, etc. It could be interesting for the historical record to see those eventually. Patience.

    3. From his secret bunker, I’ve heard Dr. Estradabran conclude that the cause of death could not be determined in these cases because of the advanced state of decomposition..

  12. Coral Black says:

    Here in the 21st century, and black males are been lynch all over. I know,I know! Weather it’s
    them doing the lynching, or them been lynch. The issue remains the same 500′s year
    later. The truth is; to the well fed,this is normal. As long as you got a (JOB) (from the bible) and
    obey your masters ,your a good citizen. Just slave away till you die,you’ll get your later when you get to heaven, if you can get in. While your leader are living in heaven right here on earth, you the people are catching hell. in reality (poverty and crimes) are a community problem, and must be address as a community. Stop waiting for the government to do something, it’s like waiting for Jesus to come form the sky (hupps).

  13. b.Jones says:

    Where was the outrage when the innocent die in their sleep from gunshots from bad men like these “victims” ? Where was the rage when the china-men get killed for little money? Where was all this rage when parkfest & carnival lost all its fun & got life & death risk if u attend ? Where was all the outrage when belize went from a loving nation to the murder capital of the world ? All of which was changed or perpetraed by these so call “victims”. The people crying must feel say that they are the only ones that have love ones…I don’t agree with vigilante justice, but I understand. All you want_a_be CSI investigators can continue with your questionings, your butt of family members might just find themself the next causality of these same “victims” friends..stay right there with the foolishness

  14. Common Sense says:

    In my opinion, the officers in GSU are not competent enough to pull of a massacre of this magnitude… take for example the incident with Arthur Young… but never the less we should look into this matter from all angles… For example, approximately a year ago, a well know member of George st. was gunned down infront of Palm Island night club… in retaliation to that, the gang seeked out and viciously gunned down a family member of the said person that killed one of their own, now it is believed that that person was linked to a cartel gang from Mexico…
    But lets examine the facts… Is it possible that there were only four men in that apartment? I don’t think so, to my knowledge I assume that there were probably at least one or more females that frequently stays at that very apartment, one of which always remains in her room… Where were they… And if the George street gang claims that no one from rival gangs can enter their territory then perhaps could it be that some one they knew, probably from their very own gang, set them up… Could it be a retaliation of the recent high profile murders of two Arabs… As I go on alot more ideas come to mind, remember these four men/ the gorge street gang had many enemies…. Food for thought…

  15. away citizen says:

    I am appalled to hear what is going on in Bze as I remembered it as just a quiet country and free of such vicious crime but I notice that this is no longer true and it seem we are going down the wrong path faster and faster. Unfortunately if you play with fire you will eventually get burn and although my condolences goes out to the family and to the belizean citizens I hope that we all reflect that the lifestyle these guys chose would eventually lead to their death one way or the other. We must also reflect that these same guys could be responsible for senseless acts of crime while they were alive and other families suffered at their hands so lets not forget that sometimes although it is difficult to see lives taken away in such a vicious way, it is good ridance in some cases. As Belizeans, I hope we all can find a way in our lives to live in peace and learn to respect all other humans just the same. The only change we need is to change the way we live and stop being greedy for money. Drugs, gangs, and crime has no place in Belize if we want it to be what it used to be. Sorry for our kids who will never know what it was like back in days.

  16. LA says:

    Beware of the Evil eye who wants to overthrown your goverment instead of negotiating with peaceful diplomacy.

  17. Rosetta Stone says:

    Hi my best mate! I wish to state that benefits and drawbacks amazing, great created and include virtually all very important infos. I want to look a lot more threads similar to this .

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