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Jan 10, 2013

Scholarship recipient and Nationbuilder mad

Micah Goodin

You heard the National Youth Program Coordinator mention that Goodin was the poster boy for the Do the Rait Thing Program. And though there was no malice and only a depleted program that caused the loss of the scholarship, the student blasted both his school and the youth program.


Micah Goodin, Lost Scholarship

“Both Krem, Fultec, Smart, ICA and many other donors have reach out to me in an effort to assist; down to the common street man on the side of the street has reached out to me in support and wished me the best. Individuals have been sending credit to my phone; facebook inbox has been rather full; my wall has been filled with comments from well-wishers as well.”


Jose Sanchez

“At first appears, I can see why people would assume that your outspokenness may have caused some sort of victimization, but now that the facts are out, it seems that there may have been some oversight that you were in third form when you received a two year scholarship.”


Micah Goodin

“I was in third form at Sadie Vernon at the time I won this scholarship through the program. But then the scholarship took effect in August 2011 when I first started SJCJC. It is a two year scholarship and I’ve only completed my first year and the scholarship covered the first year without any difficulties.  So for those are speculating that it is because I overstayed my time at the college, you have it wrong.”


Jose Sanchez

“But the funds have run out?”


Micah Goodin

“I don’t know if the funds have run out or what it be. I’m not sure; I haven’t been given any sound reason as to why the program or the scholarship has been suspended.”


Jose Sanchez

“I was informed that this international program winded down last year and that there is an oversight that they didn’t inform you.”


Micah Goodin

“Well I am oblivious to what occurred because I was not even given a letter of notification so that I can be abreast of what happened.”


Jose Sanchez

“But clearly at the end of the day it seems that the public and perhaps even the “Du Di Rait Ting” which initially selected you for the scholarship reached out to other people too. Are you still upset with these different institutions?”


Micah Goodin

“I am disappointed with those that spearheaded the “Du Di Rait Ting” program in that they had not monitored or evaluated the program or the scholarship. They didn’t do no follow-ups and they just gave me the scholarship and I was basically left on my own to register and do other things.”


He plans to study criminology and remain an advocate.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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10 Responses for “Scholarship recipient and Nationbuilder mad”

  1. reality says:

    How about you go work for a year and pay for your own school. I dd just that. You have a false sense of entitlement. Plenty of kids do the right thing in belize and not all get a scholarship. You look old enough to start taking your future in your own hands. Not being mean brother but constant complaining and being angry will not get you anywhere. Ask for a job and take your future in your hands.

  2. Buju says:

    This is a perfect example of how Belize is in present day!

    The facts are there but yet we still want to blame someone! He is starting over and over that the scholarship was revoked and it somehow has ties to his involvement with the Nation Builders and his media appearance along with Hope Amadi and Moses Sulph.

    This is a bright young man from what i have heard and he represents himself well but we have to move away from the mentality that someone owe’s you something or the world is against you!

    If he should be mad with anyone he should be mad with SJCJC and the scholarship donors.

  3. Iniate says:

    Another Hope Amadi and Moses Sulph born ? OMG

    The products of our society!!!

    Come on, lets produce a better human! Please!

  4. Bear says:

    I’m pretty disappointed by Micah’s comments. He should be thankful for what he did receive, not complaining he did not receive more.

    And from the stories, it appears he might have caused his own problem, by applying for [and receiving] the scholarship too early, before he was ready for it. By doing that, I am sure he robbed someone else of the scholarship who was ready for it then.

    If he wants to do the right thing, it has to be a 2-way street. Nobody OWES you anything, Micah.

  5. Deep says:

    Those of you who commented before is a very good example of what is wrong with this country. Some of us come from a level of disadvantage that you couldn’t begin to understand. Just to make it out this far is a miracle itself and to be honest without the support the hope of making something of ourselves is only but a dream. Like the young man, I’m also returning to school on a scholarship after WORKING for many years. Don’t get me wrong and please understand that I’m not seeking to start an argument with any of you be rather appeal to your better nature. Most of what I’ve earned working has gone into supporting my family and when your living as they say “hand to mouth” the thought of putting anything aside for saving or school is only wishful thinking. The difficulty of our situation is not an excuse but rather the fuel for our journey and we therefore are eternally grateful for the support and please know that any unexpected break in that support is a major blow to what we are hoping to achieve.

  6. Storm says:

    @Deep, you’d be surprised at how many people in the Jewel lived in poverty, yet overcame it by hard work. For many, as you suggest, the poverty was the spur in the side that impelled them to hard work and sacrifice to reach success.

    I agree with the general comments of others, though, as a general rule nobody OWES us anything, and that we are responsible for our own future success or failure. There are a lot of good ways out of poverty, and they generally involve sacrifice, education, hard work, and a dream.

    I also agree with the counsel to think twice before becoming the next Moses Sulph or Amadi Hope — like many ego-driven, self-proclaimed leaders, they seem to be “all sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Better to be a protege of someone with actual accomplishments.

    I recommend to anyone a small book called “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Victor Frankl. He was a famous psychiatrist who wrote the book after surviving a Nazi death camp. His basic message is summarized in a single sentence: A man with a “Why” can live with almost any “How.”

  7. smart says:

    Its not that he is owed…. but if he was promised as a reward, then they ought to keep it.

  8. Initiate! says:

    Nice Storm!

    A man with a “Why” can live with almost any “How.”

    Micah, search for a deeper ‘why’. It will be worth to you far far more than any money any one ‘gives’ you.

  9. The Truth says:

    Hmmm…something still seems fishy. I can’t believe SJC couldn’t just add one more student to classes that are running anyway. Especially a student who they promised a scholarship to and one who has an excellent grades, and is also their student council president!

    I’m not sure Jose Sanchez did a thorough investigation of this one.

    Anyway, Micah, keep your head up. Some advice-learn to choose your battles. Losing your scholarship over UB students paying an extra $150.00 when they are buying phones that are at least twice as expensive as that doesn’t make any sense.

  10. rick ross says:

    all of u r talking b s cause u dont know who micah is and the next thing he also had a scholarsip from his cxc passes that he cannot access

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