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Jan 9, 2013

Police camera in vicinity of murder scene

Alden Dawson

The murders of Keino Quallo, Leonard Myers, Albert Fuentes and Anthony Perez of the George Street Gang, is likely to be one of the most difficult to crack for the police, which is now officially headed by Commissioner Allen Whylie.  The bodies of Quallo, Fuentes and Perez were found in a pool of blood in the corridor of the apartment building in which they lived while Myers was found inside his bedroom at room number nine. All four were stabbed and viciously slashed on the throat. While there is little to go by, at Tuesday’s press conference, Superintendent Alden Dawson was asked about the cameras placed on lamp posts in the area of the apartment located at the corner of Dean and Plues Street.


Jose Sanchez

“The video cameras atop the lamp posts. Have you retrieved any video footage from that particular camera in the vicinity?”


Supt. Alden Dawson, Head of Eastern Division

“Like I mentioned earlier, it’s a fairly young investigation so to speak. We haven’t retrieved any footage as yet. While I am here, there is a team out there working and I don’t know what they have retrieved so far, but as soon as soon as I leave I will rejoin that team.”



“Can you say then if there was concrete evidence found say by way of fingerprints or did your processing of the crime scene show that this was a clean execution-style murder?”


Supt. Alden Dawson

“The investigation is ongoing like I mentioned. There is so many things to do and it is being done at this time; however, it is early in the investigation. I don’t want to say that we have this and don’t have that and in fact it is not true; not at this time.”


News Five’s has learnt that there is nothing to go by from surveillance video from the cameras since it is positioned two blocks away in front of the police station at West and Dean Streets.

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12 Responses for “Police camera in vicinity of murder scene”

  1. Bear says:

    Other reports said that the cameras in the area worked, but had no functioning recorders, so there is nothing to see.

    I hope in the near future our new ComPol will have someone take a serious look at surveillance cameras — they could be useful tools, but only if they work, record, and are maintained! Otherwise, don’t waste money on them.

  2. x says:

    Like I was thinking yesterday, Myers is the key to this hit, everyone else was just in the way. Something happened at/near Gale’s Point. Which was the reason he had just come into town for protection. 3 died in the corridor, they find him dead inside. Myers was the hit. He had something, stole something, did something, saw something, that a big shark did not like.

    Cartel not gsu or another gang, maybe just getting started?

  3. citizen says:

    Belize city itself has been the nest of many crimes for many years and the people have somehow learnt to live with it. As the old saying says, “live by the sword, die by the sword”. While it is not a uncommon knowledge that these persons that were murdered, lived a life of violence, people find it really strange that they ended in a violent way. Maybe be it is not that they ended in a violent way but rather the type of violence that ended them, I believe that if these gangster had all been shot rather than the way that the way they were selected and murdered, all this commotion would have merely been an incident on the news. while it is true that these people lived a life that evolved around violence and intimidation of people, seems to have no significance, as in many cases when the person dies. It is not uncommon in most cases that even the worst person in the world becomes a target of sympathy ones they have passed out.
    From all this the only thing that i can derive is that it does not matter who did it but that these people were targeted and whatever the reason only they know what it was. And that the manner in which was taken, true was a very violent manner and personal, but lets us know that the intended targets were taken out and not innocent bystanders were taken, as is in many cases in the encounters of these gangs.

  4. Rod says:

    We all know who did it .

  5. no news says:

    “We haven’t retrieved any footage as yet.”

    obviously it is low priority, nothing on it of importance, not worth looking at.

    probably will get lost, or somebody stole it, or camera broken, or camera just a scarecrow, or it was recycled for another busy day.

  6. Belizean Boy says:

    It is common sense that if there are cameras in the vicinity of a crime, you immediately try and obtain the footage before it can be deleted or otherwise tampered. You absolutely do not waite two or three days. There should be a senior officer on scene with sufficient experience to assess the environment and instruct other officers on securing the scene and gather evidence. This is very basic and does not require a genius to figure out such basic procedure.

    Citizen…..not many have a reasonable assessment as you have noted. Indeed this was a brutal crime. However, everyone forgets that these gangbangers lived a life of crime and have perpetrated violence on many others. A very common response by our people is that whenever someone dies, the response is that such a person never did any wrong, was church going, belived in God and so forth. Yet, in many cases said person was well known to be a gangster or otherwise involved in crime. I am not advocating murder in any sense, or else we fall into chaos, but if you live a life of crime then how can anyone be so surprised or in such state of denial when that life ends the way it was lived….in a violent manner.

    Our once beautiful little country has lost its way. I use to feel proud in refering to Belize as “The Jewel”, but how can I honestly say that in recent times when you have to be scared walking down the streets? When I was a kid I use to run around the neighbourhood with friends climbing trees, playing “kick di pan”, catching “macala” and so forth. Now kids play with guns, learn gang signs, and have no respect for themselves or elders. A long time ago if a neighbour saw you misbehaving he/she would chastise you and inform your parents who would further handle the situation. These days such values are as prehisotoric as the dinasours in our society.

    Our government is inept, impotent even, when it comes to addressing crime. Every year it gets worse. Soon no one will want to visit our tiny little “Jewel”, and when that happens to an economy largely dependent on tourism, then my friends, things will go from “frying pan to di fire”. It is bad now, but it can always get worse.

  7. Al says:

    It is nice that we have cameras, but it is only useful if they work. I hope that they worked and the police is holding the information as important lead. This was organized and not by the police, this was a more sophisticated
    outfit that did this. These people did not even had a chance to fight. Sorry to say this, but before they died they felt what so many have felt the fear of facing death. There is a difference of bravery when your standing in front of the gun than when you are standing behind it. The same thing with hanging, when it is time for the cowards to give up their lives, they will cry like babies.
    The worse of all payment was when each of them stood before God at the time of their death and had to answer for all their crimes.

    The problem is that people do not believe what the Bible says about being absent from the body (death) is to be present with the Lord. People there is a judgment, wither you believe it or not. They are probably wishing they culd come back and live life over again without the mistakes, too late as God says depart from me I know you not.

  8. Seletar says:

    Couldn’t have said it better, Al, your entire message.

    I hope the God-loving people of Belize can start to unite and vote according to their beliefs, without regard to party loyalty. It’s a lot more important to be loyal to God than red or blue or the dollar. I am sure there are enough of us here to change the country that way.

  9. no mercy for murderers says:

    The best way to get to the bottom of this mess is to get help from the U.S get private detectives to take finger prints from the area and process them .I am sure there are finger prints and other fiber there.come on mr. Pm do what is right.You know you can and should do it.By now Belize should have had their own forensic team specialized in crime investigation and criminalogy.That is why so much killing is going in in Belize we are so back wards in society.There are intelligent people in Belize that you can send outside for studies in such criteria.Please move forward.

  10. muffdvr says:

    why in the world are you belizeans making such a fuss for the death of three gang members who are non-productive citizens??? as a matter of fact if they were living, they would still be collecting tax payers money. tax payers who are working and not gang banging about the place. rest in peace you three scum bags… we dont even mourn for the people they have killed. i call it fair game…

  11. Ms Concerned says:

    @Al, well said

  12. BelAm says:

    Heavenly Father, I come before you and ask for your guidance of all the citizen in my birth country Belize, Dear Father there is so much violence going on at home, I pray that you keep your wing of proctect over this country and rid Belize of the devil’s work. Oh God you are an Awesome God, you move mountain, you kept me safe from all the violence and distructions around me and I ask you in Jesus name to keep my family, my friends and just the ordinary law abiding citizen in Belize safe also, AMEN!!!! Please read Psalm 91, my Belizean people.

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