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Jan 8, 2013

Throats of 4 gang members slashed in apartment

The death toll is ticking upwards as the crime epidemic claims more lives: Eight days into the New Year – eight murders. Terror blanketed the entire City this morning, just before eight after the gruesome discovery of four bodies inside an apartment building at the corner of Dean and Plues Streets. Security forces moved into the area and the bodies of Albert Fuentes, Leonard Meyers, Anthony Perez and Keino Quallo were removed from where they lived and carted away to the K.H.M.H. morgue. Even as police cordoned off the crime scene, gunshots were fired and many persons, including the media, scurried for cover. The crime crisis plunged the entire city into panic, paralyzing the entire downtown and south side areas. Our team of reporters has been covering the horrific events, from the discovery of the lifeless bodies to the Prime Minister’s press conference this afternoon in which government’s strategy was disclosed to stymie further bloodshed following the unbelievable massacre of George Street gang members on their own turf. We start with the scene at Dean Street and Plues Street with Duane Moody.


Duane Moody, Reporting

It was a gruesome quadruple murder at the apartment complex on the upper flat of the two storey cement structure at the corner of Plues and Dean Streets in the heart of one of Belize’s hotspots. Nineteen year old Albert “Long Johns” Fuentes, twenty-eight year old Anthony “Heads” Perez, thirty-year old Leonard “Ghost” Meyers—all known George Street Gang members—and forty year old Keino Quallo, who called the complex located above Dandres Unisex Boutique home, were slaughtered during sometime on Monday night.


The discovery was made before eight this morning and police were called in. Hundreds of residents and family converged at the scene. Shocked by the news of the murders, the residents waited as the bodies were placed in the back of police pickup trucks and taken to the morgue. On the rumors that reputed member, Ghost, was killed in the massacre, the scene was volatile. There was an uproar from the multitude of onlookers when Meyers’ face was left uncovered as his body was placed in the back of the pickup.


Leonard “Ghost” Meyers

Voice of: Natasha Lewis, Relative to Leonard Meyers

“When dehn bring down my family Ghost, ih face noh even cover so dehn wah make we see how dehn do it to he. All the rest of face dehn covered, but my family Ghost he dah wah knock head and he make dehn know. Only because ah his family he slow down because ah we. My family sit down ina wah chair with wah big slice across ih neck. [Bleep] they young bwai noh [Bleep] with nobody. Dah four ah dehn dehn kill up deh yo know. Three ah dehn into gang yes, but then the next one weh see everything, they kill he too. You understand this dah lone simpleness. GSU dehn tell me when dehn gone dah station, George Street man weh noh dead gwen dah jail fi the rest of dehn life. Four ah dehn live deh. Dehn guy can’t go anywhere goh dehn live up dah the boutique weh got about eight or ten rooms up deh so. More than four ah dehn live up deh but the one weh deh really mussi gone fah never di deh and that dah why dehn gone on so crucial. Only pig yo slaughter like that.”


Duane Moody

“That dah Shiny right?”


Voice of: Natasha Lewis

“That dah Shiny but dah only because wah case the come up against the GSU but we noh worry. We noh respect nothing or nobody. Fi dehn lee money, noh even that could buy the pain of weh we deh di feel yo noh.”


Keino Quallo

The murders were carried out with precision. The residents believe security forces are responsible for the homicides.


Voice of: Resident, George Street Area

“Miss me live pan di canal side and ten to three ina di rain wah red truck stop and five man in black jump out but I neva know dah murder dehn gwen goh commit. Miss I see too much thing pan the canal side; dehn chancy mother[Bleep}. But it was my son, an officer with uniform—one weh ker the badge—woulda dead cause I mi wah dead with my child today.”


Voice of: Natasha Lewis

“We know dah GSU. Dehn pass through my ma yard di morning yo know. This happen from this morning from after two three this morning. This happen from the rain come down two-thirty, three-thirty this morning yo know because the blood pan dehn bwai still hard so this noh just happen. This happen from dah rain come down three this morning.”


Duane Moody

“We understand that it was the rain as well as all the TVs were on maybe to drown to sound of them being attacked.”


Voice of: Natasha Lewis

“That door deh, can't open soh easy. So if dah anybody come rush dehn bwai that noh wah happen. The only person dehn bwai open door fah dah police dehn. Dehn come like dehn wah kill somebody any minute any day.”


Police on the other hand refute this allegation. Just before nine a.m., Commissioner Designate, Allen Whylie, gave the media a comment on scene about the incident.


Duane Moody

Allen Whylie

“Sir it is the eighth in the New Year and the eighth murder already. It is getting worse.”


Allen Whylie, ComPol Designate

“Well you have to understand that we are out there, we have our patrols on the ground and we are trying to prevent. But there are a lot of persons with personal grievances and issues and lot of these are crimes of opportunities. We cannot stop every crime, but we have to ensure that we have the resources to quickly mobilize and to do a proper investigation and try to arrest this situation.”


Monica Bodden

“Commissioner I am sure that you may know that the residents of the area strongly believe that these crimes [murders] were committed by police officers.”


Allen Whylie

“Well we have heard that. I would not accept that statement—I would not agree with that statement because I do not believe that our officers would resort to those kinds of things. I have the fullest confidence in the police. Yes police are from the society, we have our goods and our bads, but I think that there are certain grounds that we would not step across. That may be their belief; that may be their perception—they are entitled to their opinion and I cannot change that—but I am certain that the investigation, if it is successful would dispute that belief.”


The murders of the members of one of the most feared gangs in the City have residents on the edge that retaliation will be inevitable in the days to come. One resident is of the view that the crime situation in Belize will further deteriorate.


Voice of: Resident

“I am saying there is no way no gang on the face of Belize wah come through the gaza George Street and murder for man like that. It is the police; dehn rap and then dehn massacre. And dehn have not finish yet. Remember the list weh got on the man dehn name. They are not finished Belize—it can be your innocent child. Don’t forget look the police is the gang we are up against. Murder one of the official and get satisfaction Belize.”


Duane Moody for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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66 Responses for “Throats of 4 gang members slashed in apartment”

  1. c says:

    Can you imagine the political strength should all of these young elements effectively organize and call a truce amongst themselves? Wow, that would be scary for anyone wanting to be a boss and fill their pockets at the people’s expense.

    It would also be a blessing to Belize, no much more violence. Our childrens could again walk the streets, in peace and cared for by all that observe them.

    The situation reminds me of Florida almost 30 years ago, when they tried to unionize the strippers.

    Have we already forgotten about last April?


    Hear me out plz, to Joe Lopez…. you sound like a real jackhole. you really think the police would want everyone to know that they were the ones that committed the crimes? NO ONE, NO GANG would ever dear to approach that apartment which is the GSG headquarters with just knives. if it was anyone else they would have already shot them instantly so they would hav no sort of struggle. one of the members killed was my brother and it takes me a while to get them to open that door because they are concerned. they only open that door for the police. They wanted to get shiny because they had an upcoming case with him so they would want him killed bt he was not there. it was the GSU that did it and i am 100% sure. they used knives so no one could hear them because GSU have specialized guns so if they had used guns they could have tracked the kind of gun they used then they would knw only the GSU use those guns so ofcourse they went to use knives. RIP mien. thats all i have to say. Yes u reap what you sow but they never had to leave the world like this. but it is better off for them to go cause they are safe from you stupid judgmental people n we are still on earth to face you. They are looking down on us feeling sorry for us.

  3. Loggerhead says:

    If the GSU was responsible, then why did the gang leader(s) agree to meet with the prime minister and arrange for witness protection and safe passage out of Belize City? They surely must know they are up against some thing bigger than they can handle. Are the killings tied into the shooting deaths of two hispanic men days before where one of them was mentioned in the news as in transit in Belize for work while his family was living in Mexico.

    One item I found absolutely horrifying was the video response of the GSU/Police to the bottle throwing angry mob. The bottles ended up broken on the pavement, but the police/or GSU responded with LIVE AMMUNITION. Regardless whether or not they were fired in the air, those bullets must fall and can cause grevious harm. They were scared of bottles throwers????

    Couldn’t the police have used tear gas or rubber bullets? That was truly excessive use of force against the citizens who were venting their frustrations, not to mention fear for their personal safety in a neighborhood just torn apart by torturous murders..

  4. nothing says:

    this is what we need in belize we will support the GSU for doing their job .when those gang bangers killing inocent people no one say anything.the prime minister should give the police and GSU the rights to shoot first and asked question later just like they are doing. good job GSU

  5. alex says:

    hey people you pple dnt knw dat goverment is doing dis to us of we dnt stand up for over rite we wi\ll be sa same and agwen
    we need to stp dis and if we dnt all of us we be kill to we need to change goverment knw
    belean pple plz all thous gan member need to be cougth and care den far on da sea and dash den there so nwe dnt hear frm dem any more wat u say pple??????????????????

  6. loue says:

    These guys were kill by d mexican cartel dress up as officers, drug deal gone wron

  7. NL says:

    Look all you people who think that you have ta solution of your own to these problems, stop and think for a while. If your suggestions would really work don’t you think the police would already put this into effect? I find it annoying to read the senseless finger pointing on the GOB. This problem is much more bigger that what you think, in fact to much for the average Belizean to understand. It takes allot of finance, man power and the participation of the community. I strongly believe that it was not GSU who carried out the well orchestrated massacre, but rather a international organization who sanctioned this hit. For what reason, i assume only them and the ones who carried out the hit know. These men were nothing good, and as the saying goes “You live by the sword, you die by the sword.”

  8. owteach says:

    Si tanto dicen que fue la policia que esta detras de esto pues talvez tengan ciertos motivos detras de ello. Al defender a los criminales le estamos dando priviegio y respeto a ellos lo cual el respeto no debe ser por temor sino por admiracion. En paises cercanos es una costumbre que los policias agan estas cosas ya que los criminales saben como pasar sobre la ley. No estoy diciendo que es lo que sucedio aca pero por que tanto escandalo en la muerte de criminales.

  9. concerned says:

    look i dont feel sorry for these ppl that died. i dont think it was done by the gsu. i think its their own ppl. and for the goverment to say that they have to protect the gang leaders that is totally crazy.but that is the goverment ppl elect. belize must stand up to these gang leaders and do something about it .i believe that the death penalty.

  10. FISHY says:

    i dislike wen ppl say that their son or nephew wasn’t involve in any gang member. they like defend their son n nephew, how stupid instead they shud tel d truth!! THOSE WHO AR IN GANG THEY SHOUD B PUT 2 WORK AND 2 BUILD @ LEAST SCHOOLS 4 THE CHILDREN SO THAT THEY STAY OF THE STREETS!!! SOMETHING IS WRNG HERE! THE P.M ISNT DOING ANYTHING THAT’S WHY BZE IS GETTING WORSE!!!

  11. Hatari says:

    It never amazes me how stupid and ignorant people can be. This crap about the GSU being involved is just that, CRAP! Belize City is infested with criminals and the only thing that is slowing them down from taking over the entire city is the police and BDF. These murders have all of the markings of the ZETAS. Unfortunately our security forces have neither the leadership or expertise to deal with these bad boys. The ZETAS are coming and hell is coming with them!

  12. moses EX PC says:

    I need more information. Was the apartment ransacked. Was there blood splattered. Were there other injuries to the deceased. Were there any ropes or other devices. Its inconceivable to kill 4 people without a sign of struggle or anyone hearing anything. Could they have been drugged and then had their throats slit. Was there any forced entry. Who was the last person who saw them. Have forensics tested for poison? The police are not smart enough to pull this off. Rival gang members would have had a shoot out. This was a stealth killing. My guess is that homeboy got a hold of some sea gold, made arrangements to cash it in; met some bad guys who agreed to an exchange. The deal was done, celebrated with a drink or a snort. The boys were drugged and their throats were slashed.

  13. no mercy for murderers says:

    people stop being ignorant about pointing fingers on the black citizens of our country,because no matter how black they are.they are still human.take a good look in your mirror if you have hair on your head I am pretty sure it is not white.if your dumb — was all white just imagine how you would look,plus all this ranting and ragging won’t solve the problem incase anyone haven’t notice yet.If the government had started hanging a long time ago things like this wouldn’t have happened.

  14. Jaime Guerrero-San Pedro says:


    Well all of my family including me were affiliated with the George Street so after a while we all just separated because Dean Barrow was giving the gang 500$ per gang member per week. Its a pity what has happened after all the minister is the only one looking bad. We the people know that was the work of a professional not to mention how the crime scene looked, we the people of George street live yards away so for someone to barge on them like that is only something studied.
    I’m no member i’m a regular guy from the island of San Pedro, so any comments back, ill be on line on facebook and chat. biggup to my G’s at Central Prison

  15. francisca says:

    we need justice in our country that was my cousin who is albert who was in that tragedy

  16. francisca says:

    Main unu nuh see how we sweet sweet belize d become people d become monsters

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