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Jan 8, 2013

Families believe GSU killed George Street Gangsters

All leads are being following by the police but so far, there is no established motive for the mass murder. Family members of the slain men believe the murders were state-sanctioned, a claim that has been denied by security forces. Of the four, Keino Quallo, the son of a former attorney who was gunned down years ago, once worked with troubled youths but in 2011 he was linked by the GSU to the George Street when he was busted with weed in Gales Point Manatee.  Duane Moody has the reaction from the families.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Leonard “Ghost” Meyers

The eighth murder in the first eight days of the New Year; that’s where the statistics now stand following the brutal murder of the four men—three of whom are said to be George Street Gang members.  According to cousin of Leonard “Ghost” Meyers, Natasha Lewis, who spoke with News Five off camera, Meyers had just returned to the City from Manatee Village on Monday.


Voice of: Natasha Lewis, Cousin of Meyers

“He mi deh dah manatee ma’am. In fact he noh even come up yah must. When he do come dah right yah. And the reason why he move from around yah dah fi the same reason and gone way dah Manatee; just fi live wah betta live from dehn man round here.”


Duane Moody

“And then just came in yesterday.”


Voice of: Natasha Lewis

“Just come in; just come in he and his woman. One ah my friend just gone buy water fi ahn last night. Left him the sit down ina di general room di watch TV. So dah mussi general dehn feel like dehn come and look for.”


Albert “Long Johns” Fuentes

It was a heart-wrenching sight for Marlon Yorke, the stepfather of the youngest killed in the murder, nineteen year old Albert “Long Johns” Fuentes. Yorke says that he arrived on the scene before the authorities and recounted what he saw.


Marlon Yorke, Stepfather of Albert Fuentes

“As I entered I see one body lying on his stomach, but I’m looking for my stepson. When I see him around the curve it was just a sight. The first body was covered in blood; my stepson, he laying in blood.”


Marlon Yorke

Monica Bodden

“Tell me about his injuries. What did you notice?”


Marlon Yorke

“He had scars, he had like dig outs on his face; whole throat missing. It was just a bloody scene. He was found on his back covering like he was fighting.”


Anthony “Heads” Perez

Just two houses away lived the mother of twenty-eight year Anthony “Heads” Perez. While Perez did not live at home, his mother, Vallen Perez and aunt, Lorraine Baiza, says that his life was taken innocently.


Lorraine Baiza, Aunt of Anthony Perez

“Neva get a chance to see because police dehn neva wahn make we see it, but when dehn pass with the body we could see ih face all slice up; ih hand, part of ih foot and soh.”


Lorraine Baiza

Duane Moody

“We understand it came as a should because he would normally come early in the morning and help and for some reason this time around he didn’t come at that time.”


Lorraine Baiza

“Well when the family see ih not come at that time, they were worried and thing and one young man come and tell we that four incident happen and dehn kill ahn. So all of us was left devastated and shocked.”


Duane Moody

“Miss Perez for his life to be taken so brutally. His body, I believe, was seen by your mother at the front door.”


Vallen Perez

Vallen Perez, Mother of Anthony Perez

“Well my mother gone see ahn because I neva wah see ahn. Fi me I just want to0 remember him just like he was. But it is so sad to see that a person weh noh do those kidna things fi dead along with the people dehn weh dead. It is so sad.”


The precision of the murder and the stealth in which the murder of the four was committed have left relatives to believe that the security forces were involved.


Marlon Yorke

“I’ve seen it all and you know when something is a statement and it was done by the police; yes, by the police.”


Vallen Perez

“Most of the time, dah the GSU the do the things them, but they don’t want to say that dah the GSU doing the things them you know. So we hope that they can find the people involved in it and deal with them you know.”


Monica Bodden

“The entire neighborhood strongly believes that these murders were committed by police officers. As his mother do you?”


Vallen Perez

“Well I believe that dah the GSU dehn do it.”


Duane Moody for News Five.


According to relatives, the men were harassed by police throughout the course of Monday where the back door was kicked in by members of the Gang Suppression Unit.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “Families believe GSU killed George Street Gangsters”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    If dah no so…..

  2. Matti says:

    They’ re gangsters. There will be less innocent people caught in the crossfire fire of their gangster wars.

  3. Belizejustice says:

    Kill em all, let God sort em out.

  4. good riddance says:

    Who cares who killed them. Better them than the innocent people geting caught in their war.

  5. Retired CEO says:

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country! The time has arrived!

  6. Concerned says:

    What the gangs need to realize Is that when you kill innocent people. There will be a willingness to go after the gangs from every sector of society.

    In Guatemala for example it is not unusual for businessmen to hire former kaibil special forces to deal with gangs.

    In my opinion this was not carried out by the GSU or some two bit street corner crack dealer but professionals.

  7. Belizean Pride says:

    thanks to the gsu or the gov. execution squad four gangsters less inthe city, we people are asking for death penalty but this is the best we can do so lets not mourn this scum bags but take eaze as they will start falling down like flies eventually..

    The relative lady screaming harassing the police and threatening to kill a police shouldn’t she be arrested for doing son on live news? just watching the news and listening to this lady screaming, my question is where is the self respect where is the dignity of this people. bet she wouldn’t react like this if his “ghost”family as she says would killed some other person or if he did we didn’t hear her screaming like this knocking her chest. this people really are so low in life self esteem. they feel proud of what they are “scums”of society”
    overall i’m happy to morons less and some more to go please keep killing them secretly now, not as this time it was too raw.

  8. twosweetinez says:

    Let these crimals know that we’rewe’re done talking.

  9. Bear says:

    @Belizean Pride, I think you hit on a good point — many of them seem actually proud to be the “scum of society” as you put it, the worst of the worst. Depraved.

  10. LIVITY says:


  11. ceo says:

    If cops killed them it would be cops that are as crooked as they are!

  12. Al says:

    These families are living in such denial, they cry and beat their chest on how good and kind their family member is and defend the to the death, I believe even if they saw them standing over a body with a gun in their hands they would have some excuse, maybe, like oh it was self defense.

    There is a saying if you, lie with dogs you wake up with flees. These four layed down together in cirme, they shared in the results. These four were together for a reason, the one guy from manatee could have come to town for protection among his homies. This was not a police hit this is an organized hit, watch the news and see what is going on across the border in Guatemala and Mexico, same manner of dealing with the enemy.

    Families only want to see the best in their members, so they overlook the bad behavours that is right before them. Until parents take responsibility of being objective in talking to their loved ones about the wrong they are doing, we will continue to see these young people going bad with no one to yank them back to the right path.
    Please people, change your childrens path, be firm and lead them right, don’t cover things up, let us bring Belize back to the beautiful place it was and can be again.

  13. Seletar says:

    Good words, Al.

  14. Feedback says:

    We live in the age of globalization, yet small minded people fail to see beyond their borders.
    Do the research: This MO smells like the ZETAS.

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