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Jan 8, 2013

B.D.F. ready if necessary. So is Police Department

John Saldivar

Superintendent Alden Dawson has just been promoted to the Head of the Eastern Division. He has hit the ground running and says his team is checking all leads and cameras in the area will be checked for evidence regarding the murders. He pledged to return to the scene following today’s press conference.  Dawson shared the podium with the outgoing Commandant of the B.D.F. Dario Tapia and Minister of National Security John Saldivar.


John Saldivar, Minister of National Security

“This morning, my C.E.O. and General Tapia was to visit Pine Ridge to see the progress that is being made on the corrective training facility that is being stood up there as part of our new effort to deal with the crime situation. On Monday, the Attorney, Misses Hawke, is scheduled to take over the prosecution branch and on the first of February, the retiring commission of police is scheduled to take over the Forensic Science Service. These are all part of what we had planned in our effort to bring crime under control.”


Alden Dawson

Supt. Alden Dawson, Head of Eastern Division

“Keino Quallo, forty years; Leonard Meyers, thirty years; Albert Fuentes, nineteen years; and Anthony Perez. So far the investigation has revealed that these bodies had received several stab wounds as well as each body had cut wounds to their throats. At this time the investigation is undergoing and the motive for this killing is not ascertained as yet.”


Dario Tapia

Dario Tapia, Commandant, B.D.F.

“Since I got the call this morning, I deployed a number of additional troops to Belize City to compliment what we already had in support of the police. I think the situation demanded that we do that and we will continue to support the police in that regard with the additional troops until we are able to satisfy the Belizean people that the situation in Belize City is contained and under control. If needs be, then if the troops are not enough, we always can resort to the use of the volunteer element of the force once the ministry is in agreement to request a proclamation of the use of the volunteers. But I think that with the troops that we currently have and what we have put in place during the padding that we did this morning, I think that the situation is under control.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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10 Responses for “B.D.F. ready if necessary. So is Police Department”

  1. Storm says:

    Good job so far. More uniforms on the street is welcomed.

  2. Lucas says:

    General, why not bring in the Volunteers and keep the Regulars patrolling the border. It seems that it is more important to control George street criminals than protecting the Sanctity of our border.

  3. Rod says:

    They have been saying this same rubbish or years now and over 1000 people are dead when will you people wake up and send this pm and his gov. Packing kick them out and save your lives or the lives of your family members before it is too late shut down all business until this corrupt pm and gov. Resigns or kick them out you can’t look like a duck and be a horse guan judas guan.

  4. egghead says:

    I wish we could bring back Keith Hamilton, Charlie Good and That man that used to work at the theatre with that whip in his hand….I just can’t remember his name.

  5. Retired CEO says:

    @ egghead, the name is Cassanova aka Kassa. With all that has been said and done, it is clear that we have one incompetent PM and a bunch of bufoons masquerading under the guise of leadership. Where in the World have you ever heard about a PM meeting with gang members and whisking them off to safety. This kind of protection was never given/done for witnessess who were murdered or disappeared during a criminal trial in court. Law enforcement officers and the BDF must take a stand, take control of the streets by a display of force. Clear the streets, show these individuals who is incharge, let them understnad that they can only run their mouth, not the streets, City, or Nation of Belize. Install marshall law if necessary. Enough is enough.

  6. Start to Think P.M says:

    Over the pass two years several operation have been held in the BELIZE CITY to suppress the crimes and gangs. However, the Minister(P.M) and other heads of departments for law enforcement (police commissioner) are aware of the face and location of these gang leaders! so why should GOB provide a set salary for these baffones? imagine, i guess i should quit my job and become a gang member,….look at the benefit 1. Stay home and think about how to best sell my drugs. 2. target who to eliminate. 3. get high all day and expect a salary apart from my drug money!GETTING PAID NOT TO KILL….SWEET!!!If a Soldier kill someone by justifiable means….court and jail is right around the corner. These gangs arr being protected for their crimes…where is the Solution??? Try to invest into the law enforcement of the country for once P.M.
    You can never expect to deter crimes if you support the gangs and show your subordinates that you they have power over their superior!! EXACTLY WHAT BARROW IS DOING!!!!

  7. gorge says:

    its not the street that soldiers are to man its our border let the police deal with those !@#$ taking place caz there is alot of work for soldiers @ the border.more Belizean dropping while more n more guatemalans destroying our protected areas but yet the PM no d see that.i would want he (PM) go on a week patrol n see whats taking place in our jungle.mek de bad kill up one another and hang the murderers thats the only way this killing will stop too much lawyers now beating the murder cases which is total bs if da u kill then face the consequences and you should be HANG!

  8. Rocket says:

    @ Retired CEO. How clearly does the Belizean people understands Martial Law? That is a very serious situation guys. but yes i totally agree with a Matial Law being implemented for a period of time so that the Military can restore the Country back to its normality.

  9. Seletar says:

    @Gorge, you have a good point. The Guat invasion is relentless, it goes on all day, every day. But it only makes headlines when there is some incident.

    Securing the City is important, so is securing the border. I really believe government should train up and equip law-abiding citizen volunteers to patrol BOTH areas. I’m sure there are thousands of us who would volunteer time to protect our nation, because by doing that we also protect the future for our families.

  10. angrybird says:

    John Saldivafr is an expert in economics, superbond, education, roads, construction….the man da expert. but he mi quiet at the press conference.

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