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Jan 2, 2013

Woman stabbed multiple times and survives

As the year closed, a man shot and killed his common-law and then took his life. That was on Sunday night in Punta Gorda. In the west on New Year’s Day, a mother of two was similarly attacked by her ex, but luckily she survived the vicious stabbing in which at least nine wounds were inflicted on her. This afternoon she relived the ordeal and from her hospital bed that she said she lived in a hellish relationship for years. Julissa Flores told News Five’s Delahnie Bain that she pleaded for her life.


Delahnie Bain, Reporting

Twenty-five year old Julissa Flores is in critical but stable condition at the Western Regional Hospital after being violently attacked and stabbed on New Year’s Day. She barely survived the incident, which she relived from her hospital bed today.


Julissa Flores, Stabbing Victim

“He come yesterday bout round ten, ten-thirty and I di go towards my room when I si ah with a knife. I hurry run but I can’t reach, can’t reach to my friend house. I ask ah—dehn call ah Pil, dat dah ih nickname—Pil, I tell ah, please noh do me nothing; think bout di baby. ih noh think bout ih daughter. I mi think dis dah wah dream dat I di pass through but den I realize dis dah noh wah dream, dis dah real thing weh I pass.  Me noh know how I reach dah hospital da San Ignacio. My friends—I done mi di go but fi some reason God want me yah. First thing when I reach right yah dah Belmopan, I faint weh and everything but in my mind I ask God fi mek ih give mi life fi daughter weh one year and one month and fi mi son, eight years, Oscar Danny Velasquez.”


Julissa Flores

Flores was stabbed a total of nine times and the culprit is her ex-common-law husband and the father of her one year old daughter, thirty-one year old Alvin Puc.


Julissa Flores

“I hope this person noh come out ah Hattieville because I know if ih come out, ih wah want do me something else. I hope police see what I di pass through. I got nine stab, nearly mi can’t mek it. I got pan mi neck, pan mi face, pan mi back, pan mi leg, pan mi stomach like wah cross. Big operation miss, big thing. I want di law do something mek dehn si mi what all I di pass through eena dis bed weh I barely could feel my body sake ah so much stab I got. Di biggest one, I have one right yah pan mi nek, bigger dan di one pan mi stomach. Doctor seh you lucky he neva touch your things [organs] inside.”


But even before, Tuesday’s attack, Flores says her relationship with Puc was an abusive one and that she took out a restraining order against him after they separated because of constant harassment and threats.


Julissa Flores

“I always fraid fi he sake ah he mi used to beat me, cuss me, treat me worse dan a dog until one day one ah my friend tell me lef ah, dat dah noh good life weh you di ker. Ih seh you got where you can stay, you got food—noh rich food but you still wah got di beans and tortilla. So I seh I wah come out from this life, I noh want this life no more; two years I di pass through that. One day he tell one ah my friend that ih wah kill ah; ih wah kill me and she. I gone dah court dah San Ignacio and give my statement if something happen to me, he responsible for it. Fu he sista mi use to watch how he use to beat and ih use to tell me Julissa lef dah man, fi what you want dah man? And dat dah ih own sista. Ih seh dat dah noh life weh you di ker and ih mi use to advice and one day I tek fi she advice fi lef ah. So many ladies pass all ah dis sake ah dehn fraid fi di man but I di tell di women mek dehn noh continue wid dis life because dis life dah noh nothing good. Dis life, no lady noh want it, me, I noh want dis life.”


According to Flores, Puc told her why he wanted her dead before inflicting the stab wounds.


Julissa Flores

“He seh he want kill me sake ah jealous but from when I send he dah Hattieville, two months ih gone, me not even got one man, not one. I could tell he front ah ih face I noh want no man. I noh want no man mek dehn give me di life I use to got? I prefer stay single, mind mi daughter and when I could, ker money fi mi son cause I only babysit and dat dah it. I noh want nothing with he again.  Man like that, they shouldn’t think fi tek he out from Hattieville, ih should stay dah back deh and rotten mek ih feel what I di feel. Dat dah noh nothing when dehn deh back deh; dehn live, dehn eat and dis and dat but what I di pass through, this dah noh nothing good. I neva mi wah wish fi no lady pass through this weh I di pass. I noh wish no lady fi pass what I di pass through, cause dis dah hard thing, I di tell you miss.”


Flores’ baby girl is in the care of a friend while she recovers. Delahnie Bain for News Five.


Puc tried to escape but was stopped in his tracks by two of Flores’ friends, who held him until police arrived. He is expected to be charged with Attempted Murder. Flores says that while she once feared him, she will not be afraid to testify against him when the case goes to court.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “Woman stabbed multiple times and survives”

  1. Storm says:

    I hope the victim recovers well, and she stands strong in court against the sicko. Life in prison is not too much for him.

  2. Storm says:

    I hope the victim recovers well, and she stands strong in court against the sicko. Life in prison is not too much for him.

    Many thanks for the friends who captured the criminal, too. That’s a great example to start the New Year. Let’s all work together to fight crime this year, it can make a difference.

  3. Rod says:

    Hang him high

  4. Belizean Pride says:

    This is a yr that all victims of domestic abuse make a stand against it, how long will they take to realize it, lets love our sisters, daughters and mothers that suffer this kind of abuse. I a man but never in the world will I leave or accept a man treat my female family like this, so to all families please help you ones in abusive relationships, some stay because of fear but let’s make a stand against this enough is enough.

  5. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    You all right!!!
    Let us stand for the ladies, defend them, we all came from woman, they have full rights to live a better life than the days of slavery !!!
    Some men think that a companion is a toy or a slave, none at all.
    God gave Adam a wife and Adam was so happy. God did not give Adam a slave nor a toy nor a dog, God gave Adam a sweet beautiful wife that Adam loved so much !!!!

  6. irmz says:

    Really what are men becoming..more worse than savages..are hey not seeing what they are doing..they are becoming mre sick than idk what..hope the victim recovers.

  7. Bel Can says:

    Channel 5, please, please have one of your shows do a special report on Abuse. Please highlight what services are available to those victims and their abusers. Lets shine a light on the issues of abuse in Belize that is so bright no one gets lost in the dark corners. There are many forms of abuse affecting people in the Jewel, no one should have to suffer and fear for their life. Collectively we can make a difference.

  8. Al says:

    There is a sickness in Belize among the men, they have to control a woman and do it with beatings, which ends in murder. What kind of relationship is built on fear and control. Is there no program to put men into when a woman file an order of protection.
    Women stop havging babies for these men as soon as you hook up with them. Respect yourself and make them respect you. Once a man thinks you give sex easy, they believe you will do the same with every other man. Women start respecting yoursleves.

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