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Dec 20, 2012

British National pleads guilty to abusing Belizean child

David Taylor

Accused pedophile, David Taylor, was transported from Placencia to the Dangriga court this morning to face charges of a sexual nature. Taylor was busted this week just as he was preparing to leave the peninsula. In his house, police found computers and hard drives containing pornographic material involving young boys from Belize as well as from countries such as Afghanistan and India. This morning, he was unrepresented in court when he was charged for complaints made by a thirteen year old minor for unnatural sex, but Police suspect there are other boys involved. News Five’s Duane Moody reports about the surprising turn of events in the court today.


Duane Moody, Reporting

After ten this morning, accused pedophile, forty year old David Richard Taylor arrived at the Dangriga Magistrate’s Court where he was slapped with three offences—two counts of Aggravated Assault of an Indecent Nature and one count of Unnatural Crime—upon a thirteen year old minor of Placencia. The incidents occurred on March and August of this year where in court it was revealed that Taylor had carnal intercourse with the minor on the first occasion. Taylor initially pleaded guilty to the assault charges, but an unequivocal not guilty plea was entered by Magistrate Ed Usher who presided over the matter. For the unnatural crime, no plea was taken and that matter will be heard in the Supreme Court.


Insp. Mark Flowers, O.C. Placencia Police

“The charges were laid against David Taylor for two counts of aggravated assault of an indecent nature and he initially pled guilty. I, like the Magistrate, agree that he might not understand the gravity of the offences and these charges carry stiff prison sentence. It is the purview of the Magistrate that he is not fully understanding of the charges and therefore an unequivocal plea of not guilty was entered. The other charge of the unnatural crime was adjourned because that was an indictable matter. So that was adjourned until February twelve at which time the magistrate will hear the evidence or conduct the hearing for the charges of aggravated assault.”


After eleven the unrepresented Taylor existed the Court in cuffs and was transported in the pan of the police pickup.


Duane Moody

“Mister Taylor, you initially pled guilty to the aggravated assault charges. Sit did you do this?”


David Richard Taylor, Accused Pedophile

“I have no comment at this stage, thank you.”


Duane Moody

“Sir there are saying that you had several pictures on hard drives, etc; that you were in compromising position with these young boys. Anything of that sort?”


David Richard Taylor

“No comment at this stage.”


Daniel Ortiz

“Sir you pled guilty to these charges though. Why?”


Mark Flowers

And he was whisked away to the Central Prison where he is on remand until February twelfth, 2013 when he is to re-appear in Court. According to Officer Commanding the Placencia Police, the charges are with respect to only one complainant.


Daniel Ortiz, Channel 7

“If I understand the charges properly in court, it was in connection with one persons specifically that he was charged with all three of those offences.”


Insp. Mark Flowers

“That’s correct. That is one complainant. We are in the process of recording statements from other people. This is now Christmas break from school and some of the complainants are not readily available. So as soon as we are done with those other complainants, we will be doing what we have to do.”


Duane Moody

“These incidents went way back as March of this year. During that time span of nine months, there are other persons that may have been victims of this alleged perpetrator.”


Insp. Mark Flowers

“We are hoping that parents who have knowledge that their children may have been a victim would come forward and be assured that the police will do what we need to do in terms of exacting justice for their children. We will conduct investigations and until there is satisfactory resolution to all the evidence of what we have and we consider evidence and it is properly examined. Until that time, we will not relent with this investigation. This is serious to warrant the police’s full continued process. If there are other people involved, certainly once we have proof we will be digging them out.”


Duane Moody for News Five.


Taylor, who says he is a business consultant, lived in the peninsula since 2005 where the crimes were allegedly committed over a period of time.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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16 Responses for “British National pleads guilty to abusing Belizean child”

  1. Gone fishing says:

    Tables turned, him servicing the youngest inmates whims to humiliate, fullfill sick desires, and extract payback.

    He will be a popular party favor at prison U. as fresh meat to toss around.
    They are going to warm up to him, not being Belizean messing with Belizean kids.

  2. Storm says:

    I’m feeling some confidence in this particular investigation. If convicted, the pervert deserves the harshest justice — there is no cure for his depravity, and the boys of the Jewel must be protected.

  3. Truth says:

    feed him to the crocodiles….let them have him for free. no additional maintain required. We need to keep our kids safe from these pests..

  4. Southern says:

    Is he also being charged for child pornography? “He was charge in respect to one complainant”. I hope more charges are levied against him when this is done.

  5. gaz says:

    hang him by the …..

  6. henry says:

    string him up.

  7. lflo says:

    Unfortunately, there are predators like these that roam the under developed countries of the world preying on young boys and girls. They can get away with it because of the lack-luster laws of these countries regarding foreigners.The same holds true for so called professionals..Doctors/Nurses and others entering the country unchecked.There should be an office created directly and under the supervision of the Prime Minister that would be responsible to screen (back groung check) of foreigners applying for work and residency through Interpol and the FBI of the USA before granting work permits and residency.These scums of the earth need to be identified and deported or incarcerated.

  8. ceo says:

    So how much will his fine be for this crime? $500 (BZ) and 6 months in prison?

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    Let’s keep this case alive

  10. Hi5 says:

    Some how he looked like Bert Vasquez. They can pass for brothers. Lol

  11. concerned says:

    While I agree strongly that background checks are desperately needed, I suggest that need is not just for immigrants.

    I don’t know David Taylor personally but know members of the community who do know him very well and it seems Taylor is dual citizen (British and Belize) with British military father and Belizean mother. I suggest we need background checks and character references for anyone working in a position of trust for children: ie. teachers, ministers, missionaries etc. We have to do more protect our children.

    Also, while it seems Placencia Police are handling the investigation very well, laws to prosecute Taylor and others committing similar crimes are possibly not clear or stringent enough.

  12. Concerned Belizean says:

    Belize needs to stop turning a blind eye to foreigners or ExPats who are breaking all the laws with impunity. The elected officials are displaying their weakness when it pertains to Foreign Nationals and/or ExPats that live or work in the country. This is very disturbing and will eventually lead to Belizeans being disenfranchised and becoming Second Class Citizen in their own country.

    A prime example is the recent fiasco regarding John MacAfee (the software billionaire). He was wanted for the questioning in the murder of his next door neighbor, and the SPINELESS Police Department could not even arrest him. They claimed he was hiding in his home. Since when does that stop a lawful investigation? All they needed was search warrant from the Judge. It seems money can persuade anyone and circumvent any laws. The World was watching as this debacle unfolded, eventually resulting in McAfee escaping to Guatemala and subsequently back in the USA. This really made our Country look like it was run by buffoons and tells everyone you can go to Belize and do as you like without consequences.

    I am a Belizean who is retired abroad and was deciding to return back to Belize to live. But I am so disappointed with those elected by the Belizeans to lead, guide, provide for and protect them that I’m having serious doubts. Shame on all those responsible for allowing these atrocities to happen!
    Belizeans, I call on you to stand up and take back your country or watch it be pillaged and raped and then left for the John Crow bird to feast on.

    For a wake-up call please read the book: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

  13. Sickos Galore says:

    Reported Sex Crimes Within Past Couple Months in Belize

    DECEMBER — LEE HENKIS: 43 year old man raped 9 year old boy
    DECEMBER — WINSTON DENNISON: 55 year old man, guilty of 3 counts of carnal knowledge with 14 year old girl
    NOVEMBER — JULIO CESAR GARCIA: 46 year old had sex with 11 year old girl in the church

  14. KristinE says:

    Thing is, this scum bag was accused of doing the same thing about 3 years ago but nobody believed. Very sad. Only the harshest punishment for him. There are pictures of him with these children. That should be proof enough. I hope he is tortured over and over before having a horrible death. It’s so easy for people to come into Belize and just reside. Immigration comes around and harasses the Hondurans & Guatemalans doing hard work here. What about harassing the Americans, Canadians & Europeans? BTB makes it so easy for foreigners to come to Belize and live on a ridiculous retirement program, which needs a serious evaluation. Enough of any children being abused. Forget the law. We don’t need to waste any time on these monsters with a court case. They don’t deserve one. Where was the law when our children needed protection?

  15. Concerned says:

    I am a member of the placencia community, and I am as shocked as a lot of others are here. Seeing this guy around so many times, riding his mountain bike with his dog trailing behind him. Never having a clue that he was doing this. I can’t believe that the punishment for each count is 3 years. Judicial system is screwed up. I just hope he gets the proper punishment.

  16. sam says:

    is there any update on this story? What happened to this case?

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