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Dec 20, 2012

Headi Chable talks about the loss of her newborn

Headi Chable

For months, we have been reporting on an unusually high number of women who allege that they left the Northern Regional Hospital in worse condition than when they were admitted. Among the allegations are the deaths of at least three babies due to medical negligence. The Medical Council has called for the removal of the obstetric gynecologist, but as far as we know the Nicaraguan doctor, Geovannia Orozco continues to practice at the hospital. News Five’s Delahnie Bain headed north and spoke to a grieving Headi Chable.


Delahnie Bain, Reporting

Pain can be clearly seen in the eyes of San Jose resident, Haedi Chable, the most recent mother to lose her child after giving birth at the Northern Regional Hospital. Haedi had a complication-free pregnancy, but said she spent hours in pain at the hospital waiting to deliver her baby.


Headi Chable, Mother of Deceased Baby

“I went to the hospital on Friday at around three o’clock in the morning. I still wasn’t having strong pains so they attended to me and placed in a bed. Later on, the strong pain came and they came back to the room but I was there for about four hours I think and I could feel that my baby would be born but they said they wouldn’t let me force it. Eventually the nurse said, yes the baby is ready to be born and she took me to another room.”


Juanito Chable

Juanito Chable, Father of Deceased Baby

“When I went like about ten o’clock, the hour for visits, I get inside and spoke with my wife and wife told me that she already had the pain more bigger. I tell she you know what, like by twelve o’clock you will have the baby. This was going to be the third baby. I went outside and I came home to see my two little girls then like about twelve I went and made sister come back. But when I get inside, my sister tell me your gal was just taken into emergency mek dehn operate pan she.”


Chable and her husband, Juanito, say it wasn’t until around two o’clock in the afternoon that she was taken to the delivery room.


Headi Chable

“They told me push miss, push. And I was there fighting to get my baby out, but time passed and he wasn’t born and so the doctor said we had to do a C-section. I went for the c-section, but first they made me sign a paper to have the c-section. So I signed it and I went. After taking out the baby, they had to take out my womb as well. They told me that the baby wasn’t born well. Because he didn’t cry they would take him to Belize City. They took him to Belize City and I never saw my baby; they didn’t show him to me.”


Juanito Chable

“I went inside and I see my lee bwai and the doctor was pushing a thing inside the lee baby mouth because they tell me di baby noh di breath all that and they push di machine inside the baby mouth. Then di doctor tell me you know what you have to sign a paper mek dehn take di baby to Belize.”


Juanito accompanied the baby to Belize City where he received the bad news that his son was not expected to survive and by Saturday morning, he passed away.


Juanito Chable

“The doctor tell me, you know what the baby’s head noh have sufficient air. Den I feel bad, den I think why di baby will born with damage like dehn mash di lee head off ah di baby. For me, di lady was being born and dehn push di lee head again inside the mom because di doctor tell me di baby too big.”


Headi Chable

“I am sad. I feel like crying but they tell me not to cry but what I can do? I can’t do anything because he’s gone; he’s in the hands of God. He will do justice. My baby was going to be born normal but it’s because they made me push that caused this.”


Juanito Chable

“She feel bad, until now, she feel bad, bad, bad what di happen. Really, right now I feel like to cry and everything but I have to be strong because I have two little girls and I have to be strong with them and even with my wife.”


Delahnie Bain

“How old are the two little girls?”


Juanito Chable

“One is three, one is two. They’re my two little girls.”


Delahnie Bain

“So this would have been your first son.”


Juanito Chable

“Yeah, my first son, my lee right hand. When my pa saw him in the Belize City Hospital, he start to cry.”


Apart from losing their only son, the Chable’s also have to give up on plans to have more children since Headi’s womb was removed.


Headi Chable

“Until after they took me out of the operating room and put in another room there and they told me they removed my womb. But they didn’t tell me they were going to do that. They told me that they removed it because it was damaged and they could not stop the bleeding. They told me they had to remove it because if they left it, I could have died.”


Juanito Chable

“For me, the doctor damaged the womb and den ih have to tek it out because di blood was coming out; lots of blood was coming out. They have to take it out. But I lef it so. When the baby dead like about Saturday, six-thirty in the morning. I call my pa and my pa come out with the vehicle fi mek I take di baby to San Jose. The Minister noh do nothing after this, the same thing will happen with the next gial and di next gial and babies will dead, dead, dead, dead and we still will not do nothing? Right now the minister will have to do something about this because you know how much people di suffer right now? Not only me.”


Delahnie Bain for News Five.


According to Juanito, they were also receiving mixed messages throughout the ordeal. First they were told the child was born with brain damage and then that it was a different baby. Next, they were told that only a part of Headi’s womb was removed

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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4 Responses for “Headi Chable talks about the loss of her newborn”

  1. Storm says:

    Butchery, simple butchery.

    Perhaps Min. Marin and Dr. Allen seem to be able to accept continued slaughter of babies, but the people cannot. Every civic organization in Orange Walk, and every women’s group in the country should be protesting to close the Northern Regional Slaughterhouse.

    Who is responsible for keeping doctor Orozco in practice after the Medical Council called for her removal? AND WHY?

    It’s homicide, and some high officials are abetting the homicide. We need a criminal investigation at this point.

  2. Al says:

    Has anyone check this doctor’s background thoroughly. He sounds like he could be practicing medicine without the proper learning. He sounds like a butcher, check this guy out please.

  3. Fu Gawd Sake says:

    It is Christmas, soon the Prime Minister and his colleagues will come out with Christmas messages, what blatant hypocrisy, they have the power to remove this Butcher/doctor. how callous and cold and insensitive can the Minister of Health be to see every week mothers loosing their babies and he does nothing. the CEO the Prime Minister, and all the womens groups, NOPCA, NCFC, WIN, why so silent on these atrocities, you can’t all beleive that it is normal for a baby to die in Orange Walk Hospital every week. why don’t stand up for these poor women. we can forget all the politics, babies are still dead, mothers are permanently damaged, in numbers far above the normal, that is now a plain fact and NOTHING is being done. my heart goes out to these poor families, they need to organize themselves and fight for better health services, it is after all, a basic human right.

  4. the eye says:

    the Dr. will never be removed, she is the new sweetheart of the minister…..believe it or not.

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