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Dec 19, 2012

British national long trail of abuse of children documented

David Taylor

A British national has been charged and will be arraigned for sexually abusing minors and for possession of sexual material. David Taylor has lived in the Placencia Peninsula since 2005; his suspicious behavior gave way to a search at his house that turned up a treasure trove of pictures and videos of him and minors in compromising sexual positions. At this stage of the investigation, the young boys have been traced to countries such as Afghanistan, India and at least four are from Belize and police suspect it may be part of an international ring. Thirty-seven year old Taylor was today initially charged with one count of Aggravated Assault of an Indecent Nature and Possession of Pornographic Material and it is likely that additional charges will be levied on him.  According to information to News Five, Taylor was a bartender at the Purple Space Monkey until 2010 and later privately tutored several youths in the community. The police were tipped off weeks ago of the alleged sexual abuse which prompted the surveillance of his property. Several minors were seen frequenting his house and on the strength of a warrant, the police searched his house and confiscated several electronic devices including hard drives and computers. Further inspection of the devices by the I.T. Unit at the Police Headquarters in Belmopan, confirmed the suspicions of child pornography. Contained therein were images and videos of the local and foreign minors; some performing sexual acts on him. Inspector Mark Flowers says that there may be other alleged pedophiles in the area.


Insp. Mark Flowers, O.C., Placencia Police

“There is a case that we are in fact investigating and it has to be with perceived sexual and indecent assault on children. That is in fact ongoing; the investigation is not yet completed. Some charges will be levied against this individual today. He will be making an appearance in the Court tomorrow morning.  Without divulging anything and still telling you what we did is we did in fact conduct at operation at his residence and on the strength of a warrant we conducted a search on his house for electronic devices: his computers, cell phones, flash drives, external hard drives—all the hard drives that he had and software that we suspected that he could have been placing these indecencies on. And we brought it to the police headquarters, the police information technology unit; that were able to examine the contents of the hard drives and confirm our suspicious. We had suspected something was wrong so to confirm those suspicious, we had to check it out. Of course he knew what we were doing all along.”


Duane Moody

“I understand that he was trying to pack up; to leave when he was apprehended. Tell us about what gave it away that something was going on with him because if I am not mistaken, it was some weeks before that the police was tipped off that he was conducting these indecent activities with these young boys.”


Insp. Mark Flowers

Mark Flowers

“I have to hand it to you gentleman, yo bad. The truth is that police were in fact on this case some time ago. We were in fact doing an investigation and yes we heard that he was packing up and leaving and so we had to pick him up on Monday. There is no way we would have allowed him to escape, without being brought to court, not for this kind of thing. These are children and the most precious resource we have in Belize is our children. So it is without a doubt that we had to do something. Certainly he will be charged with the aggravated assault of an indecent nature on the children; that is the first charge that is without a doubt. And then we will look at what the Director of Public Prosecution directs.”


Duane Moody

“How long does the police suspect that this had been going on?”


Insp. Mark Flowers

“We have no idea how long it has been going on. I know it came to our knowledge two weeks ago and since then we have acted affirmatively and we have treated that information very confidentially and it afforded us the opportunity to do surveillance and the remainder of the investigation.  I need to look at his immigration documents and his status; I want to know if he is a permanent resident or on a work permit. I am certain he is not just vacationing. He has a residence and I understand that he has been working at different areas. I need to know if he has a work permit or if he has been working illegally. I need to look at that and as well invite the immigration department to look at that and as well to invite the immigration department to take a look at a lot of these people out on that peninsula who are out there working and I suspect without proper documents. I’m unable to confirm that right now, but I will ask immigration to come in and take a closer scrutiny. And keep an eye open for the others because I am certain he is not the only perpetrator down there.”


Taylor is to appear in the Dangriga Magistrate’s Court on Thursday for arraignment. Some time ago, thirty-five grams of cannabis were found at Taylor’s house. He was charged for the possession for which he pled guilty and was fined. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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16 Responses for “British national long trail of abuse of children documented”

  1. Storm says:

    Bravo to the police for conducting what sounds like a first-rate investigation, worthy of any professional police department. Inspector Flowers is living up to his reputation.

    I hope every technicality of law is followed, so that there is no chance this pervert will escape Belizean justice. If other perpetrators in the Jewel are identified in the case, I hope thety will also face justice before they can run.

    And no bail for this foreigner, he is a certainty to run if released!

    Now, will parliament PLEASE enact a law to castrate convicted pedophiles and rapists? Is there just ONE representative bold enough to take a step to protect us from sexual predators?

  2. Louisville,Ky says:

    I must applaud the efforts of Inspector Flowers and the Placencia Police formation for doing a splendid job in the investigation and subsequent arrest of this child molester.
    I feel good about a conviction in this case as the Inspector was quite eloquent in providing a detailed summary of the proceedures that led to the arrest.
    Having it handed to them on a silver platter, It would be a whole lotta shame and confusion if prosecution branch screw this one up.
    But, stranger things have been known to happen in Belize. So………

  3. Joe says:

    There are missing children in Belize, maybe this pervert and his friends can shed some light on their disappearence?

  4. Jose says:

    Really. How can one call recordings/video of man abusing minors (compromising positions) a treasure trove?

  5. Truth says:


  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    This idiot resemble Bert Vasquez got that real pedophile looks,where is Celeb Orosco to fight for these kids rights?

  7. Belizean says:

    Minor Detail: His mother is Belizean.

  8. Firebrand says:

    A society should be a reflection of its government. A government is the people. The world is looking at us as a bunch of ignorant people sitting on beautiful land that we do not deserve, like Muslims in the middle east and native americans in the past. We were brainwashed to look at whites as superior, but all they bring is mental sickness through their sick acts, videos, lifestyle etc. And we in Belize, with no true national character fall for everything foreign. Our kids have been failed eve since Belizeans started running awa from Belize. Some with white british soldiers, some to u.s etc. But what makes Belizeans want to leave? Let’s rethink our national policies.We cannot trust White People. Ask anyone on 196,945,000 sq miles of earth

  9. mustard stand says:

    The Laws of Belize need to be changed and come in gear with other countries for charges like this against children. And, remember, the are local perps also, it is just not foreigners, there are Belizean pedophiles also, every country has them, sad, but true. and yes, he Mother was Belizean and she now deceased. This is a sad, sick, thing.

  10. Nimbo says:

    it will be too much of a loss if it does.

    I applaud the officers involved – professional and thorough investigation without any loop holes and we should be able to get a conviction.


    Not too long ago it was the demented John McAfee on a killing spree, and now another sick ……. has committed yet another disturbing act on international grounds.

    The profile of a child molester is sometimes hard to configure, but this monster fits the profile of a Caucasian pedophile without a doubt.

    Just like Samantha, these victims are products of poverty.

    The sick ……. first gained his victims trust, involved himself with children – at church, school, homework, private lessons. This way he can molest without sounding the alarm.

    His punishment should be death by stoning.

    Yes. Stoning to death should become a legal form of punishment in Belize for anyone guilty of these disturbing crimes against our children.

  12. Bounty hunter says:

    contact interpol and Americas Most wanted, maybe they have him on a list. scum of the earth!

  13. Storm says:

    Speaking of unspeakable perverts, what is happening with Bert Vasquez’s case?

    Justice delayed is justice denied.

  14. Joe says:

    The way to deal with individuals who commit such class of crimes should receive “Josef Mengele”

  15. HC says:

    I believe that all resort should be visited by immigration because I strongly believe that there are many people that are working without a work permit and majority of these workers are not Belizeans.Regarding this sick ……. just hang him or lock him up forever he is so digusting, heartless and nasty.

  16. Dave says:

    You welcome homosexuality into your land and this is what results.

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