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Dec 19, 2012

Paul Faber crashed Ministry vehicle and removed plates

Paul Faber

Police have finally released information regarding the driver of a vehicle assigned to the Ministry of Trade and Industry that crashed over the weekend at the corner of Faber’s Road and George Price Highway. The police are confirming that the driver of the Isuzu pick-up is Paul Faber, the brother of the Minister of Education. Faber is employed at the ministry and was traveling to Belize City, allegedly at a high speed, when he lost control of the vehicle and overturned at about four o’clock on Saturday morning. There were other passengers in the government vehicle. At the time of the accident, Faber was reportedly not on duty and had left a ministry function at about seven o’clock on Friday evening. The vehicle was totally damaged when it overturned. Reporting for the first time on the incident, the police say Faber is facing charges of drove motor vehicle without being the holder of a Belize driver’s license, failure to provide specimen and drove motor vehicle without due care and attention. Witnesses report that empty beer cans and bottles were strewn in the area of the accident and that the vehicle license plate was quickly removed after it crashed.

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17 Responses for “Paul Faber crashed Ministry vehicle and removed plates”

  1. Eye in the Sky says:

    Just give the man a new Prado and be happy he is making Belize a better place. LOL
    Soon the education minister will be the deputy pm or maybe even the pm and he can send his drunken brother to the United Nations to represent Belize at its best. LOL

    The only reason the police have filed charges is because there were witnesses with cell phone cameras. GOOD but he will still get away free in court and with a new ride and pay raise.

  2. Storm says:

    Fire the criminal and put him in jail!

    I believe I’ve finally been persuaded that Rod has been right all along, PM Barrow leads an exceedingly corrupt regime, and it deserves to be brought down. This case is just another of thousands of examples of abuse of power, big and small, that characterize the Barrow government. It’s hard to find any ranking member of the government that is not obviously corrupt, incompetent, or both.

    And PM Barrow just smirks at us when the incompetence and corruption are displayed for all to see. Certainly he will NEVER lift a finger to end the criminality, so he condones it.

  3. it's just that simple says:

    Hey that is our kind of government employee; buy him and his buds some Buds-wise-r.
    crony, nepotism, drunk, no license, clueless, brother the next PM; good photo!

    keep track of the plates and the unopened beer, they have value.

    “drove motor vehicle without being the holder of a Belize driver’s license”
    how do you work for the government, have access to a government vehicle, and not have a license???? What brainless fool in government gave him the keys?

    This government worker needs the hezbollah connect, to fix that drivers license problem, retroactive and make it go away.

    Belize governemnt, the joke that keeps on giving and taking.

  4. Belizean says:

    What an example!! At 4 in the morning? Quite obvious

  5. NoNo says:

    we all know he will walk off and not be charged. And our tax dollars has to buy a new vehicle which some piece of shit totald… And Corruption continues…………….

  6. Belizean Pride says:

    and will this idiot pay back the vehicle after he destroy it? only those charges doesn’t add up to the amount that we tax payers will pay for a new one. ‘The person in charge of that gov. vehicle should also be charge for letting a fool like him drive with out license, worst drunk.

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    what’s so !@#$%^ up about this is that the tax -payers dollars is going to be used to buy another vehicle.

  8. UDP says:

    dah soh we do it, we run tings now!

  9. MadDOG says:


  10. epic says:

    Charge him for the vehicle, fire him as well along with the administration. They are all guilty.

  11. watch says:

    Your move Patrick Faber. So you want to be high ranking in the UDP, show us how you can be a real leader and deal with this situation. I wait with interest.

  12. Al says:

    Why are low level employees allowd to drive governmenat vehicles for personal use, especially for party purpose. It is only the grace of God no one was killed. This guy should be made to pay for the vehicle and answer to more charges, sorry, his brother got it covered, my bad. I have seen how gevernment employees treat the vehicles, not to mention how fast they drive, and they look at you like you have a problem.
    This government is an absolute joke, when will the people stand up and say no more.

  13. Belizean Pride says:


    WHAT A PITY, you seem to have no pride, seems you enjoy all the foolishness that your gov is doing. have some pride don’t lower yourself to the level of the scums.

  14. Nimbo says:

    Corruption is a nasty disease- it comes from the top to the smallest man. Typical of this government.

  15. James says:

    That,s why this country is in a mess. All some people care about is “running things”, and a big show of power and money, arrogance and aloofness. They forget what it is to manage a country. That’s why they almost got kicked out, after winning so big! Let them enjoy it..for nothing lasts forever..

  16. Tinkerbell says:

    They are all the same starting from Minister Vega who is the root. With convention for post of deputy right around the bend this favors him. He must be happy!

  17. Corozal says:

    You want to see CORRUPTION ?????

    Come to Corozal and see what the Corozal crowd gets away with. Corruption and victimization to the max.

    Corozal is the forgotten planet and all the politicians and their cronies get away with murder and no one notices or cares.

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