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Dec 11, 2012

McAfee to be released and will return to the U.S.

John McAfee

Businessman John McAfee still sits in cell at a detention center in Guatemala City where he continues to fight constitutional challenges to avoid deportation to Belize. He told various media outlets that he expects to be released today and deported to the United States very soon. Late this evening McAfee’s lawyer, Telesforo Guerra received a verbal notice that McAfee, the antivirus guru, would be released from the detention center.  Life in the immigration detention center has been busy over the past few days for McAfee who was hospitalized for questionable chest pains. He has also severed his ties with Vice Magazine, which has been chronicling his life on the run. McAfee, who once spoke highly of Vice, now blames the magazine for intentionally broadcasting the metadata in an Iphone Photo that contained location services. When the photo hit the internet, it was clear that McAfee was in Rio Dulce, Guatemala, which incidentally is a haven for criminals on the run. McAfee continues to blog from the detention center, he even uploaded an internet video of himself talking about his desire to return to the U.S. Here’s a small portion of what he said.


John McAfee

“I’ve never had a long term plan. I simply would like to live comfortably day by day, fish, swim; enjoy my declining years. And my long term plan is simply get away from Belize, get some time, think and then decide what to do. Have I considered returning to the U.S.? Absolutely; that is my only hope now. It is clear in the past few weeks since I have started my blog that I cannot ever return to Belize. The issues that I am discussing are hurting the government; they are hurting tourism—tourism accounts for over seventy percent of all the employment in Belize. The government was mad at me before; they are seriously mad at me now. There is no hope for my life if I am to ever return to Belize. Do I still intend to return to Belize? I just answered that I think. I don’t think I can unless there is a change in government and a serious decline in corruption. Have I been in contact with the U.S. Embassy? Absolutely, a number of times and they have been here. Unfortunately, the embassy is powerless to interfere within the laws of other countries.”


During his detention, McAfee also sold the movie rights to his life story. So fans are only guessing who would play McAfee in his life, likely Hollywood contenders include Gary Busey, Charlie Sheen and Nicholas Cage.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “McAfee to be released and will return to the U.S.”

  1. Storm says:

    Why were our police unable to make any progress in the investigation of Mr. Faull’s murder? If we had a warrant for McAfee, he would be heading this way to answer for the crime, instead of to the States where I believe McAfee will take the story of Faull’s murder to his grave.

    Again, John Saldivar, this failure stops at your desk.

  2. Rio Resident says:

    “it was clear that McAfee was in Rio Dulce, Guatemala, which incidentally is a haven for criminals on the run. ”

    Being an ex-pat living in Rio Dulce for nearly 6 years…and definitely not a criminal on the run…I find this statement offensive to all the wonderful people, international and indigenous, who live here. Unsubstantiated remarks such as this can contribute to detrimental effects on tourism in the area. I wonder what information you have to support this outlandish claim??!!

  3. cayo bway says:

    really like to see how this one plays owt. wonder what the reaction of the fbi/sheriff or interpol would handle. clearly mc cafee is running away from something and just finding lame excuse to not wanting to come back to Belize. he probably not gotten his med (heroin) when talking bull.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    @Storm i agree with your statement,why wasn’t a warrant put out for Mcafee’s arrest that’s common sense.If i as a Belizean Citizen was a suspect in a murder case i can gurantee that i would have being incarcerated.It’s called double standard but that’s the norm in the Jewel if you’re from the affluent community you’re above the Constitution of Belize shame on our Judicial System.The world is going to continue looking at us as a big joke.Ask Shyne if he had time to blog or access to the internet when he was held by NYPD for the shooting that he was accused of committing in Ny.

  5. Seletar says:

    Here’s a question I’d like someone to answer: it has been reported that McAfee disappeared BEFORE Faull’s body was found. How would that happen, except that McAfee was the first to know because he is the killer?

    I rest my case.

  6. Elena says:

    Very Very Happy to hear that we won’t have him in Belize anymore! Please don’t come back to our beautiful country! Take your drug addicted self far away and good riddance!!!


    guys i really believe now that common sense is not certainly common this days. out of all the comments, it is only people with empty minds and nothing in thier heads with the exception of rio resident. when we talk especiaslly commenting about something we need to analyze things the proper way, otherwise your comments is worthless.

  8. Charlie Sheen says:

    Gary Busey is Winning!

  9. OriginalWoman says:

    Really Seletar, just where did you get your information from??? John McAfee himself said, he recieved a phone call saying the police and gsu were coming to arrest him for Mr. Fauls’ murder and when he saw them coming, he hid right on his property. If the police have something on him, why did they not charge him with a crime??? He cannot be taken in with a warrant, when he has not been formally accused of any wrong doing. So far, all we hear is that he (John McAfee) is a person of interest, wanted for questioning and the man is on the run!! He is too scared to even come in with an attorney and speak to authorities, and I believe he has much reason to fear for his life after making the Belize authorities look so foolish in their investigation and exposing the corruption that exists on the high and low level. Most of you all know the level of corruption that exists in Belize, yet most of you make comments that appear to be the contrary. The murders occur daily. Most people affected are the “have-nots.” The “haves” pretend that the “bubble” they live in is their entitlement and that they are safer, and not affected. One day they the “haves” will pay, for deliberatley putting on blinders and egnoring the injustices brought on their fellow Belizeans, especially the “have-nots.” Unu sound so snobbish, judgemental and ignorant. Stop pretending and face the truth head on!!! The world now have a clearer picture of what is going on in our beoved country. Belize has caught up to the “modern world.” It has all the smell and taste of corruption. I believe it is the price many nations face, when they decide to “keep up with the rest of the world!!!!”"”

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