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Dec 3, 2012

McAfee briefly comes out of hiding

John McAfee

John McAfee has brought more publicity to Belize than any individual has in recent years. The founder of the antivirus company that bears his name allegedly lost most of his hundred million U.S. dollar fortune during a Wall Street stock market plunge. But since the police department has indicated that he is wanted for questioning following the murder of his neighbor Greg Faull, McAfee has gone into hiding. McAfee has launched his own blog to which he regularly updates his life on the run and his fear of being killed by the police. He has written about wearing disguises and dyeing his hair. McAfee has also once posted that he no longer wishes to speak to the local media, and has given several phone interviews to international news outlets. Last Friday, CNN made the distinction of the only media house to conduct a face to face interview with McAfee since he went into hiding.  In appreciation of Channel Five’s recent efforts in working with CNN, a Special Projects Producer has shared a portion of the McAfee interview with News Five.



McAfee now blogs that he is no longer in Belize, but that he will be back to continue his fight.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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17 Responses for “McAfee briefly comes out of hiding”

  1. Storm says:

    I don’t know where this maniac is, and I almost don’t care — but if he murdered Mr. Faull, he should be tried, convicted, and hanged here.

    Maybe he can hide in Slovakia, where mafioso Mello proved we have no extradition treaty. I guess he’d be safe there, or in Lebanon with Hezbollah.

    McAfee’s become a tragic tale, a man to whom much was given, and who now has squandered it for nothing. He could have been a contender.

  2. gerald underwood says:

    you go mcafee you the man lol good job

  3. Cimarron says:

    Mcafee YOU ARE A GENIUS!

  4. Retired CEO says:

    McAfee is not crazy or on drugs he has simply exposed an evil corrupted system that exisits in Belize for many years. One that has been wreaking chaos and injustice on many nameless, faceless populace of Belize without mercy.

  5. Avid Reader says:

    The more the media gives this man attention, the more he will continue in his crazy world. He is caught up in a dangerous world and I can only predict that he will eventually end up dead.

  6. b.Jones says:

    Retired CEO…Are you serious ? What has this weir do exposed, other than that fact that he is not a stable person? McAfee’s problem is that he underestimated the people of Belize. He assumed that he could have made Belize his Oyster by getting into the political game and as bad luck has it, his friends / political connects lost the election. Now he wants to cry bias bc he can no longer treat Belize like a prostitute and must follow the laws of the land like every ‘regular’ citizen.

    I wonder if he has his underage girlfriend with him. Another reason why he loves Belize so, find a less fortunate family in a 3rd world country, give them a few dollars and in return they give you their minor daughter.
    If McAfee wants to expose something, ask him to expose the immoral acts him an other well-off foreigners love commit in 3rd world countries, Acts which would be prosecuted in developed contries

  7. b.Jones says:

    He’s a dirty old man


    From John McFee, I apologize for all of the misdirections and false accusations about Belize over the past few weeks. It was not easy to exit Belize and required many supporters in many countries to help me escape from Belize. I am in Guatemala…………… catch me if you can.

    John McFee is a coward and a cold blooded murderer, we are in the process of setting up an award for his capture, …………

  9. Uncle Benji says:

    @RETIRED CEO. Quite often, I give Cruffy-Americans hell. Your mind set is atypical of how messed up Belizean Cruffy becomes, once they are in America.

    Do yourself a favor. Reread your post. Can you see how pathetic your Cruffy American mentality is? How can you say such assinine things like “McAfee is not crazy or on drugs”?

    McAfee is a pathetic circus in dire need of mental stability. He is a self admitted drug junkie. He is a news media whore and today, he is on the run. It is just a matter of time, McAfee will be arrested and charged with murder.

    Salvage your dignity. Do not belittle Belize or Belizeans because of your white man’s adoration. Pathetic.

  10. A belizean says:

    Storm, Uncle Benji, clearly you have not bothered to read the blog or anything else. Typical Belizean Cruffy minds you both have. Guess thats the reason you are living in Belize in the first place. Why would a man give a million dollar boat to the Coast Guard and other supplies? What McAfee is doing can only be described as SUPERB and what no other Belizean has ever tried to do because of the same mentality you both have. He is clearly exposing the corrupt government and giving them chance to come clean with what they are doing with him. Imagine a 67 year old man on the run. Yes he has a young girlfriend and many others, hey we are living in a new age. Both storm and Uncle Benji are probably big UDP supporters guess your proud we have a Gang Suppression Unit right? Well you guys are clearly pathetic.

  11. joe says:

    leave this crazy son of a B. alone. All you r doing is making a sick son of a B feel important. Let the U S catch him and execute him or either put him on a altar. Who the hell cares?

  12. OriginalWoman says:

    I agree with you Retired CEO!!!

  13. anti viral says:

    mc afee your the virus and GSU is your anti virus. lol

  14. b.Jones says:

    @ A Belizean, Imagine a 67 year old man sleeping/living with a 14-15 year old child & then be proud of it once the child turn 16. Imagine that sir.

    If you are a preditor to children and 3rd world shortcomings you have no right to speak on corruption. You are a criminal and immoral human.

    And if a country has laws / rules regarding science and drug development, he is also subjected to those laws. His money is not a free pass to do what ever he wants in a foreign country, even if the country is poor on not sophisticated

  15. Uncle Benji says:

    Here’s a little gift to all you McAfee lovers.

    Saturday night, I had nothing to do. I got together with another hacker and we crippled McAfee’s blog. We brought the site down. Prior to bringng it down, we populated it with 238 posts spreading the word that McAfee had been shot. We brought back reporter Robert Taylor (he use to work for Belize Times) from the dead, and Mr. Taylor was reporting live from KHMH.

    Idiots that idolized McAfee ran with the news that he had been shot. This time it was just Uncle Benji’s playing with your pisshead minds.

    McAfee thinks he is smart, but as we speak, there are hackers out there tracking the idiot. Guess what? Some of those hackers are Belizeans. Watcha goin do, when they come for you McAfee.

    Tidbit to delight you fools: Sunday morning, McAfee was tracked down to a little fishing village north of San Pedro where he was purchasing prepaid phone cards. That idiot will be arrested and charged for murder. Time baby. Time.

  16. Storm says:

    Actually, @Belizean, I support neither UDP nor PUP. I believe they are both institutionally corrupt at the core and have pillaged our national treasury and other resources and condemned my children to poverty, virtual slavery.

    I am in favor of starting over, and enacting harsh laws to punish corrupt officials of all kinds, so they die in prison and have their property confiscated wherever it can be found in the world.

    Yes, Belize has terrible corruption problems in almost every department — for example, SSB money is used like the personal ATM for officials and their cronies, immigration sells passports to terrorists on a “rush” basis, military grenades and weapons end up in the hands of gangsters, law enforcement help land and unload drug planes, the national account books don’t balance, and the DPM treats our land like a pinata for his family. That’s why we are now called a failed state in the Caribbean press.

    I HATE ALL THAT. But McAfee doesn’t address those core corruption issues, he just doesn’t want to answer questions about his neighbor’s murder, and whatever he says about the Jewel now is motivated by trying to save his own skin.

    Personally, I pray for a “People Power” revolution led by churches, civic groups, and students, in the way that has been successful elsewhere — a Belize Spring, if you will. Hopefully it would be followed by a new and better constitution, and new, honest, visionary, and patriotic leadership.

    Got that straight?

  17. McAfee Belam fan says:

    he is definitely not a crazed drugged-out psycho. cruffy just no like no white man to say Belize !@#$%^. when we know dah soh. everything about politician and police corruption is true! can you deny it? we hear it on the news everyday. Hizbullah with belize passport, prisoners suddenly die of asphyxia in police custody. Arhur accidentally get 5 shot in his chest.Ooops !McAfee unlike any rich man in Belize wants nothing from the government, he wanted to live his wierd eccentric life,(sex bath salts and yoga),( are bath salts illegal in Belize?) without being bothered, but his troubles started when he refused to donate to the ruling political party. Go John Go!

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