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Nov 30, 2012

Coastguard Says it was not a part of McAfee house raid

John Borland

We reported on Thursday night that John McAfee, the anti-virus founder who is hiding from police, had claimed on his blog that his San Pedro property had been raided by the Gang Suppression (GSU) and the Belize Coast Guard. The GSU and police denied that a search was carried out and today News Five found out about the claims of Coast Guard involvement.


Rear Admiral John Borland, Commandant, Belize Coast Guard

“We have not been involved in any raids at McAfee’s property. We are a part of a joint security force that is operating in northern Ambergris Caye which includes the area where McAfee resides. A lot of operations are taking place in the area but mainly these are land based operations. We would take the lead if it’s a threat to maritime security. At this time, we don’t see McAfee posing that threat to maritime security so all our involvement to date is acting in a supporting role to whatever the police is doing in that area of responsibility.”


News Five has since received confirmation that a raid was in fact carried out at McAfee’s property, but it was done by the Belize Special Assignment Group (BSAG) of police. In related news, while McAfee has been in hiding, several of his associates have been arrested on firearm charges. One of them, British national William Mulligan, was granted bail of eight thousand dollars in the Supreme Court today. Mulligan’s wife, Syriana, was also remanded but she was previously released on bail since she is nursing a baby.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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6 Responses for “Coastguard Says it was not a part of McAfee house raid”

  1. Uncle Benji says:

    Belize Police needs to put an end to this McAfee circus. Seize his bank accounts, properties, kill whatever dogs are left, and patrol the area between Northern San Pedro and Mexico where this drug junkie is hanging out with his little Mayan slut.

    McAfee in hiding reads Channel 5 News and these blogs which allows him to measure Belizean sentiments (his words – not mine).

    Forget that he invented crappy software that even Grandma Benji can hack; treat the @$$hole the way he deserves to be treated like a case of mental herpes. Sick, pathological, drug junkie and attention seeker. Shoot him on sight. Arrest him for murder. Tell the world, the slug removed from the dead American’s brain, and the slugs removed from the dead dogs came from the same gun.

  2. OriginalWoman says:

    Wow, first the news media claimed the property was not raided. They got this info. from a police press officer. Now the story is, there was a raid. I am cannot believe the lengths people will go to cover up the evil and corruption taking place in Belize. I am encoraging channel five and all Belizeans, who have not done so to read Mr. McAfee s blog. He is exposing corruption in Belize and making the authorities look bad. The world has eyes on Belize. The exposure needs to come to light. I do believe he is being set up by the police, gsu and the GOB. Listen to the recorded tapesfor yourselves. The man is well prepared for something he saw,coming his way. He loves Belize and has friends in Belize, in and outside the government who are keeping him informed about the lengths these corrupt people are going to shut him up. I feel saddened at the state of affairs in Belize. From our Prime Minister down, nothing but corruption and wickedness in high,andlow places!!!! I use to be one of the first to defend Mr. Barrow. My thoughts are changing because I smell a rat!!!! Open up your ears,and eyes my fellow Belizeans, everything is not as they appear. And, the news media has a resposibility to shed light and investigate the truth! I believe the Belize Times realize this, I hope channel does the same. You all are,my favorite media house inBelize. Please do the right thing even if it is unpopular, right now!!!!

  3. mc says:

    Omg, Belizeans, please! Your government is literary !@**ing your @$$#$, but You still keep supporting them. I lived in this country for a while, you have good people living in your country, but GOVERNMENT! Only man who should stand in a front of trial is Barrow!!!

    All what I saw in this country is corruption starting from that sick ……… You guys are fighting with old entrepreneur, but on the same time – drugs, crime, poor people on the streets starts from Barrow… you guys are killing each other… start thinking with your heads!

    This stupid war with Mcaffe is nothing more than just taking attention away from important things! Please, dont be fools.

  4. KKK says:

    To Uncle Benji<

    Mayan slut, remeber you idiot, I do ot know your race,m but what ever you are , ….., asian, or spansih, you are the intouder to this land.
    Mayan are original inhabitans, my advice to the mayan,….. Uncle Benji on sight, do not allow him to humiliat your race by calling your girls a Mayan slut.

  5. Friend of Belize says:

    First they came for the downtrodden and weak in Belize, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not poor or weak.

    Then they came for the activists who wish to make Belize better, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not an activist .

    Then they came for the Expat residents of Belize, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not an Expat.

    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

  6. jj says:

    Uncle Benji sounds like a wacko lunatic. And obviously DONT live in Belize or know a dam thing about the place if he can actually sit with a straight face and think john mcafee is guilty of any thing. Other then exposing the corruption that is so blatant and ramped in Belize. OR hes a corrupt belizian official. that have vested interest in spreading these baseless unfounded lies about john that hold no merit whats so ever and anyone that has 1/2 a brain and a few free mins can do there own research to see john has been telling the truth for over a year now and the corrupt officials in Belize keep getting caught lyeing about the entire mcafee thing. Yet out side of some misdirection meant to throw these after him off his tail. Not a SINGLE! thing john has ever said about his ordeal or the plight of others in belize has ever turned out to untrue. So right there that Gives JOHN much more valid credibility then the goverment of Belize. Being they are the one ones that have been and still are lyeing about any thing at all. One cant forget JOHN has leveled these accusations BEFORE his trouble with the law. also the goverment KNOWS for a fact that john does not and has not being involved in ANY type of illegal drug activity in belize cause they raided his house on a tip from a guy that was butt hurt that john fired him. But the police tossed johns ENTIRE property and not only never found a dam thing illegal they never even found a trace of residue of any illegal substance and BELIEVE ME if they had they would be letting the entire world know about it and would of also had grounds to charge him and would not of had to let him go. Like they did after he was NOT FOUND NOT TO OF DONE A GOD DAM! THING ILLEGAL OR WRONG. Same as this murder of his neighbor the police not only say hes not wanted for it hes not even a suspect and said even if he was hes NOT THERE MAIN suspect. Yet by there very admission hes not wanted for any ones murder sort of proves the raid on his house WAS carried out OUTSIDE the scope of the law. Or else they would of and could of gotten a warrant and would not of had to even lie about the raid in the first place. If it was all on the up and up (which it obviously WAS NOT) they would of got a warrant and went there all legal and proper. Like how its done when some thing shady is not going on. like is done in most civilized non corrupt places on earth.

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