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Nov 30, 2012

Child molester gets eight years in prison

Lee Henkis

In court news, Lee Henkis, the forty-three year old man who was convicted on November twenty-first of Committing an Unnatural Crime reappeared for sentencing today. Since Henkis was unrepresented, Justice Troadio Gonzalez heard mitigation pleas from his childhood friend, Gale Banner, who told the court that they grew up together and she remembers the good side of him.  She further told the court that Henkis has a two week old baby boy, whom she hopes he will get to spend time with in the near future. While he considered that this is Henkis’ second conviction for molesting a young boy, Judge Gonzalez did not impose the maximum sentence of ten years since the last conviction, which involved an eight year old boy, was ten years ago. Instead, he sentenced Henkis to eight years in prison, effective November twenty-first when he was found guilty. During the one week trial, the nine year old victim testified that Henkis had promised him a phone and when he went to get it, he was stripped and sodomized. He also claimed that Henkis took a video recording of him naked before giving him his clothes and the promised cell phone.

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12 Responses for “Child molester gets eight years in prison”

  1. Storm says:

    Neither this pervert nor any other can be cured or rehabilitated to the point that they are not dangerous. We seriously need to amend the law to require castration after conviction.

    If that had happened to Henkis after he raped the first child, then this second victim would not have been raped.

    I’d be just as happy to hang the molester.


  2. Kendra says:

    Michael Jackson in Belize!!

  3. lflo says:

    Why only 8 years for his 3 rd offence? This sorry specimen of a man should be retained for life.Put him among others that would give him a dose of his own medicine.Better yet castrate the *&^%$

  4. LA says:

    He desire to be lock up for life! Nasty self!!

  5. Rod says:

    They should a mi heng he

  6. issues says:

    This is his second time and he only gets 8 years? If he had gotten a long and proper sentencing the first time there would be one child less victimized in this world. I find the Belize legal system and how much time one gets for different crimes very unusual. One poor girl got 5 years for selling a lee bit of weed to support her family “WTF”. A crime in which no child was hurt. I would think that a proper sentence for stealing a child’s innocents should be in around 25 years for the first offense! and locked down for life if there is a second one. Belize will always be a safe haven for child molesters as the legal system is not concerned about children. Maybe the tourist board should sell Belize as a child molester friendly place to go?

  7. pieces says:

    That parent should also be sentence to take some parenting classes, parents please explain to your child that a man promised him/her a cell phone means that he/she will probably have to do something for that man………….. and what have we been doing as a society to prove to an eight year old that having a phone is the IN THING………

  8. Buju says:

    I agree this sentence it too lienent but if i understand it correct the maximum sentence is only 10 years.
    We need to look at the legislation about repeat offenders! You will hear in the news the same people names being called over and over for the same crime.
    Lets make Belize a safer place and start taking a hard look at these repeat offenders and set it up in a way that if you are convicted twice we dont see you again or if you are charged with more than 2 offences in one year than bail is not granted.

    There are still good respectable people in Belize and we need to protect them! We all can do more.

    For me i dont care what anybody says if i see a crime in progress i will be the first to report it and i am training my kids to be the same way.
    For too long we have been looking the other way when things are happening now they are out of control.
    I urge my fellow Belizeans let’s utilize the Crime Stoppers and report any suspicious activity!

  9. deedee says:

    This piece of $#!% of a human being is the prime example of why the laws of Belize needs to be revisited. This is the second time that this low life has been charge with molesting a young boy, had he been dealt with properly the first time, there wouldn’t have been a second victim. That Gale Banner should be ashamed of herself, who ever she is….got some nerves to stand up in court & speak of the “good side of him”. This maniac has ruin 2 lives, lets hope things change drastically before there is a 3,4,5 when he’s release back into society.

  10. Buju says:

    @ deedee
    Why would you attack Gale Banner?

    She has a right to say what she did! Even the worse person in the world still has someone behind him/her who loves them just like you love you family.

    This fella did something terribly wrong and i would love to see him face the fullest extent of the law. If he was to get hurt in jail i know most of us would not shed a tear but attacking a person for saying the little good they know about someone is uncalled for.

    Just my 2 cents

  11. ceo says:


  12. deedee says:

    @Buju…I’m not attacking Gale Banner, her actions by standing up in court & speaking for a known child molester/paedophile/rapist says a lot. Individuals such as Lee Henkis CANNOT be help, being that they are childhood friends i’m assuming she knew of his prior conviction for the same crime which he was incarcerated for…im sure there was a good side to him back then right??? This scum is a repeated offender, a child rapist at that, does this person think of those boys that were raped by him, do they think of the physical & emotional damage/pain henkis has brought upon them????? As you said she has a right to say what she did……..well so am I & I will say it again its a damm crying shame that someone will speak “good” things for a known rapist like henkis, I will never understand the mindset of those who associate themselves with people (like henkis) who dare to harm children.

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