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Nov 29, 2012

Who raided McAfee’s property today?

John McAfee

John McAfee, the anti-virus founder, has faded from the media headlines in recent days, but he continues to blog about life in hiding and in Belize on a whole. In his most recent posting, McAfee claims that the Gang Suppression Unit and the Coast Guard raided his property in San Pedro just before eleven o’clock this morning. According to McAfee, cameras, computers and police gear that he intended to donate were among items valued at around four hundred thousand dollars that were confiscated in the raid. He says that the raid lasted three hours as the GSU combed through each of his buildings. McAfee rants that it was the eight search at his compound since he went into hiding and he believes that items are being planted during the searches. He went as far as to accuse the GSU of changing the password for his yahoo email. But both the police press officer and the head of the GSU say that there was no search at McAfee’s property and that in fact, the unit was not even in San Pedro today.


In an added note, McAfee alleges that his girlfriend’s father has been arrested and threatened with a taser while his housekeeper was locked in her house and terrorized. McAfee went into hiding soon after the murder on November eleventh of his neighbor Gregory Faull, who was found dead inside his house. McAfee is wanted for questioning but there are no other suspects in this murder.

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37 Responses for “Who raided McAfee’s property today?”

  1. Joe McGuire says:


  2. Storm says:

    I wonder whether McAfee in his paranoia gave communications equipment to the police and held some back deliberately, so he could listen in on their operations? My bet is that, since he knows how to fight hacking, he also knows how to commit it.

    I wish he would be arrested or his corpse would wash up on a beach, so this stupid drama will end. He’s doing a lot of harm to the Jewel in the eyes of the world now.

    And Mr. Faull deserves to be avenged.

  3. Feedy says:

    From the USA you Belize people are liars and garbage people-we are boycotting your tourist industry and will bring it to its knees- you will be sorry you have messed with our friend McAfe!


    John McAfee is the most dangerous man in Belize,

    And the only virus he is spreading these days is his vile taste for Belize.

    His donation to the police department was an attempt to corrupt the police so that he could freely produce meth, exploit young women, and commit murder whenever he wanted.

    I fully support the law enforcement to “curb the negative aspect of the human animal starting with John McAfee.

  5. Belizean says:

    What a sick pig!!! McAfee please just stop yo fool!! If youre a real man, I challenge you to come out of your stinking nest and hand yourself in..As it is, youre the silliest stupid kid out there!!

  6. Jessica Bernard says:

    What can I do to help John Mcafee? He does not know me, but I have been some what in touch with him through his blog. He is basically a 70 year old man who is scared, malnourished and living outside in the elements.

  7. Uncle Benji says:

    McAfee is a sick man….. mentally. This turd has a blog out there on the Net on which he allows people to post if you view things his way; but if you criticize him, question him or you are pro Belize, your post gets removed. I was able to post on his blog by spoofing my IP address, but after he saw it was from “Uncle Benji” he removed my anti McAfee posts.

    His behaviour speaks loud and clear…….. he knows a lot about the murder, and that is why he is running.

    How could someone as intelligent and rich as McAfee was self destruct? Too much bath salts up his …. (his words – not mine).

  8. Buju says:

    Any and all bank accounts this fool has in Belize should be siezed until further notice.

    He is trying to manipulate us. …………???

    He wants Belizeans to get mad and burn his house down to make him get back in the spotlight

    I have a neighbour who is always cursing and making noise and i totally ignore him and carry on as if no one was there.

    One day i didn’t go to work and he made absoultely no noise from 8:00 – 12:00 but during the lunch break when he figured that someone was watching or listening he started.

    McAfee reminds me of this person – he only wants attention and I for one dont have time to waste so i pay him NO MIND!

    Mcafee who??????????

  9. Darrel says:

    Nobody even uses his antivirus software anyway!!!

  10. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why is the GOB giving Mcafee special priviledge is he above the laws of the land?Had it being a Belizean Citizen wanted in the US,the Police Department would have already found him or her and would have already been extradited to the US.Stop the double standard Belize.

  11. OriginalWoman says:

    I usually like and agree with your comments Buju, but not this time. I believe the police and gsu are setting him up. Funny how sooooo many murders go unsolved in Belize, and the suspects often face a judge and jury then are set free. I do not like to hear about the corruption in Belize, but it exists even more than I ever imagine. Mr. McCafee is exposing this corruption for the world to see. It is negative press but I believe it is true. If the government think they can capture him, but cannot do the same for fellow Belizeans who murder almost on a daily basis. What does that say about our government???? This is another sad blow for Belize but, we need to face the truth, especially when it stinks!!!! The man is making the authorities in Belize look stupid and it seems they are bent on making him pay, no matter what it cost. I wish they would place such emphasis on curbing crime and changing the laws, to keep the REAL MURDERS IN JAIL. I read the Prime Minister s reply about McCafee s accusations. But I have never, ever read his comments on his intentions to decrease crime. Then he has meetings with gang leaders, never in my life have I seen any leader sit down and bargain with hard core criminals. But ours does!!! I am praying for Belize. Unbelievable, sad to see how fasr Belize is going to the dumps!!!

  12. Jose says:

    trust me ikf this guy would have been living in the south,he an his home would have been burnt down…we are very lovely and friendly people but when bad incidents affect thier area they deal with need for authority involvement….thats wat i know about the people in the south..

  13. crazy belieze says:

    This is insanity. in the end Belize and it’s people will look a fool. get over yourselves and your craziness. if you scare away the tourists you will be left with nothing weather you like it or not

  14. Diego says:

    For those who are covering this history from multiple sources, it’s very clear that a raid did occur in fact. The channel has the responsibility to check the facts and not only the official statements.

  15. Belizean says:

    @FEEDY, Well guess what? We dont want …. tourists like McAffee here. Bring us to our knees, no problem, we dont need such crap characters as this man!!!

  16. Phil says:

    Check mcafee blog and you will found some proofs of the raid on his house. Corruption is everywhere in Belize and you cannot blame Mcafee for all the crimes here.

  17. czloutspoken.elpasotx says:

    GSU should set up a checkpoint as you leave czl santa elena border, we allow local people can even pass 2 milk yet customs ministers and indians pass what ever they want…infact you go by well know store in freezone u can see ministers packing goodies and passing it contraban..even a well know guy who was once the indian chairman of khmh being in investigated by check wikileaks…thats why barrow keep him out no good for nothing pis of $#!%…but he feels power since gave money to the vegas…thanks God my pm smater than that…….

  18. Speak the things says:

    I totally agree with OriginalWoman! Mr. McAfee is exposing the GOB corruption and how they use the police department to carry out their dirty works especially the GSU! McAfee knows that if he turns in his self the police will charge for murder, when they can’t even prove that he did it! The police always does this when they want certain people put of the picture for some years! They will charge a person for murder, cause they know that the person will not get bail, and then their case does not come up for at least 2 to 3 yrs time! That really unfair and down right chancy in my eyes (if you an innocent person) That aspect of the laws really need to change! If I was in McAfee shoes i would be doing the same thing!

  19. Jerry says:

    And the world continues to laugh at this backwater country full of corruption.

  20. Elgin Martinez says:

    Only in Belize can Mcafee do this bs ,In Guatemala he would have being “DEAD”.

  21. Elgin Martinez says:

    @Feedy Belize has being in existence before tourism came on board and you all are not God.

  22. Speak the things says:

    I totally agree with OriginalWoman! Mr. McAfee is exposing the GOB corruption and how they use the police department to carry out their dirty works especially the GSU! McAfee knows that if he turns in his self the police will charge for murder, when they can’t even prove that he did it! The police always does this when they want certain people out of the picture for some years! They will charge a person for murder, cause they know that the person will not get bail, and then their case does not come up for at least 2 to 3 yrs time! That’s really unfair and down right chancy in my eyes (if you are an innocent person) That aspect of the laws really need to change! If I was in McAfee shoes i would be doing the same thing!

  23. Ed says:

    Read the Blog and listen to the taped conversations…they are not BS…you can hear the truth in the tone of the people being taped…they are after John and will stop at nothing..corruption is rampant there as it is in many and most 3rd world counties…To judge is to be judged…give the man his space to try and change a country and remain free to live out his life…the Truth ALWAYS comes out…if he is guilty, he will and should pay…if he is innocent, he should be allowed to prove that in a fair venue…I choose to believe he is innocent until proven guilty…BTW, unflattering posts are all over the Blog…so to say he filters them is most probably inaccurate…Sam knows the truth and my belief is that he was guilty, she would not remain with him because if he is guilty, the money is all gone…she could be living in his home right now in comfort…she chooses to stand by her man…think about it!

  24. Uncle Benji says:

    Today on this blog, we have lots of fools ranting and supporting McAfee. But first things first. Who are the fools?

    Reread your post. How can you support or even believe McAfee? The man is pathological. You fools are the type of people, he feeds on……. idiots.

    It is a sad day in Belize when I see so many fools idolize a drug junkie. This is a man that pushes bath salts …………satisfaction. Lord, please hear my prayer. Please tell me why you punish Belize in such a fashion? Why lord, why?

  25. SPmQQse says:

    go john go…you do what you gatta to deal with those thieving murderous belize police /gsu.
    with out any doubt ..i say the police are the most criminal element in belize… and certainly in san pedro…!!
    after 20+ yrs …san pedro being my home…. i can say.. why would a tourist come to such a corrupt place
    for’s home…
    a home i dont trust anymore
    a home i miss

    i blame the gob…who continue to allow the foriegners to rape and pillage the riches of belize …while the belizean people struggle in poverty and crime.

  26. Jason says:

    Mcafee says “this is bogus”, according to his blog??

  27. OUTSPOKEN! says:

    I hope this drug addicted, sick animal ends being killed & forgotten…who the !**% does John McAfee & his “supporters” think he is…NO BELIZEAN or anyone of “Foreign origin” could come to America & get away with th !@#$ this @$$hole gets away with in Belize. He is NOT above the law & his money does not make any more special that the ordinary criminal that he is…..!**% MCAFEE!!!

  28. alley cat says:

    Popcorn and pepsi, too bad someone lost their life…

  29. john mcafee says:

    I would just like to say that i have lied to the belizean people and have taken all of you for the fools that you all are. you all can go @#$% yourselves cause i am no longer in Belize.

  30. Phil says:

    News Five has since received confirmation that a raid was in fact carried out at McAfee’s property, but it was done by the Belize Special Assignment Group (BSAG) of police. In related news, while McAfee has been in hiding, several of his associates have been arrested on firearm charges. One of them, British national William Mulligan, was granted bail of eight thousand dollars in the Supreme Court today. Mulligan’s wife, Syriana, was also remanded but she was previously released on bail since she is nursing a baby.

  31. Freedom says:

    WAKE UP BELIZE.. whether Mr. Mcafee committed this murder or not .. there is much to be learned here about DEAN BARROW and his goon squad. This is an urgent time in Belize History if you do not stand together and impeach or vote out this man from office your entire country is on the path of complete destruction.. You all complain how bad Belize was in the past.. meh it will be nothing compared to what will happen when Dictator Barrow gets through with the jewel. He pays off gangs, sets ppl up for crimes they didnt commit, silences opposition, slowly taking control of all of Belizes resources and freedoms from the people. Your children are murdering in the streets, looking up to these goons as their role models. Thugs are walking free for murder! WAKE UP BELIZE! I pray to GOD that you all rise up and change your country!!!!!!! Belize could be prosperous in a flash with the right leadership and direction.. ENOUGH WITH CORRUPTION.. ENOUGH WITH THE KILLING!!! Whatever happened to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, What happened to JUSTICE, what happened to VIRTUE. I know the opposition is not much better.. dont settle .. THATS WHY U MUST Vote in a 3rd party to power, FIND THE MAN WHO HAS LOVE, FREEDOM, AND A DESIRE TO SEE THE PPL OF BELIZE PROSPER!!!!!!! PRAY THAT GOD SEND SOME ONE to LEAD BELIZE .. BE THE VOICE OF BELIZE!!!!!!!

  32. mc says:

    Omg, Belizeans, please! Your government is literary !#**ing your @$$#$, but You still keep supporting them. I lived in this country for a while, you have good people living in your country, but GOVERNMENT! Only man who should stand in a front of trial is Barrow!!!

    All what I saw in this country is corruption starting from that sick ——–. You guys are fighting with old entrepreneur, but on the same time – drugs, crime, poor people on the streets starts from Barrow… you guys are killing each other… start thinking with your heads!

    This stupid war with Mcaffe is nothing more than just taking attention away from important things! Please, dont be fools.

  33. says:

    John McAfee remains on the run, but outside Belize…

    Reports of John McAfee arrest on the Mexico-Belize border have turned out to be a false positive.The eccentric tech millionaire, named by Belize police as “person of interest” in the murder of his neighbour Gregory Faull three weeks ago, was reported…

  34. Iceesurfer says:

    What a bunch of Detestable People Run BZ.. Much of the same Crap as you see in other parts of Central Americ, but WORSE>.. Barrow et al support their Regime by Crookery and Viciousness – and NO People matter as much as keeping their positions intact. Basically, an Outlaw Gov’t.
    THIS IS THE DISRUPTIVE PART. Not McAfee’s Whistle-Blowing. He;s the Messenger, and an Effective one. A Brilliant Man who on top of other talents,. knows the Media System, for better or worse – and can use it. Good On ‘Im.

    For the Belizean Gov’t the Corruption is akin to using the Legal System as a way to Silence One’s Opposition. I can see many of the Belizean people TOO are ..

    BOYCOTT BELIZE FOREVER. Period. Who needs the “Jewel of Corruption…?” It;s a Big World.

  35. iceesurfer says:

    Horrible Place. Similar Problems to other Central America Countries, but worse.


  36. iceesurfer says:

    A Failed Nation. So much attention goes to mexico, but there are other problem areas on the Continent… !

    Let Belize dry up and Die on the Vine. No investment. No Travel. No Retirement. No Attention. Ignore Belize. Don;t even say the Name. The Leaders (term used loosely) have been Irresponsible beyond belief, and it CANNOT go unnoticed any longer, thanks to McAfee.

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