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Nov 26, 2012

Close to home, Norales murdered on Fabers Road

The bloodbath started early on Friday night. James Noralez, a former B.D.F. officer, was gunned down in the Fabers Road Extension. His bullet riddled body was retrieved from the bloody crime scene and transported to the K.H.M.H. Three persons, well known to the court system, were soon detained and were charged with murder this afternoon. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.


Jose Sanchez, Reporting

The bullet riddled body of twenty-eight year old James Norales was found on Friday night close to the Faber’s Road junction with the Western Highway.  He had one wound to left side of neck, three to the left side of the chest, four to the upper shoulder, one to the left arm pit, one to the left upper arm, one to left side of chin, one to  the right side of his eye, one to the left side of his upper back, and one to the rear of his head. The police arrived approximately five minutes after the shooting.


Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer

James Norales

“Twenty-eight year old  James Norales of Linda Vista area, mile two on the George Price Highway was seen with multiple gunshot wounds. Initial Investigation revealed that around seven-oh-eight p.m. thereabouts, on the same date, several apparent gunshots were heard in the area of Faber’s Road Extension. Immediately thereafter, Noralez was found injured on Faber’s Road Extension approximately five hundred feet from the intersection of George Price Highway. Seven expended shells and one slug were retrieved from the scene and the body of James Nogales was transported the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and was pronounced dead by eight-seventeen p.m. that evening. Twenty-four year old Brandon Baptist, unemployed of a Police Street address, twenty-four year old Orel Leslie, Laborer of #7 Linda Vista Site, Belize City and nineteen year old Tyrone Meighan, unemployed of #27 Banak Street Belize City were jointly charged for the crime of murder of James Norales.”


Orel Leslie

Brandon Baptist

All three suspects are known to be friends of Norales.  According to Shanique Meighan, the police roughed up her family members and charged her brother without any eyewitness evidence.

Voice of: Shanique Meighan, Sister of Tyrone Meighan

“The police came to my house probably about eight-forty-five I would say and they came in, stormed in with their guns pointed out. They found Tyrone Meighan and Shaquille Meighan at home. They came in, handcuffed Tyrone Meighan they didn’t even allow him to put on his shirt, his slippers or nothing. They started to slap my younger brother Shaquille Meighan in his mouth. His hand is swollen and even Orel Leslie, he was stamped in the face and the bottom of his lip was torn open.”


Jose Sanchez

“This is all without provocation? They didn’t do anything to…”


Tyrone Meighan

Voice of: Shanique Meighan

“No, they did nothing to provoke the police officers. They came inside and no one was yelling or trying to do something. They just said what was the problem, why were they taking my brothers to the station because they came and they said that they wanted to see Tyrone Meighan; okay, take Tyrone Meighan. Now, they roughed up Shaquille Meighan and slapped him up and just threw him in the jaguars truck.”


Jose Sanchez

“Now, what has your brother said about—or what evidence have they said if there is any against them prior to the incident?


Voice of: Shanique Meighan

“Well, yesterday I was at the police station; I didn’t leave my brother’s side because I know how the police stand. They have absolutely no evidence against my brother; all they have is a statement, stating that my brother was last seen with the two young men who he was charged with for the murder of the young man, James. They were seen together at a Chinese store in the Martin’s area purchasing Guinness and that was the last time that they were seen. Other than that, the statement doesn’t say that they saw so and so on the crime scene shooting anyone.”


Jose Sanchez

“So as far as you know, all that has been proven so far is that your brother and the other two boys were hanging around with the deceased.”


Voice of: Shanique Meighan

“Yes, they were hanging out. They are all friends and they were last seen by this young man who give the statement five-thirty in the evening. The murder occurred after eight and where were Orel Leslie and Tyrone Meighan found? Home. Orel Leslie was in his home in his bed, Tyrone Meighan was found in his room. This was, I would say about twenty minutes after the incident and the incident occurred in the Fabers Road area so you know, they were found at home.”


Three charged for murder, but no eyewitness or ID parade. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Close to home, Norales murdered on Fabers Road”

  1. Sky Jones says:

    This is the reason why Belizean-Americans don’t want to move back to Belize. I know of this story personally, Orel Leslie was at home at the time of the murder, and he was there for most of the day. They are numerous people to verify this fact including a lawyer neighbor who yelled at the cops for Police Brutality. Seems like in Belize your guilty until proven innocent. The untrained police officers cannot upheld the law, so they will dish it out on innocent people. I am sure these innocent young men would have been eager to be questioned without obtaining the vicious violence from these officers.

  2. Fuh What? says:

    Now this right here? Is str8 up senseless……..lose for words. This IS worst of the worst.

  3. Rod says:

    This pm and gov. Make me sick with their incompetence.

  4. pieces says:

    Tyrone Meighan, the choir boy n modern day saint, get real it cant b him …….. no i just can’t/ won’t believe it…….

  5. truth says:

    Every single time a crime happens the meighan brothers are held for it as if tho they are the only criminals in the whole country…….All these young men are good friends and they were last seen after 5, minutes to 6 purchasing guiness……. this murder occurred after 7. everyone had already been dropped off before that and someone trailed james and killed him. so if me and my friends are hanging out and later on in the night one of them turn up dead then is that really enough evidence to pin you to the scene of the incident? the last time police charge Tyrone meighan for attempted murder the security guard went all the way to the court and police station to tell them that he gave NO statement that no one shot at him and that he DIDNT even know the young man.

  6. truth says:

    All the police in belize do is to mess up your reputation…….ALL they have is a statement that says these three young men were seen driving around and purchasing drinks after 5 or minutes to 6. the murder happened after 7… that really enough evidence for someone to get charged for murder? so basically if someone tells u that they saw me and my friends hanging out from earlier and later in the night one of my friends turn up dead then that means we must have killed our friend? these young men were beaten badly and they were all found in their homes minutes after the murder occurred. The last time tyrone Meighan was charged for attempted murder the victim said it on news and in the court that HE gave no statement to the police and that he doesn’t even know tyrone meighan

  7. Hurt says:

    I am simply apalled! The more I think about the situation, the angrier I get. Tyrone Meighan and Orel Leslie are innocent.Straight up! Any judge who is smart will see that they are and have them acquitted. The police hates the Meighans and that is no secret. They told him to his face that they are going to “abstract” him and they have done it times before. Belizeans, I am not saying he is an angel but analyze the situation for yourselves and think about it. Orel, a hard working man going to jail for a crime he knows nothing about! Sad, Belizeans, very sad! This is the reality we deal with.

  8. GSU commanding officer says:

    Truth just admit to be an accessory, weh Rod deh….

  9. X says:

    Why does ROD blame every single thing on the government…I wonder if someone dies of natural causes if he will blame them too…so ignorant!!!!

  10. GSU commanding officer says:

    I blame Lady X and the pop mixtape they bring out nowadays

  11. Bear says:

    I’ll wait for the evidence — but whoever pulled the trigger needs to die. The country can’t heal while gunmen walk the streets.

  12. irritated says:

    GSU commanding officer, “weh Rod deh” sounds like a threat is that what our commanding officers are doing these days? Tis a shame.
    the way the police handled this arrest is ridiculous, there is no reason to beat up people for no reason. its sickening.

  13. truth says:

    GSU…….Government stupid unit that’s what….u guys are run by Dean Barrow…if he doesn’t like someone he sets u guys out to execute them. U guys pepper spray youths in their anus and beat women……

  14. Hurt says:

    The way I see it is that the GSU’s are criminals too. Shame on them. These police officers are also ridiculously illiterate, charging these young men for crimes that they cannot even place them on the crime scene for. Our own people are hating the place they live in and only stay because of their families. BELIZE IS OUT OF CONTROL!!!

  15. belizean to the bone says:

    You clueless people. Innocent businessman and choir boy huh! what a joke. You all should do your damn homework. No man can hurt James now…… unlike like those murderers and conspirators they have to live watching over their shoulders, after all the world is round.

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