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Nov 26, 2012

Sister of murder victim questions motive for murder

The death of Norales has come as a shock to his family. Norales’ mother recently returned from the U.S. and has not yet received all the facts. The only known fact is that three of his friends have been charged for his murder. News Five spoke to Norales’ sister this evening about the loss of her brother.


Sister of James Norales

“They have three persons detained; three ah his close friends dehn so I noh know.”


Jose Sanchez

“That must’ve come as a surprise to you.”


Sister of James Norales

“Yeah because the thing is you know, you trust people out yah and den yoh noh know dah yoh true friend. Honestly, I noh want seh dah dehn do it but den who else ih could ah mi be? Dehn mi deh wid ah di night, dehn dah di last persons ih mi deh wid and dat dah just di talking pan di street. we noh really know because my bredda noh really into violence and dehn thing deh so we noh really know weh happen; we just di go by word ah mouth. But di police dehn seh dehn have enough evidence fi charge this three persons.


Jose Sanchez

“What’s the lasting impression you’d like to share with the public about him?


Sister of James Norales

“Well, honestly, my bredda dah noh trouble maker. He dah mostly pretty bwai fi be honest wid yoh. My bredda, yoh would ah neva si he go out deh go rob anybody or shoot nobody or kill nobody or tek anything from people; dat dah basically he. He dah wah nice person. Anybody weh know James, JJ you know—cause dehn call ah JJ too—anybody weh know JJ know he wouldn’t do dehn kinda stuff deh so fi mek he get caught up eena dis street violence and get kill like dat mi just unnecessary. Ih tek basically one bullet fi kill a man, why dehn had to like shoot ah what twelve time? Ten time? Dat noh mek no sense, dat mi just unnecessary fi do. Dat dah all I got fi seh. He dah wah nice person, anybody weh know he, know he wouldn’t go out deh go do nothing like dis to anybody else pickney or child.”


Jose Sanchez

“Did he have any kids of his own? Who does he leave behind?


Sister of James Norales

“Well, he have three kids weh he lef behind, me, my bredda. We mi really close. I have another sista but she noh deh yah right now but we mi really you know. I lose another bredda like 2009 and fi mek I lose my next bredda just like dis offa simple talking, offa snitching talking, just unnecessary, noh mek no sense.”

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3 Responses for “Sister of murder victim questions motive for murder”

  1. enuf says:

    now there are somethings we need to consider as a nation, and we need to be very serious about it or this battle and bloodshed will never stop. i am truly sorry for the family that have to lay this young man to rest but i am totally in rage with the authorities.

    there are 3 individuals the police have placed in connection with this murder. one of which i have to ask wtf? tyrone? why is tyrone out on the street my fellow belizeans? why. havent he killed like a million people already and just recently was in the headlines for a mishap with the authorities like about 3 mnts ago. come on mien… i will call out the government on this one. you must be kidding me mien… from the p.m. right down to the minister in charge. you guess are failing big time in this sector. there is no way. no excuse for me to see a killer continuously being let out to kill over and over and over again… and let me not hear that he has not be convicted…we all know the answer to that…

    the prime minister. you run the country don’t you? saldivar you run the security system dont you? or do you both dont give about belizeans. because in this continuous battle there is innocent being killed and there are life long scars the family has to live with. but you two are not affected i see.

    you guys need to grow some… you know the guys that are on the street doing one foolishness over and over. no treaty talk will fix anything, no lee allowance will ease anything, you know that. stop acting the fool. put all their little useless crap on a island with their guns for a month. that’s my suggesstion. no leave the island if they try you shoot them dead… and for their parents, if they want to go too, let them. because they too are some useless comodity to the country.ty

  2. Mr Word says:

    To add on to that, I dont see these mess being corrected anytime soon and the reason is that some of these very brazen criminals are friends or work men fi the Ministers and the High Ranking in the Police Department. Some of these criminals will tell you outright that you cant touch them, meaning, you cant charge them or detain them, because particular Minister or Senior Police Officers will come to their aid and get them off. In fact I have seen first hand the Commissioner of police recently trying his best to get a reputed criminal off a charge which was very disgraceful. So if you ask me, crime no wa stop in this country because the very Ministers and Senior Officers are very corrupt and entertain these criminals in their ways!

  3. truth says:

    Noting will change bcaz our Government and the police officers are corrupted…….You all dont know the story behind the meighan brother’s all the police do is to paint then black….they are only youths who face constant harrassment and brutality EVERY week…..Not a weeknd has passed where police havent locked them up for either 2 or 4 days……most of the things that they are accussed of they didint do….they are no saints but they are young men trying to survive like many others…..police hate them bcaz they are not stupid and cant stand up for their rights……all they have is their mother. TYrone meighan has a cerfew…..he has to be home by 6 bcaz police go the his house and check that he’s there…..he was found at home when police went to his house minutes after the murder

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