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Nov 22, 2012

Patrick Faber, next U.D.P. Party Leader?

Patrick Faber

The United Democratic Party is heading to its national convention next February. For months there have been signs that Party Chairman and Minister of Education, Patrick Faber would launch a challenge to unseat Gaspar Vega who is the Deputy Party Leader and the sitting Deputy Prime Minister. Faber has been an up and coming heavyweight in the U.D.P. and is said to be quietly amassing support among key players. Vega has been deputy for years; has access to cash and is said to be one of the big financiers of the U.D.P.; except that in the north, he has lost major political capital. Earlier today we caught up with Faber who is currently enrolled in a doctoral program. Faber didn’t quite confirm that he is up to the challenge but he made it clear that he has what it takes to be deputy party leader. 


Patrick Faber, Minister of Education

“I’m enrolled in a program with my alma mater—I did my bachelors at Valdosta State University some years ago and I’ve enrolled in an online doctoral program that is in public administration. I believe that this program can be very beneficial to my work as a government minister, as a legislator. And I am fitting that in with all the different things that I am doing. I am also the chairman of the party, I am of course minister and area rep and of course a father and a husband so it is tough, but it is a sacrifice that I am making nonetheless.”


Duane Moody

“You missed out one sir; your aspiration to become deputy party leader.”


Patrick Faber

“Well yes. I am toying with the idea of contesting that position. It is something that I’ve always wanted to do. It is nothing against anybody in particular as some may try to put it. But I am still toying with that idea in my mind. I still have a few weeks, if not at least two months left, before I am able to put in an application if I decide to do so. So we’ll just have to wait and see. But I will say to people I am not ever afraid and shy of telling people that I am ambitious—that I have goals and ambitions and that I pursue those ambitions rigorously.”


Duane Moody

“What do you feel that you are going to bring to the table that will ensure you that spot and to even represent the people at that level?”


Patrick Faber

“Well I don’t have any doubt. I am confident in my ability and I know that a lot of people are very confident in my ability as well. I of course bring to the table my record as party chairman for the last two years and months and of course my record as the Minister of Education and Youth—being somebody who represents this entire nation, not only one portion of the country. I believe that if people are objective if I offer myself, those are the attributes that they will look towards and the attributes that, of course, I feel confident about that will see me be victorious. There will undoubtedly be some kind of fallout if you will, but in the United Democratic Party, we are a family. And as I’ve said to people, there is a parent in a family, there are children in a family and not because there is some kind of disagreement or you have some different of view, it means that the family is going to break up. We work through these issues. 38 And of course I don’t have anything personal against Gaspar Vega, but I believe I can do a better job. And if it is that I decide to put myself in the race that is going to be the foundation upon which I will build my campaign.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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21 Responses for “Patrick Faber, next U.D.P. Party Leader?”

  1. Ricky Malthus says:

    Forget it Faber!!! You may think that you are the best since slice bread; but you don’t have the charisma just like the others in UDP who don’t have it either. Take five minutes and look yourself in the mirror. tell the world what you see. You ain’t no leader!!!!

  2. Rod says:

    What a joke this man has devastated the education dept and now wants a promotion only in Belize is this possible that a person who is a total and complete failure at his job can actually ask for a promotion this is what happens when their is no shame in your game and if the pm of the country can do it why not the others.

  3. javier solis says:

    I would never ever vote for Faber. He is an arrogant self -centered man whom likes to take advantage of his wife. When he is drunk he treats her like dirt, and as DPM he would feel as if walking on water. I urge the UDP to tell him to step away from anything bigger than he now holds.

  4. BAD says:

    Its always good to be ambitious and cudos to him but if he wins it would be”

    “A glorious day for Faber but a sad day for the party”

  5. Isabel says:

    What happened to the Masters degree?

  6. Uncle Benji says:

    Forget it. Gasper will survive the attempted coup. Faber is about noise making and much ado about nothing.

    Gasper is not much better than Faber, but Barrow and Faber will discover the awe of the “Panya Machete” and the shock of being losers.

    Panya machete cut pan two side. Watch it happen.

  7. Southern says:

    Way too much ego.

  8. illegal says:

    Man can’t even carry his portfolio right and now he wants to be party leader !!!from grace to grass to mada …

  9. Bear says:

    Speaking for Belize, not just for UDP, if one has to choose the lesser of two evils, between Faber or Gapi Vega, I say it is Faber. Faber may not have fixed the world, but he is not flagrantly and proudly corrupt like Gapi brags to be.

  10. waste of time says:

    look st PSE results, the amount of children in school, and the amount that reaches university and you conclude that this man is a failure. and he can’t blame no meney because he gets the biggest budjet in the Ministries. waste of time Faber, he is also quite racista.

  11. Lucas says:

    There you have it. The man is ambitious. Would it not be rather nice if he would say that he feels the call to serve?. Patricio; AMBITION LEADS TO SELF-SERVING BUT TO BE CALLED LEADS TO SERVE OTHERS.

  12. Bill says:

    Another ignorant and arrogant fool? I do not think so Belize! He nor the Prime Minister even believe the stories that Education system has improved in Belize, it is why they do not send their children to Public Schools like our regular Belizeans children… that is right, both Patrick and PM children enroll at a private school, Hummingbird Elementeray… so how loyal are you to Belize? How much longer willing to fool the people of this nation?

  13. Jr says:

    Belize don’t have no real political leaders? Those politician pretends to be all educated to fool the other belizean who’s less educated and don’t know better, both party are unfit and totally not qualify to run a country, politics is the biggest white collar crime in belize all those thieves just there to steal money and take abuse their authority. belize is really in a sad state and needs some real leaders to guide them back into the right path they deserve to be.

  14. Western says:

    I agree with southern. Way too much ego!!!! “I think I could do a better job” I’ve had people think the same about me until they had to fill in the shoe. Self Centered prick…

  15. Islandboy says:

    Wow! What a bunch of misguided political pharises we have in Belize. Give Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar. Patrick Faber has done a hundred fold better than Said, Ralph, Johnny and Francis all put together. Of course he has the character and the charisma to lead this country and I bet he would do a very good job.

  16. Birdseye says:

    Can’t help to wonder why the heck anyone in their right mind would wanna get involved in politics in Belize or the world over these days? Everyone keep suggesting its for the money or personal gain, but considering the global problems includes those currently affect Belize (superbond, etc), how much is there really to steal? People are looking for hand out these days than ever before while those that are not in the good grace of the ruling party are complaining more than anything else! Belizeans we still have the country with the most potential in the caribbean, we need to chart our own way. Its only when we show politicians we don’t need their handouts, promise, lies and get busy improving our life, neighbourhoods, families and country that we control our future. Its time to turn the tables, let them do the chasing instead of just coming around during election time.

  17. Sawmill says:

    We need to be fair and objective and we may be from opposing parties but we must not let that cloud our vision Patrick Faber is by far the best Minister of Education this country has seen in a long time. More students are in High school than before (fact) our teachers are being trained at the cost of GOB (fact). More classrooms and schools opened (fact). He has the ability fill the post he is aspiring for, he has proven that he is a good leader in his Ministry hence he can lead as Deputy Party Leader.

  18. Moonkist says:

    Patrick Faber has the Country at heart and is very passionate about what he does. He has come a long way from a young man who was aspiring to be a politician to now a man who has helped his country. He should be the next leader of the United Democratic Party and the next Prime Minister of Belize.

  19. Kim says:

    Patrick Faber is truly a ‘man of the people.’ He does not limit himself to just his constituency or even his district of residence. What he has done for education countrywide has been extremely beneficial to students as well as teachers. Furthermore, what he does in his private life is no concern of ours. Politicians are as fallible as everyone else! A few of you need to apply for a scholarship from him so you can learn to spell and at least bash him correctly! Come on people… the least we ask is that our leaders are not blatantly corrupt and so far Mnstr Faber hasn’t disappointed. BESIDES I know I would prefer a leader who can deliver a speech without reading verbatim and sounding rehearsed!

  20. Seer says:

    Indefinite respect for the Hon. Patrick Faber. And blessings in his aspiration for Deputy Party Leader in the upcoming National Convention. He’s the most viable candidate for that prestigious position.

  21. Down south says:

    He just lie we again. On PLUS TV this morning. When asked about why he closed down ISIS school…an intermediate school to help student re take the PSE and get a second chance to go to HS. As soon as UDP and he got power they shut down to school and fired a teacher, that he says never reported a day to work. That is a lie. I know this teacher personally who worked very hard at that school and cared very much for the students. And TOOK NO SALARY. But faber says he was getting paid and never came to work. What kind of slanderous lies can a person tell. Then in his next breath talk about honesty and integrity??? All cares about is himself. Not education or the kids of this nation.

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