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Nov 16, 2012

Former ComPol suggests that controlling ammo importation can curb crime

Crispin Jeffries

The government is in the process of implementing new measures to try to curb crime in the country, particularly by focusing on the city’s known hotspots. But, there’s one more issue to consider. Former Commissioner of Police, Crispin Jeffries, who is a board member for the newly formed Institute of Public Safety and Security says that during his tenure as ComPol, he was working on measures to control the importation and distribution of ammunition. He revealed startling statistics on the ease of access to ammunition and its correlation to the crime rate.


Crispin Jeffries, Former Commissioner of Police

“I believe that the fact that firearms are legally held should not limit us as a country to control the way they are used. Firearms importation is one thing, but the statistics that I dealt with as it relates to ammunition imported and sold, made it possible for there to be in hands of the people of Belize City and Belize Country for every one person, there was over five thousand rounds of nine millimeter ammunition to our population. That was our quota of importation and it asked me some serious questions. So if you want to look at the facts, somebody may go in and look at the facts and criticize it and sensationalize it, but it will bring some discourse into the area of how we are dealing with the importation and sale and the distribution of ammunition for weapons because it is not the gun, it is the ammunition that is killing. It’s something that the importers of firearms and ammunition fought with me in one of my efforts to fight crime. I refused, as commissioner of police, for more than three months to sign any importation license and that turned out into having a period of about four months when there was a shortage of ammunition and there was a decrease in murders. So there might be something there.”

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9 Responses for “Former ComPol suggests that controlling ammo importation can curb crime”

  1. solo says:

    please listen to the man !!! he knows !!! we need to do this immediately , one more life is too much!!!

  2. Mike Vega says:

    I like the idea. It is the same people that have license to buy ammunition who distribute these ammunitions to criminals. I agree a 100% with Mr. Jeffries.

  3. nigel says:

    He personifies everything I hate about our leaders. We make too many stupid choices every election. We know what we are bringing on board, we know how excruciatingly daft these people are… and don’t give me that crap that “oh we vote them in”. I do not vote because the winner is no longer chosen by their good intentions and principle but rather by who has the biggest bank account to buy their victory; really, really sad!!! But have you all ever heard a public official speak? I.e. Manuel “Mayor Young” Heredia; so damn disheartening and disconcerting. These are the people that represent us!!! They remind me of the Kings description of his less than noble son in the movie Braveheart; “And not my gentle son. The mere sight of him would only encourage the enemy to take over the whole country”. To quote the YOU KNOW WHO, the big guy in charge at the moment (; names cannot be called for fear that truth is an offence in Belize) “If it weren’t so serious it would be laughable”. Come on people this is why guatemala (small g for the purpose of diminutive disrespect) kicks us in the nuts!!! Come on people we are smarter than this at least I would be inclined to think so for my own selfish hope in mankind that maybe just maybe we can for once be strong enough to say I will not be a sheep to my oppressive and uncaring master.

  4. Eye in the Sky says:

    Crispin is an IDIOT
    Give everyone in Belize a firearm and ammo and that WILL curb crime.
    The thieves will think twice before they break into your house, mug you, rape you, or jack your car or bike is they know you have a gun and can shoot them first.

  5. borntobehero says:

    Well presented got the picture dear former compol, Jeffries. I believe ministers that should be passing this as enforcing law plans will act or already are working with you,,
    Will gain the country a whole lot once tiranny and self are put aside from our leaders. Then history will judge for the good if this better ways of dealing with crime take place and yet the honest people of Belize can protect them selves and love ones. God bless you and help you bring good wisdom to your country sr.

  6. dre says:

    When you learn!! it is not the legal binding citizens that are commiting the crimes. You think the criminals are legally buying ammunitions? you are dummer that you look jeffries. deal with the real issues and gang members and that will help your problem. the good always suffer for the bad. When the criminals come knocking at your door and you dont have ammo to protect yourself what will you do then. I bet you will have all the ammo you need!!!

  7. John T says:

    Crispin Jeffries was a wate of time as commissioner of police. Suddenly he has the answer to the problem. He had two years to do something and instead sold firearm licenses to the highest bidder including criminals who now have firarm license. How dare he speaks now of a solution. He was a disgrace as Commissioner and should go home and hide under a rock.

  8. roska says:

    That theory holds no water…. statistically, in a scientific study, Jeffries assumptions would be no more than a myth….if any at all…

    But ASSUMING there was a relationship…. then its the Police job to find out who, licensed firearm holder, is providing the criminals with the ammo than have that person’s license revoked AND prosecuted…. rather than punishing the other 99% of law abiding license holders….with ridiculous ammo prices and legislations!!!

    I guess the Police high command now has to deal with the monsters they and the politicians created when they “recommended” people (known to be involved in illegal activities) to obtain a gun permit….

    I know many suspected drug dealers who have licensed firearms!!! Go after them Jeffries….. take the Bull by its horns and stop going after the fish in the bucket!!!!

  9. Farmer says:

    As a farmer I was assaulted by a criminal, went to report to Jeffries for a firearm permit, rifle, anything to defend my farm and was told he was denying all firearm permits and refused to even process the paperwork!!!!! That’s criminal and shows a blatant disregard for a farmer’s right to protect his farm/property/self/family. He apparently values his own life but not the lives of others.
    He should be replaced immediately. The farm was raided, robbed of everything once word got out it was defenseless, that the owner was not able to get a firearrm. If anything, one should be granted a specialized permit to use a weapon to defend one’s farm. I have no need or desire to bring a rifle, shotgun or pistol into city limits but the FARM!!!! That’s criminal and shows no respect for life. Permits should be granted for firearms to be kept in the home and not outside the home for those with higher risk/prior felony convictions. When a criminal knows you can’t defend yourself, YOU are the target. That is common sense JEFFRIES. Respect other’s lives, then those will respect yours.

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