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Nov 15, 2012

John McAfee remains on the run; girlfriend says he didn’t kill anyone

John McAfee

John McAfee remains on the run tonight and authorities are asking him to turn him himself in. McAfee, the antivirus founder is likely the only suspect in the murder of Gregory Faull, his next door neighbor who had complained about McAfee’s dogs.  In our coverage tonight we talk to the Minister of Tourism,  the Mayor of San Pedro and one of McAfee’s girlfriend’s who provides a timeline of his whereabouts on the night of the Faull’s murder. News Five’s Jose Sanchez is among the pool of international journalists camping out on San Pedro on this story.


Jose Sanchez, Reporting

U.S. national Gregory Faull’s remains were cremated on Wednesday and it was supervised by Coye’s Funeral Home. During that time Faull’s father came to Ambergris Caye and ferried to Azul Resort on the north end of the island where he was grieving.


Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism

Manuel Heredia

“What has happened right now is that his Dad arrived today and my people from B.T.B. were there to greet him and to have him board Tropic to San Pedro and from San Pedro, they boarded on a boat up north very close to where his son used to live. He came to look after the remains of his son.”


Jose Sanchez

“Prior to the incident itself, had you heard of complaints regarding Mister McAfee or his behavior?”


Manuel Heredia

“Well the only thing that I can say is that the neighbor had complained about the noise and the nuisance of the dogs, about eight to twelve dogs there; that were causing problems to the neighborhood, to tourists that were passing on the beach and even to our locals that were going to work on the northern part of the island. And that the security also at night, they saw a lot of lights over there up and down and they had a concern about that and they were not so happy about the situation in that vicinity.”


The focus of the investigation has been placed upon a letter of complaint filed by Faull with the San Pedro Town Mayor’s Office. Mayor Daniel Guererro said the letter’s content focused on McAfee’s dogs and armed security personnel. Within forty-eight hours of the dogs death, Faull was murdered.


Daniel Guererro, Mayor of San Pedro Town

Daniel Guererro

“When I met them they were two nice persons—both of them.”


Jose Sanchez

“Now in regards to Mister Faull’s complain, what exactly was in that letter that he sent your office?”


Daniel Guererro

“Point one is that he was complaining about eight to twelve vicious dogs that were attacking residents and tourists. The second point was the personal security of Mr. John McAfee were trespassing private property with guns and flashlights and intimidating people. And the third one was the increasing of traffic behind the property or going to his house.”


Jose Sanchez

“Now what’s the time span in relation to your receipt of that letter and the dogs being killed?”


Daniel Guererro

“About a month. I learned about the killing of the dogs on a Friday.”


Jose Sanchez

“And it was the following day though that Mister Faull was found dead?”


Daniel Guererro

“Yes, it’s true.”


Jose Sanchez

“Have you had any conversation with friends of Mister McAfee? Has anybody come forward to speak on his behalf to say where he was at that time; during that timeframe?”


Daniel Guererro

“None. None, none, none.”


Jose Sanchez

“Has he at any point try to contact you as the Mayor since the incident has happened?”


Daniel Guererro

“No he hasn’t.”


So far one person has spoken in favor of McAfee, but she says she has received death threats since she is known to be one of McAfee’s live-in girlfriends.  Tiffany, as she prefers to be called, told News Five she and another girlfriend were with McAfee the night of the murder. Prior to today, no one had asked for their story. Tiffany, who was at his residence today, did not wish to wish to appear on camera.


Via Phone: Tiffany, McAfee’s Girlfriend

“From about nine to eleven, then I went to my room because earlier on, he was with the other girl. Then he came over to another to the next girl’s room and I went over and I spoke to them. So till about eleven, I went in my room and I went to sleep. Got up the following day, made breakfast; everybody ate. We were talking up to about eleven-twenty-five that morning and I caught my boat and went to Belize City at one o’clock. I left the house at eleven-thirty on the Coastal Express.”


Duane Moody

“So during that time from eleven o’clock to the following morning when breakfast, you are not sure where Mister McAfee was?”


Via Phone: Tiffany

“I left him in the room of the other girl. I haven’t seen him hurt anything in his life. From the time I’ve been with him, I never seen him hurt a man. So is he capable of doing something like this? I guess maybe the person that killed Mister Gregory, maybe they wanted to kill John; instead they got that guy. Like they said the house is near to us. I don’t know.”


Duane Moody

Gregory Faull

“Tiffany I’m understanding that there have been reports that Mister McAfee and Mister Faull were not the best of friends. Can you attest to any of that?”


Via Phone: Tiffany

“Well as far as I’ve seen, they have never had an argument. One time while I was there—that was like four months ago—and complained about the dogs barking. When I came back on Monday, the police was at the house doing an investigation. I went to the house when I came back from Belize and one of the girl was there cleaning and she said that the police were there. I came out and talked to them and they said they are doing an investigation about a murder.”


San Pedro’s Mayor confirms that friends and associates of McAfee have been detained.


Daniel Guererro

“As soon as I got the call on Sunday morning I was immediately going towards that crime scene and I took my deputy mayor and I took my councilor, Gabby Nunez. So we are taking it serious; we are concerned and we want to live in a safe environment so we are putting all our efforts to alleviate crime in San Pedro.”


Jose Sanchez

“Are you concerned though that his employees, his associates have been detained because they were simply on his property where he kept his weapon?”


Daniel Guererro

Gregory Faull

“Well I’m not sure if they were all on the property. I know Mister Eddie Ancona and I am sure that he was not there, but he was detained. And the others like the security and his wife, and I noh know who else, I think the taxi driver. I know the taxi driver wasn’t there, but the security and his wife were there.”


Jose Sanchez

“Are you looking into that because it is of some concern that innocent people may be detained?”


Daniel Guererro

“I know there are innocent people, but I try not to interfere much with the police. I can say that if the case arises, they will come out free; these guys you know.”


Manuel Heredia

“The remarks that were made that the law-enforcement of Belize were after that to kill. That to me is totally unfounded. As bad as people would want to talk about the police, our authorities in Belize are not known to be that type of people and I am sure that even internationally, I don’t think anybody can buy that story.”


McAfee still eludes the police who have searched houses that belong to his associates.  Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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16 Responses for “John McAfee remains on the run; girlfriend says he didn’t kill anyone”

  1. Eye in the Sky says:

    The Minister of Tourism is a scared Rat. He has to defend his people or have his ministry taken away.
    Belize is full of gringos who complain about everything. They should all be McAfee’s neighbors.
    Why McAfee with 7 billion dollars moves to Belize is beyond me. Either he is stupid or on drugs. There are much better places on earth to go to if you have a lot of money.
    Belize is a good country if you are poor and destitute like most expats are.

    I feel sorry for McAfee and wish him well. Hire a plane to land on one of Belize’s many unmarked drug runways and fly out and away to civilization.
    Ambergris Caye and San Pedro is a craph0le anyway.

  2. Storm says:

    One point in this story nags at me, that Mayor Guerrero knew of a dangerous situation ONE MONTH before Mr. Faull was murdered — up to a dozen vicious dogs, armed people intimidating neighbors — AND HE DID NOTHING. No inquiry, no warning to McAfee, nothing, from what it appears here.

    San Pedro has an empty suit for mayor, it looks like.

    It is disturbingly similar to the situation about a month ago down south, where the village chairman KNEW of rampaging teenagers for a month, and that ended up in murder, also.

    I’d say Mayor Guerrero should resign, unless he has a really good explanation for what he sis to investigate or eliminate the threat that was reported to him. Shame on you! San Pedranos deserve a mayor who cares and actually performs some useful function. Security is the FIRST priority of any government.

  3. verymad says:

    The mayor will not interfare with police work. But YES, YOU TAKE DONATIONS JUST LIKE THE POLICE AND THE MINISTER HEREDIA. I guess the money good and when it comes to help inocent people that are doing there job and get arrested for that you forget about everything. The island is like a circus run by clowns. Mr. McAFEE already got what he wanted. Now the clowns are finishing it. Very, very bad for tourisim. You clowns gave Mr.McAfee wings (remember money talks?) and you finish the rest. I dont feel bad about the other mans death because he was an ugly neigbour complaining about everything even about trafic,dogs,and security guys.
    I feel sad for his family. Too bad it had to end this way. And lets see what Mr,McAfee has under his sleeve. That will be the cherry on top of the cake.

  4. Australian says:

    If it is known that innocent bystanders have been wrongly detained, they should be let free. It seems completely unfair that McAfees employees are suffering in jail while he is free. The wife of the security guard has an infant she is breast feeding in jail because of this injustice!! Why should she be expected to pay lawyers fees and bail money when it is full known she has nothing to do with any unlicensed firearms?

  5. mjm says:

    well Mr. Mcafee Have you heard of a thug called shyne dean barrow, he is jailed sun of the grand thug Dean Thug Barrow.

    Run run do not give in, the thug dean barrow is a father to a thug , who was jailed for 10 years in USA, with his thug life and way of thinking, expect the worst.

  6. belizean says:

    This guys is nuts and the people around him surely have been influenced also. However, I agree with mjm’s comment, let us not consign to oblivion about dean borrow junior who was in jail. Like father like son, just that the father is a lot smarter that hasn’t been caught or knows how to carry out his business. Mcfee’s innocence is not known and by the way he’s been acting raising the red flag, but barrow is surely no that innocent either, I am sure he has something to do but of course he will not say it on national television.

  7. Bze gial says:

    hmm. lots of comments. note: Mcafee lost most of his fortune already. seems he came to Bze with $5 Mil US. still a lot of dough for Bze. however, he isnt above the law, (be it weak as it is). Man up. state your claim of innocence in person. get a good lawyer. if u didnt do anything, then u have nothing to fear.

  8. CaseClose says:

    McaFee will have a 30-day Trial

  9. bzean says:

    @eye in the sky
    how is this the minister’s fault??/ Get your facts right and then come and speak. if he does something you talk if he doesn’t do anything you still talk. so go hide in a whole the world does not revolve around you!!

  10. JAyboy says:

    I dont know if Mcafee had something to do with the murder or not, from the what ive gathered from him so far points to that he is definitely a person of interest, but that´s besides the point: This is bad publicity for the Country of Belize it can potentially hurt the economy tourism or foreign investment-wise. Mcafee #bonker# (hoping he is) has been saying a lot of outrageous comments about how bad Belize is, either exaggerated or entirely not true. i just hope this circus ends well in favor of this tiny country.

  11. verymad says:

    @bzean. Looks like the stone hit the correct clown. Are you mad bro?

  12. Bawn ya groe ya says:

    nothing that McAffe is saying is not true, we bitch everyday bout corrupt police officers, and politicians equal corruption in belize. people are known to die mysteriously in the hands of the police( Arthur , BOcco) so what is the fuss about, just because it is a white man saying Belize is a corrupt , undeveloped, debt ridden country we are all stark mad, but it is true, true ,true!!!Gawd strike mi down if a lie!!!

  13. Ultimate Belizean says:

    Im Glad McAfee is putting the spot light on the Government of Belize. Their decision to cut their Police Budget at the beginging of their first 5 year rule was just the begining of Everything. This is what spiralled the country into a whole lot of crime and drug infestation. The UDP is simply self destructing. They have taken over the phone company and Electric company and now that crime is surging they want to Rule with an Iron fist. Its sad alot of Belizeans dont do their research with the McAfee scandal. IT seems he was raided because he was trying to create an all natural antivirus out of plants and herbs grown from Belize. Belizeans do your research and look it up there are plenty of resources that talk about his work in Belize. Although it might seem like McAffee is a Mad Scientist i think he was truly trying to do good here. I hope other world drug companies havent paid the Belize Goverment to kill him.

    Lets talk about the Belize police. They are underpaid and mostly unqualified. The belize police are known to harass and intimidate people. There are many cases where police have beaten and abused their power and the governement has failed to punish them and just fires them off. Now these same police are the ones assaulting free zone and doing other illict activities because they learned it in the force in the first place.

    I am Glad McAffee is bringing the attention to the Belize Governement. The same people who advertise that if a gun is found in a property everyone in the premises will be locked up. Why was McAfees security locked up if the Guns were licensed under McAfee and on his premesis. He was even taken to Jail what a pile of nonsense.

    Look at what is happening in Belize city they are calling zone crime ridden and going in and searching everyones property. Belizeans are so lame that they dont retaliate against this home invasion. Why arent the houses of the PRIME MINISTER and other Rich areas of Belize City searched, im sure the would find something there

  14. reggie says:

    The Minister hand is on Mcafee pay roll along with some blue Lable wiskey he want to make belizean get visa to visit San Pedro but McFee could have dogs around biting people.

  15. StandUp Belize says:

    I am glad McAfee is doing this for Belize. Half the people in Belize are Blind. I can clearly see McAfee using the media as his last Life Line. These last 6 months there have been a tremendous amount of cases of police brutality and abuse. It seems that crime spiraling out of controll has caused the government to want to rule with an Iron Fist. First they advertise about the gun possession crime, that if a gun is found at the house even granny going to jail if she is there. This is really nonsense by Dean Barrow goverment. Now they are searching crime zones in Belize invading peoples privacy and frisking minors. When are the people of Belize going to wake up and fight this Government. It has to be a Gringo to do it for US. Im really glad he is doing this and Dean Barrown better adhere cause our country is looking really bad right now.

  16. Belizesoul says:

    I knew Mr. Faull and he was not a nice man! I think he pissed off de wrong locals and they silenced he!

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