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Nov 15, 2012

Healthy Living: keeping your gums healthy

It’s common knowledge that brushing and flossing should be an important part of your daily oral care. If you or your child are neglecting that process; it not just your teeth that might be affected. Tonight on Healthy Living, we take a look at the impact of bad oral hygiene on your gums.


Marleni Cuellar, Reporting

It is commonly thought that aging and major trauma are the main reasons for losing your teeth. But the reality is that poor oral hygiene can cause you to lose permanent teeth at any age. Dental Surgeon Doctor Leonel Sinai says that neglecting your gums may cause you your teeth.


Dr. Leonel Sinai, Dental Surgeon

Leonel Sinai

“It’s difficult of them to come and say I have a problem. I have a gum disease. You hardly hear people telling you that. The reality is that they don’t know that they have gum disease.  That is the support of your teeth. If that area is not healthy then at the end you will lose your teeth.”


Ginginvitis or Periodontitis are diseases that affect the gums in your mouth. The buildup of plaque from not brushing and flossing properly or enough is the mian culprit of ginigivitis.

Dr. Leonel Sinai

“The gum start to get swollen caused by dental plaque that is the plaque that attaches to our teeth every time we eat and that’s the reason why it’s important to floss and brush properly because that’s how we remove it. If we don’t floss and brush properly the plaque keeps developing on our teeth and it’s a constant cycle because we eat every day.”


At this early stage of gum disease, there is little or no pain associated with the disease. Often times, this is what causes the disease to worsen and the person develops periodontitis.


Dr. Leonel Sinai

“Eventually that [plaque] turns into tarter or calculus and start to irritate the gum more. There is a space between the gum and the tooth; that space because of tarter irritation the space begins to get separated from the teeth creating a bigger space a more bacteria remain from the food and the tartar is getting bigger and so on. And eventually the bone will get damage d and you start to lose it and the teeth start to shake.”


Dr. Sinai says, very few people know they have gum disease until they visit the dentist when the condition becomes more critical.


Dr. Leonel Sinai

“That is the problem, the main problem because there is no pain or very minimal until the end stage then you will have pain or a severe infection but then it will be too late to save your teeth. Signs can be whenever you brush or floss, your gums bleed or it bleeds by itself or just by touching in or when you are eating ; redness, puffiness, the swelling of your gums, sometimes you may begin to feel sensitivity, your teeth may feel shaky, the gum start to recede meaning shorten.”


Age plays no role in developing gum disease, Dr. Sinai says although his older patients are more critical; he’s seen children as young as twelve with Gum Disease. Some conditions like diabetes, persons with heart conditions, pregnant woman and some medications can increase your vulnerability to developing gum disease but basic good oral hygiene will definitely aid in preventing it.


Dr. Leonel Sinai

“It’s one of the hard things they think that just by doing the cleaning at the dentist is the solution but what we do at the clinic is important in those stages is considered only twenty percent of the success the next eighty percent is what you do at home: flossing and brushing. As you mentioned, just brushing but they are not flossing and that is the most important part. The problem will start right in between your teeth.”


A dental cleaning every six months is also very important in maintaining healthy gums.


Dr. Leonel Sinai

“Floss and brush after meals every day. That is the most important one. Visit your dentist. We’ll be the ones who can notice if there are things happening there and we can stop it at an early stage. The problem is that because there is no pain it is difficult for patients to understand what the importance of it.”

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