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Nov 14, 2012

One burglar killed, one injured in botched break-in

Wellington Hemsley

Sometime around two-fifty this morning, two would-be burglars from Teakettle were shot, one died instantly. The uncle and nephew team was attempting to burglarize a container when two alert watchmen from the well known Cheers Restaurant on the George Price Highway stopped them in their tracks. Their family is stunned at the turn of events. Duane Moody reports.


Voice of: Brother of Deceased

“A good person; ih straight and everything. Dah my bredda and one of the closest to me and just an alright person.  I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it until I see it.”


Duane Moody, Reporting

Disbelief! That is the state of mind in which the family of twenty-nine year old Wellington Hemsley, of Young Gial Road in Teakettle Village, finds itself in following an unfortunate incident some twenty plus miles away. Hemsley met his death after he was shot once to the abdomen by security guard, thirty year old, Juan Pacheco. It happened at this compound which houses two containers adjacent to Cheers between miles thirty and thirty-one on the George Price Highway. According to the Hemsley’s brother, the last time he saw him was on Sunday.


Duane Moody

“When was the last time that you saw him?”


Voice of: Brother of Deceased

“Sunday. The last time was Sunday evening and we used to play music cause he is a musician like me. We used to play dah San Pedro and the whole country but now we just slow down wah lee bit.  Dehn shoulda at least come and tell we something weh di happen. All dehn come do dah make we identify the body and we noh hear nothing more.”


Duane Moody

“Not even the circumstances as to what happened?”


Voice of: Brother of Deceased

“Nothing yet.”


Duane Moody

“So what are you guys going to do now?”


Voice of: Brother of Deceased

“Well we just have to wait; only that.”


But Police say that Hemsley along with his uncle, fifty-three year old Gilroy Welcome Senior, were burglarizing the container which is the property of businessman Steven Usrey. Surveillance camera on the building caught them in the act stealing an assortment of electrical appliances. This prompted Pacheco and another security guard, twenty-two year old Freddy Cruz to respond with their licensed weapons: a twelve gauge Winchester pump action shotgun and a nine millimeter Glock pistol.


Supt. Alvan Gentle, O.C., Belmopan Police

Alvan Gentle

“Belmopan police were called out to an area between miles thirty and thirty-one where upon arrival they saw the lifeless body of a Creole descent person who was later identified as Wellington Hemsley. There was another guy who had some other injuries with surname Welcome. The security guards there at this establishment reported to the police that the security camera had picked up these two men breaking into a warehouse in the area there were certain items were taken out. There were electrical items, electrical tools and stuff that were found in the area which apparently were already being taken out of the store house by these two persons. The first security guard was approached by the guy Welcome where in the scuffle Mister Welcome received injuries to the arm from the security guard’s firearm. The second security guard intervened and he again was accosted by Mister Wellington Hemsley with a machete advancing, according to him, in a threatening manner where he fired a warning shot in the air. This still did not deter Mister Hemsley still approaching him in a threatening manner and a second shot was fired which caught him somewhere in the ribcage so to speak. This hot proved to be fatal.”


Gilroy Welcome Sr.

But while Hemsley was mortally wounded, Welcome Senior was grazed on the arm by the blast from the shotgun. Officer Commanding the Belmopan Precinct, Superintendent Alvan Gentle, says that Welcome in at the K.H.M.H. receiving treatment for his injuries, while the Pacheco and Cruz are currently being questioned in connection with the incident which may or may not be flagged as a murder.


Duane Moody

“Is the case being treated as a murder or self defense?”


Supt. Alvan Gentle

“Well like I says, the matter is being investigated at this moment. I wouldn’t want to make any assumptions as such until we have done a thorough investigation after which the media will definitely be informed on what we have.”


Duane Moody

“Mister Gilroy Welcome Senior; I know that he is in the K.H.M.H. in a stable condition. Is he under police guard?”


Supt. Alvan Gentle

“Well he was escorted from here to the K.H.M.H. and in Belize City then there is where the Belize City Police would have taken over.”


Recovered from the scene were two nine millimeter expended shell, one expended twelve gauge Aguila brand cartridge, a black handle machete and a yellow handle cutter. This path through these hedges was allegedly used as their route to gain access to the property. Duane Moody for News Five.


News Five understands that a getaway car was parked nearby to transport the stolen items.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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27 Responses for “One burglar killed, one injured in botched break-in”

  1. BMNJ says:

    Burglars, when confronted, could become potential murderers. The watchmen did the right thing by protecting their own lives and the properties they were guarding.

  2. borntobehero says:

    In the jewel called Belize this events are unfortunately occurring more often and many times thieves do overcome on their acts and have killed inocents. Luckly this time these alert caretakers acted properly for what is seeing here.

    I know that had not been so for other innocents in the past in other villagers where even Americans that where doing good in the communities had lost their lives in the hand of burglarers like are these two creole gentlement or should i said diferent. No one “has to await”
    like the one relative interview in this news cast, I do hope the media be efectevely responsable to give a proper interview and not leave any lingering incomplete sentence.
    Words like this are picked up from more far away by inteligence to tackle any further incidents, so please be advised that no one shall pretend or try to defend any wrong doer.
    Seems as Police and Communities are working to try make Belize a bit more safer.
    Keep the good work since your efforts will pay off.

  3. Belizean says:

    This is why they have watchmen. They did their job!!!!! Praise them, give them an award for bravery! Please, do not compensate the family for their loss!!! This is proper property protection!!!

  4. Uncle Benji says:

    If the police flags this incident as a murder, Belize we have a serious problem. A crime is a crime, and a crime was carried out.

    Kill the …….., and feed their corpses to the crows of death. Next. Now let’s find crazy @$$ McAfee.

  5. Bzn says:

    @ Uncle Benji – i am beggining to like you!

    Well said!

    Its a miracle the family has not come out and say “they didn’t have to kill him”

    You live by the gun u die by the gun!

    These guys make their living as thieves –

    As Uncle Benji said lets get that foolish white man now!!!!!!!!!!!


    Sadly, it’s call a murder.

    Too bad we cannot murder these roaches more than once.

    McAfee is next in line.

    I’ll bring the torches.

  7. Belizean Pride says:

    Sorry to hear only one was killed, guard should have killed the uncle, what a good example uncle he is, to carry out a robbery with the nephew, people like this are not thieves because of poverty, many times they are lazy to work and want to have things the easy way. hope the police don’t charge the guard cause the guard is doing his job and well done only cause he missed one but got one.

  8. Storm says:

    Good job by the good guys. I mourn every human death, but I support justice, and this was a case of justice.

  9. Nimbo says:

    There is proof that they were carrying out a crime- right? The security guards were doing there job.
    Don’t waste time and money investigating- case closed.

    next one..

  10. Good Shot says:

    sad to say but in this lawless country you need to protect your property and life. no charge for the security guards, let them give the police some lessons in shooting.

  11. ceo says:

    Sad to say but a good job! I am sure they would have killed the watchmen if they got the upperhand on them.

  12. Raymond says:

    All of u are old an fool. everything isn’t all about killing . Killing isn’t Justice ,leav that to god . All of ur days will come I’m not a fren I’m not a family. But when ur time come ask god if u deserve it . Once u kill its murder. When do u hear u could kill for a good caus . Even the bible tells u , killing Is murder fools the bible didn’t say u theiv an by man shall ur blood be shedder . I can’t believe all of u. The ministers are the biggest thieves so y don’t all of u that think kill is a good thing don’t kill the ones that billion . O I forgot u all are fools so u prefor the petty thieves be killed.

  13. right on says:

    Yeah i beleive that was the right thing to do…. we need to show those criminals that we wont stand for any more of their BS…. them facey…

  14. Raymond says:

    Nothing is rong if its self defense . But it wasn’t! U all talk about stop the criminal . How by killing them ? An what that makes u ? No better , u can’t fight crime with crime makes no sence .

  15. Co owner of this property says:

    Multiple times we have been stolen from. Why do you think the survelance system was installed, to watch birds? They once again came to do us harm at our place. We do not cause harm to any one in Belize in fact we have helped many. If we have to defend with deadly force what is ours, so be it. But keep in mind in a society such as that, you will need to defend your self also. Life is about choices and those idiots clearly made the wrong one. I am sad that it had to come to this, those men could have easily chosen a different path and been fine today. Only if they had been taught morals and integrety instead. I am glad they are not around anymore to steal from you!! Great Job Guys

  16. Raymond says:

    The co owner is as stupid as he or her sound. I taught surveillance camera was to ketch thieve an report them to the law. Not to kill them then report them. Y report some one that you kill after u kill them? The co owner most be white because that’s what they use to do to us nigger . Just another Niger right co owner? U were protecting u wear house not ur life big difference . Cas your material worth more than a ….. life.

  17. Southern says:

    If any criminals who come after you…defend yourselves if you can. You have the right to protect yourself and your property. Those who said that lethal force is not the answer to criminals like these will think otherwise when they found themselves looking into the barrel of a criminal’s gun.

  18. Seletar says:

    @Good Shot said it best.

  19. Ace says:

    In a country like Belize you need to protect yourself and property,,,,,,,The GOB pay the criminals to truce where in the world you ever hear this kinda $#!% happen….lock them up or kill them all….folks that live abroad and retired don’t even want to go back home and live the rest of their lives in peace…because they will be target as if they have a billion dollars to just give away……the system in Belize need to be change for the better….if this keep happen no one will never want to go to Belize…

  20. Namewitheld says:

    @Raymond… Raymond you are an IDIOT, it is sad that my cousin was killed, but he knew exactly what he was doing, he curses his mother before he went stealing…because she was telling him not to go… the uncle is a notorious thief…you asked how will criminals be stopped, by killing them? definitely killing the criminals is/are the only way to effectively stopping them from thieving and killing innocent people!!!!!! INDEED its a sad event but with these thieves and murderers it kill or be killed and I think the security guard did what he had to do… my condolences to my aunt and the rest of other people who lost a love one in the line of thieving and committing other crimes, but I much prefer to hear the criminal got killed than the other way that the home/property owner got killed by those low life thieves/tugs!!!!! People worked hard out here to have their property/lives get taken away by healthy, lazy low life thieves!!!!

  21. JB says:

    The only good theive is a dead one, better late than never. Looks like one achieved in death what he could not in his worthless life.

  22. JB says:

    The only good theive is a dead one, better late than never. Looks like one achieved in death what he could not in his worthless life.

  23. islander says:

    Raymond is right you cannot fight crime with crime.

    But he is an ignorant fool by labeling this as a crime, as foolish as clown shoes, since a justifiable homicide is perfectly legal and not a crime.

    I wonder what Raymond will do if he someday comes across one of these criminals and finds them raping his mother

  24. Co owner says:

    Rymond You are the one to bring up the color issue not me. I personally could care less what color they are only what wrong they did us. Listening to you I would bet you were the party they were waiting on to load up my hard earned equiptment. here is the real deal they were shot because you were late picking them up. Thank You

  25. The neighbor says:

    Raymond I did not hear any mention of color or race until you said so. I’ll bet you were the party they were waiting for to load up the owners hard earned equipment. The reason they were shot is you were late picking them up. Keep up the good work !!!!!!

  26. Liberty and Freedom says:

    Yes, the perpetrator made his living from a life of crime. I knew of him and his friends in Teakettle. They were always smoking dope. He got what he deserved despite what Raymond has to say. This is not about race, it is about honesty and the commandment “Thou shalt not steal”. If the perpetrator had been white, Mayan or Hispanic would the race card be played? Did it ever occur to Raymond that these two individuals were many miles from their homes in the wee hours of the night breaking into Cheers? I am quit certain they did not stop by for a nightcap…. Let’s see if the uncle gets a jail term or will the court look at him as a “victim”…

  27. Chenco says:

    Well. if that guard gets a 2 hour jail, i hope it is only because he let one go.

    And the saying you can not fight crime with crime. What does it realy mean? If some dirty minded person is trying to kidnap my doughter who obviously does not give a >>>>about his life and i have a chance to shoot that dangerous person to save my doughter who cares about life, is that truly fighting crime with crime? NO TINK SO!!!!

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