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Nov 13, 2012

Is police brutality the cause of severe injuries?

A Corozal man was critically injured in a case of alleged police brutality and tonight Samir Viva remains hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. According to his girlfriend, Stephanie Sanker, he has been the victim of constant harassment by police without good reason. She says that on numerous occasions, Vivas has been picked up, brutalized and released after a few days but he has never been charged for any offence. In a previous incident in August, he was shot at by police while in the company of his four year old nephew. But the last attack was the most brutal and Vivas almost lost his life. He ended up in a coma and had to be on life support and a ventilator. Vivas’ relatives have filed a report with internal affairs and say they’re taking legal action against the department. Sanker, who allegedly witnessed the brutal beating, told News Five the officers first showed up at her house during a bible study session.


Stephanie Sanker, Girlfriend of Alleged Police Brutality Victim

Stephanie Sanker

“We had like twenty minutes left for the session to be over and then police came and said Samir, if you run ah wah shot you. Then they shot the gun two times in the air and he get frighten and he run. When he run, the police run behind he and they fire two shots at he again but he manage fi escape. Den he gone dah his uncle house and den he mi di help ih uncle paint and when ih finish he come back again dah my house.  From there we start walk and everything, den when we look behind we di vehicle mi di come. So I tell he noh run nor nothing because dehn wa shot yoh dehn done tell yoh already. So dehn tell ah come, come and he stand up and dehn come to he and right deh dehn start to beat up he, three ah dem. And dehn start kick up ah pan di floor and beat up ah. So dehn tell ah go eena di mobile truck. So he get up and when he di go fi climb up, one ah dehn just come and start knock up ah eena ih head with di gun butt. Den right deh he drop and when he drop dehn start beat up he again and dehn mi di choke ah. Den he start cough and cough and den blood mi di come out from ih mouth and den from deh so, dehn hice up ah and dehn throw ah down eena di pickup back and right deh so one ah dehn had ih boots dah ih neck and di other one mi di kick up ah. And den from deh, dehn drive and ker ah dah di hospital.”


Delahnie Bain

“So how is he doing now?”


Stephanie Sanker

“Well, this morning he just wake up from the coma and ih di kinda talk good. Kinda, noh really good. Ih di ask we weh happen to ah but we noh really want tell ah sake ah di condition weh ih still deh eena. And dehn tek off di life support machine but ih still have on di heart one. And di oxygen machine because ih can’t breathe good pan ih own.  We really want mek ih stop because we noh like di condition weh he deh eena just because ah fi dehn fault so we decide fi tek legal action.”


Vivas’ mother today provided a medical record from the K.H.M.H., which confirmed that he was admitted on November tenth with head trauma and had to be connected to a ventilator. A CT scan also showed that Vivas suffered mild brain edema. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Is police brutality the cause of severe injuries?”

  1. Concerned Belizean says:

    So sad!!!! It seems a good number of our police men are animals!!!! There is no need to keep brutalizing and harassing this man….talk about abuse of power!!!!

  2. Storm says:

    Another challenge for Saldivar and Jeffries, to conduct a thorough and competent investigation and figure out if this was the handiwork of dirty cops, or if there is some legitimate reason — it is just hard to imagine what that legitimate reason would be at this point.

    Bad police are a cancer on the nation and must be cut out every time they are found.

  3. Rod says:

    This tha whey unu get fu keep the support this useless incompetent pm and gov. If the people of this country no march pa this corrupt pm and gov. This will continue to happen and will only get worse but why is no one in jail for selling passports why is their no one even being charged with treason why why has their even been any investigation into the selling of all these passports why is it that when this gov. Is caught stealing or selling passports no one goes to jail this has to start from the top from barrow down now the pm is being implicated in the murder in San Pedro mcafee is stating that the pm sent gang members to kill him this is a very serious implication because all the media world wide is saying he same thing that the pm of the country is being blamed for murder shame shame shame. Resign barrow resign you are a total failure at your job.

  4. WTF says:

    Ok, but what was the reason for them to want to arrest this guy???? Three policemen? And not one of them could stop and think that they brutalizing this man? What are they thinking? That Belizeans are downright stupid? Wow they are so fu….ng lucky he is not related to me! Just reading this crap makes me want to give each of these cops a good butt naked whipping! No common sense at all! No respect for human life!

  5. Young Gial says:

    Abuse of power for realz, but again, there is always two sides of a story. I think Belizeans need to first get the two sides of a story before passing judgment, just saying. I am not taking sides here, just putting it out that we must first know both sides and make reasonable judgement. Again, if these police ment did not use justifiable use of force then by all means, investigate them.

  6. johnny richards says:

    most of the police here in Corozal are very corrupt,they don’t have any rights to beat up my cuzin sammir vivas ,he is a human being .not even the murderers are treated like this .Why try to hurt innocent people ,when they are big criminal out there like drug dealers and murderers and the police man not even get to that extent of brutalizing them.those police are chancy and took advantage of my cousin .but let me say this to the police man who was involve in this incident,enjoy your job for the last few days because the internal affair is seeking into this problem and trust me they are not happy at what you guys have done to sammir vivas,you guys made the police department look bad .

  7. roska says:

    media loves this type of reports…. and vent it out before getting the other side of he story……
    Cmon people not what all the relatives of criminals say is the truth you know… we’ve got to be smarter than that…..

    I have witnessed one incident of so called “police brutality” and it was quite opposite what the media houses reported…. in other words… relatives and “friends” of these thugs will say blatant lies about the incident to the media….to cover for their “church mice”… but when crime occurs we lambast the police for “doing nothing to stop the criminals”

    Just like last week incident…. “right after the shots we sent our son to buy fry chicken [reason why he was caught in the vicinity]” cmon fellow belizeans we are muc\h smarter than that!!!

    we Corozalenos that know this guy laugh at such allegations…!!!

  8. Seletar says:

    The facts need to be brought to light honestly — here is all we seem to know today.

    1. The man was beaten into a coma by police several days ago.

    2. No charges have been filed against him.

    It does sound like grave police abuse, perhaps attempted murder. I don’t know who in the Jewel I trust to investigate this impartially. Any suggestions?

  9. hi5 says:

    YoungGial shut the * up. You sound stupid! Only In Belize these things happened! I hope this guy family sue them for 5Million. Police’s is supposed to protect the citizens not abuse them.

  10. Bra Tigah says:

    @ WTF…a majority of the police officers in Bze do not think because they don’t know how to. Look at the no. of complaints against the police at the Ombudsman office–for 2011 it was 99 out of the 100+ complaints. Do we have a competent authority to look into these matters? as a matter of fact no! We do not have an Ombudsman–the PM forgot to appoint another one! and if there is a separate investigation on this matter, everyone knows nothing will come out of it. Who will pay this man’s doctor bill now? These are the injustices that will make a man like this victim retaliate and become a menace to society. Police officers are not respected because they have created fear in people as oppressors, tyrants. Most r sub-human and unworthy of being called animals.

  11. Corozal Man says:

    Speaking of Corozal!!! Police in Corozal know who the criminals are. In fact, they give them protection and thats a fact.

  12. Wtf says:

    @ Young gial! Yeah there is always two sides to a story! Too bad there is one side that is telling you the fu…ng outcome! Why the heck u need the cops side? If He is a criminal or an angel, he was not supposed to end in coma! Common mein, why we are looking for the police side of the story, when you can tell and see

  13. Young Gial says:

    Wtf and hi5 uno dah the stupid one. Tell me something, you think the court will listen to one side dumb@$$es.

  14. rudy says:

    there are two side of a story of course but no police should never beat up a citizen of belize instead police should protect citizen by mantaining law and order . police shopld be the one to set an example and not take advantage of thier power .police needs to start going to church because only god cud give the peace.but uno police dah some devil an uno all guin burn up dah hell .uno guin have uno day ,wen some body just delete uno oof the map

  15. Terorist says:

    5years now since u no hear from these 3 cops this is what happens when u get involved with the wrong person these offers should think before reacting but now they feel the consequences the same hole SAMIR VIVAS got buried in is the same hole these idiats reach……

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