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Nov 12, 2012

Antivirus pioneer, John McAfee, main person of interest in San Pedro Murder

Gregory Faull

It is by any stretch a huge story tonight which the international media has been following aggressively all day. It involves John McAfee, the US founder of McAfee anti-virus software, who has made Belize his home for years.  McAfee’s house in Carmelita, Orange Walk, you will recall was raided by the GSU in May, but now McAfee is being sought for questioning for a far more serious charge. He is considered a person of interest in the murder of a US national in San Pedro. Only last Thursday, McAfee made a sizeable donation of equipment to the San Pedro Police formation, but tonight the generous contributor, is a prime suspect, wanted for questioning. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.


Jose Sanchez

“The sea and the sand are the reasons why tourists come to the island of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. However, the atmosphere seems little affected by the tragedy that occurred over the weekend. Behind me and those idyllic coconut trees inside that home; Gregory Faull, the fifty-two year old Florida native, was shot once to the back of his head. His caretaker last saw him alive around one a.m. on Saturday morning. Twenty-four hours later, his dead body was found in his living room.”


The shot that killed Faull would not have been heard by anyone because he lived almost six miles away from San Pedro Town. To get to his residence means driving about forty minutes through a muddy dirt road, through an overgrown and bushy obscure path by golf cart. Faull, a contractor by trade, built the house in which he died. Faull lived alone and his killer or killers passed two doors, including a grilled security door prior to reaching inside. However, the police reported that there was no sign of forced entry into the building.


Raphael Martinez

Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer

“San Pedro Police visited the residence of fifty-two year old U.S. National Gregory Viant Faull of five and three-quarter miles north of San Pedro Town. His housekeeper of Boca del Rio Area, San Pedro, reported that at approximately seven-twenty a.m., she arrived at Mister Faull’s home where she saw him in a motionless state lying in a pool of blood. The police were called and the scene was processed where one nine millimeter expended shell was recovered. The body had an apparent gunshot wound to the back of the head. Mister Faull was transported to the K.H.M.H. where he was pronounced dead at one-twenty-five p.m.”


Jules Vasquez

“We’ve heard that he had been having an ongoing dispute with his neighbor who also made a substantial contribution to the police department on Friday.”


Raphael Martinez

John McAfee

“Well I just spoke with investigating officer and there are several leads that the police are actually following and that of course as you mentioned is one of them. But nothing has been; it has not brought about any tangible conclusions as yet. So the motive has not yet been established.”


Jose Sanchez

“Following the murder of American national Gregory Faull, police in San Pedro have detained one man for his murder. They are also seeking American National, John McAfee, for questioning. McAfee is well known because he is the founder of the antivirus that bears his name. McAfee who has a house in the area has not been seen since this incident.”


A week ago, on Thursday November eight, McAfee donated some equipment including taser guns and batons to the San Pedro Police Department now the department is seeking him as the main person of interest in this murder investigation. McAfee is no stranger to the law and he was arrested in May 2012 at his compound outside Orange Walk town. The raid conducted by the gang suppression unit resulted in the discovery of “ten firearms—seven, twelve gauge pump action shotguns; one twelve gauge single action shotgun; one Taurus nine millimeter pistol and one, nine millimeter CZ pistol were found. Five air rifles with scopes that resembling sniper rifles that use six point two six millimeter slugs were also found. And two hundred and seventy twelve gauge cartridges.  Additionally, thirty nine millimeter rounds and twenty point thirty-eight rounds were also taken.” McAfee who had licenses for some of the weapons was not fazed. The Mexican police has been contacted to detain McAfee if he attempts to cross the border of if he is found in Mexico.  Meanwhile, Faull’s family from South Florida is reportedly making preparations to retrieve his body and repatriate it back to the US. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.


Late this evening, a statement by John McAfee hit the internet on  The author of the article, Joshua Davis, quotes McAfee as saying that he is innocent and that he has been burying himself in the sand with a cardboard box over his head so he could breathe.  McAfee tells Davis that, “It was extraordinarily uncomfortable… but they will kill me if they find me.” McAfee alleges in the interview that Faull was mistaken for him and when he heard the shots, he thought they were coming for him. For more information you can go to

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Antivirus pioneer, John McAfee, main person of interest in San Pedro Murder”

  1. The Doc says:

    OMG, John, stop your bs… GOB, I swear, if you can’t get him for murder, learn about the drugs he is creating… do some research… you will see that this is a criminal after all… not sure about murderer, but we will see…. and John, The Police will treat you great… If you are so innocent, turn yourself in. You will not be mistreated, you are too well known… Prove your innocence…You will get your chance… Do it…

  2. Storm says:

    I spent some time today reading what the world press has reported recently about McAfee, and if those reports are true, he left reality and went into apparently drug-induced paranoia since he has been in the Jewel, if not before.

    Sad to see someone who was blessed with great ability squander it and seemingly approach a very dark end.

    If he is guilty, he should hang.

  3. verymad says:

    What a nut case. I bet the other guy was just as crazy. Looks like McAfee is using drugs. G.S.U. Better keep an extra eye on the prime minister because acording to the nut guy he wants him dead. Maybe the Americans will have to come get him that will be the only way. Remember Mr. McAfee is very smart very rich and very crazy. And in BZE money talks and b.s. Walks. Lets pray that everything goes ok.

  4. Dee says:

    It seems like the police dept has target this man along time ago, maybe he did not line their dirty pockets with cash, as the Belize Police Dept has such an upstanding profile..joke. I believe this is a set up and someone in the department knows exactly what happen.

  5. Rod says:

    And the carnage continues in San Pedro and under this administration the carnage never stops what a useless pm and gov.

  6. Rod says:

    Mcafee says that this pm barrow is the one who sent his personal gang members to kill him and they killed the neighbor by mistake what a shamefull state of affairs when the prime minister is being blamed for killing an American mcafee says on his web site that this pm doesn’t like him and has it out for him and that he knows this pm put out a hit on him wow when the prime minister is being implicated in murder this is stunning news every one knows barrow has his gang members on his payroll so this is not that far out to imagine people we need to rid ourselves of this corrupt pm and gov. Enough is enough now all the parents of all the people murderering Belize will start wondering if their child was killed by this gov and pm .

  7. kkk says:

    again the Grand thug Dean Barrow sends his private army og dogs, the GSU to terrorise peace loveing people.

    whats realy crazy is that an investor who spends millions in Belize is called crazy, just for standing against the dog and grand thug Dean Dog Barrow.

    the grand thug must go, he destryed Belize with his greed.

  8. Uncle Benji says:

    “See every dog has it’s day dog, when the big dog throws him a bone. One moment in the sunshine when your ducks lined up in a row. Lucky dog get a big ol’ bed, stray dog gets the porch
    Every dog has it’s day dog, but today dog just aint yours”

    John McAfee is a psychotic looney. But his time has come. Another one bites the dust; and Uncle Beji is rejoicing. .

  9. Local says:

    Oh, so he is in fact manufacturing drugs in the Jewel. Bath salts are a very DANGEROUS drug and sadly our police dept. lacks proper educations about things happening in the real world. Why do we continue to let these people come to Belize and insult out intelligence and take out kindness for weakness? We need to contact the US State Dept., and the DEA to investigate this man, and we need to let him understand that WE run things here and that he can’t just come and make a little pittance donation and expect us to look the other way. The only corrupt person in this thing is McAfee. If America doesn’t want him, we need to keep him under manners.

  10. angel says:

    Could be one of America most wanted hiding in Belizean

  11. rubs says:

    okkkkk, so why the !@#$ is he hiding from the cops… if he hasn’t done a damn killing, why run & hide. that’s stupid… damn whote trash they think they can get away from murder in the jewel. their’s a lot off fugitives in bze but, one day they will be caught.

  12. ECONOMICS says:

    GSU Beware…when and american is killed we as a country loose a lot more money than when a southside gangbanger gets killed. if they kill Mc Affe by saying there was a struggle(remember that) for a weapon and it accidentally went off five times, Belize is doom. OFF the fiscal cliff into the ABYSS>

  13. lionface says:

    get that maniac behind bars fast

  14. Believe me, I Belize it says:

    A nutter, an unpaid corrupt politician, and an incompetent prosecutor walk into a bar . . .

    CNN: Accounts differ as to when this took place. Martinez said Faull, who lived alone near McAfee, was found Saturday morning. The police website, meanwhile, states the body was found around 8 a.m. Sunday and that Faull was last seen alive around 10 p.m. Saturday.

    Starting to look like another murder case, made in Belize.
    McAfee is crazy and the fumbling government lacks credibility.
    Going to the Princess to put my bets on spin the bottle.

    Mello for PM and king of the gangsta

  15. issues says:

    They should have put him in jail when he was found with unregistered weapons!

  16. Romney looses big says:

    Uncle Benji, I be rejoicing too!
    Another one bites the dust.

    McAfee is a business man, he can get those gang bangers to move to the US and create jobs here.
    Maybe that is the truest conspiracy, GOB scared criminals leave Belize.
    Or maybe expat kills expat and did not pay his murder permit, so gangstas come from Belize to kill dogs to remind him to pay tax before murder, or will pay big fine after.

  17. Concerned Person says:

    Not saying that Mr. Mcafee is innocent or not, but as far as just turning yourself in if you are innocent, I would kind of side with Mr. Mcafee on this one since it sounds like the general consensus is that he is guilty. I know a person who turned to the police for help and was arrested and accused of stealing his own car with no solid evidence. The criminal justice system in Belize is far from advanced and there is too much corruption in the country. I only used one example and I know that there are several other cases that were not handled proper. All we can do is pray for Belize.

  18. Belizesoul says:

    I am a Gringa who lived in SP for 5 yrs. , back in US now. In 2002, I tried to build on my property North SP, very close to Mr. Faull. He thought he owned the channel from the ocean to shore ( it is Queen’s Land to the high tide mark! ). He harrassed me and my husband, threatened us with a speargun, blocked our supplies and dock permit, and we think he had our construction bodega burned down one nite. He was NOT a nice man. There is ALWAYS more to it than meets the eye, or gets reported!

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