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Nov 9, 2012

4 GSU cops in trouble for incident involving top cop’s wife

Four police officers attached to the Gang Suppression Unit are tonight on interdiction, following an incident in October during which the wife of Assistant Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie was reportedly assaulted by the team.  It is alleged that Sandra Whylie and her daughter bore witness to the physical abuse of a young man, who had been arrested and subdued by members of the elite taskforce, under the suspicion that he was in possession of an unknown quantity of marijuana.  While details of the incident are somewhat conflicting, Whylie purportedly inquired about the GSU’s use of extreme force after the suspect had been apprehended.  According to other reports of the ordeal, the officers whose names will not be released because they have not been charged, became irate by Whylie’s line of questioning and subsequently shifted their focus on her.  When she identified herself as the Assistant ComPol’s wife, Whylie’s credentials were allegedly met with a slew of harsh insults.  That account goes on to say that she was forcefully extracted out of her vehicle before being pushed up against it.  That, however, is being challenged by the GSU.  The unit also contends that she was not hauled out of any vehicle. Word to News Five is that the officers, who are suspended from active duty, will be re-instated next week.

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17 Responses for “4 GSU cops in trouble for incident involving top cop’s wife”

  1. Storm says:

    I have no idea what actually happened, but police today need to be smart. Almost everyone has a cellphone, and most of them can take video. Police must be careful about imposing street justice where there can be cameras of witnesses. You just never know who is watching and filming.

    It doesn’t sound as there was any real harm to Mrs. Whylie, though, so I don’t see a foul. She needs to understand that the police have a very dangerous job, and it is usually unwise to stick your nose into a situation the police are handling unless you have all the facts.

  2. Jules says:

    Sure when it’s the top cops wife , officers are held accountable. When it is regular citizens , any brutality is acceptable.

  3. verymad says:

    Wellcome to the real world Mrs.Whylie. What you think would of happen to the butcher’s wife? Or even the Doctor’s wife?. I bet in jail!!

  4. HammerHead says:

    This incident clearly highlights the underlying corruption and “above the law” mentality of officials in high places.

    Why should GSU members be suspended for doing their jobs? Typical of “cruffy woman” style, Mrs. Whyllie interfered in an active police operation. She deserved to get her @$$ kicked. What or who gave her the right to interfere with the police?

    I support kicking her, beating her and arresting her. Perhaps she will learn her lesson. Come on Belize, we cannot have it both ways. If GSU is going to do their job, please let them do it.

  5. bill says:

    who is she to tell a police how to do their job, this lady was out of order and should be charge with destruction of an investigation.

  6. Marie says:

    but so what if she is a wife of a high ranking police? she is entitled to lesser treatment? or none at all?

  7. Young Gial says:

    Mr. Whylie is proving himself to be a currupt officer, not surprised. That lady obviously had no business in police duties, she should have been charged. But GSU should not have shown her any mercy because she no different from the rest of us civilians. Besides, noh because you dah high ranking officer means you can just go around putting officers on interdiction just because you feel like they insult your sex partner. What kind of craziness this??? Dah like the commissioner who have wah young gial in his office weh look like she run things in deh too. I don’t know mein, the people who need fu be put on interdiction, dah di senior police like the comissioner, Whylie and the others who use their position to intimidated and get their way with the Department.

    In my opinion, the high ranking currupt officers dah the ones weh di try shut down GSU. Because GSU noh tek bribe, nor have favor and it seems to me this doesn’t fall well on the higher heads…seems to me the Minister better get a hold of his department, cuz it seems quite unfair and unreasonable for them to repremand a group of officers who work hard and come up when dah time fu come up eh.

    Seriously, everytime someone work deh butt off and get work done, somebody corn get mashed and they repremand de hard worker. Like deh di punish people because deh work hard. Noh worry guys, uno keep doing uno job and to the best of your ability, cooler heads always prevail and God is a merciful and just God, he will protect you always. As long as you do the right thing and in the right manner, uno noh got nothing fu worry about. Just du uno work, we greatful even if they aren’t. Peace out.

  8. brightman says:

    EVEN the police are subject to the laws of the land and are required to discharge their duties humanely, and EVERY citizen has a civic duty to question and intervene in any situation where there is evidence of abuse of power, regardless of who it is. Well done, Mrs, Whylie. We need to become more courageous and proactive in bringing positive change in our society, and while we do need to extract the criminals and bring them to justice, we also need to do so while acutely aware of the universal human rights of each individual–if it were your son or brother the GSU was manhandling, we’d all be singing a different tune…there must be balance and restraint…extremism is never a good thing…

  9. Nisa says:

    We complain that the GSU use excessive force when dealing with our people. It is totally wrong of them to be treating people inhumanely. We will never get pass these days where violence is all we can use to solve issues. I would say that the GSU need to have more people skills, show an example to the criminals and stop beating our people, especially our women because this is not the first time they have beaten a woman. Very sad to see that Belizeans have no remorse for what happened to Mrs. Whylie. If it was your mom stopping them from using excessive force, how would you feel?

  10. Southern says:

    Go GSU..the law abiding citizens support you. Get rid of all those criminals because they don’t respect the rights of others and their rights to live. Tell me this, “you think those criminals are thinking about human rights when they are robbing and killing people????????” These officers have a dangerous job and they know when to be passive or aggressive when dealing with these criminals.

  11. Shirain says:

    What I can’t understand is GSU have physically abuse many and nothing was done but now since a top officer wife was abuse they are doing something about. This is so wrong, everyone should have the same level of respect. I am not against the officers dealing with the criminals but if an individual is not behaving in any way you don’t need to abuse them and you should not show special treatment to only the chosen few.

  12. North America says:

    Guys, who are we kidding? We know how corrupt our country’s system is. Our country needs to educate and put in place harsh punishment for those who think that they are above the law. Our country needs experience civil war before it can truly appreciate freedom and human rights. It’s sad….

  13. NONYA BIZNIZ says:


  14. Young Gial says:

    Fistly, my mom would not be going off on any police man for doing his duties, even if done in the wrong manner, she would be smarter than lady wiliey because she would use the law to deal with the matter, that is what the law is there for noh. As for the rest who are assuming that the GSU have used or is using excessive force, they have a saying about @$$uMe-ing.

  15. KARMA says:

    All the high ranking officers in the BPD are a bunch of @@#HOL35. they shouldn’t be put on interdiction Young Gial, they should be kicked out of the dept because its because of them that this dept will never function. all they want isget richer and richer thus targeting the hard working police officers. 4 officers placed on interdiction. Mr. Whyllie have u even bothered to hear the next side of the story or only because its ur ….. u think she is right. Mein this man is d reach to my guts. A WPC is on interdiction too, do u even bother to think she must have kid to feed, rent to pay, wat if she is a single mother.
    unu Senior officers think with unu @$$ rather than brains; !@#$ guess unu have any. commissioner you are a waste of time too for allowing hard working officers be taken as puppets by a high ranking officer WIFE. but u r d same thing; look at u dealing with a W at the PHQ. GSU officers unu are the best; unu have the City under lock; ppl complain but wen sumone is murdered i bet u they ask themselves where is GSU. No mek no one bring unu down. We stand strong bhind unu. God Bless

  16. belizeanprogress says:

    Good Job GSU; all belizeans are equal i thoiught, but seems for COMPOL and Mr. Whylie, his gurls are above the law. just remember u will not stay in those positions the rest of unu life. MRS. WHYLLIE hope u learn a lesson and next time u no interfere into police business. why u no show ur face yet and tell the ppl ur side of the story. All we hear is ur man taking for u like if he was there. Corrupt bunch of leaders; the BPD will never succeed whilst unu are top there. Kudos to the GSU

  17. Young Gial says:

    I am so glad to see all the support for our fellow GSU. Thanks to all of you that noh fraid fu mek them know when deh wrong deh wrong, at least some people will get the sense, that dah fool di talk but dah noh fool di listen. I say, we had enough of the curruption and misuse of power within the police department. The law is there for you to enforce not for wives and sex partners to make demands. Uno senior officers too immature, fu mek you have uno woman di manhandle uno an mek uno look foolish on the media. Stop di embarass the department and stop di waste time on petty girlish yeriso because uno will embarass the government, cos the department money- after uno get uno battom sued for dehya foolish decisions, and waste the time of the police and the court…thank you

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