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Nov 1, 2012

Guns, drugs and ammunition in Mexican’s Las Vegas Casino hotel room

Las Vegas Casino at the Corozal Free Zone. We broke that story on Tuesday, but police have only today released the information. It is reported that one of the most notorious drug cartels is linked, but what we can confirm is that the bust took place before noon at two hotel rooms at the swanky casino. A Mexican national was arrested, four vehicles were confiscated and the bust yielded an arsenal of high powered weapons including AK-47 rifles, ammunition, drugs, radio and communication devices, a mask and an assortment of other items. The Mexican national in police custody is Zurisday Villasenor Mendez, identified as a twenty-two year old businessman of Chetumal. In the room he occupied, police found two pistols and ammunition, suspected cocaine and cannabis, assorted communication devices, cell phones, a mask and other items. In the other room, the search yielded food supplies, liquor, documents and luggage.  Vehicle keys were found in both rooms which lead police to the parking lot of the casino where four vehicles were confiscated: a Mazda car, a Chevrolet double cab pickup truck, and an F-two-fifty double cab; all with no license plates.

Zurisday Villasenor Mendez

The fourth vehicle is another Ford pick-up truck, which carried Chetumal license plates. With the K-nine Unit of the police force, the pickup truck was searched and behind the passenger seat, police found a cache of high powered weapons, including two AK-47 Riffles with magazine and live rounds, a Cherokee nine mm pistol with live rounds, a Colt Super pistol and an assortment of ammo. The search extended elsewhere in the casino where more firearms were found. In a garbage bin, police found another Colt Super Automatic Pistol and ammunition. Villasenor Mendez is in police custody, he has been arrested and charged for keeping prohibited firearm, prohibited ammunition, keeping firearm without a gun license, drug trafficking and possession of controlled drugs. It is believed that two other men fled the scene.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Guns, drugs and ammunition in Mexican’s Las Vegas Casino hotel room”

  1. benquenio says:

    Sometimes it is safe to say that the police actually do there job and as strange as it may sound this type of jobs would go unnoticed if the proper people would have gotten their hands greased, Maybe they stopped a crime, but how many police were actually involved in the situation where only small fish are caught.. Police thinks that the public is exited to see how many weapons they confiscated. If this guys were the main ones they had enough weapon to go through the belize police,–come on, I own more weapons than that and by no means intend to use it on someone unless I’m defending myself and my family.—-I guess the bottom line is that the government should legalize guns for people to defend their family and business.

  2. Whappy says:

    Was all his ammunitiin non- lethal?

  3. Rum Drum says:

    Not to sound like a know all but on a cursory look at the picture it looks like THELONGER rifle is an AK 47 and the shorter one looks like a Typae 56 Kalashnikov (a 1956 variant of the AK 47)

  4. Rod says:

    Well now we have the real gangs moving into Belize they know how infantile this pm and gov. Are and things will get much worse watch out belizeans the war is coming to you.

  5. Uncle Benji says:

    I kept shouting the Mexicans are coming, the Mexicans are coming. Well they are here. The big bad boys have finally discovered Belize. The Zetas drug cartel consist of ex army and marine troops. They are disciplined, and it is this discipline that makes them so successful, fearsome and ruthless.

    It is just a matter of time before they commence recruiting Belizean gang bangers as couriers and gophers. Once recruited the gang bangers will have to act, think and live military style. This means less killing between gang bangers. That will be a relief.

    BDF and police officers will be lured by the Zetas to become drug gophers. Many will accept. So Belize, get ready………….. we will see a decline in gang killings, and more corruption in Police and BDF ranks.

    Lord why do punish us in this manner? What have we done for you to disliken us in such a fashion?

  6. Young Gial says:

    The Lord has not disliken us Uncle Benji. We just simply have too many people falling victims of the the temptation of the devil. We need to share the good news and get more people to choose God. We need to stop the minister of education from secularizing the educational instituations. People think they can just take God out of everything and live happy and rich. But that is a sad mistake. The more they take Christ out of the law, education institution, and public events then the more problems we will suffer, look at Russia and other european countries where you cannot even display a cross in public places. Their country is gone to ruins. That is what is happening to Belize.

    On a brighter note, I applaude the Corozal Police efforts. They like the San Ignacio police have proven time and time again, that they know how to work on intelligence. That is something to be commended. Sad to see that some peole think that they make a difference in bashing the efforts of the police because they seem to think they can do better. I would like to know if any of those who posted negatively have done any positive thing for this country in the area of crime ever. Instead of putting down good efforts, you should be encouraging or participating with the police. But I am sure many of you have lots to say and hate the police. But you need the police never the less because you would not protect other people but yourselves and your own family. How do you think these officers feel, when they are on the street protecting others, yet far away from their own….have you ever thought about that? Yet many of them do it because it is a pasion to protect and to serve this nation. Problem is sometimes they probably have little to no recourses, currupt senior officers who think they are above the law, abusive senior officers who take advange of their possition and governement resources, etc. But you seem to think it is all fine and dandy for all police officers. What a nieve bunch of haterz…..

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    The criminal elements in the Jewel seems to be more organized than the GOB.

  8. ceo says:

    So how long before he is released? Any predictions?

  9. rubs says:


  10. Jr says:

    Great job to the officers involve, next step in the process is to bring in the D.E.A. And let them take it over, we all know that he was waiting to load his vehicle and the drugs will head north to america. try to flip this guy and set up some video survelliance and wire taps on those local belizean working with him.

  11. vIN says:

    The real truth is that ZETAS are already in Belize and the sad part is the Belize Security Forces are nothing compared to the ZETAS . we have old powered rifles, . 38 pistols…comeon them people have grenade launcher, AK. and better weapons

  12. Storm says:

    Is it true that Sedi wants to pay compassionate compensation to the this man and his family for his inconvenience?

    The underworld has frozen over — I agree with Uncle Benji on this one.

    And I also agree we should try to work with US agencies on this case, we can’t rely on Mexican agencies, especially with a new president there who campaigned to accommodate the cartels instead of fighting them.


  13. islander says:

    Yup looks like an AK 47 and an AK 74. One a rifle, the other a carbine.

    Sadly BPD are not trained to recognize weapons. A good example is the other day someone was charged for keeping an unlicensed Austria brand handgun. It is actually a Glock pistol but the slide say’s Austria “as in Made in Austria” so the cops called it an Austria handgun.

    I point this out just to show that our police need more training since a sleezy attorney can easily defend that case by saying, your honor the Police said that the pistol was an Austria pistol but presented here is a Glock pistol, I would like to make a no case submission and tadaaaaa case done.

  14. eee says:

    To Uncle Benji,

    the old say says ” the way you are , the way you will be ruled”

    you choose loosers and thiefs, from Dean thug Barrow to all the thugs at BDF,GSU, then do not complain.

  15. Hatari says:

    Another assist by the K9 Unit! Go Law Dawgs!

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