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Nov 1, 2012

Antichrist convicted of murder

Lavern Longsworth

The domestic dispute that ended in the death of David White in 2010, has now resulted in the murder conviction of a woman. It took the jury of seven women and five men only three hours and six minutes of deliberation to come up with a unanimous guilty verdict in the case against thirty-eight year old Lavern Longsworth, popularly known as Antichrist. The trial began on October ninth and while there were no eyewitnesses, Longsworth admitted that she caused White’s injuries when she set him on fire and expressed remorse, but she denied being the one who caused his death. According to Longsworth, White actually died because he had AIDS, which she has also contracted. She also told the court that her relationship with White had a history of abuse and that she was defending herself on the night of the incident. But the prosecution, headed by Shenieza Smith of the DPP’s office, used interviews that Longsworth gave to the media after the incident on July fifteenth and after White passed away on August second as evidence. As many as ten media personnel were called to testify on the interviews while White’s mother, Yvonne Thompson also took the stand and claimed that on the morning after the incident, Longsworth called her and told her to go check on her son, because she had burned him. in a caution statement back in 2010, Longsworth had also admitted that she doused White with kerosene and set him on fire with a candle. Dr. Manuel Pawagua, White’s attending doctor, recounted that White suffered second degree burns to eighty-five percent of his body. Pawagua believes the cause of death was multiple organ failure and infections that were caused because White’s immune system was not protected. Pathologist, Dr. Mario Estradabran, however, testified that White died from pulmonary edema due to multiple organ failure caused by the burns. Estradabran says that even if White had AIDS, the burns were the cause of the infection. In summing up the case, Judge Adolph Lucas asked the jury to deliberate on whether they are convinced that Longsworth honestly believed it was necessary to defend herself and if the amount of force that she used was reasonable. Well it appears they didn’t think so and delivered the guilty verdict at twenty-seven minutes after three o’clock this afternoon. Longsworth was taken back to prison to begin her prison term.

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14 Responses for “Antichrist convicted of murder”

  1. lavern daughter says:

    cum on jury 7 women and uno d try tell me none ah uno neva been in an abusive relationship. uno just find my ma guilty but y exactly??? ppls of belize uno wa mek i tell uno y dat neva fair? dey ppl put who dey mi want as witness ka i mi deh pan d witness list and dey just take off my name ka i knw weh my ma mi d go tru wit he and dey dun knw if dey mi kip most ah my ma witnesses my ma mi wa walk free bt rt nw da uno in charge i nuh knw wat else fi seh just wa wait till next week fi yer d sentence

  2. Winston says:

    She should get life in prison.she’s the mark of the beast.have no mercey on her.let her pay for her evil act.that woman & her family is the devil.give her life without parole.let justice be serve.

  3. Tashybze says:

    This is the reason why most women don’t protect themselves. Yeah women just sit back an keep getting beat and hit. Because if u try to help yourself you go to jail. And the man stay free, to walk around and keep doing the same thing. I know this I was in that same life, press charges,when to court and the court drop the charge. I was knock out for two days, this man wanted to kill me just cause I wanted to leave him. And yes he is free as a bird. Kept messing with me after, I kept calling the police an nothing. So I left Belize. I was going to kill him but God show me a way out. I pray that one day our women will come together to end these abuse.

  4. concern citizen says:

    Really sad indeed a life lost and a mother of 3 going to prison. I know her actions is unacceptable but i am commenting because my only concern is her son who is dumb…..that poor child will be left without his mom to guide him daily. However, at least he will still have the opportunity to visit her in prison unlike Mr White who did not get that opportunity. Its always good to look at what will be the outcome of your actions before one reacts.

  5. Bernadette smith says:

    give her life in jail she did her crime out of wickedness.evildoers shall be put to jail for put a man to death so shall you be put to death in jail without no parole.

  6. Storm says:

    It’s the right verdict, and life in prison will be a just punishment. Hanging would be just, too.

    Good work, jury and prosecutor Smith.

  7. concern citizen says:

    The system does work, I hope it works this well when it comes to the gangs, who are killing people just for fun. I don’t agree with what the lady did and justice needs to be done, but what about all the criminals who goes around killing freely and nothing is being done about it. Remember some years ago they hang a lady for defending herself, who was in an abusive situation. Think about it.

  8. islander says:

    You cannot claim self defense on a premeditated murder.

    She had time to think about her actions, plan it out, and carry it out.

    If she would have been getting a beating at the exact moment, grabbed a machete and chopped him, she could have claimed self defense and if I was a juror I would find her not guilty.

  9. duty cup crew. says:

    good work jury give her life in jail.she pland to kill him it was premeditated murder.she planned it ahead and that is treated as the most serious form of muder because of the fact that the murder planned to kill was malice.a desire to kill aiong with deliberation meaning that murder was fully aware that her actions would lead to death or serious injury.she bought the gasoline and then went back home and throw it on him.she had enough time to think about what she was doing.put her in jail for life.

  10. rose says:

    that woman and her family been wicked from day one,give her life.she the one that gave him aids she been had aids for years.its time to put evil people to jail for life get those trash off the streets then belize would be a better place.put those low life trash to jail.

  11. lavern daughter says:

    life in prison nuh uno mussy related to him mek uno wa dat happen and even if ih happen deh just memba dat da nuh d end ah life and wen judgement day cum my ma wa dun pay for her sins da uno weh nuh gat mercy wa pay fi it wen d day cum thanks fi all supporter duh.

  12. Bush says:

    members of the public are always complaining about gang members who are charged for murder walking free to kill again and then blaming the Government, the DPP and the Prosecutors. This is not the fault of the justice system or the Government, it is the fault of the very members of the public. An accused person is convicted based on evidence presented in court and if no evidence is tendered then there is nothing for the jury to deliberate on and the reason why there is no evidence is because members of teh public are unwilling to testify even where the possibility of them being interefered with by the accused or his affiliates are remote. The public have to assist in the prosecution of these offenders and stop pointing fingers. How many of u will testify if u witness a killing or a criminal act? how many of u will volunteer to help the prosecution to convince witnesses to attend court and testify? Everyone alleges that Lavern was a victim of domestic violence but not one person came and testifed at the trial to attest to that fact. Lavern was given an opportunity to call witnesses and she called two: one to say that she made an oral report that White pawned her tv and the other to say that White was convicted of attempt robbery. How can that assist the jury when they go to deliberate on a charge of murder? Those who knew ought to have come forward.

  13. Bush says:

    I wonder how many of u will go to court and testify if u witness a killing by a gang member? teh guilt or innocence of an accused is determined based on the EVIDENCE prsented to the court not on what is said or believed outside of court. The sexual composition of the jury is irrelevant. Lavern was convited on the evidence presented to the jury, all this allegation of domestic abuse and not one person came to court to testify to that fact when Lavern was given an opportunity to call witnesses in her defence she called two persons one who testifed that lavern made an oral report of White having pawned her tv and the second witness testifed that White had a conviction for attemp robbery. How does that help her?

    The prosecution called 17 witnesses and some of u need to understand the difficulty the prosecutors face in convincing witnesses to come to court even in non-gang related killings. The gang bangers are on the street because u, the same ones pointing the fingers, are not coming to court and testify. If u dont testify, the prosecution will have nothing to send to the jury and the accused will walk to kill another day. the members of teh public are creating the society in which they live. Volunterr to assist the prosecutors and police in finding witnesses and convincing them to testify rather than to criticize.

  14. concern citizen says:

    All you people who are talking life in prison should shut the hell up and talking about the family as of you know them!!! Put your stupid self in her shoe! what would you have to say if that was your daughter/mother or sister you all talk without sense!!!!!!!!! She was a victim too sad he didn’t get out of the situation quicker, most woman are being abuse and they stay day after day getting no assistant from anyone!!! And dumb isn’t the name to give a child! So many mindless killing is taking place and nothing is being done about it, but a mother defends herself and all you can hear is negativity out people mouth. If you have nothing good to say then don’t utter a word. She is a mother, aunt, sister, cousin and friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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