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Nov 1, 2012

PM asked cabinet to approve cash for slain Guatemalan

Dean Barrow

Earlier in the news the PM came out in support of Alan Slusher, his special advisor; he also came out in support of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The newly formed Belizean Coalition for Justice and the Peoples United Party have called for the removal of Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington.  Elrington told News Five that the government would pay the family of the Guatemalan gold panner who was killed during an altercation with the B.D.F. in the Ceibo Chico area of the Chiquibul. Well it seems all that shouting and ruffling of Elrington’s feathers were uncalled for. When News Five asked Barrow if it was a cabinet decision to pay the family, he said it was his idea.


Jose Sanchez

“There had been calls for the removal of the minister of foreign affairs for a payment to the slain Guatemalan’s family. Was it a cabinet decision? How much money was spent and from what particular area did the money come from?”


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“It was a cabinet decision not to pay compensation. We don’t want to get into a word game, but there is a—compensation is almost a term of art or certain has a legal technical meaning. Compensation is when you have to make amends for what you did wrong. Cabinet agreed, as a matter of international diplomacy and in the interest we thought of moving forward with Guatemala, cabinet agreed on a humanitarian extratia payment. That did not come from Minister Elrington. I was the one that put that to cabinet and I stand by the decision to make a humanitarian extratia payment.”


On Friday we’ll have the Prime Minister’s remarks from the Business Forum opening ceremony.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “PM asked cabinet to approve cash for slain Guatemalan”

  1. Lucas says:

    Since it is his idea, perhaps the without ….. can can give the extratia from his own pocket. Let us not forget that when he was in the opposition, he was only eight hundred thousand dollars rich but, three years after being PM, he was five millions dollares rich and now five years being PM, he must have added a few millions more. Therefore este …. .. ….., can very well afford to pay without making a dent in his pocket.

  2. Thomas says:

    This just goes to show how lost Dean Barrow is. This means now that every incident like this the guatemalans will be expecting a big payout for something that they were doing illegally in our country. I see this as a huge betrayal to the belizean people and brings low morale to our soldiers who were only defending themselves. If it was the other way around Guatemala would not be giving any belizean family a dime. This is a big shame on Dean Barrow and the Belizean Government

  3. Rod says:

    What a useless incompetent impotent traitorous pm and gov. We have what about paying all the families of all the men women and children that have been killed because of the incompetence of this pm and his gov. Judas barrow is even worse than the original judas at least he only betrayed once this pm judas barrow is betraying the country and people of Belize over and over and over well people if this no wake unu up then their is no help for you and Belize march march this judas barrow needs to go we the people of Belize demand your resignation judas barrow You and all your traitorous cohorts guan guan.

  4. Remeber says:

    Remember this story –>Three years ago, on February 2nd 2009, cane farmer Antanacio Gutierrez was shot dead by Government’s security forces as he took part in a protest at the Belize Sugar Industries Compound…. No humanitarian extratia payment for this family. But Cabinet decides to give humanitarian extratia payment to the Guatemalan? So Make Belizean dont count in this country?

  5. nesher says:

    WTH???? did i read dis rite? wat kind of leader will tek an invaders action over his OWN personnel hired to PROTECT our national patrimony….di BDF is der to protect out sovereignty, dey were doing wat dey are paid to do, how many Belizeans have crossed over to Melchor n have come back dead???? where is the Guatemalan “Humanitarian Exgratia Payment” for this ppl???? dos a guats life value more to him dan a Bzeans life? from wat he is saying it seems so to me, wat do u tink ppl?

  6. Young Gial says:

    Such and embarassment, and to think he has the audacity to say it out lowd…

  7. deedee says:

    Dean Oliver Barrow you are a disgrace to the Belizean people, you & your elected & appointed officials are all INCOMPETENT @$$!@#$%. This country is going into a fail state under your leadership, its clear that you don’t know how to run or govern this country. When I travel abroad & people ask where I’m from, believe it or not I am ashamed to even utter the name Belize because when foreigners hear that the first individual that comes to their mind is your dumb@$$ & your cabinet. With all respect YOU ARE A FAILURE to this country & its people. You have the audacity to take tax payers $$$ (because that’s where the payment will come from) & give it to the family of the dead whom by all accounts broke every law when it comes to entering this land & taking its natural resource. With the words of Rod…..JUDAS BARROW YOU NEED TO RESIGNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  8. Monica says:

    Dean’s CANCER HAS REACHED HIS BRIAN, he doesn’t make sound judgement & you Belizeans sit there & take his SHAFT. How much longer are you going to sit & take it.?

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    Dean Barrow has no family member in the BDF as a result why should he care?Maybe he should encourage Shyne to enlist in the BDF.

  10. Rod says:

    So let it be said so let it be written deedee

  11. Chiquibul says:

    Yes, Belizeans are not humans, only Guatemalan.

  12. Reality says:

    Lord help us. we have an idiot leading us. His arrogance is beyond what i have seen in my life time. How many “humanitarian extratia payments” have gone out to Belizean families who have lost loved ones to senseless crimes. And now we are paying someone who defies our laws, defies our military and we must bow to their requests? Its a wrap. We don’t even have to go to any ICJ. It’s done come take us Guatemala. come and do as u please, why not you already have ur hands up d @$$3$ of the puppets in this government.

  13. Maya says:

    This PM is giving away evry thing that Belize have. If he can’t pocket it then give away to none Belizeans. When all them hijacking was taking place on the hummingbird highway by foreigners and killing pple I did not hear about no extratia. Man get killed and left a pregnant wife. was a BDF too they killed. No barrow lets not get into word games, talk about give weh u @$$ fi $#!% tru u ribs. Like we have money to dish out to evry tom, dick and harry weh da noh even Belizeans!!!!!!

  14. Storm says:

    Remember, PM Barrow also pays humanitarian extratia to the gang members. He has a prior offense.

    People power — time for students, churches, and civic groups to organize protests and strikes until our corrupt political institutions fall. We need a new start to find honest democracy dedicated to serving present and future Belizeans.

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