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Oct 31, 2012

Ten bullets; man gunned down in Murder Capital, Belize City

David Myvette

One man narrowly escaped being murdered on Tuesday night and he clings to life while another shooting victim was gunned down with close to a dozen bullets this morning, just prior to a speech being delivered by the Minister of National Security John Saldivar, in Belize City. The Ministry sent a release stating that no one was killed during an altercation between police and some men on the George Price Highway on Tuesday night, but the murder count for 2012 increased to one hundred and eighteen this morning. A News Five team visited the crime scene on Electric Avenue minutes after the callous murder.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The mid-morning execution of forty-three year old David Myvette, as he oversaw a team of workmen pouring concrete on Electric Avenue, is the latest homicide in the Old Capital.  At about ten o’clock, Myvette, a construction foreman employed by Maheia’s United, was supervising the resurfacing project when two unknown assailants emerged on the scene.  A succession of gunshots, neighbors say as many as ten, was fired at close range.


Voice of: Carla Maheia, Proprietor, Maheia’s United

“So far the indications are that it was a case of mistaken identity.”


While Belize City police are yet to release significant information on the incident, News Five understands that a pair of shooters approached Myvette and a his workmen from the direction of Lawrence Avenue.  Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez spoke briefly on this morning’s murder.


Raphael Martinez

Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer

“At approximately ten a.m. a Belize City man was shot in the Electric Avenue area.  He was working on the street doing some construction.  Two men rode up on bicycle, one of whom pulled out a firearm and shot him several times.  He was taken to the K.H.M.H. where he succumbed to his injuries at ten-fifteen.  So far nobody has been detained.  Police are following a lead into this latest murder.”


The shooting, although family and friends admit that Myvette was not involved in gang activity, was calculated.


Voice of: Carla Maheia

“I know that David was not involved in any gang-related business.  He has been, he’s worked for me off and on for ten years and he’s a versatile worker.  He has been at my pre-cast plant, he has been with decorative concrete stamping, he has done industrial floorings for us.  So when this project came up David was one of the first persons I called upon.”


The project that is being undertaken in the Lake Independence area is part of a citywide road works initiative spearheaded by the Belize City Council.  Workmen are busy paving a number of streets, including Electric and Lawrence avenues.  Maheia’s United has provided employment for residents in the community.


Voice of: Carla Maheia

“We’ve been on Electric Avenue, this is the fourth [street] and he said he needed maybe another five or six days to wrap up and we would have been done with Electric Avenue.”


Isani Cayetano

“That area, over the past several months, has become sort of a hotspot in Belize City.  There have been several incidents there over the past two weeks.  Do you believe that this incident will now pose some kind of safety issue with regards to other employees you have working in that area?”


Voice of: Carla Maheia

“It’s hard to tell, obviously I’m going to have to rethink Electric Avenue and how we go about finalizing it.  We’re going to have to work with the Belize City Council in [terms of] putting in some security for the crew.  The guys that I have on the crew that David was supervising, some are from Electric Avenue itself.”


Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “Ten bullets; man gunned down in Murder Capital, Belize City”

  1. Lily moor says:

    It is so sorry how these young boy going around killing innocent people . He was a father ,husband, grand-father n friend u need to buried in hell for what u did if that was my father or husband u will be wishing u would have never born into this world u will pay

  2. Rod says:

    Wow the tie didn’t last long I bet he is already tired of telling lies for this useless pm and gov. How can someone do that job always knowing that you have the same line death after death the famous line we are investigating wow 123 murders and only 3 have been solved why would you want to be police press officer when all you do is lie lie lie.

  3. RG Belizean says:

    RIP David!!!

  4. bev says:

    RIP my big cuzzo So sad that a country and so many of its members has decided that its occupants are mosquitoes so they can kill them as they please… Your memories will be in our hearts forever because i kno this is the end of the so call police investigation .. Can’t believe you r a statistic to the horrible situation… But Jah knows

  5. Lawrence says:

    I don’t even have the words to explain what happen to you, im so mad inside and frustated right now, everyday i think about you Dave and always pray that this would never happen to you, but only Jah knows why, i know how hard you work for your family and the type of guy u were, u are my first cousin but also my big brother now i just have to cherish the moment we had in the past, i’m crying inside because our country have gone to the dogs, u became a statisitic which hurt me even more R I P fam .

  6. Southern says:

    Since the police and the government continually fail to protect its law abiding citizens, we need to change the gun laws in Belize for law abiding citizens to own firearms to defend themselves. Criminals have the upper hand with their guns and bullets while the innocents remain helpless and the drop like dead flies from gunshots.

  7. Stephen says:

    It is time for some old school police officer, get rid of they as they know who they are. Kill out the gang by any means necessary. I will be glad to help with the extermination.

  8. Belizean says:

    @Stephen….Kill out the gang by all means necessary: THATS WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!! At least a start.

  9. Storm says:

    A terrible murder of a man who sounds to have been a fine person. Condolences to the family and friends.

    As for the killer, I vote with Belizean, Stephen, and Southern, and whoever else thinks the police ned to become lethally harsh with these gunmen. Gangsters need to feel they might not reach the safety of a jail cell alive.

  10. Storm says:

    A terrible murder of a working man. Condolences to the family and friends.

    As for the killer, I vote with Belizean, Stephen, and Southern, and whoever else thinks the police ned to become lethally harsh with these gunmen. Gangsters need to feel they might not reach the safety of a jail cell alive.

  11. NY says:

    What will it take for the government to do something about these senseless killings? Dean Barrow and his administration should be held responsible for the deterioration of civil society. Under his watch, Belize City residents have become cold hearted killers, and Dean and his cronies are not doing anything to curb this continuous decline in people’s moral fiber. It’s very frustrating to see our country going down the drain. All the administration needs to do is set some parameters so that people engaging in crimes will be aware that there is a high price to pay for their actions. Here in U.S, when people commit heinous acts of crimes, they are made to serve the harshess of penalties, so that other people who would be criminals, would know the sentence they would have to endure .The GOB needs to get rid of concurrent sentencings. It makes no sense to say that a person will be recieve 5yrs for one crime and 5yrs for another, but in the end those sentences would run concurrent, which ends up at a total of 5yrs for both crimes, and then that person would be back out on the streets to harm hard working taxpaying citezens. The people of Belize needs better representation in the DPP’s office; they need someone who knows the laws and how they laws work, because for far too long the prosecutors have displayed their ignorance of basic court prosedures and have been schooled by Dickey Bradley and many others.

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    The GOB is to blame for all this bs.The citizens in the Jewel are now living in fear as a result of these murders.

  13. Realtalk says:

    Its sad how so many are killed in our country and their lives are worth nothing to the authorities, to these hoodlums, to the justice system…. I should not say this, but what if people started taking matters into their own hands….

    Since the authority ñever find out who these heartless criminals are, i know for sure people see and know things…. so just maybe we should find the justice for ourselves ….

    Everybody that knows David, knew that he was a dedicated, devoted hard working family man. Unlike the person who took bread out his family’s mouth… it’s obvious, the killer has nothinng better to do with his life, as if he had a 9 to 5, David would still be here to spend the holidays with his now grieving wife, children, family and friends…

    Seems like my little Belize breeds only invincible hard -core heartless murderes…. WHERE IS THE LOVE

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