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Oct 30, 2012

Not enough; P.U.P. speaks of G.O.B.’s response to crime

Crime was the second focus of today’s press conference and the keynote was delivered by Party Chairman, Henry Charles Usher. Usher did not mince words for the Ministry of National Security, which he believes is failing the country. Instead of providing solutions, Usher lambasted the Minister of National Security for touring the police stations.


Henry Charles Usher, Chairman, P.U.P.

Henry Charles Usher

“It is near impossible to find a Belizean family that has not been impacted by crime. The murder count is staggering. Our unofficial figures are that there have been one hundred and twenty-three murders up to October twenty-eighth; that’s two days ago, [so] perhaps more since then. In 2010, there were one hundred thirty-two murders, in 2011, one hundred twenty-five. Therefore ladies and gentlemen we are easily on pace to surpass the most deadly year on record in Belize and may even reach one hundred and fifty murders for this year. In 2010 at the end of October there were one hundred and six murders recorded. Again I repeat, at the end of October 2012, we are already at one hundred and twenty-three. Think about it this way. In a primary school upper division—standards four, five and six—let’s say each standard has four classes of thirty students each. That’s one hundred and twenty students per standard. By Belize’s murder rate, we would have wiped out the entire upper division of a primary school. Frightening and disturbing statistics for what we call our peaceful haven of democracy.  In the last week alone, two businessmen had been executed in broad daylight. There were murders in Hopkins, in Guinea Grass and numerous homicides in the mean streets of what some Belizeans are now calling murder city and not Belize City. There was a shootout in front of a primary school, home invasions, robberies, rapes, choppings; I could go on and on. Yet we hear nothing from our Minister of National Security. All we see is a merry-go-round of Police Press Officers getting up and saying the same thing over and over and over; police are investigating. The only response we got from the Minister or the Ministry last week was a callous and inconsiderate press release saying that the murder of Mister Schakron was not your garden variety gang related murder. So Belizeans you should just ignore it. Well Mister Saldivar, murder is murder. Perhaps the minister is too busy touring the country and opening and painting police stations to read any of the myriad reports that have come out from the government in regards to crime and root causes of crime. But crime is a symptom of social and economic breakdown which is prevalent in high levels throughout our neighborhoods and communities. Providing jobs and economic opportunities will reduce crime; unfortunately, this government has failed miserably in both key areas.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Not enough; P.U.P. speaks of G.O.B.’s response to crime”

  1. Rod says:

    You need to go further you need to tell the truth tell judas barrow he needs to step down resign because he is clearly clearly is a total failure at his job he the minister of national security need to be in jail for corruption and treason , why is there no one in jail for treason for selling passports all these people should be in jail wake the hell up belizeans ask why no one is in jail for treason for the selling of passports.

  2. Uncle Benji says:

    P.U.P. all the way. Remember that slogan? Well, there are thousands of Belizeans ready to make that happen again. They are ready to donate their time, their monies, and the monies of friends and contacts to make the Fonseca gang a success, and the new government of Belize.

    However, we have to see more effort, more harrasment of the UDP coming from the boys in blue. As opposition party, we want to see pitbulls, jaguars and mountain lion attacks on the UDP. We want to see snake like movements from the PUP, silent, swift and deadly.

    We will give you our hearts and monies. If we did it for President Romney, we can definitely do it for our beloved PUP.

  3. jessica says:

    Rod, why when you always comment you always forger your pus bag you are in, if it is for corruption and treason you might be the first one to go. both blue and red had failed the people of this country, but we will go on until people like you do the change within, stop critize barrow you might be worse. crap is crap and will never change.

  4. Southern says:

    Well said @jessica . both political parties can only talk but continually fail to walk the talk.

  5. Rod says:

    Don’t think so Jessica its idiots. Like you that keep propping up this useless corrupt gov. In fact I do believe you are one of those who were selling passports you should be locked up along with your corrupt pm what a total idiot you are pitiful.

  6. alley cat says:

    May be the generation gap, the older guys just can’t deal with the crime situation. I agree that both parties have failed us, I remember PUP started this paying off the gang members thing. How many gang leaders we had working (hanging) with the minister?

    Y symbolizes a man standing with his two hands up in the air begging the politician for money…

  7. Gordon Smith says:

    Jessica, it was your UDP government, when in opposition, came up with a 360 degree plan that would have solved all the crime problems in Belize. The choir leader of that sankey, Carlos Perdomo, went down in history as the WORST Minister of National Security this country has ever seen. If probably he realized that 360 degrees (as opposed to 180 degrees) brings you right back to where you started, he might have performed more effectively. The UDP, like its Leader, is IMPOTENT on crime!

  8. Storm says:

    I’m with Southern. PUP and UDP have both pushed us down to this terrible position the Jewel is in, through corruption, nepotism, and incompetence.

    Instead of making apublicitytour of police formations that accomplishes nothing useful, Hon. Saldivar should invite the heads of the formations and the special units to meet and compile a “wish list” of what they need, anything at all, to catch more criminals, convict more criminals, and secure peace on the streets.

    Then someone must put those ideas into effect. I don’t think it will ever be UDP or PUP, because they are both corrupt from within.

    Our hope is with church leaders, students, and civic [not political!] organizations who can organize to strike, protest, and bring down the system we have and start over. I believe some good leaders will arise in the process. People power!

  9. p. griffith says:

    I am also with Southern. Both parties are fraught with nepotism and corruption. I was happy when the UDP came into power because I felt that they would change things in Belize for the better. They started out strong but then became drunk with power and victims of their own greed. Mr. Barrow,you need to do a house cleaning!!! You are responsible because you are the bossman. If you don’t clean house the Belizean people will!!!
    However, I applaud Mr. Usher’s tenacity in pointing out what is really important to the Belizean people. Furthermore, he was on point that murder is murder whatever the case maybe, and that the wave of crime has touched every Belizean family including mine. Yes jobs and economic opportunites will reduce crime, but what is the plan to implement this? Not only do we need church leaders, civic organizations and students. We also need the families. Parents, teach your children the value of human life, teach them kindness, love, right from wrong and most of all be their role models. We need more educated young politicians with new ideas, maybe even a new party. Until then the PUP maybe the lesser evil……..

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