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Oct 30, 2012

Minor passes out and raped after having drink with other teens

A pair of teenagers, both from the Belize District, has been charged with rape and unlawful carnal knowledge, following a report by a minor that the duo sexually assaulted her on Friday.  The fourteen year-old, a student of Trial Farm Village in Orange Walk, told police that she was with four of her friends at a residence on Cotton Street in Trial Farm, where they met four young men.  The group began socializing and after a few bottles of Smirnoff Ice, she passed out.  When she regained consciousness, she reportedly realized that one of the men was having intercourse with her.  After a brief struggle she was able to ward him off but not before another of the young men had his way with her. When they finally left, the teenager called a friend, who picked her up and took her home.  In the company of her mother, the girl subsequently reported the incident.  Orange Walk police have since arrested and charged eighteen year-old Tyrick Thompson, a resident of Double Head Cabbage and nineteen year-old Morgan Baptist of Burrell Boom Village.

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27 Responses for “Minor passes out and raped after having drink with other teens”

  1. Joe McGuire says:

    The minor should be charged as well for underage drinking, if she wouldn’t drink she wouldn’t have gotten raped.

  2. Suewania Shakiera LOMONT says:

    This brings back so much memories, I am sitting here reading this story and feeling like I am 13 years old all over again. The same exact things happened to me, only it was one guy a teenager. The best part of the story is she called a friend, and her mother took her to report it to the police. My mother said to police when they asked her to come to to station ‘ She asked for it, leave her alone, she embarrassed me get out of my house’ Those words ‘ She asked for it ‘ I will take to my grave and where ever else I go after death, I just hope I don’t meet her where ever I go.
    If that was not enough to for me to handle, I had to pass this guy house everyday to go to school, there was no other way. He told his friends all my neighbours new, my friends, my enemies to me it was like the whole world at that time. I got teased everyday for 5 years! Who came around and did not know, was told and the story continues. Some say people talked for nice days and then find something else to talk about, well for me I am living proof to say that’s not true. It felt like eternity.
    Since I left Fabers Road ( Maurice Deena Street ) to be exact I still have nightmares, even daymares if such a word exist. I now live in France for the pass 7 years with my husband of 11 years. I have started a book over 5 years ago, but I am unable to finish it. Why? When I am happy I don’t want to write about all these unfortunate things that happened to me, when I am sad, I all I think of is going back to Belize and become a serial pedophile killer. Not only did I get raped by my teenage so called friend, at the age of 7 my half brother ejaculated in my mouth. I did not find out he was my half brother until 4 years later. Age 15, my aunt’s husband made his move on me. That was when I putted my feet down. All this my mother knows, but told me to keep quiet.
    After all this happened to me, I begun to have sexual relationships with men giving up on life and everything else. I say this to end this story, maybe there is a God because three days after my 18 birthday, I met a man that up to this day showed me love and compassion. I don’t know where I would have been if I did not met him. So you decide.
    Don’t give up teenage girls, women and even guys, one day you will break through. My heart hurts and my eyes are full of tears.

  3. Uncle Benji says:

    A warning to all that believe rape victims are at fault………. you are scum.

    No one, absolutely no one should be a victim of rape. neither male or female. unless you live the experience, you will never know.

    Uncle Benji was abused and raped by Catholic nuns in Belize.. Many claim that Uncle Benji enjoyed it…………. rape is rape.

    Instead of criticism, we need to reach out to rape victims. It is a very sick, disgusting and low life crime. Belize has a very high rate of rape crime (considering that we have such a small population.) Thus, Belize has a very high rate of lowlife, disgusting, animalistic people. Sad. Sad.

  4. Belizean says:

    Where were the parents? How can this ever happen? Does this mean that a large percentage of parents dont know where their children are? LOOK, SHE WAS ONLY 14!!

  5. Young Gial says:

    Very immature and ignorant to say that, “if she wasn’t drinking she wouldn’t have gotten raped.” You are saying women get raped because they drink/ women who drink get raped- very inaccurate statement dude….. I agree that a minor should not be drinking and who should be charged is the parent that is responsible for the child.

  6. cg says:

    No one is saying rape should be permitted…but responsibility falls on everyone when it pertains toa minor..the mother for having her out and not knowing her whereabouts, that is child neglect, the boys for this atroscity and the girl for very stupid choices…underage drinking should be a crime and i believe it is to curtail these kinds of thigns from happening.

  7. Young Gial says:

    God bless you Suewania Shakiera LOMONT and Uncle Benji for speak out and telling your story. No one deserves to be be raped or is at fault of being raped or assaulted. There is absolutely no justification at all. You are strong to have made it thus far and strong to be able to tell your story. Kudos to you guys. To the rest, well they just don’t know what they say. Many of us experience sexual assault to some extent but we are afraid and we are victims of an ignorant culture, making it difficult to speak out against monsters in sheep clothing. Thank you for your story and please accept my sincere and heartfelt warm wishes to a stronger you.

  8. Concerned mother says:

    To LOMONT: my heart goes out to you after reading all that you went through. More so, when your mother (who should not even be called MOther) never supported or protected you from all these sick ………
    Am glad that at some point in your life you were able to find someone who became your protector.
    It hursts more to know for a fact that there are many, many other innocent children and young people who will go through all kinds of abuse and unfortunately will not get the support that is so crucial (if they are ever going to be able to overcome the fears and traumas) from their “loved ones”…
    Just days ago, i heard of a sickening case in a border town, where apparently a 2 year old boy was being sodomized by one of his own family relatives… i don’t even imagine what i would do, if this was done to someone from my family. These sick people belong elsewhere – not even in this world.
    I unite with the demands of many belizeans who cry for justice, for a system where these pedophiles, are sentenced and the victims recieve treatment.
    What i still cant comprehend is why when these people have done so wrong, they are still protected by “human rights”. All of the sex offenders – men and women – must be publicly known…

  9. redgirl says:

    I applaud you on giving us an insight into your life. It is very cleansing to reveal a deep dark secret to anyone to release the burden of what you carry around with you. I am happy that you decide to not become serial pedophile killer we are killing each for you so you don’t have to do it. I encourage you to continue your book about incest and rape. Your story need to be told so that maybe parents might be more supportive to their children when coming to them with this problem. i applaud the mom for taking the child to the station and reporting this incident. Do I blame the child no she is 14 yrs old these are 18and 19 years old boys who we think wouldn’t want to sleep with a 14yrs old. We as parents don’t know what our kids are doing when they are not around us. We trust that they don’t trust every one who comes along their way. I will keep you in my prayers to overcome you efforts to keep moving with your project about writing a book.

  10. redgirl says:

    Suewania and Uncle Benji
    I applaud you for your story on this forum I hope both of you will write a book one day and expose to the world about the different face of rape in our homes and society. More need to be done about rape victims and unless you explain what happens to one who goes through it no one understands the anger that one feels going through life carry this burden. Help us the help you so that more can be done. Again keep on been strong.

  11. Food for thought says:

    Responsibility does not fall on everyone – it falls on the rapists.

  12. Belizean Pride says:

    I blame parents for this things that happens, when i was that age i wasn’t even permitted to hang around the street side after 8pm. i was 20 when i was let loose a bit due to my work but from the way i was grown parents were more caring than now, when i drive around down town these days i see teen girls walking the street with dresses that seems in appropriate for their age but blame the parents. it all depends how you grow you kids and that’s the way life will take course for them. how will i be at home resting when my teen daughter/son is out late and i don’t budge about it? unless i’m a careless parents.
    just like Suewania Shakiera LOMONT mom didn’t care to act on her while she was going through these atrocities she writes about, i don’t blame her for what she went through but her mom and i’d never forgive my mom if she had done the same, but thanks God I have great parents I’m proud of till today.
    Parents look for your kids/teens we’re living in a world on crazy people doing harm to our children don’t wait until it’s late start from today to take care.

  13. Me says:

    Thanks to Ms Suewania for sharing her story. I cant imagine the strength it took to be brave and express your story, more so to overcome it. In all our lives there are many trial and only through experience then you truly understands what it feels like. Dont make judgement on something you know nothing of!!! I believe that you are a strong person and I would like to hear your words of encouragement. Hope we get to contact each other.

  14. Belizean says:


  15. GrigaMan says:

    Suewania Shakiera LOMONT, thanks for giving us a peek into the dark side of human nature. You have suffered horrific atrocities, but miraculously you survived and even flourished. Please find the strength and perseverance to continue working on that book. We know that it is painful and even terrifying to recall such horrors, but there are others who could benefit from your life story. Please keep writing that book. I am from Dangriga, but now I live in the US and I have 2 wonderful daughters who don’t understand why they are not allowed to do ‘sleep-overs’ at their friends’ houses or roam the streets like the other kids. I watch them like a hawk, and some people have accused me of being overly-protective. I know the evil that lurks in the hearts of men, and how quickly bad things can happen to good people, especially kids.
    Good luck Suewania Shakiera LOMONT, and don’t forget to share your lessons.

  16. Da Undertaker says:

    @Uncle Benji. I have hear you tell that rape story of yours. Young boy at the age of twelve getting raped by a nun late one night after helping her, and eventually becacme a trio with another nun. But you also said that you enjoyed it. You said it wasyour initiation into manhood. Your words, not mine. Quit da BS. If you enjoyed it, it was not rape. Go fool someone else with the rape story, but not Da Undertaker.

  17. Belizean says:

    Youre on the right track GrigaMan…This should be the mentality of all our beautiful Belizeans

  18. Katara says:

    It is true what Lamont is saying. I have a cousin in Belize that was gang raped when she was 14 years old. The sad thing about it, is that the rapist were the boys in her neighbohood that knows her and her mother and her whole entire family. One of the boys befriend her and made her believe that they were just going to review her homework with her that she didn’t understand. So she went over his house to meet him and his mom was there too. After she studied with him, he convinced her of walking to the next door neighbor house because he had to get something, instead he and about 10 other guys gang raped her in an abandoned house next door. She was threaten and was told that if she told she would get killed. So she kept it to herself. It got so bad that the guys use to pick her up in the night when her mother would go to work and take her to the house and rape her. She managed to fight for herself because she felt so humiliated and scared that she finally told her mom. Her mother didn’t do anything because the guys that were involved is in a high profile gang that very dangerous off of Vernon Street. But to piggy back on Lamont’s story….stories as hers do exist and they are horrible. Most of the time the rapist gets away with such horrible crimes because the victims are normally threaten to not speak. Could you imagine how many unfortunate young girls and boys are being raped in Belize and nothing is being down. It’s a sick world out there with sick people in it. The bad thing about it, is that so many people pretend to be nice when their true personality is the opposite. Parents just have to teach their children not to trust anyone, even family members and neighbors. I am happy that Lamont was able to get out of Belize and did something good with her life. Her story encouraged me to share the experience that my cousin had 4 years ago. She managed to fix her life finish school and now work for a youth organization in Belize. Even though many of us are damaged and hurt, we can still turn our lives around and be somebody no matter what the pains of our past might be. As long as we help others along the way of our lives. God is not asleep. Everything that’s in the dark will eventually come to the light.

  19. Storm says:

    Rapists should be castrated, It should be the law. That will solve the problem of repeat offenses.

    I can’t imagine any case of rape where I would blame the victim. When a man goes beyond “No” [or uses force, drugs, or alcohol to get his way], that is rape.

    I admire the brave victims who shared their stories. I’m sure that will help some other people.

    Finally, maybe the victim was not raised in the best way, since she was out and tried liquor ‘way too young. By 14 children have to be trusted to do some things on their own and stay away from trouble. I was young and stupid long ago, but somehow I avoided the terminal mistakes. The girl’s mistake only hurt herself, so it should be understood and not held against her. I just hope she learns a valuable life lesson from it. Our children are the future of the nation, and must be encouraged to live on the right path.

  20. Bear says:

    If there is not a rape victim’s support group in Belize, there should be one. We have enough women’s organizations to do that.

  21. Say NO to drugs, clubs and those who use it! says:

    The incident is unfortunate and unacceptable. This means. Parents need to be more vigilant; children need to listen to the good advice, respect parents and the laws of Belize. Creatures/ rapist also at one point they should have listen to parent’s advice etc. now if they commit a crime they should pay their time. Back again to the girl or boy who gets rape because of their disobedience it is sad but every action has a reaction. If they would not drink, be out late at night this would not happen. It has been an increase of similar incidents and most are young females who should be at home, church or other sociable places that are more secure for them. Prevention is better than cure. Be wise and chose better, stay in school, stay drug free, don’t accept Bull S!!!!t from any one, demand respect, don’t accept friendship from those guys who are hunting to take advantage of females. These types of guys are in clubs, bar, St. Side. SO avoid these places little children, Never be by yourself. Trust in God and he shall deliver you.

  22. Uncle Benji says:

    @UNDERTAKER. Look fool, I don’t know where you heard that story, but let me enlighten your cruffy head:

    Rape impacts our Belizean society by attacking the cohesion and mutual protection that makes a society.

    Rape is a hate crime, expressed in the violent exercise of physical violation as a means to an end (the delivery of the hatred).

    When we allow such crimes to go without the most vigorous, the most vigilant investigation and punishment we allow for whole segments of society to be diminished – to put it more bluntly, we are saying we are ok with that.

  23. Cliff says:

    u kya blame the young gyal at all! so what she was drinking?? those dudes knew better than to rape her

  24. p. griffith says:

    It is ignorance to say that this young girl is deserving of what was done to her. I have worked with many rape victims and the trauma that these victims experience are horrific. The outcomes of this trauma is everything that Ms. Suewania so courageously spoke about. Joe McGuire, your comments are insensitive, callous and reeks of stupidity!!!!!!

  25. Phillybelizean says:

    Come onnn!!!14year old drinking well we all no she must been sexually active drinking an up so late,2handsom young men what u guys doin ur way better than that dhc_boom,

  26. t says:

    i belive young girls an boy should know ther age group…….

  27. Lil nicky says:

    U know i hate it when people blame parents. You got yourself into your probs you deal with it. I was thirteen once without a supportive mom but i wasn’t doing those crazy stuff people in general need to think before they act and stop acting like their head is up there butts jsut keepin it real n=by dah way im 18 now and still without a child unlike others because im responsible and mature and dont practice sht cz i think its cool thats ur fault i hate people who blame other people ur mom didnt send u there u went on ur own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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