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Oct 24, 2012

Megabingo & JEC owner, Alfred Schakron, murdered

Alfred Schakron

Less than twenty-four hours after the execution of Lebanese car dealer Abdul Aziz Mohammed Dib, multi-millionaire businessman, Alfred Schakron was gunned down. Schakron returned to Belize on Tuesday and this morning he went to the Body 2000 Gym.  At about nine-thirty, he left the gym and was about to get into his vehicle when a hail of bullets was emptied on him. The chilling murder took place just in front of a pre-school here on Coney Drive. It is one of the most brazen crimes in recent times, which is believed to be linked to the Dib execution. On the streets, there is speculation that the murders will unleash retaliation.  News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The high-profile execution of millionaire businessman Alfred Schakron, as he exited Body 2000 Fitness Center this morning, has raised concerns among members of the Lebanese community in Belize City.  His is the second calculated hit in the Old Capital in less than a day.


Voice of: First Respondent

“I heard the first shot and a young lady said, “Oh my god! They just shoot that man!”  I looked outside and three more shots went off at that time.  So when I looked outside I saw Mr. Schakron’s body basically lying on the ground out deh soh.”


Schakron, a self-made entrepreneur, had just completed his daily exercise routine at the gym and was heading towards his Toyota Sequoia, which was parked on the opposite side of Coney Drive, when he was approached by what witnesses describe as a black vehicle.


Voice of: First Respondent

“Few people, few of the witnesses out there said he was having a conversation with these people.  I didn’t see it.  They said he was going back and forth with these people in his language, so more than likely he knew these people.”


It is reported that a possible attempt to abduct Schakron preceded the violent outburst.  A police investigation, nonetheless, remains ongoing.  Not too far from the scene of the shooting was a woman who works in the vicinity.  She later spoke under the condition of anonymity.


Voice of: Second Respondent

“He was down there gasping for breath and I just started asking them to hurry pick him up and take him and [I was yelling,] “somebody call the police” and, you know, I just got frightened.  I’m just still shaken, I don’t know.”


An effort by several individuals, who rushed to Schakron’s aid, would prove futile.  He succumbed to his injuries, according to his trainer, almost immediately.


Voice of: First Respondent

“Basically, when I took him to the hospital and we tried to take him out of the vehicle he was basically lifeless, you know, nothing moving, no responses when I di ker ahn, no talking.  I called out ih name a couple times, nothing.”


Raphael Martinez

Schakron had been expunged in cold blood.  He was shot in the neck, chest and left side.  At the scene of the shooting, a team of forensic technicians recovered two spent nine millimeter rounds, as well as a point twenty-two millimeter shell.  Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez:


Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer

“This is not a random act of violence nor is it gang-related and that the murder has all appearances of an organized hit, having to do with a business deal gone sour.”


While relatives say that Schakron and Abdul Azziz Mohammed Dib, who was also callously murdered on Tuesday at the Farmers Market, never knew each other, Belize City police are trying to establish a possible link between the two incidents.


Raphael Martinez

“Police are also investigating the possible connection of this latest murder and that of the one that occurred yesterday, on the twenty-third, that of Abdul Azziz Mohammed [Dib], also of Lebanese descent, which occurred, as I mentioned, yesterday.”


Alfred Schakron was a leading figure in local business.  At an estimated net worth of twenty-five million dollars, he was also the mastermind behind the Mega-Bingo Jackpot, one of many profitable ventures that he oversaw.  He is also the ex-husband of Yolanda Rodriguez, who, up until recently, was known as Yolanda Schakron.


Yolanda Rodriguez, Former Wife of Alfred Schakron

“I’m still in a state of denial.  I’m still in a state of shock.  I have two children with him, two teenagers.  I went to look at his body and I still can’t believe it, I mean we were divorced but we were still very good friends.  I started Belizeans for Justice, I have met so many mothers whose children are fatherless and now I’m in that boat.  It’s horrible.  My daughter and my son are devastated.  I don’t know how we’ll move on.”


In the wake of his murder, Schakron’s various businesses, including JEC & Co. Ltd., remain closed until further notice.  Police, meanwhile, are no closer to making an arrest in either of the two homicides. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.


Both the murders of Dib and Schakron occurred in heavily trafficked public spaces.  According to a patron of King Kabab’s Restaurant, who was present at the time of Dib’s murder, a warrant for the arrest of Khaled Jamil El Turk, which was found at the scene of the crime, had nothing to do with the homicide.  Police are asking anyone with information to come forward to assist in both execution-style murders. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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45 Responses for “Megabingo & JEC owner, Alfred Schakron, murdered”

  1. Marie says:

    Soon there will be bombings in Belize because of these idiots and their internal war for Lebanese Mafia control of Belize. If the little black Belize gangbangers (and the lawyers that defend them) thought they were hot %$#@!% killing each other over few joints of weed and couple unpaved streets, they will see now what it means to be organized when there is a fatwa placed on someone’s head. Double arab assassins-in fact it is from them we get the word for killer when in arabic it is “hashassisn” -they have the money, brains, passports, cars, organization and strings to do the job. Its just a matter of time before they bump off the dark skinned hired hit man who wont get paid anyway for the restaurant murder. Get ready for interesting times.

  2. Brian says:

    Real Gaza Land. USA Needs To ban all cruise ship and Americans from this War Zone, senseless killing, Truly a country with a failed System, Belize would be better off under Guatemalan rule, or renounce its independence back to Britain.

  3. no mercy for murderers says:

    what is happening to our country?God forbid we don’t need anymore of this in Belize.We don’t want what is going on in these other countries to be in Belize,and it seems as though these people are trying to cause a war there .No more please.

  4. Al says:

    I hope America is looking at this last set of murders. This is so big, where it will end is anyones guess at this time. We may never know the truth becasue, Belize lack the investigative know how to get the information needed and, out of fear those with information will say nothing.

    I would begin to watch the airport departures, especially those who may be heading to European countries. Look for every Lebanese or Belezian who have questionable ties in the country. Watch the border crossings into Guatemala and Mexico. I predict that this is not the end, there will be more hits like this, even before the month is over. This is big, and there is a plan with more names on the list, i believe. Someone knew he was coming back to Belize on Tuesday, they know his routine, this is not random, this is a part of a bigger plan. Belize is a small country and foreigners know each other, especially in the business world, I believe there is a connection to everything that is going on with these foreigners.

    Please US send agents undercover, and watch your Embassy also. Yet the PM is silent, what a man, sorry my mistake MOUSE. Never have I seen a leader of a country that is in such disarray go into what seems to be hiding and not speak nationally to the people regarding the problem and a plan to attack it.

    I have said before there is treasonable acts all the way to the top of the government of Belize.
    God save my country.

  5. PG Vibes says:

    All I can say that something mysteriously went wrong in the Lebanese Community. What ever the case might be, police has a job to do; a body was loss. My advice to them, hold the entire Lebanese community that has License Firearm and put that spanking new Ballistic equipment from Canada to good use.

  6. Uncle Benji says:

    Aah Belize, how I weep for thee. What has become of our beautiful country? While old farts run around shouting the Guats are coming (which is nothing but an old NIP trick); my beautiful country has been over taken by the Lebanese dogs of war, shyster scheming Indians, rob me blind Africans and screw the Jewel Asians.

    We run away afar where we live like dogs. We abandon our beautiful Belize because it is too poor. Yet others see the beauty and have now taken it over. Belize is now a haven to foreign crime and scum of the earth.

    We will never achieve anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor. While Belizeans wonder, these foreign rats plunder.

  7. blackberry says:

    There are train foreign assigns among us. Let the CIA operative’s station in Belize handle this one. Belize security will never solve these murders. Have them begin by going through all Middle East passports entering Belize within the past month. However it is doubtful that they came in through a legal Port OF Entry. More than likely they came in without documents through our prose borders. A professional like these normally carries false passports.

  8. Mobile says:

    Well…may not be gang related, but people just don’t pick u out and decide to kill you…if you live a corrupt life, or live by the gun, that’s how you will die. I’m surprise that Ms. Schakron is shocked..makes you wonder now about the death of her nephew. People things are related!! Thank God she was not voted in as a rep.

  9. Irieas says:

    Never have I read such racist unadulterated crap. Many Belizeans hustle and beg to be given wah lee cheese from businessmen such as Alfred Schakron – and now this rank rotten ingratitude?

    Respect and condolences to Alfred’s family and children and to Yoalnda. Only you know your sorrow and pain.

    Belizeans, guard yourselves. The Ministry of national security can’t help you when your turn comes. SMDH.

  10. orangewalkenio says:

    this seems to be internal…something went wrong or somebody wanted what dis man had….i dont think it was professional just cold blooded….these persons are use to this ruthlessness….Belizeans beware and stand aside…i just hope these criminals dont harm innocent civilians….interesting what Uncle Benji send about our Belizeans fleeing to live in other places like dogs and others coming to Belize and seeing the beauty that is here….

  11. Rod says:

    My fellow belizeans this has nothing to do with being Lebanese or not this is what this corrupt gov. Would want you to think but it couldn’t be further from the truth these are the same gang members killing people for a dollar now that hey are not being paid anymore they will kill someone fu five dollars or fu wa fry chicken this is happening because of the corrupt incompetent impotent pm and his useless gov. We need to march people march to the pm house and kick him and his gov. Out of office I wouldn’t doubt. That these pod killers aren’t being paid by this gov. To do their dirty deeds people we need to march to the pm house and demand his resignation remember you might be next march people march .

  12. Mark Hall says:

    We need outside help; for our police department lacks the ability to gather evidence for a conviction. Crime will not be eadicated. When the police department tell us they have people of interest they are looking into, they are in fact saying “we have no clue.” this renders the DPP office helpless as to often there is no case to answer. What’s the point of having a forensic lab when no one knows what to do. Our jail is soft on criminals. The sentences, have not been a deterrent to crime. The time has come for all Belizeans to armed themselves to do the work our tax dollars was meant for.

  13. Oscarflores says:

    First of all my condolences to the Shackron Family, Ms Yolanda and her children. It is funny how you try to balance things out. When we became independent, we opened up the doors to the world to come to Belize, come to Paradise, Invest, Make Belize your home. BUT WERE WE READY FOR THE WORLD TO COME IN???? With the good also came the now we must decide, is this what we want our children to inherit. We are intelligent enough to know that this is not want we truly wanted. So lets effect change or else we will hand our an even bigger problem to the next generation

  14. CityGial says:

    Mobile, you can’t be more correct…Live by the Gun, Die by the Gun…

  15. sexy nee says:

    It’s sad to hear when someone dies, many mothers, father, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters can relate to this family mourning. What i don’t understand is what the hell do we have the government for and police, what the point? Belize do u all see how many people have been kill and from how long and yet none of them SOLVE. These two men death will be just like that because the government and police are useless to us. Its a waste of time to look to them for answers. But still deep down we all know what our family members were doing while alive, so end of the day they made their decisions of how to die.

  16. Tan says:

    @ Rod…did you not hear the part where witnesses heard them talking in their language???? it may not have anything to do with being Lebanese, but it’s definitely not our everyday gang rivalry type killing that does on in Belize…still very sad for his family…especially the children.

  17. Yuhdalla says:

    Why Uncle Benji, do you say the most stupidest things? We left Belize yes, but we don’t live like dogs. Did you know it’s because of where we came from that made us much more successful and independent. While the U.S. is going through an economic crisis, we are opening up our small businesses and making more money than most Americans. And to say things like in one of your previous comment that Belize don’t need American dollars, that’s all I see floating around when I go down there. You guys are the ones that voted for Mister DoNothing Barrow, now you have to live with that.

  18. Read between the lines says:

    The police report is trying to distance itself from these two murders, painting them as scores to settle among Lebanese therefore the case is closed before it is open, typical police style jump at the easiest plausible theory. it is a shame we need reeeeel police investigation in Belize.

  19. Elgin Martinez says:

    With all these murders going on why havn’t the PM addressed the nation to tell the Belizean people what his plan is to combat crimes.Where are our religious leaders?Why havn’t the Minister of National Security denounce these killings?Wake up Belize anyone living in the Jewel can become a statistic at any moment.

  20. Chiquibul says:

    Anyone knows the latest murder count in this on going civil war?

  21. ratty says:

    Believe me, more yet to come.

  22. ceo says:

    They knew too much about something!

  23. Storm says:

    Look across the sea to Lebanon itself, where the country is heading toward civil war again, with Iranian and Syrian agents working with Hezbollah to assassinate opponents. Is it coincidence that violence among within our local Lebanese community can erupt? Who among knows what clandestine cells have been established here, and who gives them orders?

    It’s more urgent than ever for someone CAPABLE AND RESPONSIBLE to investigate whatever passports and citizenship has been sold or stolen recently. It’s far beyond trusting GOB to do it, so I nominate UK’s MI-6 or the USA’s CIA.

    My patriotic pride in doing that job ourselves is outweighed by the necessity of getting the truth and having it done right. Otherwise we could have car bombs next. I guess it is a mistake to invite terrorists to live among us and hope they will bring all sweetness and light.

  24. Walter Eason Jr says:

    I have a solution…get rid of all the foreigners from our country (Arabs/Lebanese, Chinese, Japanese, etc etc). Especially these nasty Arabs. The GOB also needs to stop selling our Belizean passports to these people. They open stores in Belize, over-populate our schools and treat the Belizean people like second class citizens. Kick them out!!!!!!!

  25. Shirain says:

    Belizean need to open there eyes and see what is happening in our country. Soon the US will banded our country from getting visas. But in reality we do need outside help with this one, it’s beyond what our country can handle. This was a professional hit and well plan too, these are the top dogs we are dealing with now.

  26. air says:

    right well done, kill all business men, kill all investors, cos they are from different race,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    only leave the thug Dean Barrow to live in peace, clear the way for totall control of your lives by the grand thug Dean Barrow.

    Do not learn from the USA , that being succesful does not realt to your race.

    Die all Belizean in poverty, black, hispanic,die that what you deserve………..for letting the thug Dean Barrow run your lives.

  27. island bwai says:

    why cry upon america, they have bigger problems in jaures mexico, el paso texas, rio grande dealing with gulf cartels,sinaloa cartels n los zetas, we should be fortunate that our crime here in Belize isn’t even “CLOSE” to wats going on out there,and trust me we “NEVER” want to see belize like that, then we really wa d Bawl!!. My condolences to the Schakron family, especially u danny! bless mi O.G! i truely hope these murderers either get caught soon, or some1 find dem n bust dem head off same way! thats y if anyone hurt anyone in my family! i mi wa seh !**% the POLICE, i wouldn’t even rely on d pm n government for justice, i mi wa tek matters in my own hands, i dont mind spending time in jail for killing those who hurts my family, becaz surely the police or government wouldn’t do anything. STOP CRIME AND VIOLENCE, PUT DOWN THE GUNS, lebaneese u want kill each other go back to ur home town n do it there. don’t bring it to our beautiful belize!

  28. alley cat says:

    Uncle Benji post read like a poem. Mobile and CityGial are on point, if we were to plot out these murders you would get one interesting chart. You would see relationships between murders you never thought of, it is truly the same core of people responsible for so much suffering. When I say same core I mean rich and poor/high and low, it is all related seldomly random. Go back in the archives years and you will be able to link murders to what is happening now. What a web…

  29. TBelizean says:

    Insensitive comments like the ones above shows the world how insensitive and uneducated Belizeans are. Instead of posting something positive all you do is spread negativity. Think before you speak. Remember you can tell how intelligent someone is by the words coming out of their mouth. Rest in peace Mr. Shackron you were a kind man who helped a lot of Belizeans and did not ask for anything in return.

  30. Eye in the Sky says:

    25 million . . the police should check who is on the will.

    This has happened many times before in history.

    Remember the Blake murder.

  31. Jason says:

    Facts are stubborn things. Hence we must encourage loved ones to live right for when they pass away only right comments will be recorded and if they lived by the gun then we must not mislead and be frank to accept that they died by the gun. For it is written “so does a man live, so does he die” it is the scriptures that tells us so. This is not negativity, it’s just the plain fact.

  32. moses says:

    Uganda. Idi Ahmin. Many thought he was nuts, but was he really. One day he woke up and realized that his country’s problems were due to the foreigners who were raping the country and treating the Ugandan’s like crap. He gave all foreigners 24 hours to get out of Dodge. Step up to the plate Dean.

  33. think wise says:

    well said, please put a stop to the senseless killing. we need everyone to be involve in fighting against crime. we need the gov. the police , parents , youth man and even children. unity always change any problem especially crime.

  34. OriginalWoman says:

    Oscarflores, I so agree with you and I do not believe we were ready for the world. Belizeans was in a much better state of mind when we were “undiscovered.” It seems as if, the more we keep up with the world and modernize our country, the more evil and corrupt we becoe. I live in the US and I wanted to live in Belize when I retire, I am having second thoughts. The murders that occur in Belize almost on a daily basis is frightening!!!! My condolences to this family.

  35. moses says:

    Shakedown was making a killing in Belize. Megalotto is the biggest hustle there is. Money comes in and one tenth is paid out from time to time. Governments usually control lotto and use the profits for their general funds, education, housing etc etc. How shakedown was able to gain control and access to such a lucrative scheme is questionable. No doubt there were payoffs to key politicians. He got too greedy and someone wanted a piece of the action. Bang, bang bang. Greedy puppy always choke.

    Why is it that we Belizeans can’t run our own boledo and lotto? The Lebanese Arabs are way ahead of the game, 2000 years ahead. They have been hustling since Jesus was a boy. They were brokers of Africans as slave to Europeans. My advice to the government is to run all of them out the country. There are no Lebanese in countries like Cuba. They come and take advantage of us because of our corrupt politicians. Let them kill each other and do us all a favor. You all out their are calling for the US to save you. Ha. Get the Israelis. They know how to deal with dogs. I hope to God it’s the Mossad that is behind the killings. They do good work.

  36. justice says:

    this all started from this passport scandal has leaked out,some one had spilled the beans and had some lebanese documents taken away and the war now erupt, belizeans go to google and see how brutal lebanese assinate each other’s .DEAN BARROW THEY ARE SERIOUS, IF U DONT COME DOWN ON THIS CREW OF ASSASINS YOU ARE A COWARD, AND THEY WILL COME AT YOU, THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING.THESE GUYS WILL BE PUSHING BACK WIGS AND BRAINS IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.LET THESE LEBANESE KNOW THAT YOU ARE SERIOUS DEAN BARROW, SEND THEM A MESSAGE.

  37. Retired CEO says:

    The level of ignorance in Belize is so disgusting and hateful it makes one sick to read some of the above comments.

  38. PBelizean says:

    RIP!! MR. Shackron… A very respectful man…. If u guys dont got noting nice to say keep ur mouth close….. Guys!! Just saying …

  39. Walter Eason Jr says:

    Anyone supporting these Lebanese dogs need to be kicked out of Belize with them. Strand up for your own!!!!!!!!! We need to take Belize back!!!!!!!!!

  40. The world is watching says:

    Retired CEO- U hit the nail on the head.. It’s a shame that the people allow this to continue. But education is what is lacking. The people of the Jewel are in for a very bad time. This is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Things will get much worse before they get really bad.

    Remember: The world is watching..

  41. moses says:

    BEIRUT: Three Lebanese Mexican businessmen were killed by gunmen in Mexico in the past week, Abdul-Karim Naim Nasser, mayor of the Zahrani town of Arkey said Wednesday. Funeral services will be held for Alfred Fouad Shakroun in the town of Arkey upon the arrival of his body Thursday, said Nasser. According to Nasser, Shakroun was killed when gunmen tried to kidnap him as he was walking to his car after a dinner. “Shakroun was in his thirties and was working as a jewelry tradesman in Mexico,” Nasser said. The mayor also said that Abdul-Aziz Dib, another businessman in Mexico was killed by gunmen last week. “Twenty-four hours before the killing of Shakroun, gunmen attempted to impose protection money on Dib’s company, and they shot him when he refused to give money.” Nasser added that another Lebanese from Jbeil’s Qartaba was killed in front of his house in Mexico’s Acapulco. “Thirty-six-year-old engineer Semaan Sokhn was shot in the head,” the mayor said. Prayers for Sokhn will be held at St. Elias Church in Qartaba Saturday.

    Read more:
    (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

  42. Rania says:

    My pain goes out to Fouad & his surviving families. I knew Fouad & his brothers when they were all in the U.S…I thought of him from time to time. A very good friend just informed me of his death. I still cant believe it. He was a great man!!!

  43. Rania says:

    My pain goes out to Fouad & his surviving families. I knew Fouad & his brothers when they were all in the U.S…I thought of him from time to time. A very good friend just informed me of his death. I still cant believe it. He was a great man!!!

  44. Rania says:

    My pain goes out to Fouad & his surviving families. I knew Fouad & his brothers when they were all in the U.S…I thought of him from time to time. A very good friend just informed me of his death. I still cant believe it. He was a great man!!!

  45. Rania says:

    Tonight I mourn the death of a good man. Fouad was my first love. We were together for four years. I wish I had an opportunity to speak with him one more time before he was taken away. All I can do now is pray for him.

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