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Oct 23, 2012

Does the P.U.P. support G.O.B. position to pay cash for dead Guatemalans?

Francis Fonseca

Guatemalan national, Francisco Quin Yat of Montes de los Olivos, Dolores, Peten was killed in the Ceibo Chico area of the Chiquibul earlier this month. Quin was panning for gold well inside Belize’s territory and Belize Defense Force soldiers claim he advanced towards them threateningly despite warning shots. There were threats that Guatemala would expell the Belize Ambassador in that country and close the border because of the incided.  Caballeros, however, has said that there was no diplomatic crisis with Belize.  Elrington , meanwhile has stated that a compassionate payment to the family was motivated by the fact that the family is indigent and that Yat was the sole breadwinner. It sparked controversy on the streets and News Five asked the Leader of the Opposition about the Party’s position on compensating families of Guatemalans who encroach on national soil.


Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition

“I think it’s a very sensitive issue. I think we always want to act out of a spirit of humanity when it comes to these cases when people lose their lives. But I think we have to be very, very careful about these matters. I think we have to follow the law and where it is clear that our soldiers have acted—I don’t know the specific facts reveal in this case—but where it is clear that our soldiers have acted in self defense; where people are encroaching into Belizean territory and engaging in illegal activities, then we have to be very firm in terms of our response in that regard. But of course as I said, we have to be sensitive to the human factor and the families. But I think people have raised a very legitimate point.”


Jose Sanchez

“If you pay for one, you pay for others who may die also.”


Francis Fonseca

“And that is a legitimate concern that people have raised. People are very concerned for example in the north where our security forces killed a cane farmer several years ago, Mister Atanacio Gutierrez I believe, who left behind a widow and several children and up to now the Government of Belize has not compensated that family for the loss of Mister Gutierrez’s life. And so we have to be clear; we have to be consistent. So I think that is a very legitimate concern that people have raised.”


Jose Sanchez

“But is it something that you agree with; the payment for the death of that Guatemalan farmer who was killed on Belize’s side of the border?”


Francis Fonseca

“Well I want to be responsible. Like I said, I don’t know all the facts of the matter, but the point I am making is that if the soldier acted in self defense; if in fact this individual was encroaching into Belizean territory and engaging in illegal activity, then I would find it difficult to understand why we have compensated the family. But I don’t presume to know all the facts. And I think what we have to do as I think is being done now is to look more closely at the rules of engagement as it relates to our B.D.F. soldiers to ensure that they are properly trained to engage these illegal squatters when they meet them. So that is an important issue.”


Later in the newscast we’ll tell you what the Foreign Minister thinks of those who want him to step down.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “Does the P.U.P. support G.O.B. position to pay cash for dead Guatemalans?”

  1. Storm says:

    I demand reparations for every Belizean murdered in Melchor.


  2. Bear says:

    China would send the dead man’s family a bill for the bullets used to kill him.

  3. Liberty and Freedom says:

    Why can’t people understand the meaning of the word “illegal”? These people are on the sovereign territory of Belize. Does the GOB allow Belizeans to pan for gold? If they did, the National parks would be reduced to a pile of rubble. Arsenic is used to extract gold. It goes into drinking water and our rivers. It kills fish and people. It is bad enough that they poach animals and birds, like macaws. But being good liberals, we need to have compassion for them and their families.
    Get real and either throw them in jail or shoot them if they resist.

  4. rubs says:

    ok, what a !@#$%^& nonsense, that means every !@#$%^& allien killed in bze territory the poor belizean people has to pay with their taxes.. .. damn noooo. so that means that guatemalan should do the same then. and if belizean is killed inside bze the alliens country should recomensate the belizeans tooo, i never heard about this ridiculous time in my life…

  5. belizeangial says:

    I am all for peace and harmony. but Belize need to start taking a stand. Guatemalans have and will continue to destroy our country if we don’t start fighting for what we own. What if it was the Belizean soldier that lost his life, would Guatemalan government pay the soldier family or would the Government of Belize compensate the family for his patriotism to his country. Belize need to show Guatemala that they need to stop taking Belize kindness for weakness and show them that things will be harsher if they disobey Belize laws/ rules.

  6. Jhon says:

    @Bear We are not China, but it’s not a bad idea to send the family and the Guatemalan Government a bill… we can include the cost of the bullets, not only the one used to kill him (also the ones used as warning shots) I totally agree with liberty and Freedom, THROW THEM IN JAIL, SHOOT TO KILL if they resist!!!!
    I like how Mr. Fonseca never give a direct answer to any of the question that he was asked by the reporter, (real politician, only cared about re-elected whatever it takes) He also posted some very good arguments though, Why hadn’t the Barrow Government compensate the family of MR. Gutierrez, who was senselessly and cold blooded shot down on the/by the orders of Mr. Dean Oliver Barrow? Is it Okay for a Belizean bread winner to be killed by our security personnel and his family leave poor and destitute; But it is the reverse for a Guatemalan family? What double standard this government is sending… Oh I know they don’t want to do anything that would upset the Guatemalan Government for they won’t be making the millions that they are pose to make if we go to the ICJ!!! Crooked worthless (wutlist) politicians on both sides of he fence. I may be moving up North, Mexico, Canada or the US I’m getting tired of these good for nothing politicians, or I may join the Guatemalan gang and start targeting ………… and share the wealth with the poor!!!!

  7. UNCLE SAM says:

    soldiers did thier job, protect illegal encroachments, ,, now it demoralize the reality of patrols done by soldiers along the border, .. its very demeaninful for the soldiers to perform thier duty now…….caz instead the GOB support the soldiers , they support the illegal xateros, the illlegal gold miners, .. to root the lumber, the gold………………..GOB is insane, esp. elringthon….there is no reason to compensate some one stealing from the country’s land..

  8. XXXX says:


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