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Oct 23, 2012

Attorney Balderamos Garcia defends client and business tarnished by toddler abuse case

Dolores Balderamos-Garcia

Last Thursday we reported that the family of a three year old boy alleges that he was sexually abused at his pre-school in San Pedro Town.  The infant was subsequently examined by two doctors, who reportedly confirmed that there are signs of abuse.  While there have been no arrests in the matter, the school’s reputation, as well as its administration, has been the subject of public criticism.  Little Angels Pre-School, owned and managed by Marina Graniel-Kay, has come under fire from residents of the island, following rumors of sexual abuse on the compound.  Attorney Dolores Balderamos-Garcia, who represents Graniel-Kay, visited San Pedro on Friday to conduct an investigation into the matter.  She told News Five today that her client is being thrown under the bus before a proper police investigation is concluded.


Dolores Balderamos-Garcia, Attorney

“I represent Ms. Marina Graniel-Kay and her pre-school Little Angels Pre-School in San Pedro and I think it’s very important for us to set the record straight in terms of hearing what is the situation.  I spent the day on Friday in San Pedro making a thorough investigation of the circumstances in this matter.  First of all I’d like to make it clear that I don’t do criminal cases, nor do I represent alleged child abusers.  So my client is Ms. Kay and her pre-school and they have the right to the hard earned reputation that she has, she and her pre-school of sixteen years.  She’s the principal.  Now this is very unfortunate and from my investigation on Friday in San Pedro, this seems to be the case of an overzealous education officer, who is conducting one’s self in a most unprofessional way and I don’t say that lightly because what has happened in this matter is that rumors have just grown legs and all of a sudden my client’s family seem to be involved and it is absolutely unfounded.  We took the opportunity to meet a length with the police, who have assured us that this case is only in the very initial stages of investigation.  There is no suspect or suspects at this time.  There are angles that any, you know, self-respecting and professional investigative journalist will want to examine in terms of the possible abuse of this child but I can say with certainty that not even the doctor’s reports have been properly obtained by the police and that has come directly from the police themselves in San Pedro.  So, I would like to say, especially to the San Pedro community, that once you take out toothpaste, for example, out of a tube, you can’t put it back.  Once you start to damage people’s reputation it is very, very difficult to put it back.  Apparently this individual has claimed that she is going to shut down Little Angels’ school and I really would wish that the ministry would want to take a very hard look at that kind of most irresponsible statement.  I took the opportunity, for example, to visit the premises of the school [and] it is secure.  It’s a tight premises, meaning it’s not huge, and the classrooms are there, three little classrooms and two bathrooms that you can only get into from inside the premises.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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23 Responses for “Attorney Balderamos Garcia defends client and business tarnished by toddler abuse case”

  1. Storm says:

    Attorney Balderamos-Garcia, you must understand that the allegation of sexual abuse of a THREE YEAR OLD is no better than murder to any parent. It’s a lynching offense.

    Your client has chosen to stay open, business as usual, and simply deny, deny, deny, instead of making any move to protect children during the investigation, like suspending the suspected employee, NO MATTER WHO IT IS. Is it your client’s position that an employee or a family member has some special license to abuse children?

    The best cure for a sordid situation like this is full sunlight. The cover up is often worse than the actual crime.

    Your client protests too much. Instead of loudly bemoaning the claimed damage to her “reputation” and profitability, her first responsibility is and has always been to protect the children from harm — at every peril to herself. After all, she is PAID to do that, she is not paid to expose the children to the risk of molestation. If she does not understand that, maybe she has chosen the wrong business.

    In the end, I hope she is right, I hope the child was not abused. But until the truth is fully out in the open, responsible people must act solely for the good of the children and to GUARANTEE there are no more victims.

  2. Ricky Malthus says:

    Please define what is a ” proper police investigation”. Without failing, all the police investigations on all crimes, alleged crimes, civil and other matters have been useless, futile and exercises for the insane. Have you ever tried to read one of their reports? Incomprehensible and a reflection of the educational and the social mores.

  3. Jeeboo says:

    Let’s see who falls for this explanation. I was also at a bar last night and it was not apparent at all that someone was murdered there a month ago.

  4. islandbwai says:

    I have live in San Pedro for over 16 years, and to tell you the truth I agree with Miss Garcia, our police are some of the most crooked officers I have ever seen,. Instead of stopping drug trafficking they impose it more. Abuse they are the worst, i have been arrested for no reason one time and I was told “U wah get out mek I hold $300 dallas.” These are the things that our mayor or minister should look into. When people go the station and make report they would sit on there lazy @$$ and try to threaten you if you insist on making a report. Police out here need to be looked at, they are the worse drug dealers out here and they love to take advantage of innocent people. Mr Vidal and his animals need to start behaving like people on October 6 2012 they beat a man that was completely drunk not knowing his *ss from his elbow these people look around and feel that they have all the power in the world not knowing that there will be a day known as judgement day and its not too far from becoming a reality. They are normal human being; it’s just a uniform that make we try to respect them. However I don’t. I hate pigs.

  5. Sad & Disappointed San Pedrana says:

    It breaks my heart to see and hear comments that have no fundament. For all of us who know Marina we know that she is one of the most interested persons in having this matter fully investigated so that the truth comes out and NOT only to regain her well earned reputation but because we know how she cares for all her students and children in general.

    When we learn of such a devastating event as is this case of a child molestation we of course step in the shoes of the family and immediately feel their pain. I ask all of you to please not get carried away by the situation. YES, the police needs to get to the bottom of this asap but why condem people without even knowing the FACTS of the situation.

    There is absolutely NO PROOF that this incident indeed happend at the preschool. Allegations say it did BUT it could have very well happend at his home or some place else. I ask you to let police and investigators do their job and after their is conclusive evidence of who is the culprit then you can go ahead and bad talk and I join the many in asking the prosecutors to hit him with the full weight of the law.

  6. Rod says:

    San Pedro has gone to hell start going back to church teach your children about god and forget about the almighty dollar the whole island has gotten corrupted with gays homos rapist thieves, and any other bad examples mend your ways San pedranos too much sin going on in this island.

  7. Unknown Belizean says:

    Agree with you Rod, but face it we are doomed because Patrick Faber has manage to phase out religion on the schools which is suppose to be one of the most important curriculum just as math and English. At least would have enlightened these young Belizeans to understand the way we should live amongst each other, but thanks to Faber and politics nothing will change. Then don’t even ask about Heredia. A non Educated fisherman who knows nothing, only about fishing doesn’t even know how to run his own family and house so worst a country. This why is San Pedro is in Chaos. All his concern is gain for his pocket and his family.

  8. Bear says:

    I think an average 3 year old is able to say who did harm to him, if an adult will question him simply and let him answer in his own words. I have a young child who could easily do that at 3.

    But the more time that passes, the harder it will be to get a clear and accurate story from the child. the more adults, especially untrained ones, who try to question the child, the more his story can be distorted by the influence of the questioner, intentional or not.

    And again, an issue I have seen here before, interviews with a witness like this MUST BE RECORDED.

  9. SanPedro Resident says:

    Who is a San Pedrano. A San Pedrano is the family from Cayo, from PG, From Orange Walk From Corozal, From the City, from all parts of Central America, the US and the world who came and made San Pedro thier new home because they wanted something better than what thier town has to offer. San Pedro town has a population of around 20,000 with maybe around 4,000 are island born residents. San Pedro is the hardest and most productive commuinty in this Country. There is no debate in that. So who made this town productive? Its all of us. If certain people get jealous because of this then that is thier problem. But with the good we also got the bad. The have gang members, we have people who are in trouble with the law who hide in San Pedro evading the law in their country. So yes, the goverment had better step in because if San Pedro stops being productive then Belize will be in trouble. The truth will prevail regarding the ABC Preschool situation. My heart goes out to the 3 year old, may the family take good care of him.

  10. Unknown says:

    Look Rod and unknown belizean. You people are a bunch of uneducated imbecile who are just taking up space in the world for nothing. Uno think uno know peolpe but you obviously dont. How is the abuse of the three year old have to do with politics?? NOTHING!!!!!! First of all government has nothing to do with the abuse of a child. Government is not causing chaos in the island its the people who live here. And dont even say San Pedranos because the ones doing all the damage is the people who come from mainland to work here. They are the ones who are creating all the crime here. Not the San Pedranos. So i best recommend you get you information right because i am sick and tired of hearing people like you talk trash.

  11. concerned Parent says:

    I think they should go more in debt with the investigation look at it from all different angles investigating the school but not just that, what if this is coming from home? What if this child was
    molested somewhere else other than the school grounds. As mothers we can see when our children aren’t acting normal and when something is bothering them, did the child’s mother see any different reaction of the child before??? Come on investigate from all angles and don’t do the mistake of maybe damaging a school’s reputation…

  12. Sanpedrana says:

    Look Rod and unknown belizean. You people are a bunch of uneducated imbecile who are just taking up space in the world for nothing. Uno think uno know peolpe but you obviously dont. How is the abuse of the three year old have to do with politics?? NOTHING!!!!!! First of all government has nothing to do with the abuse of a child. Government is not causing chaos in the island its the people who live here. And dont even say San Pedranos because the ones doing all the damage is the people who come from mainland to work here. They are the ones who are creating all the crime here. Not the San Pedranos. So i best recommend you get you information right because i am sick and tired of hearing people like you talk trash.And its a bunch of bull**** that they dont take that molester to jail. He deserves to get hanged for doing such a dreadful thing. Trust me a 3 year old wont lie on who did that to him. They should just shut down that school because they cant take good care of their students

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m Sad & heart broken! Really people you guys are just provoking me. Only because MARINA is a well known sanpedrana doesn’t mean you guys have to defend her. First of all its not marina who molested the child it’s her husband so why defend MARINA???? A 3 YEAR OLD CHILD WILL NOT LIE. I so hate the fact that when a person has power they get away with it. I pray for the family of the 3 year old.

  14. verymad says:

    @san pedrana and unknown ( the same @%&%#). It is the goverment fault. Why you think we have so many rapist, murderers,thieves, cheaters, gays etc everything comes together. The law will get them go free of abusing(most of the time gays) kids, and women. Dont let me tell you about drugdealers thats another story. Now let me tell YOU. San Pedro is made from ALL the people from outside. Thanks to all San Pedro is what it is. If you dont think so just look around you. We have very good people on the island that help people like YOU.

  15. Marie says:

    We are living in a world where there moral values are not being instilled in our youths. The crimes that are occurring in San Pedro is due to many reasons one is the high cost of living, secondly is that when someone is doing something wrong no one says anything. According to SANPEDRANA, its people coming from mainland, my question to you is WHO KILLED THAT POOR MAN ON THE BEACH? Wasn’t it a bunch of San Pedro Kids? Who is suspected for the abuse of this little boy? ISN’T IT A SANPEDRANO? Its not who does this and that, its about doing something about it. I think Mrs. Kay should close her preschool, not because of what happened already but because no mother in the right mind will send her kids there, I certainly would not! It’s not fair for her but she will never be able to put this behind her. I hope and pray that after hearing about this incident we are more careful about who we trust with our kids. Think about it before you send your kids to be watched by the neighbour, or send them to the store to buy by themselves. May God Bless our Youth!

  16. Amir says:

    For those that seem to criticize san pedro a lot, you need to be educated.. do you know how much we contribute to government coffers, 200 million dollars a year or more. This goes to pay education, salaries, health services, infrastructure etc.. we get back to our island 69,000… Yes, we san pedranos work hard and arre proud stewards of our island and have maintained it to be one fo the most competetive in the region. By san pedranos i mean everyone living here that has san pedro at heart and contibutes to it. For every employee that works here he sends money home to maintain their families which usually is 5 to 6 more belizeans. We are acommunity that believes that tolerance and respect to each others right to live is PEACE and leads to success. We as a community move, live and work as a glabalized mentality and strongly believe to be one of the most prosperous town because of this.
    As for Mrs. kay, she is one fo the most reputable persons who has given nothing but love to our children in the community and to tarnish her reputation because of an unprofessional education officer is unacceptable. Its unfortunate of teh incident and the guilty person shoudl be brought to justice and lets wait for the investigation, it could have happened anywhere..
    As for the murders, rapes, drugs in the street it mainly from the mainland.. They come do the mischief and leave . We stay to pick up the mess, correct it and defend an inductry that costs us so much harwork to develop and where all belize benefits. So next time you talk about san pedro, you really need to know us and you might learn something about such a hardworking and focus community that contributes a lot to our country and helps pay the garbage they pick up daily in your home..

  17. Storm says:

    It’s possible the child was molested somewhere else, but the logical place to begin an investigation is by listening to the child and believing him/her. That is the evidence up to now. Hopefully it can be corroborated to make a stronger case, or it can be disproved objectively.

    But it’s disgusting to ignore the child’s complaint so a school that might be harboring a child molester can keep taking money. If the child’s story is true, the school took money from his/her parents even while he was being abused.

    Sad & Disappointed, the child’s story is proof. As far as we have heard, there is no evidence to the contrary. Would you believe your child if he reported abuse to you?

  18. Heart Broken San Pedrana says:

    Ok lol a San Pedrana, hmm, we appreciate and we know that Belize is made up of wonderful people that make Belize such a beauty but plz. A San Pedrana is not someone that comes from PG that is why you say you are from PG. A San Perdano is someone who was born in San Pedro.And yes the population might be only 4000 but these are the 4000 San Pedrano if you were born in Corozal then you are a Corozaleno and stick to that. In way way do we mean to hurt ppls feelings when we say San Pedrano but we indeed have that right and if your not a San Pedrano admit it and stop the go on like have mek retards. I was born, raised and have also had my child in San Pedro and to hear people that are not from hear to make allegations as storm did only confirms the ignorance and narrow minded people that exist in this world. it is because of idiots like Storm that our justice system is in $#!%. You do not know the family and there irresponsibility. I would indeed find the culprits in the pre school if the parents were well responsible parents. This could have well have happened at home since the mother has four children of only one year of difference who works and leaves her child forgotten at school. I send my child to that school and there is no where that could have happened the preschool is very safe. So be careful before accusing anyone with out knowing the facts. I am in full support of Marina Kay and if i was her i would fully makes sure to get back my reputation by getting to the bottom of this because the last thing we should allow anyone to take from us is our pride, reputation and name. If it was me i would ruin whoever slanders my name that has taken time to build. So Mrs. Kay do what you need to do and ignore those ignorant people who have no form of common sense like STORM. Those of us that are from our island know what Little Angels Pre-School is all about. My child is happy being there and u best sure think all my family members have and will continue to send there children there

  19. concern says:

    How can you say dat maybe d child was molested at home. D child clearly states dat he is afraid of going to.d school. A 3 year old would not lie continuously. I hope the family gets justice.

  20. Sad & Disappointed San Pedrana says:

    The child’s story is proof of child molestation not of who did it!! Sadly the investigation is still ongoing and no arrests have been made like in many other cases. Do you know how the suspicion of this happening in school started? I don’t think so. As head of a family you will for sure deny that something like this would happen under your own roof so the obvious reaction of a parent would be to find a culprit elsewhere. Did the child on the first instance outright say it was in school that this was happening – NO!! So please don’t just talk without knowing the facts. I understand that as parents and as human beings in general we feel outraged to hear something like this happening in our community BUT we can’t go around just accusing people just to have someone to take our rage out on. THINK PEOPLE – THINK AND STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS!

  21. Sad & Disappointed San Pedrana says:

    The child’s story is proof of child molestation however there is no conclusive evidence of a culprit. As a parent one would deny the idea that something like this is happening under one’s own roof so the obvious reaction is to blame it elsewhere. Did the child at first instance of the incident outright say that this was happening at school – NO he didn’t! It was the family of the child that made that assumption (God bless them in this time of hardship). I understand that as parents and as a community we feel outraged of something like this happening but GET THE FACTS then talk.

  22. Stop says:

    Please stop stoning stones. we should protect the child and make a big effort to help with the investigation. talking bad or offending each others will not help. we should protect our children the future of belizean and whoever did must pay no matter if its the dad, mom, brother, uncle, prime minister who ever must pay.

  23. Wisdom says:

    I live in San Pedro and I know that the owner of the pre-School is a very respectable lady and has hired very dedicated teachers to work in the pr-school. These teachers are very dedicated and love their jobs . I know about this fact because I myself has been in that pre-school and I have seen the dedication of these teachers. If the child has been sexually molested, it surely could not have happened at the pre-school. First of all it was reported late days after they claimed it happened!!! Teachers are there supervising during school hours and during break time !!!!!!!! A case like this would show physical painful evidence at the moment it happened and the child would have been suffering from pain which would have clearly shown at the moment it happened and such child would have pyhsically cried and the teachers would have been shocked and alarmed about this horror!!!! If that would have been the case the teachers would have made an immediate report to the police that same day and the parents be informed !!! but Nothing of such happened at the pre- school!!!!!!! It is logic and is crystal clear that this case did not happened at the pre- school!!!!!!! If the little boy was sexually molested, it would have happened somewhere else!!!!! The parents of this child should be more careful and be more responsible> Why wait so long to report !!! The little 3 years old infant can say anything out of fear!!!!! Gossip has been spreading in town wanting to make belief that it is the pre- school’s fault but evidence shows that this gossip is mostly incorrect !!!!!!!!!!! Truth should not rely on gossip but in solid evidence.!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!

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