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Oct 22, 2012

ICJ campaign in Guatemala costs $46 Million

Harold Caballeros

As you know, a week ago, the Foreign Minister of Belize Wilfred Elrington declared that the country had plunged into a diplomatic crisis with Guatemala over the shooting of a Guatemalan national in the Ceibo Chico area of the Chiquibul. But today the atmosphere appeared cordial. While questions from the press were not entertained after the statements, News Five’s Marleni Cuellar had a one on-one with the Harold Caballeros to find out about the costs of the upcoming public awareness campaign. Guatemala’s population is in the range of fourteen million, while Belize is at three hundred and twenty five thousand.  Aside from the differences in population, there the countries are poles apart in culture, politics, trade and many other aspects. Caballeros offered a breakdown on the campaign.


Harold Caballeros, Guatemalan Foreign Minister

“The cost for Guatemala, the budget is forty-six million US dollars and Foreign Minister Elrington has showed me that budget for Belize is four point five million dollars. How much do we expect from the foreign aid, it is very difficult to say but I can tell you that countries like the UK, France and Canada are very committed.”


Marleni Cuellar

“From what you know on the ground, how willing are Guatemalans to settle this dispute?”


Harold Caballeros

“Well, everybody says that we are willing to settle the dispute, we’re willing to go to court and it is the common people knowledge that we will win the yes. So we are very expectant about Belize.”


Marleni Cuellar

“Now, Minister there are a lot of issues, looking at the border incursions as well as a lot of different talks within the countries. What would you say after last week about the fact that there is a diplomatic crisis?”


Harold Caballeros

“Well, I don’t think there is a diplomatic crisis. I think that in humanitarian terms, three people killed in nine months is just too much and that is just what we wanted to bring to the attention of your government in Belize, the fact that yes, they might be trespassing; yes, they might be committing a felony, but that’s not to be killed. So we want that to stop so we requested the government of Belize to present a proposal for a mechanism that can help us prevent this and of course, we don’t expect it to be unilaterally, we can do our part too.”


Caballeros says that on the Guatemalan side, one of the immediate steps to deter illegal incursions into Belize will be sustainable development initiatives in their border communities because it is clear that many of the residents are simply in need of jobs. The OAS announced today that secretary general Miguel Angel Insulza is travelling to Belize for a round of meetings with Prime Mistier Dean Barrow this Tuesday. Stayed tuned to Dickie Bradley Special tonight where we will have more on today’s events in Guatemala City.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “ICJ campaign in Guatemala costs $46 Million”

  1. whatdidhesay? says:


  2. QnA says:

    weak stuff

  3. whatdoesthismean says:

    Marleni Cuellar
    “From what you know on the ground, how willing are Guatemalans to settle this dispute?”

    Harold Caballeros
    “Well, everybody says that we are willing to settle the dispute, we’re willing to go to court and it is the common people knowledge that we will win the yes. So we are very expectant about Belize.”

  4. QnA says:

    looks like we give up already according to what i read here.

  5. Rod says:

    See am telling you Elrington is giving away our country now unu Betta wake up cruffy wake up or you will wake up one day and find yourselves living in Guatemala.

  6. subKonshus says:

    WTF….”yes they may be tresspassing” “yes they may be committing a felony” “we want that to stop” . Well here is a proposal that won’t cost you $46 million. Tell them to respect our borders and we won’t shoot them. We don’t have a diplomatic crisis, its worst, we have a diplomatic idiot as our Foreign Minister.

    How the hell can we settle thru diplomacy when we continue to have incursions and settlements. You Guats can’t have your corn and eat it. If you planning on diplomatic solution, then have your soldiers patrol your borders and prevent your citizens from crossing the border until the court case is decided. We can’t proceed diplomaticaly if you continue to allow and defend your people in aggressing the situation.

  7. Ricky Malthus says:

    We have lost the entire nation of Belize to total violence and corruption. Barrow has installed a regime of kleptocracy, black nationalization of all industries ; the black alien usurpation of the judicial system, and the installation of a local black army paid by taxes. The economy will never regain vibrancy , development and growth with Barrow’s stranglehold just mentioned. The little ripple effect in San Ignatio will fade out as we become more inured to the more brutal oppression to be dealt by Barrow to maintain his dominance. Guatemala’s claim will be a sad memory and Barrow and Sedi will be laughing all the way to the bank.

  8. Barack Obama says:

    Yes, his comment can be interpreted in two ways but what I believe he is saying is that they are confident that the Referendum to go to ICJ in Guatemala will be a yes since their countrymen want to see the Claim resolve. However, he also mentioned that they are expectant of Belize which I can interpret to mean that they are confident to win the case. Having invested US$46M locally, then I believe they are very much committed to winning the case for Belize. This is dangerous and Belize better watch out.

  9. mARIE says:

    If you don’t want intruders have these lazy people Barrow is giving free money to, build a WALL LIKE CHINA, u have all the sand & stone, tell MEXICO to give u cement & steel.

  10. WHAT? says:

    LMAO>….Belize is looking at the amount of of $46 million as being a cost incurred by Guatemala while GOB looks at the $4.5 million they are spending as an expense..I assure you that Guatemala is seeing their $46 million as being a SMALL investment fowards the HUGE return they will get eventually from the IDIOTS in charge of our country…

  11. tabum says:

    i hate how people both parties keep saying the fact that “yes, they might be trespassing; yes, they might be committing a felony, but that’s not to be killed.” none of them were executed for stealing and trespassing they were killed after being approached by our ‘military’. they reacted aggressively and violently… this lead to them being killed!!! nothing wrong with that!!! these guats dont respect our country and some of them have a big race chip on there shoulder!!! belize its sooo sad to see you being raped everyday all day and everyone just watching…

  12. Common Sense says:

    I am still trying to figure out why exactly do we need to go to the ICJ. In 1981, did not the United Nations formally recognize Belize’s souveregnity, constitution along with borders? Why take this matter to the ICJ? If Guatemala does not recognize our borders, so what, the rest of the United Nations does.

    I dont see the reasoning. At first I thought it was just a nice payday and some prestige for a few select attorneys….but there must be more to it than that. Who gains from this huge expensive, long, drawn out proceedure?

  13. Common Sense says:

    Here we go Rod….just brainstormed for you…..maybe our prime minister is aiming for the nobel peace prize like Obama!

  14. Frederick says:

    I think the Guatemalan minister was referring to the referendum and not the outcome of the IJC verdict. From my reading he is saying they will win the vote of the people to take the case to IJC. It’s no surprise that Guatemala would win the vote of its people to go to IJC, they have nothing to lose other than their pride being bruised and after all Belize beauty is beyond compare and would be an asset to them.

    As a Belizean I think that we should go to the IJC and settle this dispute once and for all. I am no legal scholar but I am certain the sovereignty and independence of Belize will be major factor in the IJC decision in so much that it is almost impossible to tell Belize that as a sovereign nation it must now hand its beautiful self over to Spanish speaking Guatemala to be ruled and govern.
    Should Guatemala win, the only peaceful and practical resolution would be monetary compensation and for which we would rely on our foreign friends to pay, especially Great Britain.
    We cannot as a civil society allow this unfounded claim to continue and we must settle it once and for all on the international stage.

    There is too much fear mongering going on in Belize about the issue and I am confident Belizean if properly informed on the issue will see the best course to resolve this longstanding issue once and for all is at the IJC.

    Instead of fear mongering we must examine the pros and cons of the IJC and what do we lose if IJC rules in favor of Guatemala and do we have any appeal rights and if so who hears our appeal.

    I am of the opinion Belize will remain intact and a sovereign nation even if Guatemala win. I am of the opinion should Guatemala win the verdict will only validate their long standing claim but will in no way strip Belize of her independence or sovereignty or any piece of her land.
    When Belize win at IJC we will be able to attract more stable and long term foreign investment who have been deterred by this long standing territorial dispute.

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