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Oct 22, 2012

U.S. Citizen stabbed in San Pedro; assailants knew him

Also in San Pedro, a tourist was stabbed inside the room he was renting over the weekend. The incident occurred in the wee hours of Saturday morning when three men entered the apartment of thirty year old American Film Director Shawn Patrick Danielly at Casa Caracol situated on Boca del Rio Drive and were caught stealing. According to San Pedro Police, at about four-twenty a.m. on Saturday, they visited a building situated on the beach side on the northern portion of San Pedro Town in the Boca del Rio Area. They found Danielly on the ground, bleeding from the abdomen area. Investigation reveals that three men entered the lower flat of the building from a window. They were in the process of stealing a laptop, an IPod and a cell phone when they were surprised by Danielly, with whom the group had been socializing in days prior to the incident. According to police, a struggle ensued and one of the young men pulled a knife and stabbed Danielly. The commotion alerted the neighbors who called the police. Danielly was rushed to a private clinic on the island and was later airlifted to the KHMH and admitted in a stable condition. The US citizen has since been discharged from the KHMH and is preparing to leave the country. San Pedro Police have detained the three suspects who were transported to Belize City where an identification parade was conducted this afternoon at the Queen Street Police Station.

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12 Responses for “U.S. Citizen stabbed in San Pedro; assailants knew him”

  1. blaster19888 says:

    you see how them @$$hole di walk , do you think them feel guilty or sorry for what them have done ,dis goverment really tolerate too much @$$holes ,it is about time to hang them all, or do like the guatemalan burn them on a lamp poles

  2. Storm says:

    Not good for tourism, not good for anything. Let them die in prison.

  3. Rod says:

    Hear we go again wow before you know it not even San pedranos will want to stay on the island much less tourist well like I said thank your pm barrow for sending all those gang members to live among you give up your corruption and start going to church again teach your children about god instead of the almighty dollar .

  4. Al says:

    Belize can begin to kiss tourism goodbye. The word is already out to avoid Belize if possible. A drop in tourism to the island of San Pedro will certainly impact the economy, which means crime will increase.
    The government is still silent on the war against crime. I call on the law enforcement community to do something and do it quickly. People need to eat, they need clothes to wear and if there is no work, they will steal and kill to get what they need.
    I am not excusing the criminals, but there is very little opportunity for people in this country, now the crime rate will have a direct impact on the income from tourism. I hope Barrow can see the rippling effect from him not dealing with crime.

  5. Common Sense says:

    There is an important part of the story left untold above – the tourist was reported to be “hanging out” with the accused ALL WEEK. Not to justify the killer’s actions, but the tourist certainly appeared to be “asking for trouble”. Sadly, the calibur of tourists (looking for drugs, bars and women) arriving on the island will make these types of crimes far more common. BTB – lift your eyes and start marketing to the North East USA again instead of the redneck/texans that are flooding the island.

  6. Reason says:

    In reply to Common Sense’s comment, I know the victim, and he’s nothing like what you’re describing. He’s an intelligent, successful filmmaker who doesn’t drink or do drugs. The article does not say he was ‘”hanging out” with the accused ALL WEEK,’ as you wrongly suggest. Go back and read it again. He had been socializing with them in days prior to the incident, which could mean any number of things. He’s far from a being redneck, and, just to point out how little of this article you actually absorbed, he wasn’t killed, either. If you can’t read a one-paragraph article without losing concentration and projecting your own opinions where they don’t belong, then you have more to worry about than the caliber of tourists in your area.

  7. Reason #2 says:

    Well said Reason. Judging by the majority of these comments, I dare not take a trip to Belize anytime soon….! I’m a north-easterner and I think i’ll spend my dollars in Texas instead!

  8. Ernest says:

    Belize number one problem is crime. If it isn’t dealth with soon, they will lose all their tourism dollars. Its bad enough that the city is like the wild wild west but now San Pedro is beginning to have a bad name. Pay the police more money and wipe out corruption among politicians, law enforcement and go after gang members and people who don’t respect the law. Tough on crime is number one. It has to be addressed.

  9. Common sense says:

    Reason #2 – agree, or try Amsterdam.
    Reason – keep your head buried in that sand my friend. I will standby my opinion. Nothing good happens when associating with “the wrong crowd”. Read what the ex-pats are sayin on the san pedro messageboard, including the tourist warnings that the owner of that beautiful home/hotel will be placing in the guest welcome folders.

  10. Reason says:

    Common Sense: I don’t doubt your assessment of the tourism situation; just your implication that the victim was asking to be stabbed. Frankly, that kind of remark shouldn’t deserve to be acknowledged at all, but I feel like I have to stand up for someone whom I know to be a respectable guy. I mean, come on, this is blurb of an article. How much can you claim to know about what happened? ………. Taken at face value, though, the suggestion that he was “socializing” with these people, as I said before, could mean anything. It could have been a chance encounter that my friend would have preferred to avoid. Who knows. I do know that “Shawn” is a fairly reserved and very intelligent guy (of precisely the Northeast USA variety that you’d like to see more of) whom nobody would expect to want to have any association with gangster-types. I don’t know the whole truth yet, but I would also never go around claiming that anyone deserved to be stabbed, based on a stereotype, without being properly informed as to what really happened.

  11. Common Sense says:

    Reason: You have brought reasoning to common sense…thank you. I did not imply anything about killing, only “trouble” – breakins or robbery that follows contact with lowlife animals. Why was he acqainted? I stereotyped, my mistake, and thank you for showing me that.
    Try not to imply I implied he deserved to be stabbed – that is not the case at all. Lets pray you get the full story with justice fully served.

  12. Reason#3 says:

    Pehaps the tourism industry in Belize should hang signs at the airport, hotels, bars and any other public place warning the unsuspecting tourists to “not associate with the locals” much like we do in the US at state parks warning tourists “do not feed the animals”! The notion that this was in anyway the victims fault is ridiculous! If this is the outcome one should expect by “socializing” with the locals then Belize should warn people about their “animal” problem as that is exactly how these people acted.

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