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Oct 18, 2012

Crimes of dishonesty are on the rise

Crimes of dishonesty are on the rise; in the first nine months of this year there were three hundred and eighty-one robberies, eight hundred and seventeen burglaries and seven hundred and six thefts. In today’s police blotter, there were two burglaries, a robbery and a theft reported. The robbery occurred on Wednesday morning at Laker’s Mini Mart on Lawrence Avenue where cashier, Malcolm Mortis was accosted by two men shortly before midday. One of them placed a knife at his neck and demanded his belongings, then took his cell phone valued at five hundred and thirty dollars as well as his wallet, which contained thirty dollars in cash. Mortis was then taken to the cash register and forced to open it; an unknown amount of money was taken. Both men escaped on bicycles, but one of them—a minor—was quickly detained. Mortis’ stolen phone and wallet were recovered along with a knife and a pair of scissors.


While Mortis got back his phone, twenty year old Elia Lanza was not so lucky. Lanza claims that on Tuesday evening at around five-forty-five, she was texting while waiting for bus at the corner of Youth for the Future Drive and Vernon Street when someone suddenly snatched her phone out of her hand. When she looked up, she saw a man with an afro riding Vernon Street. He managed to escape with her HTC Inspire, 4G cell phone valued at one thousand, four hundred dollars. Turning to the burglaries, thirty-year old Catherine Michael of Queen Charlotte Street reported that sometime between September twenty-second and October seventeenth, her house was burglarized. A pair of speakers and assorted clothing valued at four hundred and fifty dollars were among the items stolen. And in San Ignacio, thirty-three year old businessman, Jonathan Lohr, says his house, which is under construction on Stanton Street in San Ignacio was broken into between Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The thief or thieves made off with two thousand dollars in assorted tools and cement.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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3 Responses for “Crimes of dishonesty are on the rise”

  1. Storm says:

    Someone suggested we return flogging or adopt the Singaporean punishment of caning for minor thefts. I’m starting to think that is a good suggestion.

  2. Rod says:

    If unu no March pa this useless incompetent impotent pm and gov you will surely be next to experience crime perhaps your child will fall victim to crime the time is now to march on his pm and gov and kick them out pay heed belizeans pay heed march march.

  3. Reggie says:

    Well I think you may soon add my home, and my 3 other neighbors to the list.

    some organized criminals are currently working their rounds up in Los Lagos. All our dogs got poisoned sometime between 1130 am yesterday to some time this morning. this week 2 or 3 houses got cleaned out during the day.

    this means that these ……… are using a moving vehicle. they could be wearing uniforms like they come from Courts or Fabrigas etc claiming that they are confiscating back the items because the person is defaulting on payments. I am only trying to guess how they pull it off, because someone has to see or hear something.

    the neighbors must know that you are not moving out, because more than likely you would have said something before. also why would you not be at home supervising the move.

    I have left my phone number with neighbors around the area and I have theirs as well. I told them all that I am not moving out, if I ever move out, I will tell them. So if they see a moving vehicle at my property, call the police get the plate number and descriptions of the persons then call me.

    If any body reading this knows some police officers, please ask them to come around here during the day, and pick up all the horse back grown men that just hang out at various street corners and smoke weed and harass young girls. how they can not work and still have fancy clothes and expensive tennis shoes, and top of the line phones, baffles me.

    during this week there has been an unusual amount of them loitering around the place, they could be studying movement patterns of those of us who work hard for the things we have.

    anyway any Los Lagos resident reading this, be on the lookout for moving vans, trucks at your neighbor’s house, especially if you know your neighbor is not home.

    these guys are good, if they can calmly clean out 2 or 3 houses and not raise any alarms.

    Channel 5 if you could do a piece on lazy men who don’t work yet live better than you and me, that would be great. get some of these guys faces on the tv, so if they have been involved in any crime either in Los Lagos or the neighboring villages, people could recognize them.

    we need to find a way to expose these creeps. the sad part about it is, if I came home and caught them in the act, and I was able to fatally injure 1 or all of them, the police would be at my home within minutes arresting me and try to lock me up as soon as possible so that their cirminal conviction rate could go up a point or 2.

    laws are only made for those of us who obey them. a criminal does not obey the law, yet when caught they expect to be treated as humans. they gave up the right to be human when they willfully decided to destroy someone’s life, by stealing from them, or injuring or killing someone.

    so i think when someone is caught in the act, the police should just take that …….. to some of the famous execution grounds (where innocent people have been executed by heartless criminals) and waste a good bullet or two for the greater good.

    the pawn shop owners don’t care if the item is stolen, they just see a big profit because they know this person(s) won’t be coming back for these items.

    grannys know their grandson doesn’t work but from time to time he brings home fancy jewelry, flat screen tv, thousand dollar phones and they keep their mouth shut because he puts bread on the table. this could apply to someone’s cousin, nephew, uncle, grandpa, boyfriend, fiance.
    some of these criminals have relatives working in various areas of law, so they get off.

    But it is a vicious circle who know their loved one(s) are doing these things but to keep food on the table or get to dress up in expensive bling, they keep their mouth shut.

    like right now how they are stealing laptops from cars and then calling the person to make a deal. they know you want it back and will pay good to get it back. police should do some under cover stings. put laptops in vehicles with a fake name and phone number, put a notice in the news that fake name is willing to pay for the safe return. when the person calls, just set up a drop point and when the person brings the goods, just arrest them and more than likely that person knows or is the person that committed the crime. beat them to a bloody pulp for all I care. they should not be shown any mercy since they did not show it to the person they stole from.

    anybody could recommend a good reputable security company that can install some good surveillance cameras. It will cost an arm and a leg, but I gots to do what I gots to do.

    Los Lagos residents, when you are leaving the community use your camera phones to start taking photos of these lazy bums, wish some internet guru could setup a site where we can post these photos, so if they commit any crime in Bze someone could identify them.

    let us all help the police solve these cases. the more of us that use mediums like this to share modus operandi of these turds, the better we can prepare for them. victims should also share anything valuable, did their dog get poisoned, did they start seeing increased activity in the area, more cars or strange people walking around, or hanging around street corners where they can get good views of people coming and going.

    it is also sad that we have to start thinking like criminals, so that we can try to figure out some of the ways they do these things. especially those that can clean out an entire house. it doesn’t take 2 or 3 minutes. they may have to give multiple trips.

    tonite I will lean chairs on my curtains, around all my windows and doors. so if they are trying a home invasion, or will try to sneak in and steal keys or small items until they can come back later, I will hear the noise when they fall, and at least have a fighting chance to protect my family.

    Pray for me, my family and all other law abiding citizens in this country.

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