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Oct 18, 2012

4 minors from San Pedro charged for manslaughter of Emerito Itza

Emerito Itza

At the top of the news we reported on the allegations of the sexual abuse of a three and a half year old boy in San Pedro. Well, there is more dire news coming out of the island. Minutes ago, four minors—all students—were charged with Manslaughter in connection with the death of Emerito Itza, who succumbed to injuries after being brutally beaten last Wednesday. The charges were read before a Senior Justice of the Peace in the San Pedro Magistrate’s Court and the minors have been remanded to the Wagner’s Facility at the Central Prison until they can appear before a magistrate.

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11 Responses for “4 minors from San Pedro charged for manslaughter of Emerito Itza”

  1. Storm says:

    How is a savage braining with lumber “manslaughter”????

    Sounds like murder to me, and it should be prosecuted as such. If the defense puts on actual evidence that reduces the charge to manslaughter, then they can be convicted of the lower offense. But it’s wrong to take murder off the table at the beginning.

    Young or not, these animals shouldn’t see the light of freedom ever again.

  2. Rod says:

    Where are the names and faces of these murderers we the people have the right to know all four should be hung hang them high I see all the sand pedranos have become mute and I can bet they killed this man for nothing hang all of them.

  3. nesher says:

    Rod, don’t be a moron…since wen have any news outlets eleased the names of minor’s charged w/ a crime. it’s illegal, ok….i agree w/ u dat if dey committed the crime they should go to prison but really, have u any sense in asking for their names to b printed. i knw we have a tendency to bend the rules here in Bze but even some rules have to be obeyed in order to avoid a libel suit

  4. Arm says:

    Minor or adult they are criminals. In Belize minors are protected even if they are criminals. Lawas should be changed. they should be thrown out in the blue.

  5. squires says:

    I agree with nesher. in order for belize to have a better society, we need to straighten our children before turning 18.. by teaching them the betterness of life and positve think, then we shall live a peace full communitty. when people of belize gets angry for the wrong doings of the public, they put more pressure and uncontrolling for the police or anyone to to solve the crime… with patience we shall have and a justice we shall get we shall live in a better community.

  6. Rod says:

    Nether. Yes their name should be printed if they commit murder then they deserve nothing , lets see the pictures of these murderers so that the rest of the population can keep safe anyone who commits murder has no rights whatsoever minor or not this poor mans family will never see him again so why should we shield the faces of these murderers.

  7. San Pedrano and Proud!!! says:

    Look Rod U sure are an ignorant son… If u have nothing good to say just leave that big mouth of urs shut!!! u sure are stupid and the comments on the child molestation case is also stupid!!! and If other San Pedranos dont comment is because we try to ignore ignorant people like u and keep u far from us!!!! and try to get ur facts str8 befroe putting ur ignorant hurtfull comments!!!! those kids didnt do something good, ur right there but they are underage and taking them away may help them become better people!!! and why should there faces and names be published they are children and hopefully they learn thier lesson and someday become respectful citizens… u know what because of ppl like u those that go to jail dont change because they are always pointed at even after they pay their time and when they come out they fall into crime again because u only point but remember whenever you point a finger u have five pointing back at u!!! hope none of ur children if u have or ever have get into trouble because its not nice when it happens to u… ur so quick to talk but if it happens to u or if it were ur fantacy town with these problems im sure u would keep ur stupid mouth shut!!!

  8. thinker says:

    Rod, what happened to Itza is really sad news,and it should be dealt with properly if the law follows the rules. Sorry to let you down,but the names were not disclosed ’cause they are all minors, and they are not all Sanpedranos. Only one of them is for a Sanpedrana…….all the rest are from other places. You should know by this time that our Island is infested already not only by “SANPEDRANOS.” Hello!

  9. KINGPIN says:

    minors my ra……. hang them all. i bet u the murder charge was reduce cause they are family to some big shot or politician. we will never get this country no place once we continue to tolerate politics in everyting. hang them.

  10. young sanpedrano says:

    look you should knw how the story went on the boys side ROD!!! They were definding them selves from a drunk man attaking them with a machette. one of them have the scars one his back from the machette. they are kids and did not know how t react t a situation like this. i saw the bruises form the ind’s back. And STORM these kids are not animals okay hope your kids one day do not do the same mistake. NESHER, ARM & SQUIRES, you should have more send on your heads don’t gudge these kids because bigger criminals are out in society and they are free so do not be so stupid okay all four kids were my friends that i grew up with in my child hood, these kids are no criminals and for one mistake they did they are now the devil? stupid @$$ morons!!!

  11. Bear says:

    When the charge is murder or any crime where a firearm is used, I think the suspect should be tried and sentenced as an adult down to the age of 14.

    Our laws need to be changed to take into account the increased violence in our society and the fact that so many teenagers are nothing more than gangsters now. Punish and lock away the bad ones to save the good ones.

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