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Oct 17, 2012

Is Foreign Minister properly representing Belize?

A large number of persons believe that the death penalty will deter crime. In our online poll, eighty-four percent who voted, answered yes to the question: Do you believe the death penalty will deter crime? Only a small sixteen percent said that the death penalty is not the solution. But many persons believe that it is irrelevant because very few people are being convicted of murder. Turning to tonight’s question: Do you think the Minister of Foreign Affairs is properly representing the interests of Belize? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “Is Foreign Minister properly representing Belize?”

  1. Storm says:

    I think his performance is erratic. I’m not sure he has any true policies at all, but instead reacts impulsively to whatever the headlines of the day are.

    So, no. I do not think he is representing the Jewel well. I cannot see a single way in which our relationship with any other country is better today than when he accepted his portfolio.

  2. Beliceno says:

    The real question here should be: “Is the GOVERNMENT of Belize properly representing Belize and its citizens?”

    This man told the people: “Cayo parents were not raising their children properly, and that Government did not have money for a forensic lab, and that they, the citizens, had to do their own fundraising – among other things.”

    Okay, so the GOB does not have funds to invest into its people, which is a country’s greatest resource? Last time I check, SSB gives away millions, recently $15,000,000 to BEL, and the Simplis telethon raised over $1,000,000, which was made up of $150,000 from SSB, $60k from BTL (GOB) $250,000 from OPEC (Boots Martinez & GOB)), and Taiwan which gave a whopping $400,000. This project itself is something that the Ministry of Human Development should be doing in the first place. If Cayo residents did their own fundraising, which they shouldn’t have to, I guarantee that they would not even come close to any of these figures and he KNOWS that.

    “Yes because I was so depress Jules because I was faced with a congregation of people who seem to have thought they could do nothing for themselves. They don’t have as many murders in Cayo as I have right in Pickstock alone – the whole Cayo District are not experiencing many murders as I am experiencing in the Pickstock Division.”

    For a minister of National Security to openly state that he cannot do anything to protect the country’s borders (artificial), does not have money to combat crime within his country, and that his division has more murders than the entire district of CAYO means that he obviously not able to do his job as needed by the people who elected him and has NO PRIDE. Now he wants to pay a Guatemalan family, who by the way was doing ILLEGAL activity on Belizean soil, money from Belizean people’s pockets? Where’s the money coming from? Social Security again? Him and his government are selling us out and don’t seem to care.

    Sadly, this type of behavior from our politicians has become the status quo of our nation. This man and the rest in the Cabinet are the biggest threat to Belize’s National Security in my opinion and aren’t doing anything to protect, develop, represent nor sustain the people of Belize.

  3. blackberry says:

    No, too timid and passive. But again who else in cabinet is qualified. We already have the total admitted three ministers/ senators’ so we cannot appoint an attorney and make him attorney general.

  4. ayline says:

    Instead of compesating the family from Guatemala government should solve the issues that the belizean people are facing, crime, poverty, employment and to grow the economy. Remember is the tax payers (we) that will be used to pay that family, It is time for the belizean to stand up and defend what is rite or they can call another election and have the people decide on more time.

  5. Young Gial says:

    This is embarassing to our nation and a disappointment to many of us Belizeans to hear our minister decide just like that to give away the money of our people to an international criminal. This sounds just like the prime minister giving money to a family day with criminals in Belize City. I guess this govenment is into compensating criminals for wrong doing. What about the hard working Belizean who pays their due tax. Don’t we get health and educationa and security due to us?

    C’mon Mr. Prime Minister, you were doing well, I mean you are doing good things such as the GSU that is shaking up the gang and crime in the city, you took back BTL, you intervine with sugar and citrus issues, you are doing some things right. But don’t slacken up on us. Our security is priority in this nation and so is education and health, etc. But you need to get all these areas in control and make them all priority. You cannot do something good in one area and forget the rest. You as Prime Minister are responsible to keep all areas of interest up to speed and in good hands. You need to tighten your belt Mr. Prime Minister. Put on wah leather strap and lets get going…..

  6. cayobway says:

    if we keep this man in place he will do a good job in letting belize be renamed, guatelize, or belitemala

  7. Belizean Pride says:

    plainly “he’s a failure to the post he’s doing, that person needs to be bilingual first of all to understand what the guat are talking, secondly, needs someone that is capable of doing the work for the benefit of the country”.

  8. Respect: says:

    I second the commments made by Beliceno,
    Sadly, this type of behavior from our politicians has become the status quo of our nation. This man and the rest in the Cabinet are the biggest threat to Belize’s National Security in my opinion and aren’t doing anything to protect, develop, represent nor sustain the people of Belize.

    I also believe that Mr Elrington decision to settle with out neighbor is far above his decision making. This approval came from above.

    This is a good start in trying to clean-up clear the bad weeds out of the system, however there are several other that need to be rally out. Take a look at crimes in Belize, the payout to our neighbor is minor compare to what the belizean are paying for crimes committed so far. We are getting to our lowest when a crime is committed on a teacher infront of her students (kids).

    Our judicial system sucks, I know our judges are doing the best with what they have to work with, but it’s not good enough, the verdicts seems to be the same over and over again, criminals are back out faster than the crime committed.

    We need to implement a 3 strike law, if a person is in my courtroom 3 time for crimes committed they automatically gets 20 yrs in prission, no questions ask. Don’t want to hear about my rights. Stope the crimes and you don’t have to worry about your rights.

  9. Bear says:

    There is an old US saying, from its earliest years, that applies to GOB’s crazy idea to pay “compensation” to a Guat invader who attacked a BDF soldier:


    If Sedi and Barrow want to make a gift to the invader’s family, they can do it with their own money, not with our people’s money. I’d rather spend that to arm our border villages and towns to protect themselves against the Guats.

  10. BELIZEAN says:

    Absolutely incompetent!!! The cabinet is now in a NON-FUNCTIONING mode! We need government in this country! Im sure we dont want to have a country like Libya where the people killed the government and left with nothing! So, GOB, fix up, or out you go, and then this country will be in a mess. England, please take away our independance and spank BELIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us be a colony again

  11. Respect: says:

    Great comments from everyone, however, including myself I have yet to read any comments on how we the Belizean people will take time out, look in the mirror and ask yourself what can I do responsible to help better my counrty and at the same time assist the GOB in moving our country forward for the future of all. We the people of Belize have a huge stake in the future of this country, we can’t just elected people and there after wash our hands close our eyes, ears and wish for the best. God bless Belize

  12. Abbie says:

    i honestly think the UDP government need new represenatives and a new prime minister. they need to bring back Belize . it may be hard to let go of your position because of $$$$$$ but dont be worried about your pocket , stand up for our country Belize.

    everytime i read the little posting from channel 5 its always negative..

    hello people they are our leaders no matter what we do they are still our leaders. they are overwhelm main reasons why the cannot create jobs its because belizeans are at their office door begging for money, we belizeans are very lazy people. we always want easy things.

  13. Bear says:

    @Abbie, what you say doesn’t apply to all Belizeans. I’ve had a little business, and every worker stays out of trouble and works hard to support their families.

    But I think when you have mothers without working husbands, they end up in poverty and begging, and that becomes an accepted way of life. Sometimes it gets multiplied by the dream of easy riches from drugs or crime, and that makes it worse.

    I see a lot of Belizeans ready, willing, and able to work hard AND WHO WOULD PROSPER — if only the government would get out of the way, reduce taxes, do only what government should do [provide security and public education], and stop trying to hand out gifts, public money, and monopolies to the kleptocrats and their families.

  14. Al says:

    Is there one good man or woman in Belize who has the capability to run this country? The future of this country is really hanging in the balance, some thing has to be done and soon. Our politician lacks the communication skills to be effective, I have a hard time following what they are saying, I could imagine how much harder it is for the leaders of other county to follow what is being said.

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