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Oct 10, 2012

Embassy warning for U.S. Citizens

Due to increased violent crime in the country, the United States Embassy of Belize has issued a security warning to its citizens who are either on holiday or living in Belize. The note specifically addresses an increase in sexual assaults and robberies. It says quote “The crime threat in Belize is high. Random and organized crime is endemic throughout the country.  U.S. citizens have not been singled out by reason of their nationality, but are subject to the same threat as all other persons in Belize… There has been an increase in sexual assaults in Belize.  While the primary targets have been younger females walking alone at night, assaults have also occurred during home invasions.  U.S. citizens should also be vigilant while driving on the Intelco/Mountain View hill in Belmopan.  Local criminals target vehicles traveling up this hill at night and surprise the occupants and rob/assault them.” unquote The release also points out that Belize City is the hub for most criminal activity and precaution should still be taken in areas frequented by tourists.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Embassy warning for U.S. Citizens”

  1. Storm says:

    Nice tourism promotion we’ve earned. Good thing we don’t need or want U.S. dollars.

  2. Rod says:

    See this pm and gov. Are killing this country this is the first time in belizean history that America has given warnings to their people in Belize this is a national disgrace and this pm and gov. Need to go before we are all killed unu Betta march belizeans march kick this pm and gov. Out before it is too late put him on a plane to Miami since he has a big house their barrow and his gov. Are raping and killing this country with their incompetence and corruption Guan judas barrow guan get out you are a total failure at your job resign resign you reall got tough head.

  3. gasp says:

    and they’re not the only one issuing such warnings…..soon tourism industry will suffer a lot…..

  4. marie says:

    Rod this PM doesn’t get it, he will never resign because he loves POWER & doesn’t want to admit his failures, so he keeps raping the country.

  5. Nimbo says:

    Aha- it was only a matter of time. But, since donsy Barrow is not living in Belize, to him this is not important. Where he lives, in his make-believe land of Belize- all is sunny and running well.


    Like they say- if you cannot be a part of the solution- then you are a part of the problem- Get it PM??

  6. Rod says:

    I know Marie but I keep plugging because one day the whole country will rise up and kick all of them out of power not only the people in cayo even though they are the only ones with cojones in this whole country the rest of the belizeans have their heads up their @$$$$$$$$$$$ or they re asleep or drugged out but I for one am awake resign judas barrow resign ou are a total nd complete failure at your job.

  7. Belizean Pride says:

    oooohh they (U.S.A)just realize fu wi gov. da one who has the country under it’s knees due to corruption and crime but we the Belizeans are starting to stand up already in the cayo distr. hope the rest of the country figure this out too.

  8. vicky says:

    This is so embarassing! I would like to know what the HELL the so call prime minister is doing to fix this big problem. One thing I know , Belize will be losing a lot of tourists in the near future .

  9. Barry says:

    How stupid and uninformed are you people? The us state dept is always giving out warnings of this nature for many is very definitely not the first time they have issued warnings for Belize. The gist of this warning seems to be the increase in sexual assaults and robberies so it is noting a change in trend. And where the hell have you all been for the past two decades? Probably not born yet which may explain your ignorance. The crime problem has been progressively deteriorating since the early 1990′s. What we are seeing is the continuation of a trend that has been building through pup and udp administrations. Yes we have to do everything to halt it but we won’t accomplish that by denying the root and history of the problem and choosing to blame one individual. With your kind of thinking, belt,ze can never solve this problem.

  10. verymad says:

    Did they also mention that most of the rapes are done by americans living in Belize? Raping kids. At least here in the north. I agree the crime is getting worst. We need to change our laws. And I agree with ROD we need to unite and do something NOW!! Dont wait until nucks on your door. The way is going it will soon. When it happens you could cry a river and nothing will bring back whoever family member you lost.

  11. Jake says:

    @@ Barry Well said, the US is having problems around the world and their warnings ARE world wide!!!!!!!!

  12. alley cat says:

    Thank you Barry. Let’s be real about the issues and come up with real solutions…

  13. E. Esquivel says:

    No one politician brought about this problem and rest assure no politician can solve it. This is the problem with you the masses, you are blaming it on everyone but yourselves. You sold your votes to both political parties and now you can enjoy the rewards of your $20 vote. Surely you are not that naive to think politicians care about anything but their own wellbeing. So quit your whining and enjoy the fruit of your labor. You have no one to blame but yourself. As the Holy Word of God says, do not be fooled for God cannot be mocked, what a man sows he shall surely reap. When you sow of the flesh you reap corruption.

  14. Villagegyal says:

    How !@#$%^& sad………..

  15. Abe says:

    And to think…Belize was named one of the countries with the happiest people recently…bah, humbug!

  16. Abe says:

    And to think…Belize was named one of the countries with the happiest people recently…bah, humbug!

  17. Abe says:

    And to think…Belize was named one of the countries with the happiest people recently…bah, humbug! How can anyone be happy with this state of crime?

  18. issues says:

    No one has mentioned that the guns that are killing people in Belize are made in the USA!

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