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Oct 9, 2012

Do you believe the death penalty will deter crime?

Tonight’s question is: Do you believe the death penalty will deter crime? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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45 Responses for “Do you believe the death penalty will deter crime?”

  1. Storm says:

    ABSOLUTELY. At a minimum, it deters that killer from future crimes.

    For one thing, when you get away from domestic murder [within a family], then a large percentages of murderers kill more than once. I know it’s not possible to take statistics from one country to another with perfect application, but a few years back I saw an FBI report that, in the United States, 38% of the convicted murderers had committed FOUR OR MORE murders!

    We all know who the career killers are in the Jewel — just imagine if some of the worst ones had been hanged after their FIRST murder. That would have deterred at least that killer from doing in more victims.

    With a 3% murder conviction rate, and no death penalty, no killer can be deterred by our criminal justice system as it exists today.

    Deterrence isn’t the only legitimate purpose of capital punishment, either. It also makes a principled statement that if you take a life, you must forfeit your own life. That’s a necessary principle for a just society.

    Either of those purposes is good enough for me to support capital punishment. And if I were king, it would take place fairly quickly after conviction.

  2. BMNJ says:

    The only way to know is to put it to the test. Otherwise, it’s just all theories & speculations.

  3. verymad says:

    Yes!!!!of course it will!!!. If the murderer will know what will happen to him or her i think they will think twise before doing the crime.

  4. Alfonso Ozaeta Sr says:

    The Death Penalty

    The death penalty is based on the absolutely false premise that killing an evildoer eradicates an evil. Does such an action make the one, or agency, that kills the evildoer a saint, or just another evildoer and confirmed murderer?

    Essentially, the death penalty makes it legal for one party to do what is, by design, illegal for another party to do. However, the truth is that the immorality and the inhumanity is the same for both parties. Changing the rationale does not really change, or mitigate, the evil of an act of inhumanity.

    As for the outcome, where on planet Earth has the death penalty indisputably and truly made a difference for the better? Is it not understandable that evil is more about immorality and an absence of godliness than about illegality and criminality?

    Promotion of the death penalty would certainly serve to perpetuate the vicious cycle of man’s inhumanity to man. It sends a message that to hurt and destroy is okay, depending on who does the dirty job and on the acceptability of the given motive. So the evil practice continues to be upheld. Again, upholding the death penalty promotes the desensitization of people in our society and communities regarding the value and preciousness of human life.

    What we are willing and prepared to do to any particular human being, we may as willingly and readily do to any other human being! The target of however we choose to treat others could someday be you or someone near and dear to you!

    The way of love is ultimately the best option and course to pursue. Whoever disagrees may not have a clear understanding of what love truly is and how it actually works!

    On a lighter note, who among mankind today could execute his fellowman without suffering the loss of his, or her, own sanctity? On a more serious note, the wages of sin is the natural and logical, as well as spiritual, result of what sin essentially is: separation by transgression. Sin is the choice one makes to separate oneself from the Source of life by transgressing His law of life.

    If one pulls the plug and so disconnects your refrigerator from its power source, the refrigerator stops working! It ‘dies’! Similarly, if one pulls the plug of one’s spiritual connection to God by the choice to commit any sin, or to transgress the law of life, then such a one enters the death mode. One spiritually dies and thus ensures one’s physical demise as well!

    What is the most evil of crimes? Who decides that? Who is the perfect judge? Beware of misrepresenting God as a life-destroyer. He is a Life-giver! Death is not a sentence imposed and meted out by God. It is the result of the choice of free beings to be separated from the Source and Giver of life! Jesus came to Earth to correct the human misinterpretation of divine revelation! Be blessed with the spiritually discerned and unadulterated Truth!

    More than two thousand years ago, a state execution took place that is worthy of note. It was the execution- crucifixion of a man whose innocence was beyond dispute. Yet the State ‘saw’ the ‘need’ for his execution. His name was Jesus! At the same time, another man whose guilt was evidently beyond dispute was spared the fate of execution. The same State did not see the need for him to be executed. His name was Barabbas. If Barabbas, who was guilty, could be spared, why could not Jesus who was innocent be spared, also? Was State execution really more about ‘justice’, or was it more about politics than about justice? Are State executions today, wherever they occur, really about ‘justice’, or are they really about politics?

    Interestingly, Jesus did not think the State was carrying out God’s will. He asked His Father to “forgive them for they know not what they do”. Would not Jesus view the actions of those States that continue to allow State executions in our time just as unacceptable?

    Also of interest is the observation that a thief, obviously considered by the State to be a despised villain deserving of execution, was considered precious enough by Jesus to invite and accept to be with Him in paradise! Here is a question for all to consider: Could it be that States which continue to carry out executions are thereby usurping a position over lives that is God’s prerogative?

  5. miss Chocolate says:

    Yes i strongly believe if they start hanging these animals the crime rate gonna go down, its ridiculous how the so call prime minister theifing barrow not doing anything about it it is sad poor Bze:(

  6. from abroad says:

    Yes i have been saying that for some years now

  7. Rod says:

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes bring back the hanging penalty hip hip hurray

  8. ratty says:

    Hell yeah! the PM knows that too

  9. deborah griffith says:

    why should tax dollars pay to keep killers alive.the innocent victims need justice to.put tax dollars to better use.

  10. Tha me says:

    No, No, No. The only way Crime will be deterred in Belize, is to find a proper way to keep these criminals behind bars. The corruption and the greed for money, will always have Belize in this state. It’s simple, it will never work when the criminals are working with the Police and Politicians. Money will let evidence come up missing. Murders are praised in their neighborhood, this one kill 2, that one killed 3. Until they step out there bountries, and also get there morrow blown. Start with the Youth, and show them a better way. Start by helping them with school fees, so they don’t be out their during school time, smoking weed and getting influenced to shoot a gun.

  11. Fair Justice says:

    I want to agree that is gonna help but with d percentage of convictions they will still walk free. To hang a criminal he must b found guilty. So firstly d courts, d police, d forensics have to do a very gud job in other to find a criminal guilty.

  12. PANCHO says:


  13. concerned says:


  14. BELIZEAN says:

    YES, AND WAY WAY WAY MORE THAN YES. Most Belizeans are normal hard working people. It would only take about 5 hangings and crime would go down. Why are we veering away from capital pnishment? The Bible says so, like PANCHO said!! Are we not a Bible believing nation? Do we only listen to what Europe says? Are we being puppetted because we want foreign aid? Im sure we can survive without foreign aid. Who cares if we dont get it!!!!!!!!!!! BRING IN CAPITAL PUNISHMENT NOW!!!!!!! Lets be our own country.

  15. Belizean says:

    Belize Laws have been penetrated with so much Loop holes that even the death penalty will fall through. What we need is an urgent revision of the laws of Belize so that criminals will not be able to beat the system and a serious upgrade in Law Enforcement. Its time for Technological and Educational upgrade within Law Enforcement primarily the Police Department who are tasked with the everyday Law Enforcement. We can solve crime in this country with the proper investment in the right area.

  16. John Crow says:

    Studies conducted since corporal punishment was eliminated from schools and outlawed by courts indicate that the increased violence in schools and society as a whole, are directly related to the elimination of corporal punishment.

    Google is your friend…

    Criminals have been running the Government since king hatchet was a hammer, what else do you expect from the societies they run?

    Let me ask this… Who’s side is Human Rights really on here? They defend the criminals but forget about the human rights of the victims.

    Hang them high, let the devil sort them out.

  17. BELIZEAN says:

    @Alfonso Ozaeta
    You truly have a large understanding of the BIBLE. But you most definately havent read where it says: “Whosoever kills by the sword shall be killed by it” Oh, did I forget, GOD SAID THIS!! Bloodshed pollutes the land and cant be solved except by the blood of the one who sheds it! One more thing that you missed is this: It is not up to the commoner to kill the murderer. It is the people in authority(GOVERNMENT) that have the POWER FROM GOD to execute. Surely I would not support the idea of anyone just go out there and kill the person they think may have committed murder.

  18. Concerned belizeans says:

    I believe it would make them think twice that if they are found guilty that there’s a possibility that will be the exact punishment.

  19. Joel says:

    The answer to the question is yes.
    Will it stop all evil? No.
    Will it keep a killer from killing more than once? Yes.
    Will it perhaps serve as a warning to others that human life is valuable? Yes.
    But it starts with the proper enforcing of the current laws. The death penalty should be the last resort.
    I believe when a person is arrested the trial should be held in a different district so that there is a smaller chance of the witnesses and the people involved to be spared the threat of the criminals and family

  20. BELIZEAN says:

    AMEN TO @ JOHN CROW!!!!!

  21. Coralblack says:

    I wonder if (dough shall not kill) applies only to the common, down and oppress man, or
    to all of Humanity, lock stock and barrel. It all too common that people miss the point, especially
    when it comes to social problems. We always try to pretend, that to diagnose the problem will
    get rid of it, rather than to tackle the cause of problem: Like we stated before Poverty Conceive
    Frustration,and Frustration give Birth to Crime, but I guess you need a PHD to figure that out hmmm.

    YHWH Nissi

  22. alley cat says:

    Yes, but do people have the stomach for it? George Street and Pinks alley crew get a beating from the police and the forum board lights up with police brutality…

  23. Roberto says:

    It has been many years that the death penalty was abolished from our country and the lost person that was hanged was miss Nora param from San Ignacio and it was done in a very senseless way because she was being abused by her husband and every body knew she was the victim but no one wanted to say a word for they were afraid but then Miss Nora was the accused and was hanged innocently. Now we are here and speaking to every one and i don’t know why no one wants to listen to us yes i agree that the death penalty will be the solution and only one should be hang and we shall see the difference we only need one example we are appealing to the government bodies to listen to us .

  24. Roberto says:

    It has been many years that the death penalty was abolished from our country and the lost person that was hanged was miss Nora param from San Ignacio and it was done in a very senseless way because she was being abused by her husband and every body knew she was the victim but no one wanted to say a word for they were afraid but then Miss Nora was the accused and was hanged innocently. Now we are here and speaking to every one and i don’t know why no one wants to listen to us yes i agree that the death penalty will be the solution and only one should be hang and we shall see the difference we only need one example we are appealing to the government bodies to listen to us .

  25. A Jew says:

    At this point in time bringing the death penalty in Belize WILL deter crimes. Crimes are out of control and most criminals walk in and out of prison like its a walkathon. It is a fact that criminals are no longer afraid to commit a crime because they know they will walk free sooner or later. However, before the death penalty can be enforced and brought back to Belize, Belizeans must all be sure that this is something that majority of the population truly want. The question now is– If criminals are walking free from the courts because of lack of evidence, sloppy police work, or through high connections, what will be the measures in place that can lead a criminal to his/her death sentence. Hence why have a death penalty when Belize’s Judiciary and institutions are weak and failing. The world also knows of Belize’s track record for a failed and fragile justice system. Criminals continue to take over Belize because they also know they can overcome and take advantage of our country’s justice system. However with a strict, enforced, and non-corrupt system in place for the death penalty will cause criminals to think twice before commiting serious crimes. I say yes to the death penalty, only when Belize’s judiciary greatly (massively) improves and institutions purged from those corrupted individuals that give Belize a bad name. This move will greatly strengtened our institutions today, tomorrow and for future generations to come.

  26. msconcerned says:


  27. Allan says:

    Enforcing the death penalty is not my first choice because the conviction rate is too low and it will only have criminals take more drastic actions against witnesses. However, like I’ve been saying time and again, the first step is to have convictions and that will not happen if we continue to have a mediocure police department. If we can raise our conviction rate to above 30%, crime of all nature will decline. People are seeing murders, rapes, home invasions, and other crimes taking place and no one is being convicted for them. So others are thinking they can do the same and get away with it too. And quite frankly, they are. Let’s get our conviction rate up and see what positive or negative spin off effect that has on our peope before we decide what to do with the convicted.

  28. wondering says:

    @ BELIZEAN, I totally agree with you!

  29. BELIZEAN says:


  30. Disown mi country says:

    A few years ago I would have agreed with the death penalty, until recently when I start seeing innocent prisoners being exonerated after being falsely accused. Thanks to DNA testing. Imagine the death penalty with a judicial system like that of Belize. Be careful what you wish for.

  31. b.Jones says:

    “Fair Justice” is the only one out of all of you that get it right. Some of you type so much krap I swear it’s like grading term papers of 1st formers. Please think b4 u type. How can the death penalty slow crime in a country which has a conviction rate of only %.03 ? Having the death penalty on the books in Belize is like having the biggest of bullets in your clip and having no gun to shoot them. Belize justice system is a big joke and the bad boyz know it. Take a look at all the killers that get arrested for murder. They all look serious when they 1st get arrested, but look at them when they go back to court for trial, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM are seen laughing. I’m not a Legal Eagle but in my opinion the entire legal system in Belize needs to be scrapped & done over.


  32. angel says:

    Bring back hanging

  33. angel stevens says:

    firing squad

  34. Be Real says:

    We have the death penalty on our books. Its just that we overstayed our time at the Privy Council before eventually abandoning the Privy Council. The Privy Council has made it very difficult for any one who deserves the death penalty for murder to actually be given the death penalty. It will remain difficult for murderers to be hung until the matter regarding when a murderer can jutifiably be hung is re examined by the CCJ

  35. NY says:

    The death penalty is a very controversial issue. You have some people who are for, and against it based on their experiences in life. I strongly believe that this is a very slippery slope if the GOB decide to implement this because innocent people could get caught up in the system . We must take into cosideration that it is human lives that we are taliking about here, and one needs to put him/herself in a position where he or she, could find him/herself being accused of a heinous crime such as murder. So as a people, we must think things through carefully and not draw to a conclusion, or base our opinions hinged on our emotions. While I believe the death penalty should be on the table, before it is carried out, the authorities must be a 100% sure and the evidence must be there to support the conviction. I also believe that the death penalty is going to aid in the deterence of the murder rate in our once shining jewel.

  36. lets be real says:

    I think we should just keep them behind bars without any rights and just throw away the key pretend they never existed the same way they ended their victim’s life and they no longer exists!!!!!!

  37. me says:

    This people, i believe the death penalty is a too easy way. I strictly believe they should work for food. We have lots of bad roads, public spaces that need work to be done. encarcerate them , make them work lifetime for food. chain their feet and make them work all day for food, lifetime

  38. Harvest says:

    Screw Human rights and hang em high! We need to purge this country of all the scum that plague our lives. Set the example and get the noose tight.

  39. Al says:

    Alfonso Ozaeta Sr, I am not sure where you got yur Biblical training but you are so off base. Exodus 20:13 says: 13 Thou shalt not kill. Just incase you say that is Old Testament, let me tell you what the New Teatament says: Revelation 13:9,10: 9 If any man have an ear, let him hear.
    10: He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword.
    Then read Genesis 4:10: 10 And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground. This is God speaking to Cain after he killed Abel.

    You have your theology all mixed up, I am so sorry for the people you are teaching this wrong teaching. When Jesus said forgive them for they know not what they do, he said that becasuse the Jews were still waiting for the Messiah to come and encouraged the Romans to kill Jesus becasuse they were looking for a man who was a king. So that is why Jesus ask for their forgiveness becasue of their ignorance.

    Please go back and get a better interpretation of the word. I shudder to think what you could be teaching people, bad, bad, bad wrong doctrine. If you have a church people need to run so far away from it, the word says in all thy getting get understanding, Proverbs 3:13 you sir need understanding.

  40. Jimbo says:

    Provided these questions are answered with yes by EVERYONE I would be happy to see the death penalty.
    1/ Are you 100% confident in the police force doing their job correctly.
    2/ Are you 100% confident that there is no corruption within the police force
    3/ Are you 100% confident that the Judges are all completely unbiased no matter what.
    4/ Are you confident that your Government will not interfere with the legal process.
    5/ Are you willing to have a member of your family hanged if found guilty of a crime even if you know they are innocent but the courts find them guilty.
    6/ Are you willing to be hanged after a miscarriage of justice as long as the courts find you guilty.
    7/ Are you willing to hang the hang man, the judge and the jury if they hang an innocent person.
    8/ Are you willing to take responsibility if an innocent person is hanged because you want the death penalty.
    Until all these questions are answered YES by everyone I don’t think any nation has the right to impose a death penalty.

  41. Texas says:

    i say kill them all. life for life, lets make Belize what it was before where you and i can have our kids run free. I personally think that is a reason that a-lot of us Belizeans don’t want to go back home and retire or live.

  42. jose says:

    yes mr barrow u need to start to heng den people or hand over den people to the soldiers for target practice we want to stop the crime and we want peace in our country and also no ….. man in the contry of belize

  43. jjpets says:

    Interesting comments everyone, I second “fair justice”, b. Jones and N.Y comments.

    I believe that the death penalty may deter crime, unfortunately, by a minute a percentage 1.5 – 2.0%.

    Some criminals are already at a suicidal state, death penalty for them can be a driving force to their cruel intentions.

    Are you ready to hear a very simple solution to reduce serious crimes by at least 30%? Higher a team of criminologist for 2 years, and make every effort to adhere to there recommendations.

  44. Believer says:

    Its sad to have so many unbelieving believer’s today!
    The Lord said ,they don’t know what they are doing.
    He did not say they don’t know what capital punishment is for
    Would we not all reather see one out of a thousand innocent people hang then thousand innocent
    If capital punishment is not to save life’s then y would God command it?
    Thou shalt not kill,mean’s not murder!
    We all kill something all the time .

  45. Believer says:

    Do you believe the death penalty would deter crime?
    Yes,to some extent ,yes,yes.

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