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Oct 5, 2012

Mexican Police Officers charged for Chunox Home Invasion

Walter Cordova Lopez

There have always been talks of corrupt cops in neighboring Chetumal that threaten Belizeans for cash when confronted with minor traffic offenses. But today, two police officers from Chetumal faced serious charges for a home invasion that traumatized a Belizean family. The attack did not occur in Mexico, but far from the border inside Belize. Earlier today, forty-six year old Mexican police officer, Walter Cordova Lopez and twenty-four year old officer Francisco Villanueva appeared in the Corozal Magistrate’s Court where they were jointly charged for Aggravated Burglary, Wounding and Handling Stolen Goods. The Mexican officers were arraigned just after nine this morning and they pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Francisco Villanueva

The Mexican authorities, believed to be rogue cops, entered the country at the Santa Elena border with legitimate documents and it is alleged that they went to the village of Chunox, some twelve miles outside of Corozal Town. They crossed two ferries before they reached the village, where they ransacked the home of twenty-seven year old fisherman, Julius Foreman. Both Villanueva and Lopez as well as another person, also believed to be a Mexican, reportedly beat Foreman to a pulp while holding his wife, twenty-five year old Darlene Cabral and their two children—six year old Ian Foreman and four year old Marilyn Polanco—at gunpoint inside their wooden home. The officers allegedly demanded cash and escaped with fifteen hundred dollars, three cell phones an iPod and the family’s 2005 Chevy truck. Quick response from Corozal Police, who were alerted by neighbors, led to the interception of the men at a ferry. Though they took to the bushes to evade capture, Villanueva and Lopez were later detained within Corozal Town. One of the rogue Mexican officers had his service weapon which is believed to have been used in the incident. Both men were denied bail by Magistrate Clive Lino and were remanded to the Central Prison; they will return to court on December sixth. New Five understands that there are additional charges pending for Lopez and Villanueva while police are still searching for the third assailant. They have contacted their counterparts in Mexico to assist in his detention.

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16 Responses for “Mexican Police Officers charged for Chunox Home Invasion”

  1. Rod says:

    Lot more to this story sounds like Forman might have taken these people drugs. I bet they are from the seats gang.

  2. Storm says:

    Cheers for Magistrate Lino. For once a sensible bench officer who denied bail to dangerous criminals. He should teach the other judges how to do it.

    I hope these dangerous men are hammered HARD if convicted, and maybe squeezed hard for information about whatever mafia they work for.

  3. Uncle Benji says:

    As Belizeans we grew up believeing in faith and hope. Even today, a huge part of our society thrives on “blind faith” and luck disguise as hope, all courtesy of our religious leaders.

    We know that both of our borders (Mexican and Guatemalan) are not secured. Our faith tells us that things will improve and our hope is that neither the Mexicans or Guatemalans will one day, decide to invade us.

    This faith and hope has crippled us. Until we can let go of our blind faith or lucky hope, we wil continue to have incidents like rougue cops invading our country.

    We had faith that our independence would be good. Are we ready to die for it? Then let’s shoot on sight illegal poachers, rogue cops and anyone else…….. and hope we do not get invaded.

    Belize, we have a serious problem, and the government is clinging to faith and hope…… that all will be well.

    What’s the solution? Don’t ask me. I am into faith and hope.

  4. I Belize it says:

    Que hable Ingles?

    Si aqui, aprendí a inglés en la Universidad de Hatteville.

  5. calimba says:

    Esta bueno k lo visen madreo eso ~!@# mexicanos porque estas custumbrados a aser extortion-es en mexico pero aque en belice se les jevo la !@#$% .esta bueno k los vesen comedos vivos . K se pudran en la carsel lo k los niegritos lo …….. .

  6. Al says:

    There is more to this story. To take two ferries to get to their destination, they were looking for more than just geating this man and holding his family. There is more to this story, these two bandidos knew exactly where they were going and whom they were looking for.

  7. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    “One of the rogue Mexican officers had his service weapon which is believed to have been used in the incident.”

  8. Elvis cano says:

    You need to investigate that family too!! Nobody crosses a border to rob a house way out in the bush!!! How can that family afford all those things? there has to be dealings between these police and that family.

  9. Bear says:

    @Al, great point. I’ve been out there myself and it isn’t the easiest area to reach unless you are a little determined.I assume if these cops failed, there will be more following them to finish the mission. That community needs to keep its eyes open and its gunpowder dry.

  10. Sunshine says:

    Francisco Villaneuva looks like a hard earned criminal. I bet he did all the beating.

  11. Kay says:

    I remember seeing Walter Lopez working immigration at the Mexican side of the border. He had been extorting money ($10 Bz) to have documentation expedited to enter into Chetumal after they were deliberately holding up the line. Cheaters never win!

  12. addy says:

    The Mexicans we are not guilty that of all uds. are third-world and that are dying of famine, uds if they are delicuentes on having come from undocumented persons to our country we treat so well that, even to eating, we teach them, the persons are innocent until the opposite is demonstrated, do not worry that here there is very much of uds and of equal or worse form one will treat them in the jails, and more I would worry in knowing to that the sad fisherman was dedicating another thing as so that it has so much money, they stop !@#$%^& do not know as the Mexicans we join in the good ones or in the bad ones… BELIZE $ % (* % $ !@#$%^ people.
    and also to speak English

    Los mexicanos no tenemos la culpa que de todos uds. sean tercermundistas y que se esten muriendo de hambre, uds si son delicuentes al venir de indocumentados a nuestro pais los tratamos tan bien que hasta a comer les enseñamos, las personas son inocentes hasta que se demuestre lo contrario, no se preocupen que aca hay mucho de uds y de igual o peor forma se les tratara en las carceles, y mas me preocuparia en saber a que otra cosa se dedicaba el triste pescador como para que tenga tanto dinero, dejen de !@#$ no conocen como nos los mexicanos nos unimos en las buenas o en las malas…BELICE $%(#%$ pueblo jodido.
    y tambien se hablar ingles

  13. bzd2dbone says:

    @Addy, if you know how to speak English, then probably I don’t because I did not understand hoots what you wrote. But guess what, your countrymen just got a bit of the medicine you Mexican give us Belizeans all the time. Oh! Wait! We usually get it worse over there than these two idiots are getting. Where they are is like 5-Star Treatment compared to how you all treat us Belizeans when we go to your jail. Now get that…..

  14. rosa says:

    a addy podrar decir lo k kieras pero mi paiz belice no esta tan …… como tu paiz si somos de tercer mundialista como tu dices es por k aki no se practica la porkeria k tus gobiernos practical al parase a decir “vamos a parar la delincuencia solo para taparle el ojo al macho cuando esos mismos son los delincuentes y ni hablar de morirse de habre por que para empezar desde la entrada de chetumal se estam muriendo de habre o no les pagan bien k para toda ….. kieren mordida y ojala k tu no caigas en paiz belicenio y te resbalez por k aunke no tengo un santo pero comprare uno para ponerlo de cabez para k caigas y te pisen parada y cayate la puerca boca si no tienes nada bueno k decir y mejor kedadte en tu paiz corupto k solo saben vivir de lo pobres trabajadores.

  15. chapara says:

    ojala k los maten en la carce o que nunca salga segun su propia gente que los conoce que son madrinas y solo andan !@#$%^&* gente.

  16. ady says:

    me van a disculpar pero es una verdadera idiotes penzar que se le puede robar a un triste pescador, recuerden que su moneda a si como su pais es tan pobre que el dolar no vale nada, por lo del santo si por favor ponlo de cabeza para ver si hace algun milagrito pero para uds. uds juzgan a la ligera a unas personas que tienen años de trabjar para la policia y que tienen reconocimientos, preguntense mejor a que se dedica realmente su pescador, me supongo que no estas muy bien enterada pero la mayoria de la delicuencia viene de centro america uds tienen guerrillas y las entradas de dinero que tienen es por el trafico de droga y de personas, ojala puedan ver los periodicos de méxico la mayoria de la gente que agarran son indocumentados y asesinos…LA VERDAD NI QUIEN QUIERA IR A BELIZE NO TIENEN NADA QUE VER AL CONTRARIO LOS INVITO A CANCUN AQUI ES EL PARAISO

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