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Oct 4, 2012

“Dodo” shot and killed in rival gang territory

Steven Polonio

There are two suspects in the murder of Steven Polonio, whose street name is “Dodo,” but no charges have yet been brought against anyone. Polonio was shot after five o’clock on Wednesday evening and died about an hour later while undergoing surgery. It is not known what he was doing in rival gang territory when he was shot, but there was a previous attempt on his life on Monday. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The murder of twenty year old Steven ‘Dodo’ Polonio, no stranger to the law, is the latest in a spate of shooting incidents to occur in the vicinity of Vernon Street and Central American Boulevard since Saturday.  Polonio was terminated on sight by a lone gunman as he stood near the corners of Mayflower and Vernon streets sometime before six o’clock on Wednesday evening.


Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer

“At approximately 5:30 p.m. police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw twenty year old Steven Polonio, of a 2867 Armadillo Street [address] in Belize City, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the face and the left side of his body.  Initial investigations reveal that Polonio was standing at the corner of Vernon Street and Mayflower Street in Belize City when he was approached by a single male person who fired several shots at him that caused the fatal injuries.”


The neighborhood where Polonio was fatally shot is at the entrance of Ghost Town, a crime ridden pocket between Vernon and Banak streets.  ‘Dodo’, a known Bak-A-Town affiliate, was executed in rival territory.  His reason for being there is still being investigated.


Raphael Martinez

Isani Cayetano

“Mr. Polonio is a known figure in the ongoing gang warfare between Bak-A-Town and Ghost Town.  In terms of a preliminary investigation, has there been any information as to why he was in rival territory?”


Raphael Martinez

“It beats me as well but you know the investigation is still continuing and as I mentioned before police are still seeking somebody in relation to this shooting incident.  But as you rightly mentioned, it seems to be, all roads are saying that it is indeed gang-related but of course there’s a bit more to it that these two persons that police have detained, one person, and the other person may have some questions that they could help the police to solve this crime.”


In November 2010, Polonio was busted by a team of officers attached to Operation Jaguar following his involvement in the commission of an armed robbery on Oleander Street.  Found in his possession was a loaded revolver.  Exactly one year later, he appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith where he was committed to stand trial in the Supreme Court for the attempted murder of Harry Joseph.  His execution succeeded a botched attempt at his life on Monday.


Raphael Martinez

“Police have since detained one person and are seeking another person for questioning in regards to this incident, in relation to this incident.”


Isani Cayetano

“I also gathered, in speaking with several officers yesterday, that the shooting yesterday was the second attempt on the life of Steven Polonio within this week alone, that the incident involving one Oscar Grande on Monday, the two were together.  Have you guys received any other information with regards to that?”


Raphael Martinez

“Not as yet, but I’m sure that this will come up as well as soon as the questioning is finished.”


Polonio succumbed to his injuries whilst undergoing emergency treatment at the K.H.M.H. around six-twenty on Wednesday night.  A second suspect is being sought in connection with his murder. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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11 Responses for ““Dodo” shot and killed in rival gang territory”

  1. King says:

    If i was going to commit a murder, im going to belize to do it. Cause im guarnteed not to get caught. Ill go a shoot someone in the face and i know ill be free. If these !@#$%^& of what they call police stop focusing soley on finding dope and focus more on the murders, belize would be better off.

  2. Uncle Benji says:

    Oh happy Thursday. Tomorrow, Friday is going to be a good Friday. Good things happen to he who waits:

    Another Belizean dog killed. Feed his corpse to the vultures.

    Obama has one day less in the White House. The smell of fear lingers over him.

    Please turn loose the suspects that killed the street thug, so they can get killed too. Aah, life is getting better.

  3. Al says:

    I am trying to understand what I am reading, This young man Polinio was indicted to stand trial for attempted murder and was on the streets? He is a known gang memeber, have a long rap sheet of crimes committed over many years and was allowed to be out on bail, what is wrong with this picture. Seems to me that htere was more than enough legal reasons to hold this person until he went to trial. It really does not matter now, justice was served permanently. The Bible is really true,”live by the sword die by the sword”. He lived with gang affiliation, aarmed with guns and died accorging to gang rules by the gun.
    Where is the justice system in Belize? Why are these criminals treated with such kid gloves, while law abiding citizens are being held hostage and are victims.

    The laws of Belize needs to be rewritten or amended and quickly. There needs to be a three strike law for people who commit felonies, lock them away for life. Untill the politicians of Belize get some cahones and say to the criminals no more, the citizens will continue to be victims of the criminals and the political system.

    I am pleading for someone in government to stand up for the people who elected you. Why have you not called a special session to talk about ameniding the criminal laws and to discuss a positive plan to deal with the gang activity. Mr PM cut off the subsidy to the criminals, stop paying them to terrorize the country, the blood of the dead is upon your head, your hand is dirty becasue instead of enforcing the law, you pay people to break it.

    I speak directly to the PM, if you choose not to resign, please do not run for office in the next election. My prayer for my country is that God will raise up an honest man or woman to take the country in the right direction. History will prove this UDP reign as the worst episode in the history of Belize, your legacy will not leave you in a good standing, your name will be tarnished in the history books, think about that.

  4. dew says:

    He was a Dodo Bird!

  5. Bear says:

    I agree with having a 3 strikes law, the sooner the better. Violent crime has dropped everywhere that was enacted in the States.

    First serious felony, you serve a MANDATORY prison sentence.
    Second serious felony, you serve DOUBLE the sentence.
    Third felony, whether serious or not, you go to prison for life.

    Let the gang-bangers and career criminals grow old and die together in prison, instead of harming hardworking and innocent victims on the streets.

    I also think the law should say NO BAIL for a person charged with committing a crime WHILE HE IS ALREADY ON BAIL FOR AN EARLIER CRIME! Doesn’t that make a lot of sense?

  6. I Belize it says:

    Time to go bust tourists for a stick of weed: reaffirm law in order, raise revenue, and make the streets safe for citizens & tourists.

  7. Katara says:

    It’s sad, another life taken and everyone in the area knows who did it but the people that set him up will just be free to roam the streets. Barrows’ private GSU unit and BDF officers are so slow…they know exactly what is going on. The gun men that they arrest and trail for all the murders that’s occuring in that area are not even the actual men they should be arresting and put to jail…it’s the ones that are hiding behind the scenes that are making the moves come to play. See the BDF and GSU don’t even really know who’s the big OG’s in the community. They think it’s the ones that have the gun and shoot. Don’t they see that the OG’s use the teenagers and youths to do the crime and the time, while they get away with it and kill who they want. They really need to extract everyone from Vernon, Sibun, Mayflower and Banak areas and check in the houses, under, in the walls, in the yards and they will find all what they are looking for: guns, ammunitions and drugs. They also have to check the near by neighborhood yards… These OG’s are so clever that they know to use other yards to hide their guns. They are OG’s that are so respected that they can live and hide in the communities where their enemies are because of the ranking they have in the gang world. They will never be a stop to the gang violence, because the GSU and BDF are taking in all the wrong people. They are arresting the small people instead of the big ones that makes the call as to who will die and when. These OG’s even pay off their communities to not talk if they should see a crime go down or know something. It’s sad but it’s the true reality of what’s going on. Some OG’s have shelter all over Belize, so they don’t necessarily have one spot they can live…they can live almost anywhere that the GSU and BDF would not believe they have access to. They are that clever. Belize interrogation officers need to toughing up more. They need to really do some serious interrogation that will make these teenagers and youths talk, because they know exactly who is giving the orders. Innocent people are being killed because of lack of evidence that is there but can’t be seen because of the support that the OG’s have from the communities that these crimes occur.

  8. CoCo says:

    the government needs to do somethng about this, wen will the crime stop if he does not want corporal punishment to be brought in? will he wait until on of his family members are being killed? the opposition have a great deal to help the gov’t with this task. come together both parties if you want a safer belize.!

  9. Al says:

    You are so right Bear, the 3 strike law works. Then all we have to do is make sure the police department is trained in evidence management. I read the other day that the police allowed a family member of a murdered man behind the crime scene perimeter to see the body, that should never happen, after all possible evidence has been collected then allow other movements. Lots of training will be needed.

  10. johb says:

    Good job Dean sorrow I meant to call him sorrow. He Is !@#$%^& up our country as d data go by. I bet his firm making a killer apart from What he Is stealing. He does not care. Where is sorrow or any of his ministers at when we demonstrating. !@#$ u all n get a life u low life ……..

  11. dark love says:

    i must say that in Belize we have some citizens that are mere spectators, while we have the role players. the spectators watch on as the society around them crumbles. and the role players are those black young men that continues to die every damn day. some Belizean jump up and blame someone. they blame somebody. but really haven’t we notice its us all that is either dying or hurting from someone dying. some of us may not reside in the southside. some of us never venture in territory if it is not require of us. but when it comes down to it. and i want all of us to think of this… ” are you that last person on the list that is alive in Belize that have not been hurt in some form by this senseless killing?’ i afraid you cant put yourself in that shoe. because all of us have been affected by this disease. it has come to each and everyone of ours door steps and it has taken its toll on each and everyone of us.
    but why blame someone else. we are all failing as a community. failing ourselves, and we will all feel one day. because we are too ignorant to what is the cause of this situation. it is our selfishness towards each other. the news of a young man being killed shouldnt be a news of excitement. it should be a news of immediate response to discontinue further occurances of such. the prime minister does not have to make strike codes for us to live under to try to iradicate this situation from our lives. and even if he did, it would never solve our problem, because stricker living codes will not allow us to love one another; it will only take away our liberty. which in turn will be another concern of its own, and the damn killing will continue to prevail.
    hanging will neither solve the issue, breaking the neck of the accussed killing will only be another sign that our society is still in the same barbaric era of now.
    so we all need to take some !***ing responsibility for what we are ALL IN!
    parents need to be parents. and Belizeans need to love Belizeans. and these damn black boys need to grow the !*** up and be productive and be some damn men. and i mean the ones in their teen and the ones that are nearing forty are bloody boys. because survival is unlimited. because there is always something we can do to make a living; we can work for someone or work for ourselves. the foriegners have proven it over and over again. they come here with nothing and by their second generation they have created an opportunity for themselves and their offsprings.
    but just wonder? can the role players all die out? or will the spectators( family and friends) continue to watch and encourage it?

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