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Oct 4, 2012

Chunox family speaks about home invasion by Mexican police

Francisco Gamboa

Two Mexican nationals, both carrying, Mexican police identification are in police custody tonight after a frightening home invasion in the northern village of Chunox. Police are looking for a third suspect, who they believe was involved in the incident. On Tuesday, the house of Julius Foreman, a fisherman, was ransacked purportedly by the three Mexican police officers. Foreman was beaten up; his wife was held at gunpoint while the children were at home. The family is believed to have been monitored by the Mexicans, whose family has now gathered up north. Duane Moody has that story.


Susaine Villanueva, Mother of Detainee (Translated)

“They will take them to Belize at court because he is a killer and it’s not true. He is a very good person. He is a police right now; he is someone w/ the force.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Twenty-four year old Mexican police officer Francisco Gamboa is one of two persons detained at the Corozal Police precinct believed to have been involved in the aggravated burglary and assault of a family in Chunox.


Susaine Villanueva

Susaine Villanueva (Translated)

“The consular was here from the Mexican Embassy. They said don’t worry there is no charges against your son. Your son is innocent. There is no murder case; no deaths. He is a suspect. I already talk to your son. I’m his mother and I took a short pants for him and they won’t let me. My son knows that I won’t leave him by himself. Even if he has done something wrong, he’s my son.”


It was a frightening home invasion in Chunox, a peaceful village located some twelve miles outside of Corozal Town. Three Mexican nationals, two of which Corozal Police believes are in their custody allegedly invaded the home of twenty-seven year old fisherman, Julius Foreman, on Tuesday night. The men ransacked the home before beating Foreman to a pulp.


Voice of: Darlene Cabral, Victim

“I make my stepson lose my foot and we run dah front. By the time I reach dah front dehn, my bwai mi deh dah front deh, but dehn mi di try sap he up because he dah mi wah total wreck because they really rally beat ahn up bad. Up to now he still deh ina wah terrible condition.”


Duane Moody

“While that one gunman was upstairs with you, how many more were beating him outside?”


Voice of: Darlene Cabral

Darlene Cabral



Duane Moody

“So three persons total?”


Voice of: Darlene Cabral



Duane Moody

“What kind of injuries did he receive?”


Voice of: Darlene Cabral

“Well, ih head have mussi like ten or twelve buss in deh; dehn have to stitch it. All ih face; one of ih eye ih can’t see out of—it can’t open any at all. Like dehn stab up ahn ina ih ribs so like all ah this piece yah soh black and blue up. Ih really deh ina wah amount ah pain.”


Foreman, his twenty-five year old common-law-wife, Darlene Cabral and their two children; six year old Ian Foreman and four year old Marilyn Polanco, had just reached home when the incident unfolded.


Voice of: Darlene Cabral

“My Bwai mi just park di vehicle beside the house and I walk upstairs. And when I walk upstairs and open the door, the house deh ina wah terrible state and I di holler fi he and I di ask he babe weh gone on, but he noh di answer me. But den time I noh know that he can’t answer because somebody done have he hold downstairs already. But wah minute later, wah male Hispanic person just jump through the door and put wah gun dah my face and tell me just get ina wah corner; but dehn di talk lone Spanish. But I di ask he weh gone on and he just push me and tell me shut up. And he just hold on a lee bit and he wait and listen downstairs. I hear my bwai di holla and bawl; “Darlene, Darlene.” But den time dah because dehn di beat up he. And mien ih mi just really terrible and look like dehn di ask we weh all we have and dehn want money. But we noh have no money—we noh have no money really.”


Duane Moody

“So they ransacked the place…”


Voice of: Darlene Cabral

“Yes, and they thief wi phone ipod, they thief wi vehicle. Dah mi just—I don’t know weh dehn mi want really—but we noh have nothing fi dehn. I just start cry and dehn kids di watch me and dehn di cry too cause everybody frighten. And then later on, the man just get wah electric cord and ih tie my foot and ih tie my hand. And dehn time, ih mi done stone me already down pan di ground and ih had me tie up and dehn kids mi just di cry and di cry. But because of the struggle weh my bwai had downstairs with dehn and wah gunshot weh gone off; that really help at that time and the man neva kill me. Dah kill ih mi wah kill me because I neva hand no money fi give ahn and probably ih mi wah kill dehn kids too.”


Quick response from police led to the detention of the men. And around 3 p.m. today, the men were taken to the Orange Walk Police Station for an ID Parade.


Susaine Villanueva (Translated)

“They told us there weren’t any charges. The lawyer said don’t worry, they will take the matter to court. But the police insist and insist on blaming him. They already have picture of my son and they are going to take him to see that person that is hurt in the hospital so that the person can identify him. The police are telling the injured man to say that it is him. In the court, the lawyer says they will have to tell him sorry. But now they are insisting and insisting and they will take him to Orange Walk. It’s not fair. I think that in Mexico they don’t treat Belizeans like that. It is inhumane.”


Voice of: Darlene Cabral

“I feel like dehn have family too and they have kids too. So why dehn wah do people things like that; especially when we noh have nothing fi give dehn? Unu have kids too. I just mi really, really feel terrible and first time I gone through something like that ina my life. I glad that we survived and I hope dehn neva come back and I hope that never happen again.”


Mexican authorities arrived thereafter and they too were taken to Orange Walk.  Gamboa is being represented by Attorney Hubert Elrington. Duane Moody for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “Chunox family speaks about home invasion by Mexican police”

  1. Uncle Benji says:

    Mexican Police? Sound more like Mexican drug cartels members. I have said it before. Belize get ready, the drug cartels are coming.

    Every bad action has an opposite good action. With the cartels uietly moving into Belize, it is just a matter of time before Belize City gang members start getting eliminated.

    Mexicans don’t like ugly, and they don’t like black. Watcha going do bad boy, when the Mexicans come for you?

  2. Storm says:

    Sounds like good police work so far. Keep it up. Let’s get a conviction and a harsh prison sentence.

  3. roska says:

    we all know these guys were not here simply to rob….. who in their correct mind would cross a border to rob a family that lives in a plywood house in a tiny village……??? So many richer people in Chetumal….. !!!!

    Hope fishermen learn from this that the “sea lotto” can not only bring harm to them but also their loved ones….


  4. bzd2dbone says:

    Hello! Of course they don’t treat us Belizeans like that in Mexico. This guy is getting royal treatment if we consider how he is being treated here to how we Belizeans are treated in Mexico. Come on lady, be glad that your son is getting royal treatment here. Additionally, how can you say that the Police are insisting to the victim to say that your son is the culprit. Where you there? I am sure you weren’t so just let the court take its course and I hope this idiot and his accomplices rot in Hattieville.

  5. Sports Fan says:

    Come on Mommy,
    He’s a good person? because he’s with the Police force in Mexico?
    Good Police Work,

    Charge them!

  6. Negrita says:

    This doesn’t sound like a robbery non-atall I agree with roska, and to those other fishermen I should say. “BE CAREFUL” this is just a little previous…. the case in Libertad with some taxi man being shot. That’s related to drugs as well. ” Careful Judgment makes good decisions!”

  7. Eye in the Sky says:

    Everyone knows it is a drug deal gone bad.
    Just wait until the Mexican start cutting off the heads of these Belizeans and leaving the heads in central park.
    You play with fire you will get burned.

  8. chapar says:

    dem ***** mexican wah get weh with we **** law weh we gat deh supose to rotten ina jail but no mek it ba a belizean deh cauth with wepon even if they no fine d weapon no bail fu them. mexican treat belizean like dogs i no nkow weh the !@#$% dah lady d talk bout i no sory fu den a ***.

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